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Smiling in a Jar
Gretchen Worden of the Mutter Museum interviewed by Eroll Morris
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1915 X-ray coil powering a Puluj radiometer tube
McIntosh No2 X-ray and high frequency treatment coil powering a Puluj electrical radiometer tube.
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Epic Street Battle, Sheffield Tree Protests 12th December 2017
I'm questioning the private security company about why I have to leave the barriered area they have just erected. After consulting with some of the other protesters I made the decision to leave.
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Tonisator, The Movie
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Harry Epworth Allen paintings, Antiques Roadshow April 2013
Two of Harry Epworth Allen's Irish Landscape paintings done in egg tempera, which is pigment added to egg yolk. Prior to the adoption of oil painting in the late 1400s all paintings were done in egg tempera. Harry Epworth Allen (1894-1958) was born in and lived all his life in Sheffield. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Epworth_Allen
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Greinacher Tube, Jacobs Ladder in a partial vacuum
Greinacher Tube, Jacobs Ladder in a vacuum
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Uranium glass De La Rive tube
Uranium glass De La Rive tube, powered by an 1895 Newton Apps induction coil
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Crookes Electric Radiometer circa 1880
One of Crookes own designs. This is a very early tube dating from 1880 to 1890. The vanes are the cathode and each aluminium paddle has one side coated with mica. Crookes theory was that the radiant matter (electrons) that are emitted from the metal side of the paddle create a mechanical reaction driving the paddle round. JJ Thomson later calculated that the force of the electrons would only be enough to turn the paddle one revolution per minute, so concluded that the paddle turns by heating of the vanes as in a non-electrical radiometer.
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Geissler tube Rotator 2
French Geissler tube rotator circa 1900.
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Mendocino Motor - solar powered, magnetically levitated !
With thanks to Tom Vales who made this one and sells the kits - http://stelmos-fire.com/mendocinomotor.html
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Geissler Rotator
Geissler tube rotator - the Victorians loved these
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Puluj ( Crookes ) Tubes - windmill and radiometer
Puluj Tubes from around 1900 working. The heating action of the electrons makes the paddles go round in the same way the heat from sunlight makes a solar radiometer turn. These would commonly be called Crookes tubes, more correctly they are called Puluj tubes in all the old catalogues.
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Crookes Maltese Cross tube
The cathode rays hit the glass and make it fluoresce green. The shadow of the metal maltese cross glows more vividly than the surrounding glass when the hinged metal cross is flipped down as the fresh non-bombarded glass glows brighter.
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Crookes fluorescent and phosphorecent minerals tube
Crookes tube to show fluorescent and phosphorescent minerals, coral and shells glowing under cathode rays.
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Geissler tubes
Devil head tube with uranium glass. Double fluid filled tube with two different fluids. Upright tube with fluorescent fluid and a uranium glass spiral.
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Sheffield Tree Protests - Street Poet, Silver Hill Rd, Bunny under tree.
Benoit Benz Compin performing "They Call Him Bob" Bob being the supervisor in charge here. Soon after they all left with the tree undamaged.
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Crookes Railway tube
Invented in 1879 by Sir William Crookes. The tube is highly evacuated and when powered the electrons heat the paddles which then turn and make the fly travel up to the end of the tube on the glass rails. When the polarity is reversed the paddles travel back the other way. There's coloured phosphor spots on the mica paddles just to make it pretty!
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1890's Newton Apps induction coil
Newton Apps induction coil circa 1895. Sparking 18 cm
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Crookes heating effect tube
Platinum foil gets red hot from the cathode rays focussed on it.
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Crookes Y tube
Very rare Y shaped Crookes tube with three terminals to show that the cathode rays are produced perpendicular to the terminal and travel in straight lines.
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Fischer Model K
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Aubry's Tonsillotome - a fiendish 19th century device for tonsil removal (detail)
Aubry's Tonsillotome - detail of this fiendish 19th century device for tonsil removal
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Fischer Model GC
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Aubry's Tonsillotome - a fiendish 19th century device for tonsil removal
Aubry's Tonsillotome - a fiendish 19th century device for tonsil removal
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Pubg Forums Xbox - Dead or Alive?

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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

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The Death of Pubg Forums Xbox

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