Videos uploaded by user “Bandulu Jamaica”
Mavado | When Yu Feel Lonely (Tek off u panty)
Produced by Dasaeca
Views: 75900 Bandulu Jamaica
Capleton Crazy Look
90s Dancehall. Latino Riddim
Views: 32294 Bandulu Jamaica
Buju Banton | Be My Love Tonight
90s Dancehall. Latino Riddim
Views: 26967 Bandulu Jamaica
Cecile | Changes
Chiney Gal Riddim
Views: 44869 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | Addi Truth | Pack of Cigarette
She sey mi badda than a pack of cigarette dancehall music by Jamaica Monarchy
Views: 18423 Bandulu Jamaica
Lady Saw - Hice It UP
90s Dancehall . Cloak and Dagger Riddim '97
Views: 18187 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | Wine Pon You
Views: 13074 Bandulu Jamaica
Elephant Man & Cecile | Bad Gal Bad Man
Dancehall 2000. Double Jeopardy Riddim.
Views: 15522 Bandulu Jamaica
Elephant Man | New Application
Chiney Gal Riddim
Views: 7633 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel - Compass
Vybz Kartel Compass Produced by Russian.. Keep you safer than 10 padlock
Views: 3026 Bandulu Jamaica
Charly Blacks (Charley Blacks) ft J.Capri - Wine & Kotch / Wine & Koch (Raw Uncensored Version)
Charly Blacks jcapri - whine & kotch produced by Russian
Views: 324205 Bandulu Jamaica
Beenie Man Oysters & Conch
90s Dancehall.. Cloak & Dagger Riddim '97
Views: 10162 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel - Oh Deh Gal
When di night get cold, come ova ya so come dash out yu hole
Views: 4101 Bandulu Jamaica
Bounty Killer | Stucky
90s Dancehall. Stucky Riddim
Views: 5435 Bandulu Jamaica
Views: 3929 Bandulu Jamaica
Beenie Man | Ring Pon Finger
90s Dancehall. Latino Riddim
Views: 11924 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | Downtown
Dung a town Kingston
Views: 2749 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | Foot Pon Shoulder
Views: 3011 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | Bet Mi Money | ATL Strippers
Hold me like you never see me again
Views: 2600 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel - Come Breed Me  | RAW
Produced ByDi Genius
Views: 5419 Bandulu Jamaica
J Capri - Reverse It
Produced by Rvssian
Views: 72354 Bandulu Jamaica
Cham & O | Wine Pon Di Buddy
dancehall from @JaMonarchy
Views: 7845 Bandulu Jamaica
Ghost | Boo
90s dancehall . Copycat Riddim
Views: 2680 Bandulu Jamaica
Sizzla | Give it to dem
Chiney Gal Riddim
Views: 1895 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel Wine Mi Gal (Camfa Ball)
Views: 2585 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | UFO Medz
smoke if u smoking, drink if u drinking, but baby remember,,,,,,you coming home with me tonight
Views: 4396 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | Wine Fi Mi
dont take away yu love like how dem take away mi visa... produced by notnice
Views: 1951 Bandulu Jamaica
Beenie Man  | Silent Violence
90s Dancehall. Joyride Riddim
Views: 4013 Bandulu Jamaica
Wayne Wonder |  Bashment Girl
90s Dancehall. Joyride Riddim
Views: 3955 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel - Speed o Meter Bun Up
Gaza Continues...
Views: 482 Bandulu Jamaica
Elephant Man | Passa Passa
Dancehall 2000. Double Jeopardy Riddim.
Views: 7875 Bandulu Jamaica
Jamaica Hardcore Dancehall Mix 2013 features vybz kartel / aidonia / konshens / rdx
features tracks like : lady saw - heels on, vybz kartel - freaky gal pt3, movado - mr tek weh yu gal, vybz kartel - ever bless pum pum, movado - agony ,movado - caribbean girls, angel & gwhizz - cant fuck you like me, konshens & darrio - sidung pon buddy, tyfa - hold on, vybz kartel & gaza slim - fuck it and cum, cherine anderson - affi come back,popcaan - coolie gal,aidonia - morning ride,aidonia - fi di cocky,vybz kartel - weed smokers, vybz kartel & gaza slim - caan do without me,aidonia - jook so, konshens - see on your face, popcaan - food affi run, movado - caan happen, vybz kartel - get yu own lighter, rdx - kotch,rdx - jump, aidonia - tip pon yu toe, aidonia - tan tuddy, aidonia - yu pussy a di best Download Link : http://www.mixtapepage.com/downloads.php?id=29364
Views: 464804 Bandulu Jamaica
Tanya Stephens | Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis
90s Dancehall. Joyride Riddim
Views: 1223 Bandulu Jamaica
Baby Cham & Mr Easy  | Funny Man
90s Dancehall. Joyride Riddim
Views: 3312 Bandulu Jamaica
Red Rat | Charlene
90s dancehall . Copycat Riddim
Views: 3454 Bandulu Jamaica
General Degree Limited Edition
90s dancehall . Copycat Riddim
Views: 2886 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | Kill or Die
Any blood run must dry, bumbohole kill or die!
Views: 525 Bandulu Jamaica
Dancehall Party Girls - 001
Sexy jamaican girls partying, dancing and twerking the way only jamaican girls can.
Views: 8392 Bandulu Jamaica
Bushman Aint no Sunshine
90s dancehall . Copycat Riddim
Views: 2286 Bandulu Jamaica
Lexxus Ring off Mi Cellie
90s Dancehall. Dirty Money Riddim
Views: 3283 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | Right Wine
Views: 346 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | Freaky Gal PT 2 | RAW
Views: 4514 Bandulu Jamaica
Alkaline | Champion Bwoy | Dash Out Video
Stripper Twerking, Champion Boy Playing. No Copyright Infringement intended.
Views: 7488 Bandulu Jamaica
Vybz Kartel | Nuff Gal
Ayo Linstead..aka Hell In Stead. Dancehall music sponsored by @JAMonarchy
Views: 825 Bandulu Jamaica
J Capri | Boom & Bend Over
Produced by Rvssian
Views: 915 Bandulu Jamaica

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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

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