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XK X100 fpv show and tell.
a simple way to start flying fpv. 1s 450 mah battery.canopy cut out for the larger battery.and mounted on the bottom.very simple and works fine for me.
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drone racing Isle of Man
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My new eachine vtail 210 cranking up the rates
Recalibrated again and lowered the min throttle back down 1040 in cleanflight and blheli suite.
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Mista 800 tvl fpv camera stock settings VTX 03 FROG LITE
Frog Lite 1st fpv flight and after a few LOS flight tests the confidence was evident this is an awesome bird.Born to Be the Best motors are great.
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Breaking in my new eachine vtail 210 20+mph wind
Testing horizon mode.Amazing!Superb!
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Michael Look out!!
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eachine falcon 120 upgrade
no more damage to camera or easily bent flimsy blades.
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eachine vtail 210 testing soft mounted front motors.
using thin soft rubber foam made the motor glitching,stuttering go away almost completely.i recycled the top foam from emax motor package box.been using it on my other quads motors and flight controllers.Please recycle.foam & litter destroys the environment and kills wildlife.
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Racerstar shot 30 4 in 1 esc w/5v3a bec current and voltage sensor
Update..DO NOT BUY...I can`t recommend this esc did not last only a few months and flipped out over the river and lost forever.180$ Gone.Many others have also had issues.Dshot 600 ready.All the goodstuff.A little extra work to install and configure but it seems a very good choice for this setup.Not sure why some 5v power and ground wires are not in the plug but the nice thing is Omnibus F3 takes full voltage.
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eachine VRD2 pro diversity fpv goggles with dvr  personally modified
To fit my face block out light and focus on the viewing screen some simple mods i needed to do.install a magnified lens and hot glue foam on the nose bridge,top corners and sides.
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Project Blue Falcon JC Tribute #2 Frog Lite BBB2207/2650kv
Born to Be the Best 218 Frog Lite.Omnibus F4 Pro V2,Cyclone 5045 props 30a Racerstar Lites esc`s mounted under the arms.
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EBIKE REPAIRS.Replacing my forks today.BIGGER IS BETTER.
The lower tubes are cast aluminum & the torque of the motor is a stress on the dropouts even with the torque arm bracket.Hopeful to get another year or 2 out of this ebike.A crucial part of my lifeline.
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Martian 260 ewrf vtx 600mw testing FoxeerHS1177 V2 settings
VRD2 pro dvr Very clear and bright today.
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Racerstar BR2212/1800kv breaking in on 4s 2200mah 30c battery
DJI F450 6040kk props KK 2.1.5 flight controller fs-ia6-rx 25amp Simonk esc`s 25a1000uf low esr capacitor on power cable.Demonstrating stability with and without self leveling mode.
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Cheap 20$ laser gun thermometer from harbour freight.A Great tool.
Danger is a part of life so lets do what we can to be safer.The hot dogs i ate were recalled for having pieces of bones in them.The charger and batteries in your house is not a good idea.While a crash can start a forest fire or much worse.Be prepared and have a plan.
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Eachine VRD2 Pro goggles & Boldclash WR200 fpv cam/vtx kit
Testing fpv with my Blackwidow 260.DVR Lost 6 videos don`t forget to format sd card every time you put it in.It works ok sometimes it does not.
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Racerstar SHOT30A 4in1 Furious FPV F3 Radianced
Ripping a pack GNB 1500mah 110/220c Martian II 250 5152 props with tips trimmed off.
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Racerstar RS 30AL esc`s RGB LEDs & usb multi ports gadget
After a while i figured out the leds needed to be configured otherwise they are white and now they are useful for orientation.
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a9 hd camera on hobbyking blackwidow 4s 30c battery
a9 hd camera on blackwidow quadcopter 4s2200/30c battery 6"props wrong datestamp
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Puda 240mm Stingy frame clone 35$
From Banggood some fine tuning needed but well worth cheap true X low profile freestyle fpv frame with 4mm arms.
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Finally The Frog Lite Merry Christmas.Mista 800tvl  fpv camera
A Tribute once again to JC & PROJECT BLUE FALCON.FPV ready for therapy.Set OSD in Betaflight to auto.
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QQX 130 FPV TEST 15mph wind Dal 3045 props
eachine vtx03/1000tvl camera/4s 850mah XF70c battery
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Rippin the eachine Vtail 210 and my settings for cleanflight 1.2.4
oneshot 125 looptime 1000 P 40,40,85 I 30,30,45 D 23,23,0 rates for roll&pitch60yaw70 RC rates.80 RCexpo.20 RC yaw expo.15 if you have a recent 2.0 version you may need other pids this works for cleanflight1.2.4 also added yaw deadband .4
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testing Dshot 600 flip of death
After watching josh bardwell checking his motors and watching my videos he helped me figure out the problem.My eyes are bad and my brain is not right.both left side motors are grounding through the motor screws are too long.so only on the right rolls it flips out.
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Copy of Martian 260 Foxeer 1177 V2
Last warm day.
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eachine Vtail 210 & eachine vrd2 pro goggles/dvr
Still have not touched the OSD.LOS VTX mounted on tail support.
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Aomway Commander power switch mod.
Separate the metal strip from the power pole solder 3 wires drill and mount switch.
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RMRC Valorem 230 LOS an old ZOP 65c 1800mah battery
A 20$ frame and it flies great.
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Frog Lite 4s Infinity 1500mah race spec pain management
Adrenaline pumping blood and oxygen promote post neck surgery healing and joy.Exercise for the mind eye hand coordination.
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Eachine VRD2 Pro dvr testing Blu Falcon & Foxeer Monster V2
Perfect glorious day to fly.Better settings for camera.Cheap plastic folding antenna is the only thing i will change for now.
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Blessed TransTEC 218 Frog Lite
The more i fly this thing the better i like it.Crash tested certified bargain this cheap frame is fantastic but not perfect for building. Mista 800tvl,3B 2207/2650kv,Omnibus F4V2,rs30A lites esc`s,Dal 5046 cyclones,VTX03 dipole,antenna 200mw,iRange ir-6x tx 6dbi antenna mod,x6b rx.Infinity race spec 90c 1500mah battery.
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Strix 3-6s lipo power board With 5v 2a usb charger
Compact pocket size.Adjustable alarm sounds when power gets low.
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upgraded blackwidow tc-r260 carbon frame 2205/2300kv red bottom emax motors 30a cicadas 5051 racecraft triblades breakin flight smooth attitude mode.stock openpilot settings.ching chang a9 action cam crapped out again.almost cut off finger building this.
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48v 6ah bottle style ebike battery wiring
Before i start cutting things apart here is a look at the construction and wiring.Note that i saved the BMS and plugs by carefully cutting the glue.The output was not showing voltage because the switch wires had come off due to road salt and vibration.It reads 51.6volts.Some cells may be dead and other cells overcharged.
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eachine vtail 210 onboard hd camera soft mount front motor test
HUGE benefits from soft mounting.
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218 Frog Lite/ Piko mini F4/Owl plus/vtx03
Wizard 4in1esc.Finally ready to rip this thing after many headaches. Never going to use these motors again sticking with the durable emax redbottoms i have on all my other birds.
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Problems with Aomway Commander FPV goggle/BR2306S,2400kv/Comparing stuff
These Racerstar motors barely touched the grass and only gave them 3/4 throttle before problems.The bearings are crap compared to my emax rs2205/2300kv even after crashing into trees,metal poles, pavement and concrete are still smoother.One seems tight and may be causing it to roll over on a small throttle punch.The CommanderFPV goggles are also a bit glitchy not sure why but others have issues with the power cable.More testing but 1st gonna crack it open to take a look inside.Since Bruce has shown his has sub standard build quality.The DVR image seems good enough to find a lost model i hope.Even still i like them very much.Hope they last.
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New lipos 4s GNB 1500mah 110/220c voltage check
15.5 volts good for storage and shipping.
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Watts inside? 48volt 6ah bottle style ebike battery
A Quick Look Inside.This battery i abused for 6 months using a twist grip throttle after having 2 knee arthroscopic surgeries.My knees are junk as is the battery.I changed to a thumb throttle for boost and mostly pedal assist now on low power is just fine.Taking this apart to salvage anything should be fun to do.Anyone have ideas?
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Testing the Frog Lite desynce Min Throttle Command too high
Lowering the command and throttle value testing on dshot 150 now is much better and ready for fine tuning.
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