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Lazy driver unloading bamboo LIKE A BOSS!!!
Taiwanese drivers like a boss :D thats the way how to unload a bamboo from a truck! Watch Another scooter "ASIAN" version of ROSSI versus MARC MARQUEZ race video ◄ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ6BPz4bQjY&t=30s&hd=1
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SUPERBiKE vs SUPERMOTO : who will win ?
Two motorcycles, a superbike and supermoto race against each other. Who do you think will win between these 2 race bikes?
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2-Wheel Drive Motorcycle. AMAZING!!!
i never thought this is possible in motorcycle. but yes, it is!
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This is the inside of the engine of YZF-R25 motorcycle.
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🔴 MotoGP MECHANIC of Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi MotoGP race bike mechanic tells you how to be one of them...
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A group of friends gather together to fullfill and do what they love most... Motorcycle riding! Hahh!?! :-)
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How to use BRAKE PROPERLY - Motorcycle Braking Technique
A tutorial on how to brake properly in motorcycle. Using this braking technique will save lives. Master and Learn the Art of Braking :-)
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This is the equivalent of F1 racing in the Philippines. its called Ligiron held in valencia, negros oriental video courtesy of Paul Benzi Sebastian Florendo
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During the 43rd Motorshow in Japan, Yamaha launches the newest R series bikes. First is Yamaha R15 a 150cc bike, Then now Yamaha R25, 250cc bike with dual cylinder engine. Video courtesy of Yamaha Motors
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Only in thailand you can see a farm tractor like this with kubota engine race with a Mitsubishi diesel pickup truck!
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Pure 5 minutes of adrenaline rush street racing between BMW 1000 versus honda repsol cbr 1000
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BECAUSE OF TOO MUCH POWER — this scooter is unride-able by any known drag racing rider
if you are drag racing fan and you want some challenges, try to drag race your motorcycle with taiwan's fastest powerful drag racing scooters. Lets see the marc marquez or dani pedrosa or even motogp champion valentino rossi skills in you.
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👮 FILMING A POLICE OFFICER is LEGAL: An uber driver happens to be also a Lawyer tells Police Officer
The police does not know that this uber driver is a court lawyer :-) Jesse bright, a uber driver which happens to be also a court lawyer was stop by a police officer. The officer told this secret lawyer driver that filming or video recording a police officer is illegal and against the law. When the officer found out that the driver he stopped was a lawyer, the direction of the wind change... Watch the full video of the encounter.
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A design flaw will start your bike even without a key. When you park your motorcycle, beware of this method where thief will start your bike without a key in just 6 seconds or less just by using this bypass electrical wire. Make sure you have additional protection like Motorcycle GPS Tracker. Always beware and ride safe guys. GPS Tracker: https://www.motorcyclegpstracker.com
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"home made" Harley vs CBR1000 Drag Racing
A honda cbr1000rr fireblade bike owner ridicules the home made harley bike owner saying that his harley ratbike is slow. Well harleys owner hildo proves him wrong. video courtesy of itshildo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-NeK623JYgI6Ao7rH0gkKg
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a boy was flagged down due to over speeding his 50cc scooter, But successfully outrun the police! Crazy! all video captured in gopro!
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CBR 1000 vs 125cc SCOOTER ! Racing on a track
This 125cc yamaha mio scooter in thailand is awesome! shame on the 1000cc bigger bikes honda cbr, kawasaki ninja, yamaha r1, suzuki gsxr :D
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ALL WHEEL DRIVE Motorcycle that can FIT IN A BAG
This is a motorcycle that can go anywhere you want! Yes even in the moon! The best thing is it can fit in a bag :-) it cost usd$1000 would you buy it?
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OMG! we should have these kind of tire's in our motorcycle!
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Probably this is the fastest thailand drag bike !
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F1 Racing Mountain Edition (better than new zealand rotorua queenstown luge)
Philippine version of Formula 1 racing ! Watch Another scooter "ASIAN" version of ROSSI versus MARC MARQUEZ race video ◄ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ6BPz4bQjY&t=30s&hd=1 oh well its like the same street luge of New Zealand with a + EXTREME FUN! only here its made of all bamboo and wooden materials. and some ingenuity :-) Video courtesy of Paul Benzi Sebastian Florendo http://www.facebook.com/paul.b.florendo
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Guy accidentally upload a motorcycle video of his police chase and it is insane !
Motorcycle rider upload a video to show to his friend. He did an insane police chase in in a city street, then he decided to ride in a gravel road which causes him to fell off.
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FIRST PUBLIC RACE of Valentino Rossi and Maverick Viñales (MotoGP Yamaha GP)
MotoGP champ Valentino Rossi and Moto3 champ newbie Maverick Viñales had their first race in public during Yamaha GP cup held in Philippines. It seems Viñales will give rossi hard time in getting the 10th championship that rossi been longing for so long... Just like what Jorge Lorenzo did ? one thing for sure maverick "topgun" viñales is a promising motogp newbie rider just like marc marquez. This race is the 2017 YamahaGP Racing Cup. video clips credit to: Armand Rapanut Alas Alvarez Den Jugo Earl Landicho Emman Balmes Insideracing Jason Lopez Jhigz Bermudez Jong Uy Kevin Fernandez Nics Zenaby Peter Yung Rochelle Lantano Yamaha MotoGP Yamaha Philippines
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Sniper LC135 vs Kawasaki KR150 vs Raider 150 FU Belang
Friendly gauge of the Suzuki Raider 150 , Kawasaki 2 stroke KR150 and Yamaha Sniper lC135 Exciter
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Japanese MOTO DRIFTER is Awesome  !
Japanese motorcycle rider got some skills!
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The $20,000 Road RACiNG ❱❱ 2riders Trash talk in Facebook turns into street race
Heated trash talk of 2 riders in facebook turns into a public road race to settle their fight. Thousands of facebook users went to the twisted mountainous road where the secret underground race will be held. The total pot money involved in this illegal race is estimated around $20,000! Probably the most expensive illegal motorcycle street racing in Asia. Full race of the video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_IJjuE-w5Y
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This CRAZY BiKER from africa will give you HEART ATTACK !
This guy from africa will give you heart attack just by watching. Ive warned you :-)
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He raced his Yamaha YZF-R1 with a random FAMILY CAR — and its 300KPH MIND BLOWING !!! 😲
Motorcycle rider decided to race his 1000cc Yamaha YZF R1 to a random family car on a highway and he got what he does not want :-)
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200KPH Two-Stroke Motorcycle turns into a FIREWORKS !!! - "ride safe always"
RIDE SAFE BROTHERS! A large group of 2 stroke motorcycle bikers gathers at night to have some street fun. things happened in this street road racing...
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Valentino Rossi RACING SECRETS & TECHNIQUES — Tutorial How to guide from MotoGP champion
Learn how to ride and race like a MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi. This 10 step how to tutorial will teach you the basic and advanced techniques and tricks in riding a motorcycle in a racing circuit track. This video will show you the secrets on how rossi ride and make him a champion in MotoGP. This how to guide made valentino win against other moto gp champions Ducati Casey Stoner, Yamaha Jorge Lorenzo, Honda Marc Marquez.
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An action packed motorcycle race was held in indonesia and its so much fun! all riders race competitively and during the heat of the race, a rider intentionally wiped his fellow racer with his elbows. However the wipeout rider had a sweet revenged by putting sacks of rice on the track :D video courtesy of br4m4tyo and agung firmanda
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This tiny asian bike has some SERIOUS BADASS POWER !
Never under estimate the power of moped bikes in asia. Check this video from malaysia how powerful this tiny skinny 135cc moped bike. Totally badass engine power!!!
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199 KPH TOP SPEED Yamaha Sniper MXi 150
This monster yamaha sniper mxi 150 reaches a topspeed of 199kph!!! engine is tuned by kim redbull of KRB works performance shop Gensan. Sniper King MXi 150 efi is also known as LC150, Jupiter King 150, Exciter 150 in several asian countries.
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Who will win in a battle between a motorcycle versus a 4 wheel pickup truck ? Watch to find out whos the fastest between these two drag racing participants.
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SELF DRiVING ROBOT ATTEMPTS to beat Valentino Rossi (MotoGP Champion)
Yamaha has been hard at work on its autonomous Motobot racing bike, and this year, the company was confident enough to pit its creation against one of the best riders around. Yamaha's Motobot goals for 2017 are twofold: Achieve a straight-line speed of 200 kph (124 mph) and beat Valentino Rossi -- a seven-time MotoGP champion -- in a lap around a racetrack. After accomplishing the first task, Yamaha set out to nail the second. Sadly, it was still about 30 seconds off Rossi's time, but it's getting there and that's the most important part. The craziest part about Motobot is that the bike itself is unmodified from the factory. It's the humanoid robot atop the bike that manipulates the stock controls. Its six actuators are capable of shifting and accelerating around a track as its computers analyze all manner of data, whether it's engine speed or attitude. Yamaha wants to use machine learning to have the robot "learn" the best lines and approaches as it tears down the track, with the eventual goal being a robot that's capable of besting the most accomplished human riders. Eventually
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Moped Scooter joined the CAR vs CAR Drag Race! Haha!
It is supposed to be a race between 2 cars, then suddenly out of nowhere a third party joins the race! car vs car vs motorcycle
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YO' ON YOUR PERIOD ? Girl biker fights back
Why you should not mess with lady cyclist, They are tough! Tougher than you think. These tough lady cyclist fights back and these guys deserves what happened to their van.
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DRAG RACING: Yamaha YZF R25 versus NiNJA 250
One on One drag racing of 250cc motorcycles Yamaha R25 versus Kawasaki Ninja 250r, Who do you think will win? Heavy Hunter by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Jamskie speedo 130 kph Yamaha Sniper with vixion valvespring rextor
heres a video of vixion valvespring on a yamaha sniper 135cc Bike Specs -stock size tire front and rear -stock engine 135cc -stock carburetor 22mm -stock sprocket 15/39 -rextor cdi -vixion valvespring -r9 monza blue exhaust using a upgrade valvespring like vixion will increase your top speed in every gear 1stgear: 60kph 2nd gear: 90kph 3rd gear:120kph 4thgear:130kph (needs sprocket change to get more topspeed) updated top speed video with new mods see here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4LeXpQoA6s
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14,000 rpm◄ MOPED RACEBIKE DYNO !!! the baby motogp ?
This is the 115cc bike of SCK Racing Team producing 20hp tested on dynamometer, it reaches 14k rpm! Geez this bike runs and sounds like motogp bike!!! Nice one SCK!
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day2- Candon to Vigan ilocos - megaride69 - Yamaha Sniper 135 Philippine Motorcycle Tour
Day 2 of Yamaha Sniper Philippine Motorcycle Tour From Candon ilocos to Vigan ilocos Discussions http://yamahat135.com/threads/super-mega-ride-69-baliktaran-na-tooh.6627/ Pictures http://yamahat135.com/threads/super-mega-ride-69-photo-gallery.7237/
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DRAG RACING of farm tractors !
How does it feel riding the Kubota farm tractor? Watch and feel the ooomph of DIESEL POWER in thailand !!!
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👮 POLICE FILMING A STATE ATTORNEY is LEGAL: driver happens to be state lawyer scares Police Officer
Footage of Florida’s only Black state attorney being pulled over by police has gone viral and sparked outrage online. But State Attorney Aramis Ayala says what she’d really like to do is sit down with the police and talk about it. “My goal is to have a constructive and mutually respectful relationship between law enforcement and the community,” Ms Ayala said in a statement to The Independent after the footage was released. She added: “I look forward to sitting down to have an open dialogue with the Chief of Orlando Police Department regarding how this incident impacts that goal.” Ms Ayala explained that she was on her way home from teaching at Florida A&M Law School on 19 June when she was pulled over by two Orlando Police officers. The officers’ body cam footage, released following a public records request, shows the traffic stop ending quickly after Ms Ayala informs them that she is a state attorney.
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Video courtesy of Norfolk Constabulary For full video check here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq2xStb0R-c
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THIS KID HAS BETTER RIDING SKILLS than most of... YOU  !!! :-)
This kid definitely has more skills and bigger balls that most of you! :D marquez. Give him enought time to master his motorcycle maybe in 10 years time, he will probably beat valentino rossi and marc marquez
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MOPED vs pickup TRUCK Drag Racing (isuzu dmax versus 2 stroke motorcycle. Car vs Bike race)
The best battle of car vs motorcycle ever, The isuzu pickup dmax 3.0 Liter engine versus a 125cc motorcycle moped cub underbone bike race each other on a drag race track in thailand! Watch the video to find out who won in this asian drag racing event Zombie Rock by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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[YamahaT135.COM] How  T135 Engine transmission works
http://www.yamahat135.com im showing you how t135 engine transmission works.
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When riding always use the MIDDLE portion of your road lane. This video is courtesy of Honda Motors. Ive been using this technique when riding long distance so as to avoid being forced by cars to the edge. hope this helps...
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This is the FEDEX of Motorcycle, It can move anything :-)
Holy mother of cargo! this bike can carry anything :-)
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How to set UMA RACING CDI (Intelligent Map Control)
How to set the UMA Racing CDI Intelligent Map Control using its control board. For 135LC Jupiter MX Sniper Spark 135 X1r Exciter 135 LC
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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

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