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Gordon Monahan - Speaker Swinging
First performed in 1982, this piece uses 9 sine/square wave oscillators broadcast over 3 loudspeakers that are swung in circles by 3 performers. This video was produced in 1987 and is edited to just over 7 minutes, while a live performance of the piece lasts approximately 25 minutes. For more information visit www.gordonmonahan.com
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Gordon Monahan - Aeolian Winds Over Claybank Saskatchewan
Long piano strings are attached at one end to a chimney and the other end to the wooden roof of several storage barns. As wind blows across the strings, vibrations are induced in the strings. The sounds are amplified through the wooden boards of the storage barns.
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Gordon Monahan - New and Used Furniture Music
Documentation of performance using an interactive theremin to control a mechanical sound installation consisting of amplified water drops and long piano strings vibrated by motors, solenoids, and pneumatic cylinders
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Sauerkraut Synthesizer
Gordon Monahan uses fruits, vegetables, and a jar of sauerkraut as voltage controllers for a software synthesizer built with ppooll-max/msp and an arduino interface. Performed live at the Subtle Technologies Festival, on board a cruise ship in Toronto Harbour, June 5, 2010. The Sauerkraut Synthesizer is based on a technical prototype using lemons (The Lemon Synthesizer), developed as a collaboration between Gordon Monahan, Akemi Takeya, and Noid, in Vienna, March, 2009.
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A Piano Listening To Itself -- Chopin Chord
Castle Square, Warsaw Autumn Festival, September 2010 Six long piano wires are suspended across a space and are connected to a piano positioned at one end of the wires. At the other end, audio recordings are transmitted into the long piano strings using vibrating coils attached to the wires, which cause the piano strings to vibrate in sympathy with the audio signals. The vibrations in the long piano strings are amplified by contact to the piano soundboard. For the 'Chopin Chord' version created for the Warsaw Autumn Festival, six long piano strings are suspended from the Royal Castle bell tower and connected to a piano positioned on the ground below. Audio recordings transmitted into the piano strings consist of note sequences derived from piano compositions by Frederic Chopin. The note sequences were extracted from Chopin's piano pieces and redeveloped to form new compositions that were then recorded using a software-based piano. In total, the note sequences were derived from twenty Preludes, two Etudes Opus 10 and 25, the Fantaisie Impromptu Opus 66, one Nocturne Opus 27 Nr. 1, one Polonaise Opus 53, and the first movement of the Sonata, Opus 35. In addition to the piano sounds vibrating in the wires, whenever the wind blows perpendicular to the piano strings, they vibrated with Aeolian tones, thus adding a spontaneous audio event manifested by natural forces. These Aeolian tones blend with the audio signals or they sometimes drown out the audio signals, which re-emerge once the wind dies down or changes direction.
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A Piano Listening To Itself -- Brno Variation
New version in an ongoing series, this one featuring re-composed music of Leos Janacek and Henry Cowell. Janacek was based in Brno, and Cowell visited Janacek three times during his European tours in the 1920s. The curators Jozef Czeres and Viktor Pantucek suggested that I use their music as a basis for compositions heard emanating from each piano. The audio signals are transmitted down long piano wires and are heard coming out of each piano's soundboard.
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Gordon Monahan - A Magnet That Speaks Also Attracts
Mechanical sound sculpture that is part medieval weapon and part vintage audio system. A catapult throws a loudspeaker at a magnet that catches it through mutual attraction. Exhibited at Eye Revue Showcase Window, Union Station, Toronto, 1986.
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Gordon Monahan - Spontaneously Harmonious in Certain Kinds
'Spontaneously Harmonious in Certain kinds of Weather' documents Monahan's 1996 installation at Singuhr-Hoergalerie in the bell tower of the Parochial Church in Berlin. With this installation, Monahan successfully constructed a long-string aeolian instalation indoors for the first time. The piece uses natural air drafts flowing up and down the staircase of the church tower to vibrate piano strings stretched along a narrow aperture built into a temporary inner room at the top of the tower. The vibrations caused by the air drafts flowing over the piano strings are amplified with contact pick ups. For more information visit www.gordonmonahan.com
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Dollhouse by Bill Coleman and Gordon Monahan
In Dollhouse, contemporary dance master and choreographer Bill Coleman portrays a figure whose whole world is literally falling in around him. Inhabiting an object-laden room that collapses and breaks at his every touch, Coleman shares the stage with sound artist Gordon Monahan and his unique score, which accompanies the dancer’s descent into chaos. The environment seems to move of its own accord as its occupant tap-dances through 60 minutes of theatrical disintegration. Occupying Monahan’s experimental musical soundscape and landscape, Coleman plays the role of modern fakir as he suffers through what at times are comic situations on his way to sonic and visual pandemonium. Both eye-popping spectacle and unique score, Dollhouse encompasses tap dancing, performance art, sound installation, slapstick, and interactive physical action in which mechanical and electronic objects, both handmade and found, deliver disrupting and surprising rhythms for the ears and eyes. Dollhouse is represented by Fove Diffusion. For bookings, please contact: Stephanie Hinton at [email protected] / +1-514-570-1002
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Piano Airlift
In 1984, I began a series of Aeolian pieces, the first one in collaboration with Thaddeus Holownia, at his farm in Jolicure, New Brunswick, Canada. In 1988 we were invited to the Sound Symposium in St. John's, Newfoundland, where we installed the Long Aeolian Piano by airlifting a piano with a helicopter to the top of Gibbet's Hill, overlooking St. John's harbour. The piano served as the soundboard for long piano strings suspended down a cliff from the top of the hill. The strings resonated loudly from wind vibrations for a ten-day-long installation. The airlifting of the piano was an art action itself, and the takedown of the piece was another art action — when we threw the piano over the cliff to smash into pieces. In 2006 I was invited by Jo Aichinger to do a sound and video piece for the Kontraste Festival in Krems. I searched for several months to find the three different VHS videotapes of the original footage of the airlifting and smashing of the piano in St. John's. After editing the video footage, I composed an accompanying piano piece that is synchronized with the video and played on a Yamaha Disklavier piano. The Disklavier player piano is placed in a gallery, and the video is projected on the gallery wall.
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Frozen Piano on Lake Nipissing
Installation on Lake Nipissing, North Bay, Ontario, February 2014, part of Ice Follies, presented by Near North Media Lab. Six long piano wires are stretched 70 meters across the frozen lake and are anchored at the far end to the roof of a camper-trailer. An amplifier in the trailer sends audio signals through motors into the wires, and these audio signals travel along the wires and are heard coming out of the piano. The audio recordings are re-composed pieces of Frederic Chopin and Henry Cowell. When the wind blows across the wires, aeolian tones are produced that sometimes drown out the audio signals, or otherwise blend with them. The whole installation is located approximately 200 meters offshore on the frozen lake.
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Edwin van der Heide - Laser Sound Performance
Edwin van der Heide performs at the Electric Eclectics festival, Meaford, Ontario, August 4, 2007. visit www.electric-eclectics.com
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Syncopated Precipitation
Sound installation by Gordon Monahan installed at the City Hall Fountain, Kitchener, Ontario, for the Open Ears Festival, April 2009. Water is periodically pumped onto a roof. As the water pours over the roof edge, it lands on amplified objects eventually forming organized rhythm patterns determined by the contour of the roof edge.
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The Chimney Effect
A steel and glass box is placed in front of a fireplace so that an airtight fitting is achieved. Naturally-occurring air drafts flowing up the chimney are forced to flow through a narrow aperture built into the box, containing several piano strings. As the air flows over the piano strings, Aeolian tones are created and amplified through contact to the box. As pressure changes occur in the room — for instance, when doors are opened or closed — the tonality of the Aeolian tones will change in accordance.
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Trembling Antennae For Henning Christiansen
12 motors are attached to the loudspeaker outputs of audio amplifiers, so that they tremble and shake from audio signals sent into the amps. In this version, excerpts from recordings by Henning Christiansen are used to vibrate the motors. Hanging from the antennae are bells and objects relating to motifs used Henning Christiansen in his work. This piece was created for the inaugural exhibition of the Henning Christiansen archive on the island of Moen, Denmark, in June 2013.
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Music From Nowhere Oslo2012.m4v
This project began in 1989 and was first shown at the Generator Sound Art gallery in NYC. Vintage loudspeaker cabinets are eviscerated and the speakers are replaced with mechanical sound producing sculptures. They are displayed in a manner resembling a retail store selling vintage speakers. When the viewer walks behind the speakers, they discover that the sounds are all real and that there is no audio. This video documents the exhibition Music From Nowhere at Gallery ANX, Oslo. Thanks to Carsten Seiffarth and Ivar Smedstad.
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Space Becomes the Instrument
Lauren Chin performing in Gordon Monahan's 'Space Becomes the Instrument', a 12-hour performance at Massey Hall in Toronto as part of Nuit Blanche 2009. In this excerpt, the performer plays an amplified long piano wire by dragging a vibrating electric motor along the wire. The staging is reversed, so that the audience watches from the stage and the performers perform from the seating area.
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KB Zed Caravan Munich94
Excerpt from 18-hour long KB Zed performance at Marstall Theater, Munich, June 1994 -- "The Excavated Jewels of Ersatz Exoticism". This clip features Gordon Monahan (organ) Alexander Hacke (guitar) Roland Wolfe (slide guitar) Maria Zastrow (bass) & Michael Evans (drums) playing Duke Ellington's "Caravan". Video shot by Gen Ken Montgomery.
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Gordon Monahan - Aquaeolian Whirlpool
A whirlpool is created in a plexiglas cylinder by pumping water through the cylinder. 8 piano strings are attached to the bottom of the cylinder and rise vertically through the cylinder and are attached to the ceiling of the exhibition space. As the water vortex circulates in the cylinder, it flows over the piano strings, causing vibrations in the wires similar to wind-induced vibrations known as aeolian tones. Monahan coined the term 'aquaeolian' to describe this sonic phenomenon. This piece was commissioned by the New York Hall of Science and exhibited there in 1990.
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Kinetic Audio Transmissions
This installation uses audio signals to create kinetic movements in motors. The audio vibrations are transmitted through the motors and into resonant objects such as drums, which amplify the audio recordings. At the same time that the audio recordings are transmitted and amplified into the drums, they also cause other motors to tremble and shake in kinetic gestures. These audio-induced movements, in turn, provide kinetic motions that result in percussion events, such as motors that have bells or sea shells attached to them, or wires that play wine glasses or drums as percussion objects. The piece exists as a gallery installation that becomes an immersive kinetic audio environment that the audience can enter to experience.
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Gordon Monahan - Theremin Pendulum
A theremin antenna made of flexible wire is mechanized so that it swings spastically as a chaotic pendulum. This causes the theremin to change pitch according to the swinging motion of the pendulum. The sound produced is multiplied by a delay system so that we hear the sound of 8 theremins at the same time. This is mixed automatically by a computer mixing program (MAX/MSP), and is then broadcast into the gallery. Also attached to the end of the antenna pendulum is an led that swings with the antenna, so that when someone enters the darkened gallery, they see an led moving in a chaotic manner that mirrors the frequency wave changes in the theremin.
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Resonant Platinum Records
Exhibition at Galerie des Arts Visuels, Université Laval, Quebec City, Feb. 1 -- Mar. 3, 2013, presented in co-operation with Mois Multi 14/ Recto Verso. 12 aluminum discs resembling platinum 12-inch vinyl records are suspended individually from long piano wires attached to the ceiling of the exhibition space. Each piano wire is attached to the output of an audio amplifier, via a resonant motor with the equivalent impedance of a typical loudspeaker. Audio signals are sent into the amplifier, which transmits audio signals through the resonant motor into the piano wire and aluminum disc. The result is audio signals becoming audible, broadcasting from the aluminum discs. A collection of audio files have been composed that explore the resonant characteristics of the piano wires and aluminum discs, so that a varying program of sounds moving through space and materials are realized as a musical composition, manifest as a sound installation.
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Sounds and the Machines That Make Them
Installation performance by Gordon Monahan at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, presented by the DAAD Inventionen Festival, 1994
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KB Zed Quiet Village Munich94
Another clip from the 18-hour performance "The Ersatz Jewels of Ersatz Exoticism" at the Marstall Theater, Munich, June 1994. This is at about 6 am, as we continued to "improve", this may have been the high point of the whole performance, but of course most people had gone to bed by that time. Rob Johnston (vocals/MC) Gordon W (tablas) Gordon Monahan (synth sitar) Michael Evans (drums) Roland Wolfe (drums) Lary 7 (lap steel guitar) John Henry Nyenhuis (piano) Bastiaan Maris (organ) Laura Kikauka (viking horns/paperwork) Maria Zastrow (performance art) Alexander Hacke (nose flute). Video by Gen Ken Montgomery.
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