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Valentino Rossi The Game | RRL 2016 Round 1: Qatar
First race of the season for Robo's Racing League at Qatar, lets get it on!!!! Music by David Fau http://www.youtube.com/freemetalsongs http://www.youtube.com/bestplugins
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MotoGP 15 Vs Valentino Rossi The Game (Comparison)
Lets compare MotoGP 15 to the new MotoGP game Valentino Rossi The Game
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RIDE Part 8: Aprilia RSV4 Pro Circuit Endurance Race
Lets do an endurance race in ride
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MotoGP 2016 Season - My Predictions
A few of my predictions for the 2016 MotoGP season Intro music by David Fau
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Ride 2: How To Keep The Front End Down
Here's some tips for keeping the front end of the bike down when accelerating, hope this helps :)
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RIDE Part 1: Lets RIDE!!!!!
Here we go people!!!
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Valentino Rossi The Game: VR|46 Historic Events - A Star Is Born
The first event in the VR|46 Historic events
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Valentino Rossi The Game Review
My review of Valentino Rossi The Game One thing I forgot to mention was the AI, slightly improved after last year in the respect that they will occasionally try to out brake you, however they are still far too easy.
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Ride 2 | Supersport League Round 9: Imola
Round 9 of the Supersport league on Ride 2 brings us to Imola
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MotoGP 17 | Managerial Career Pt 23: Rossi Closes The Points Down
The next couple of races prove quite difficult as Rossi closes in on the points in the championship, also my Moto3 team are both fighting for the title.
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Valentino Rossi The Game | Career Part 26: For The Moto2 World Title
We can wrap the Moto2 world championship up ate Phillip Island, just need to finish ahead of Lowes
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MotoGP 17 | Managerial Career Pt 1: Wildcard At Valencia
Today i start the managerial career mode in MotoGP 17
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MotoGP 17 | RRL 2017 Bikes & Riders
Here are the list of riders and the bikes they will be using in this years RRL on MotoGP 17. All bikes were voted for by all riders. Music Credits: Artist: DEgITx Song: Grim Reaper (feat. Matty M.) Social links: DEgITx https://soundcloud.com/degitx http://www.last.fm/user/DEgIT http://degitx.bandcamp.com/ https://new.vk.com/degitxband https://www.youtube.com/user/DEgITir https://www.facebook.com/DEgITxBand Matty M. https://soundcloud.com/matty-m-2 https://www.youtube.com/user/12matty31
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Valentino Rossi The Game | Career Part 35: Crowning The Champion
Yup it's that time for the 2 horrible tracks back to back, Aragon & Motegi
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Isle Of Man TT Game Delayed Until 2018
The Isle Of Man TT game has been delayed until 2018, originally scheduled for release November 2017.
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MotoGP 17 Managerial Career Mode Trailer & Detail Analysis
Milestone released a new trailer for MotoGP 17 showing off some of the features in the Managerial Career mode, i have broken down the trailer to show off some details about the new mode. Original trailer: https://youtu.be/9amEBEbfJgg
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MotoGP 18 Release Date And Details
MotoGP 18 has finally been announced along with its release date and details about the game. Original Trailer: https://youtu.be/VAbqXH3n3vQ
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Ride 2 | Online Pt 5: Crazy Battle At Magny Cours
More online racing and this time i have an awesome battle at Magny Cours
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Ride 2 | World Tour pt 13: More Drag Racing & Invitational 4
Time for a couple more races on the BMW including a drag race, then it's time to do another invitational event
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Ride 2 | How To Set Up A Bike
Here's how to set up a bike in Ride 2, here i show you 2 examples and compare them to the default setups.
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Ride 2 | World Tour pt 5: Nurburgring Sprintstrecke & Nordschleife Sector 2
Time to do a bit of riding around a couple of the Nurburgring's many courses
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MotoGP 17 | Online Pt 5: Call Me Podium Man
Time for more online racing on MotoGP 17, today I have a few tough races.
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Valentino Rossi The Game | Career Part 14: Robo Vs Motegi
TIme to take on my old nemesis Motegi
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Ride 2 | Online Pt 8: More Epic Battles
Time for more online racing on Ride 2 and today we have a couple of great battles!!
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RIDE 2 | World Tour pt 1: SUPERMOTO
Time to tackle the world tour in Ride 2
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MotoGP 17 | Managerial Career Pt 3: Very Close Racing At Le Mans & Mugello
Today we have some tough & very close races at Le Mans & Mugello, also I race at Catalunya.
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MotoGP 17 Gameplay & New Game Mode Details
Lets take a look at some MotoGP 17 footage plus details surrounding a new game mode.
Views: 79007 ROBO46
MotoGP 17 | First Online Race: WTF Just Happened??
So my first online session on MotoGP 17 wasn't without incident, but what actually just happened??
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MotoGP 17 | Managerial Career Pt 12: Can We Win The Moto2 Championship At Motegi?
With 6 more races in Moto2 can I wrap up the Moto2 championship at Motegi??
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TT IOM Career Pt 7: Full Lap Of The TT Circuit On A Supersport (Xbox One X)
This is it the big one, my first clean lap around the monster that is the full Isle Of Man TT Course on my trusty Triumph Daytona 675.
Views: 3710 ROBO46
RIDE 2 | World Tour pt 4: 600cc Sports Bikes Suzuki GSX-R600
Part 4 of world tour sees us change categories onto the 600's
Views: 17093 ROBO46
Valentino Rossi The Game: Career Part 1 - Rossi's Ranch
Time to start the career mode in Valentino Rossi the game
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TT IOM Ride On The Edge | Career Pt 1: Picking My First Bike (Xbox One X)
Time to kick off career mode on Isle Of Man TT Ride On The Edge!!
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MotoGP 17 | Online Pt 2: Possessed AI At Misano & Photo Finish At Valencia
More online racing on MotoGP 17 on the xbox one, the AI seem possessed and very aggressive, also i have a photo finish at Valencia
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Valentino Rossi The Game | Career Part 19: Lowes Vs Zarco Vs Robo
With Lowes and Zarco battling at jerez an incoming Robo joins the fight.... Also today is my Birthday :D
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Valentino Rossi The Game | Career Part 16: Enduranch
Final moto3 race at valencia then enduranch
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MotoGP 17 | Managerial Career Pt 7: The End Of Moto3
This is it the end of Moto3 in managerial career, the last 2 races are in Sepang & Valencia, also i sort out my Moto2 team!!!
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MotoGP 17 | First Play & First Impressions
MotoGP 17 is out (almost) so lets check the game out by using Valentino Rossi at Catalunya (Xbox One)
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Ride 2 | SuperSport League Round 5: Road America
Round 5 of the league brings us to Road America, today it's the SuperSport race.
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MotoGP 17 | Managerial Career Pt 18: Motegi Bites Back
As we come to the tail end of the MotoGP season it's time for Misano, Aragon & Motegi, but this time Motegi has a trick up its sleeve to put me in my place...
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RIDE Demo!!!!! PS4 Gameplay
My first 2 races of RIDE on the PS4!!!
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Ride 2 Vs. VRTG | Honda RC 213 V-S Vs. Repsol Honda RC213V
That's a lot of VS' in the title!!
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Ride 2 | Championship 1: SuperMoto
Lets do our very first championship on Ride 2, this is the supermoto championship
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MotoGP 14 DLC Available Now!!!
Riders DLC now available for FREE Leguna Seca Track DLC £3.19
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MotoGP 14 Review
Here's my review of MotoGP 14 :)
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Ride Vs  Ride 2 (Comparison)
A comparison video of the gameplay in both Ride gmaes
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Ride 2 | SuperSport League Race 1: Nurburgring GP
Round 1 of Robo's Racing League on Ride 2 today is the Supersport race
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MotoGP 15: Perfect Launch Tutorial
To get the "special" start on the GP bikes, in a race when you're on the grid select 1st gear, put the front brake on fully, hold forward on the left analogue stick, hold Y (manual tuck) give it full revs, when the lights go out release the front brake and away you go!! Intro music by David Fau
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Ride 2 | World Tour pt 17: Racing The Kawasaki H2R
It's time to finally race the Kawasaki H2R
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