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Road Rage London ,, HG59 YZT, TFL Licensed lunatic London mini cab
Quex Road , London , NW8, 30th December 2015 . So this lunatic TFL licensed minicab driver decides to overtake me on a Zebra crossing , on the wrong side of the bollards and at a road junction with Mazenod Avenue on a street with a 20 MPH speed limit. In all the years I have driven in London I have never witnessed a proper Taxi pull a stunt like this. Sadly due to the night light the front camera dosen't get a clear view of the number plate as it's moving away too quickly. Fortunately I also have a rear facing camera which as you can see in the second part of the video has captured all the required information.
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Road Rage Basildon. T744 ONV impatient Ford Focus and RED LIGHT JUMP.
All on 30mph roads , this fella must have been late for work , he comes roaring up behind blowing his horn trying to force a way past while I myself am passing large parked vehicles. Once he's forced his way past his final trick is to jump the red light at the next junction. I wish I had a rear facing camera so you too could witness what i saw in my rear view mirror before he pushed past. As you can hear from the audio there is no retaliation on my part I just let the camera do the work and the idiots incriminate them selves.
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Dairy Crest HGV  Bully Boy EA62 VHU , Dashcam A12 with Nextbase 402G Professional
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London Dashcam Traffic light fail RF14 LDO , Brighton and Newhaven Fish sales 04.45 hrs BST
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Dashcam UK  Rear mounted view Nextbase 402G Professional
Following the successful use of my windscreen camera I decided to get another Nextbase 402G for the rear window as just as much nonsense goes on behind as well as in front and these are my first pictures and they are taken in the dark. The film is incident free and just an example of the camera footage. I have to say I am very pleased with the results and look forward to posting up more idiots in due course.
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Nextbase 402G Professional - Set Up Tips M25/to M1/ Northbound
Get the best from your HD dash cam . Make sure you view this in 1080HD and Fullscreen. As I can agree with other users for best results and HD detail i.e number plates make sure you tilt your camera downwards so that the whole bonnet is in view with a bias too the offside to get the best clarity for oncoming numberplates. Too much sky and it will distract your camera exposure and cause loss of detail. Make sure that you download the VLC (Freeware) from somewhere like File Hippo and it will give you the added function of frame by frame viewing which is crucial for number plate reading.
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Danielle Gregson , A (Taxi Bilker) , Mile End , E3 , East London area
Deliberately hiring a Taxi or Private Hire vehicle and making off without paying the fare is an act of THEFT (Bilking). All drivers beware of this young lady , she is a tea leaf....................... Merry Christmas Danielle , may Santa bring you everything you deserve ...............some Karma hopefully......................
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Nextbase 402G Professional. Basildon carve up. Mercedes LO52 RAN how not to exit right on a r/bout
This driver approaches a roundabout from 6'o clock to exit at 3'o clock. This is a two lane road with two lanes for going straight ahead. You wanna exit left , you take the left lane , you wanna exit right , you take the right lane. Not for this woman , that's way too complex eh? why not stay in the left lane and go around the perimeter of the roundabout and then cut across the path of anyone going straight ahead. Simples! eh?
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Nextbase Dashcam UK , Billericay Dickie , YM64 JUE , roundabout carve up.
Billericay Dickie or Dickhead , this little bearded wonder carves me up on the roundabout in his boyracers Focus ST while his little blond Doris is oblivious with her head stuck in her phone. I would have let it go and not You Tubed him if ihe hadn't have been eyeballin' me like it was my fault he cut through the roundabout. Two seconds later on the adjacent roundabout another oncoming idiot forces his way across when he should have given way. It's a real shame that the original quality and frame by frame viewing capability that I get on VLC media player cannot be transferred to YouTube.
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Nextbase Dashcam Harold Hill , A12 , Dashcam. YC57 LML, BMW boy racer.
So this silly little dick in his Mum's BMW 1 Series comes surging up behind me on approach to green traffic lights. I.m going straight on and he wants to do a left turn and tries his luck at forcing me up the road to his required speed, Obviously that doesn't work and it's not until I download the footage that I notice he gives me "the finger " (0.34) as he turns left the gutless little maggot.............. I've got 2 big stickers in my back window , one with a camera image and the other that says smile your on rearview camera obviously this offended him.
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BMW idiot undertaking/tailgating A2 Dartford K44 MHX  Oct 2016
Silly pratt on the A2 in rushour traffic undertaking and tailgating like a complete twat. You can tell he's a twat just by his soppy car nd his equally soppy number plate. The GPS measured speed is 67 MPH which means my vehicle speedo was showing 70+ and this DOUGHNUT comes roaring up behind and comes within half a car length of my rear bumper forcing his way through before I've even finished changing lane.
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Billericay Bunny Splat! , sadly unavoidable , R.I.P Bunny.
Suicide Bunny ..................1.49 (on the video , not the clock time ) Poor bastard................... It's a National Speed limit road and I was only doing little more than half that ............just glad it wasn't someone's cat or dog. However it provides a sobering example of how even at 30 mph things can happen very quickly and on this occasion there was nowhere to go or frankly even time to brake. I wished no harm to the poor little fella but his death wasn't in vain coz there's always lots of fantastic Owls along those lanes that make sure roadkill is not wasted.
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Tailgating Jip from A 2006 Dodge Caliber ,  24th March 2017  (D18 BSV)
What I like about working nights is upsetting the lazy bastards who can't get out of bed in the morning andthen hit the roads tired, late and angry and blaming everybody else but themselves They also think that coz the roads are empty the speed limits don't apply. This bell end in is shit heap 2006 Dodge caliber didn't appreciate me joining the 30 mph road when he was rattling along at 50.......So he booted it and gave me a little bit of intimidation, or so he thought , , so I delibrately brought him to a crawl on my next right turn...........................
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Road Rage (no violence though)  London, KP53 WJY , caught on UK Dashcam , Nextbase 402G Professional
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Dashcam UK ,White van man tailgating idiot , NV64 AUM caught on Nextbase 402G Professional
A12 Romford . Away from the lights 3 lanes merge into 2 and the traffic is heavy. Accelerating through 25mph this idiot wants to be right on my bumper until he can swerve out into the outside lane. He then gives me evils as he passes just coz I'm not gonna be a dick and drive like him. I see these idiots every morning , lazy twats who can't get out of bed on time and then abuse their company vehicle and other road users to make up time.
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London , Life on the U-bore night shift
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