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Isle of Man TT 2016 - RCV Bruce Anstey Stops and Roars Off.
Bruce Anstey stops at Ramsey Hairpin, checks issue with RCV. TT 2016.
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Isle of Man TT - Redline
Sulby Straight section of the TT course is the fastest section of all. Speeds can reach over 200mph. During practice for the 2006 Isle of Man TT race, New Zealand competitor Bruce Anstey was timed through a speed-trap at a speed of 206 mph (331.51 km/h)on the Sulby Straight.
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Isle of Man TT - One Life
My journey to the Isle of Man TT races for 2013. From the highs of racing and being in touching distance of racers doing 140mph to the lows of losing well known and liked rider Yoshinari Matsushita. Possibly my last TT for a while. If video blocked try desktop computer to view. Enjoy all and ride safe. RIP Yoshi. Facebook TT: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Isle-of-Man-TT-Videos/307855742564682 Instagram: carlosoul_TT Twitter: https://twitter.com/Carlosoul_TT Thanks to Dropkick Murphys, William Orbit and Swedish House Mafia for music Artist: Dropkick Murphys Album: The Warrior's Code Track: I'm Shipping Up To Boston Label: Hellcat/Epitaph Artist: William Orbit Album: Pieces In A Modern Style Track: Barber's Adagio For Strings Label: WM UK Artist: Swedish House Mafia Album: Until Now Track: Don't You Worry Child Label: Virgin Records
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Honda Fireblade 20 Years Exhibition
Honda Fireblade 20 years exhibition at the MCN Live Show 2012. The bikes were provided for all to see from the cbrfirebladers website. Song: Earthquake (Labrinth Ft Tinie Tempah Karaoke Version)
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Isle Of Man TT 2011 - My Journey - HD
Alternative music version for everyone who had this video blocked in their country due to the originals copyright issues. My IOM TT journey for 2011. From paddock and pit stop tactics with Carl Fogarty and Paul Shoesmith to mountain road tragedy and of course race footage with filming only a few feet away from racers travelling at 170mph.
Views: 17223 Carlos 500
Isle of Man TT - From Start To Finish
TT 2013 Video now live: http://youtu.be/V7dEMLvyLUc My Isle of Man TT 2012 journey with illegal Sulby Straight viewing location (no signs) and onboard footage without music. Facebook TT: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Isle-of-Man-TT-Videos/307855742564682 Instagram: carlosoul_TT Twitter: https://twitter.com/Carlosoul_TT Thanks to The Prodigy for music Album: Fat Of The Land Track: Narayan Label: XL, Maverick
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Isle of Man TT - Racing and Break Downs
Highest speeds are reached on this section of the course, Sulby Straight. TT racer Sweeney's superbike has a fault, he rests his bike on the hedge, and the travelling marshall awaits the next call.
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Isle of Man TT - A Slow Motion Tribute
A tribute to the most amazing race the world knows the Isle of Man TT and the riders who risk everything each year. Music Mozarts Requiem Sir Colin Davis Ride safe too all.
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John McGuinness talks favorite TT bends and... err dog shit
John McGuinness talking at the MCN Live Show 2012
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Isle Of Man TT 2011 - The ups and unfortunate downs
New TT Video for 2013 now live: http://youtu.be/V7dEMLvyLUc My IOM TT journey for 2011. From paddock and pit stop tactics with Carl Fogarty and Paul Shoesmith to mountain road tragedy and of course race footage with filming only a few feet away from racers travelling at 170mph.
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Isle of Man TT - 2 feet from 180mph - Cronk y Voddy
In 2011 I sat at Cronk y Voddy, the racers were so close that at the end of the video you can see the camera shaking.
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Honda Fireblade HRC
My HRC Fireblade. What a great bike. Taking it to the Isle of Man TT 2012, lots of footage to come.
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Ducati Panigale 1199
195hp at 10,750rpm 188kg wet £19,750 :(
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Honda CB1000R with Modifications HD
My CB1000R before I hit diesel and it got written off. Was a great bike. RIP Honda seat cowl, Jesters hugger, Skidmarx belly pan, R&G tail tidy, Honda undertray, Ixil exhaust, combined ABS.
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No To Bike Parking Tax - M25 - Long Way Round 2
25th September 2010 protest on M25 - GoPro HD Video from Clackett Lane services to Thurrock services.
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Brands Hatch Spectator Views
A guide to the views at Brands Hatch GP circuit. Filmed during the British Superbikes practice sessions 6th August 2010
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Honda Hornet 08 - Pearl Black 600cc
ABS, Seat cowl, Rear hugger & Flyscreen.
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Triumph Street Triple - Custom Painted
Custom painted Street Triple 675 with accessories.
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Honda CB1000R Special Blue Stripe Edition HD
The Special CB1000R from Honda
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MAG Protest - M25 - 25th September 2011
The EU anti tampering protest on the M25. Only 100 bikers were meant to show but 600 turned up... here are a few of them.
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Honda CB1000R 2011 - New Livery
New Honda CB1000R livery for 2011
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John McGuinness V Neil Hodgson RACE!!  MCN Show 2011 John has a moment ;)
MCN Revolution Show 2011 Neil Hodgson and John McGuinness race each other. John has a bit of a moment... well its not the TT is it :)
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Brands Hatch BSB 2010 - 5th April - Paddock Hill Grandstand - HD
1st BSB race for 2010 at Brands Hatch - 5th April
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Honda CB1000R Undertray and R&G Tail Tidy
Just a quick look at how the Honda Undertray and R&G Tail Tidy go together for the CB1000R.
Views: 8920 Carlos 500
Honda CB1000R Launch
Launch night for the new CB1000R.
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SBK 08 - Brands Hatch Xbox 360
Superbike World Championship
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Empire State Building Views - New York
My visit to the top of the Empire State Building.
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New CB1000R for 2010 at the MCN Show
New CB1000R at the MCN show 2010
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Kawasaki ZX10R - Ninja
I own a Honda Fireblade but was in a showroom and had to record this, what a great looking bike.
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Honda Varadero - 125cc
A great first bike.
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