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Caster Racing  f8 PRO Truggy
Wanted a brushless truggy I could affrod, did some research and I came up with this. Nice product cant wait to get it outside. Caster f8 fusion 1/8 Truggy. Going to do few upgrades and it running and bring you back some more cool videos...
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Hp G62 CPU upgrade to quad core Phenom 2 x4
I have a clean Hp G62 Athlon2 dual core laptop that I didnt know what to do with,so!! I upgraded it to a Quad core x4 Phenom 2 CPU. This upgrade was fun and performance has completely changed and this processor also runs 12 degrees cooler!!! Thanks for watching!!!
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HP ProBook  4530s Hackintosh Full 1080p Quick Video
Messing around with Screen FLow and wanted to upload a quick video on my probook Hackintosh. Check out MacMans channel on everything Hackintosh below!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxTfW1vQNaelNRjldvRKwMA
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Achieva Korean Monitor???
Finally was able to get this video up and the monitor is actually very good! No dead pixels a little backlight bleed but nothing to get upset over. I'll have more videos coming with this monitor. This is a refurbished panel and it only cost $169. I will leave the link for it below if anyone is interested. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-Refurbished-ACHIEVA-SHIMIAN-QH270-27-LED-2560x1440-QHD-S-IPS-PC-Monitor-/141482855003?hash=item20f1090a5b
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Anet A3 3d printer Follow up
2nd quick video following up on the Anet a3 3d printer Been awesome using and printing with it , great entry level printer that'll get the job done .I highly recommend this printer if your considering it.
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Logitech G430 unboxing
Due to these going on sale and friends buying them I thought I'd grab a pair. sorry about the audio/video quality as I'm still getting all of this together. Shout out to my buddy Osirez on the intro his link will be in the description along with other links. Stay tuned for more content. Make sure you update the firmware on these headphones as soon as you get them via lOGITECH'S WEBSITE Thanks!!! Osirez channel- https://www.youtube.com/user/Mickmo79 Keep up with me on twitter and IG https://twitter.com/techyrodd http://www.pictame.com/user/techyrod/368936095
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xspc install up and running
decided to.get rid.of.the h60 and try a.xspc kit. this.is the.rx240 and just doing a video showing it running ill do fee more.when finished amd comment on what i think about.it
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HP 15 APU swap E2100 with A10-5745 Part1
Project Frankenstein HP In this video I take a $60 Base model 15inch HP laptop and swap out the dead e2100 logicboard for an much more powerful A10-5745 R6 grpahics. Links below for parts and specs. Part2 I will be adding 1920x1080 display and part 3 will be backlit keyboard A10-5745 Motherboard -http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-Touchsmart-15-N-Laptop-Motherboard-w-AMD-A10-5745M-2-1Ghz-CPU-738124-501-/151586152956?hash=item234b3d21fc:g:wDoAAOSwv-NWVL-W
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Dji Phantom 1 unboxing
Opening up my DJi Phantom which shipped very fast!!!
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Hackintosh setup before the g5 Case mod pt1
Quick video on my Hackintosh setup before I add the powermac G5 case. Fractal R4 design Blackout edition case I'm using currently great case but looking for a more official look so to speak! Thanks for watching and stay tuned
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GTX960  FTW  BF4 Ultra settings!!!
Didn't wanna Use fraps or dxtory for this video as it would have resulted in some fram loss, so I used my camera and the games plays flawless! the 960 is def a great card and can hold its own. Thanks for watching!!! Card slightly overclocked and Boost @over 1500mhz!!!!
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Scarlett Solo interface Unbox setup
Quick video on the Focusrite
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Caster Pro Truggy Test runs *stock*
Batteries came in and thought id do some runs nothing special. in yard and up and down street. Thanks to Faastmax for info and help my ?'ssub and like if YOU like thanks....
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Cinebowl with wifey and the fam
First video with new camera the samsung smart camera came out not so bad, wasnt't feeling my best this day but felt bad not going.Anyway was fun food was great!!! thanks for watching check me out on my twitch and FB/ twitter links below!!! Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/pages/TechyRods-Wire/268791669804508?ref=hl Twitter-https://twitter.com/TechyRodsWire twitchtv-http://www.twitch.tv/techyrod
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Final complete Hackintosh G5 Liquid cooled
Quick video on the Hackintosh g5 build I've been working on last week or so. Originally it was air cooled with the wonderful and one of my fav cooler Noctua-d14, in order for me to make it fit in my case I needed to shave down the heat pipes which i didnt think was a bad idea but I was wrong. So went into garage stsh and found some cooler parts laying around. So done for now with this project Hope you enjoy the video thanks!!!
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Sniper Ghost warrior2 PC-Gameplay
Sniper Ghost warrior2 one of the titles in my library. Great game so far had to restart it after I lost all my progress in the game! Thanks for watching!!!! Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/pages/TechyRods-Wire/268791669804508?ref=hl Gametags: XBL-Dotrod82 Steam-Techyrod Origin-Techyrod
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Anet a3 3d printer  with Bowden upgrade
Went ahead and converted my Anet a3 over to Bowden setup. Using a $8 E3dv6 clone and extruder kit purchased from eBay. Works very well, still dialing it in but very happy with results
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Dell T3400 upgrades
Found this desktop in garbage and brought it back to life! This is the first video and I'll have a couple more . Upgraded new motherboard, gtx 580& temporary power supply,
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X99 Cooler Upgrade: Liqtech 240
Was able to get my hands on another LIQTECH240 cooler I had one on a prior i7 system and worked great. Install is always easy and fast and temps are as they should be on this i7. Any questions or comments leave them below. Thanks!!
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Anet A3 3d Printer
Quick video on the latest printer I have purchased, not to many videos on it and thought I'd start making some for the ppl who may be interested in this printer. Purchased from Gearbest on sale and so far its a nice descent little printer. Links will be posted below Anet A3 Printer-http://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers-3d-printer-kits/pp_459985.html Shout out to all creators on thingivers for all the hard work they put in!! Anet A3 Wire Relief Bracket-https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2307240 Instagram-https://preprod.instagram.com/techyrod/ twitter-https://twitter.com/TechyRodd
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X99 Hackintosh using OBS for Mac
Was finally able to get back on Mac OSX on my X99 current system! and its been great. Running 10.10.3 Everything works and I'll have more videos coming. Specs below of my computer Motherboard- Gigabyte X99GA-UD3 Corsair 16gb 2666 DDR4 Evga Gtx 960 2gb Corsair TX650 watt Psu Fractal R5 A link for Mac man's Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxTfW1vQNaelNRjldvRKwMA
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Dell E1705 MotherBoard Replacement
Friend gave me this Dell thinking it was gpu related issue turns out the motherboard was the problem. I gladly took it for free and found cheap but gently used board on EBAY of course and that was all she wrote! was fun project and hopefully you enjoyed video! STAY TUNED!!!
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New Lawnmower Troybilt TB240
Something different Living in Florida a good lawn mower is def a necessity so was glad to bring this one home. Its been great and making small work of my big yard
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Anet a3 Bowden E3dv6 Clone Project
Still messing around with diff things and layer fans etc Had to tighten the belt on the carriage which is not fun, but still working pretty good. Anet a8 will be here sometime next week and I'll have videos on that coming with the assembly process. Follow me on on links below to keep up with me daily Twitter [email protected] Instagram - @techyrod Thanks guys for your support!!!
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Went ahead and jumped to the 1070 hoping to take advantage of some of the new features with the card. I'm upgrading from a 980 so we will see how this goes. Thanks for watching and stay tuned... Keep up with me on Twitter @techyrodswire
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Hackintosh g5 case modding
So I finally had time and the right tools to complete my g5 case mod in this video I'm basically just cutting and figuring things out. Took place in my garage this morning. I am no professional obviously but not bad work. thanks for watching.
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Ac drain line clogged
Me doing some cleaning before I get lazy
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2013 desk setup before I add.the Mac pro
My setup.as.of.now.before the weekend,ill be selling my amd gaming system and bringing the Mac pro to the desk.. And switching things around
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Antec Kuhler H20 650 Cpu Cooler
Recently built a budget system and was determined not to go with another corsair cooler at this point!! Found this at the price Range I was looking for. I know reviews haven't been the best for this cooler but I wanted to see for myself,so we will see how it works out. I will do a video once its up and running.
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It has arrived!!!!
Went with the Phanteks Ethoo Pro case to compliment all the other stuff that will be inside the case! And its BEAUTIFUL!!!
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New Fractal R4 case
This is a new build actually, the last RIG I ended up giving to my sister as a gift lol Tried to trim this video down from about 45min to about 12min. I basically show you my new case Fractal R4 *Blackout Edition* and compare it to my NZXT 810 . Wanted something smaller but still nice looking. this case is SWEET!!! My camera I used is SAMSUNG "smart camera" WB250f-http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2416572,00.asp Thanks for watching!!!! Specs AMD fx8350 gigabyte 990fx-ud3 Motherboard Evga gtx 780 FTW 12gig kingston 1333 650watt thermaltake PSU Noctua CPU cooler Fractal R4 Blacout Edition case 120gig crucial m500 ssd samsun 2tb HDD
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Up Up and Away!!
My buddy finished his quadcopter and things went downhill fast!! These things are amzing in person and Cant wait to build my own. Thanks for watching!!
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LG IPS23 inch monitor and some BF3
Quick brief video needed a 2nd monitor and ran into this AWESOME 23inch ips LG monitor which is now my main monitor and I get into some BF3 campaign mode and I talk about the monitor briefly! I highly reccomend this monitor!!!
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XFX RX 480 8GB unboxing
Quick unboxing of the XFX RX 480 great card and can highly recommend it for someone looking for a great card without breaking the bank. Follow me on twitter @techyrodswire
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Haswell Build coming up!!
Recently got this Gigabyte z87-Ocforce board yesterday and I will be building around it. here's a quick video of the board and some plans I have for it. i7 4770k, stlill debating on the cooler and Case. I'll be updating whenever I get the parts in and going from there. Thanks for watching! please Subscribe and like!!
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Me rambling on about nothing! thanks for tuning in..... Twitter @Techyrodswire
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Forza Apex Beta "PC" on GTX 960 4gb
Finally Forza has been released in it's BETA stage for PC and I plan on putting alot of time into this game. this is my first recording. Stay tuned for much more tire peeling action. A full simple Race @ about 11min
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Gtx 960 2gb Project Cars
Me playing some Project Cars Multi Player and the card is no slouch! around the $200 price range it can handle things. I had steam FPS counter in background and was impessed by the card once again. Min Fps 74 Max Fps 85 Frames went over 100Fps once recording stopped, if your in the market I'd def suggest checking out R9 280 also!! Thanks for watching!!!! Check me out on Twitter and stay up to date!!!!
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Watching streams of Gtav pc and my girls makes me promise I won't build another pc . To funny!
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Openbox: Liqtech 240
Quick video of what you'll get with the Liqtech240 if you are interested in an AIO something other then the corsair stuff like myself. great cooler and at a good price.
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Monday Checkin!!!
WADDUP! its MONDAY!!!!!! EEeerrrrrbody have a great day and Ill be back tomorrow with my case and install,lets hope I don't break anything!!!
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Desksetup 4/28/14
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Random Vlog and couch Crashing!!!!!
Me and the fam hanging out and of course PJ makes her appearance
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haf 932 xspc build
got computer back up and running. xspc kit.installed functioning properly and changed video card before 2/gtx 550ti sli and now radeon 6950 much better i feel..let me know what ya think
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My 1yr old pitbull "pj""
Haha pj with her ball she managed to get the ball inside the ball ..shes good. Best breed of dog you can have!!!! Ill post more longer videos soon.
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OBS-studio Using Mac
Built a wonderful Hackintosh with help from friends and have since been trying to get back on track with programs and how to's. I used OBS in windows and was sad to see nothing for MAC until I was steered in right direction from a friend about OBS-STUDIO. Works amazing only issue I have had is with webcam working on&off but its still in beta and I'm sure we will see future updates to come. Check out these links below for GREAT MAC/HACKINTOSH & LINUX anything's and how to's!! great channels!! and without them I'd be sorta lost lol Also link below for OBS studio OBS-studio Beta-https://github.com/jp9000/obs-studio/releases OsirezTech - https://www.youtube.com/user/Mickmo79 JBamfordh-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxTfW1vQNaelNRjldvRKwMA
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Mac Pro team fortress2
Just a quick video and some tf2,rainy morning
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DIY Monitor & Computer Stand
Just a fun cheap project I did came out great!!! Parts bought at lows and total cost $15
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Mac pro 2008 with GTX660ti 2gb Superclocked
Quick video on Mac pro 3,1 2008 model. EVGA 660ti 2gb installed,brief descriptions on specs and about the mac itself and future plans.
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Didn't realize I was recording while I had to re do the training exercise, thought I might as well upload it. Maybe someone may want this game.
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Pubg Forums Xbox Can Be Fun for Everyone

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