Videos uploaded by user “Major Gosnell” for the 2017
Dwarf Fortress Guide:How To Dig/Mine Downwards
A quick guide to mining/digging downwards in Dwarf Fortress. These guides are for new players wishing to learn the basics. If you have any questions please ask in the comments section.
Views: 203 Major Gosnell
How To Sell Items on the Steam Community Marketplace 2017
A quick guide to selling Items on the Steam Community Marketplace,using the Steam Mobile Guard Authenticator
Views: 25162 Major Gosnell
How To Sell Items In Player Unknowns Battlegrounds
A quick guide to selling your items in Player Unknowns Battlegrounds
Views: 2779 Major Gosnell
Youtube,Gave Me a Strike for Spam on  a Gameplay  Video WTH
So Youtube has decided a legitimate video on naval action is spam
Views: 64 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action Spanish/French Fleet sails into Kingston Harbour ,Battle
French and spanish 25 man fleet chased British fleet into Kingston harbour.Taking fire from the town forts.
Views: 3235 Major Gosnell
Dwarf Fortress Guide:How To Cut Down Trees
A quick guide to cutting down trees in Dwarf Fortress
Views: 90 Major Gosnell
Dwarf Fortress Guide:How To Mine
A quick basic guide to mining in Dwarf Fortress.
Views: 66 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Pirate  1/2nd rate fleet attack Kingston Harbour
With a large pirate fleet ,threatening Englands Capital,a valiant force sailed out to fight.Leading to a small close quarters battle in and around the Kingston Channel.
Views: 516 Major Gosnell
Dwarf Fortress Guide:How To Make A Stockpile
A quick Guide To Making Stockpiles In Dwarf Fortress
Views: 52 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - 8 British 4th/5th Rates v Pirate La Ocean and 3 Bellonas
While hunting near La Navasse ,we happened upon 3 Bellonas and A La Ocean,offering a fight battle soon commenced. Sadly my ship was fitted with caronades which meant i had little option but to get close....
Views: 256 Major Gosnell
Dwarf Fortress Guide:How To Give Your Dwarfs Jobs
A quick guide to assigning jobs to your Dwarfs.
Views: 137 Major Gosnell
Dwarf Fortress Guide:How To Make A Bedroom
A quick guide to making a bedroom in Dwarf Fortress
Views: 38 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - PVP Event Brits v Danes
Following on from my first pvp win of the day,i set sail from La Navasse,within seconds a large Danish force undocked.Quickly scapering back to port,i waited until they disapeared into PVP waters.Looking around i spotted Khal Drogo and a small force of Americans.Grouping up with set out in pursuit of the Danish force our numbers boosted by 2 Bucentaurs.Battle was soon comenced.
Views: 290 Major Gosnell
Total WarHammer:Dwarf City Destroyed by Massive Artillery Bombardment
Massed artillery destroying a dwarf city.
Views: 81 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Pirate 1st Rate Fleet Destroyed
The Pirates decided to sail to Kingston in 6 first rates,the valiant KPR Patrol sailed out to meet them.A great large ship battle,no one left unbloodied.
Views: 250 Major Gosnell
Nval Action-RSC V Rubli PVP First Rate Battle
Hunting in pirate infested waters the RSC 1 Victory,Bucentaur,and a snow encountered a lone Victory from the Rubli clan.Leading to a drawn out slugfest of a fight.
Views: 160 Major Gosnell
Naval Action:Great Britain sink Pirate La Ocean
Pirate La Ocean Burnt To the Waterline By The Jamaca Defense Fleet
Views: 141 Major Gosnell
Naval Action: Brit RSC Blizzard Force V Spanish PVP
Sailing near La Habana,The RSC Snow fleet,under Capt Gregory Rainsborough ,came upon a battle between 3 Spaniards and 2 Pirates,deciding to help the pirates our brave force entered the fray.....
Views: 130 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action 2.0 Patch discussion
Here's my 2 cents worth on the recent patch.
Views: 761 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action Agamemnon V Indefatigable
PVP Agamemnon v Indefatigable
Views: 570 Major Gosnell
Dwarf Fortress Guide:How To Gather Plants
A quick Guide to gathering plants in Dwarf Fortress
Views: 19 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Endymion Chased by 3 Endymions,Lucky Victory
Undocking at La Tortue for a late night a.i hunt,I found myself being pursued by a Spanish Endymion,and his 2 escort Endymions.
Views: 144 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell Naval Action Did Not Know There Was A War On
Returned after 4 months,didnt realise the Swedish were at war with us.
Views: 291 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Death Of  A Victory
Given the iminent Asset wipe in April,iI decided to test drive my new Victory.To be completely honest i had little hope of surviving,this was more a lets see what happens kind of fight. P.S Im aware i cant manually sail,I am also aware that i suck at fighting.
Views: 290 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Les Cays Port Battle
During our recent multi portbattle event ,we found ourselves badly positioned with a large french fleet baring down upon our targets.A disappointing port battle.
Views: 114 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Pirate Victory(A.I) v British Hunting Fleet
During a late night hunt at La Tortue,we decided to engage the only thing we saw worth fighting A Victory. However our Bucantaur Captain was slightly drunk. Salute Capttain Nordmann for maintaining the fine tradition of the british navy.
Views: 163 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Lucky Escape From  Constitution
After being chased by an enemy constitution he tagged me just outside kingstown,with some tricky sailing i managed to sail under a landforts guns,forcing him to break off.
Views: 67 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Frigate Hunting Pack v Bellona
Patrolling north of La Navasse in the aftermath of an admiralty event ,we stumbled upon a Swedish Bellona with a Surprise,the slow moving Bellona was soon tagged and battle commenced.
Views: 219 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Tough Fight Frigate 3 V 3
Sailing past Fort Royale,I found myself being chased by 2 french frigates with an escort.Alerting my nation,2 frigates were dispatched from Castries to support me.Deciding to pursue the now fleeing frogs, we engaged them just east of Fort Royale.A Particularly bloody and messy fight,due in large part to poor positio0ning and poor sailing.
Views: 175 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action -Black Connie Captured
Leading a small band of fellow minded captains we chanced upon a gorgeous Black Constitution.Following the age old mantra of oppurtunistic englishmen,and women "Lets be avin that mateys"We engaged him,leading to a short pursuit.
Views: 147 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action Liquicity's Small Battle Event
With a prizepool of 50 million,i decided to partake.
Views: 171 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - PVP  Multi Ship Beached Boarding Chaos.
Quite possibly the most confusing battle i have ever been in,at thestart it looked like i would miss the main fight,then,i found myself in a cluster of ships all run aground,boarding each other in turn.Chaotic dosent describe it.
Views: 300 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action Les Cayes Screening Fleet
Whilst Screening our Les Cayes Port Battle 6 Brave British Captains got dragged into battle against 24 french/spanish screening ships. Hopelessly outnumbered ,we fought till we sunk,a brave captain sacrificing his ship in order to blow up and inflict maximum damage on the enemy.
Views: 120 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell:Naval Action - 2 British V 4 Swedish, Frigate Battle
On patrol at KPR Fellow Captain John Keats found himself tagged by a small swedish force of 5th rates,rushing out in my surprise we entered battle just off of Kingstons harbour mouth,sadly I was at a considerable distance.John Keats attempted to pass through the wind and bring his ship safely into the Harbour.However it soon became aparent that the heavier Swedish Frigate would demast him before he reached safety.Watching from afar ,i decided to render a suicidal assistance.Ramming Speed
Views: 105 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - British v 18bek Pirates
During our screeening operation at Castries,we came across some pirates eyeing up a lone british victory,sailing to to help we engaged them just north of Castries.No quarter was given.
Views: 152 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Ganked at KPR,Potentially cheaters
Whilst sailing off morant i found myself chased by a force of about 7 pirates,fleeing rapidly back toward KPR,they engaged battle just before the sandbank.I spawned facing toward the coast,about 1 mile ou,they spawned right behind me,with one slightly ahead.Sailing rapidly for the channel which runs from kpr through the sandbank towards morant,as i get closer all of a sudden 3 enemy pirates glide out of the channel,right in front of me.Now either they are hacking or the spawn system is broken.Ships should never spawn ahead of the direction the ship was fleeing in openworld.Were they cheating?
Views: 86 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action British Fleet Turning a Cutter into Matchsticks
A cutter managed to pull an entire British Fleet into Battle,so we decided to make some kindling.
Views: 67 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action -  PVP Large fleet hunting enemies
During a pvp event we rallied a large fleet,sadly picking were slim.Still no losses on the british side.
Views: 183 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Event battle Mixed Fleets
Found a small force during a pvp ent off La Navasse.A short and fun battle.
Views: 93 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell RimWorld-The Policemans Village Episode 1
Episode 1 Of The Policemans Village
Views: 48 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Streets Of Rogue First Impression
My first time playing Streets Of Rogue
Views: 33 Major Gosnell
Vicera Clean Up -  Janitor Flight School Teaser
With nothing more than a crate and a cube ,a Lamb Flew
Views: 22 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell:Naval Action - Surprise 1v1 Duel
Captain Gosnell v Captain Tuck surprise duel A nice little fight.
Views: 83 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Fleeing from a Prate Frigate in My Bucentaur
As everyone knows im a notoriously bad sailor,thus when i found myself in battle with a pirate frigate outside kpr harbour,i decided that i would make a run for the forts.As realistically there was no way on eartyh i could out manouvar the more agile frigate.However,my first choice of kpr forts was impossible due to the wind ,thus i had to endure 30 minutes of raking as i fled towards Carlisle.
Views: 194 Major Gosnell
Gorn Gladiator Virtual Reality  , HTC Vive
Here we try out Gorn,A Gladiator Virtual Reality Expierience
Views: 55 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell Rim World Policeman's Viliage Episode 2
As the colony slowly grows....
Views: 9 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell:This Is The Police
This Is The Police
Views: 15 Major Gosnell
Major Gosnell: Naval Action Spanish Endymion Fleet Ganked By Great Britain
Thanks to Great Comunication,our Jamaca patrol managed to pincer a small force of Spanish Endymions That were harassing our shipping at Jamaca.
Views: 194 Major Gosnell

Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

Pubg Forums Xbox - Dead or Alive?

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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

Its possible for you to reconnect at any point in a match youve left provided that you dont have a leaver penalty. There is no purpose in setting a question which everyone will know the response to. Another very good suggestion for your writing quiz questions is to attempt to keep the questions interesting. There are lots of totally free quiz questions online, but nevertheless, it can have a very long time to compose a great quiz and guarantee the answers are accurate so it can be well worth buying a pre-made quiz online. If a person doesnt know the answer, they ought to want to understand.
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The Death of Pubg Forums Xbox

Unlike PUBG, youre in a position to carry over two guns. Pressing Y cycles through your three guns, so if you would like to change from your secondary gun to your primary, you want to switch twice as a way to cycle via your pistol. In addition, all weapons are removed from the starting locations.