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Pastime With Good Company "The Tudors"
This version of Pastime With Good Company is sung by Tom Hines, from the album "Songs from Shakespeare's Plays, and Songs of His Time." I like it because it sounds the way it might have sounded when Henry VIII himself sang it. (Which I assume he did, as he wrote it, and he was a singer.) This video depicts clips from the first three seasons and, shows, with the help of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, my perspective of Henry VIII's character. Disagree? Comment away!
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If You Seek MArY  Mary Tudor/ Katherine Howard
AU, Mary Tudor/Katherine Howard. Their desires forbidden, Mary and Katherine mask their mutual unrequited love with hostility -- and they flirt with Anne of Cleves and Duke Philip to make each other jealous. Song: Britney Spears. Clips: The Tudors, Showtime. No copyright infringement intended, I own none of it and make no money from it. Created on September 1, 2010 using FlipShare.
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Teeth The Tudors
I converted this to cartoon mode! :D Song, Teeth by Lady Gaga. Clips: Mostly from The Tudors, Showtime. A few clips from Henry VIII by Granada. Theme: She asks him to take a bite of her. He does, but not in the way she anticipated. Moral: Be careful what you wish for.
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b AU S4 Torchwood Owen & Gwen Reunion: Retconned?
Owen tries to remind Gwen of their Season 1 affair, with no success. He suspects funny business. Luckily, Gwen found his favorite alien gizmo. Click here for the third installment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teLq8MinJd4
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The Tudors Like it Rough
A montage of the sadistic and masochistic Tudors and their compadres to the tune "I Like it Rough" by Lady Gaga. Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Princess Mary, Katherine of Aragon, Jane Seymour, Katherine Howard, Archbishop Cranmer, Archbishop Cranmer's wife and her box, Ambassador Chapuys, Madge Shelton, Mary Boleyn. Clips from Showtime's The Tudors. 2 brief clips from Granada Productions' "Henry VIII." I own none of it, make no money from it, and intend no copyright infringement.
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Intellectual Blonde Mermaid
An average dude is stumped by a scary-smart hottie.
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Mary's Revenge  (She's on Fire, Aerosmith)
A study of Princess Mary and Archbishop Cranmer, whose lives are forever intertwined. For those who do not know the backstory, Cranmer not only ended Mary's mother's marriage and thus took away her status as Queen and made Mary a bastard, he conspired to put Lady Jane Grey on the throne instead of Mary after Edward VI died. After Mary became Queen, Cranmer was arrested. He recanted his "heresy" to avoid the heretics' punishment of being burned. Mary went against the policy of the Roman Catholic church and refused to accept his recantation. Song, She's on Fire by Aerosmith. Clips from The Tudors (Showtime), BBC David Starkey special on Cranmer, and The Usual Suspects. Live action version of my slide show vid.
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Anne Boleyn's Trial Speech
Anne Boleyn gives a speech at trial after she is convicted. The jurors listen with varying degrees of attention and respect. Sources: Eric Ives and Alison Weir.
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Thomas Boleyn: The Fame!
Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire is having a good day.
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Foot massage part one
A seafaring fellow seeks a low budget foot massage. View part two here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if8OnCzN2fQ
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Anne Boleyn Jokes and Grieves in the Tower
Anne makes a pallet-ballad pun then laments her brother's fate. Sources: The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weir and The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn by Eric Ives.
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The Hour Parody (Freddie &  Kish)
Slightly spoilery bit of youtube poop. Freddie and Mr. Kish have their "showdown" and I have Jack Harkness of Torchwood chime in with a little "commentary."
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"Monster" The Tudors by Himaryous
Created on March 1, 2010 using FlipShare. Moral: Marry the bad boy and bad things happen. Clips from The Tudors, chiefly Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Song, Monster, by Lady Gaga, from the album The Fame Monster.
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Stereotypical Girl Fight
Two girls begin a sword fight girly-style. I oughtta be ashamed!
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Anne Boleyn Spills the Beans on Norris
In the Tower apartment, Mrs. Coffin asks Anne Boleyn about Sir Henry Norris, and Anne repeats a scandalous conversation. - created at http://goanimate.com/. Sources include The Lady in the Tower, c. 2010 by Alison Weir Ballantine Books; and The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn c. 2004 E.W. Ives, Blackwell Publishing
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Anne Boleyn and Archbishop Cranmer in the Tower
The Spanish Chronicle reported that this conversation occurred between Anne Boleyn, her former friend Archbishop Cranmer, and her uncle, the ruthless Duke of Norfolk. The Spanish Chronicle was not always accurate, apparently, so take with grain of salt. Sources: Alison Weir's The Lady in the Tower and Eric Ives' The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn
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Foot Massage Zombie
A foot massage can be pure bliss...
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Jack and Angelica en Espanol...bueno, "Spanglish"
Trato hacer animation en espanol.
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E.T.  Extraterrestrial Torchwood Love
S1-S3. The sexy, dangerous relationships between the Torchwood staff and the aliens and time travelers they encounter. And sometimes, the Torchwood peeps themselves are the "risky" lovers. Pairings, with the alien or risky lover listed first: Mary/Tosh, Dead Owen/Tosh, Owen/Bar Girl, Pink Gas Alien/Gwen, Suzie/Gwen, Diane/Owen, John/Jack, John/Gwen, Lisa/Ianto, Adam/Tosh, Pink Gas Alien/Jack, Mary/Soldier, Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen. Of course, who is dangerous to be around and who isn't is subjective opinion, in this case, mine. ;)
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e AU S4 Torchwood:  Blonde Ghost of Tosh
Tosh (inhabiting a blonde animated character with glasses like hers due to a lack of Asian animated ladies), pays a ghostly visit to Owen to gaze into his adorable hazel eyes and warn him of his impending third death. Which, if he does not change the future, promises to be more gross than the first two. Click here for the next installment, in which one of Tosh's exes pops up. Maybe. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfrp-N55RC4
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a AU S4 Torchwood: Owen Returns. Again.
AU Season 4. A re-resurrected Owen returns to Torchwood only to encounter the same bollocks he had to deal with in Season 2. But with a perfect Oxford English accent, a bow tie and sinister eyebrows, there is reason to believe he's Dark!Owen and tests MUST be done. Right? Right? Click here for the next installment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1j1YWrE3zY
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o AU S4 Torchwood: Tosh Outwits Death
In a race against time to save Owen from the Uranus-sized meteor, the Blonde Ghost of Tosh stoops to deception and outwits the God of the Dead. You go, girl!
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Mary Tudor and Archbishop Cranmer's lives fatefully and tragically intersected although we did will not see that on The Tudors, as the series will stop with Henry VIII's death. This video is meant to recognize this connection, making ironic use of Aerosmith's 1984 song, She's on Fire. Keep listening past the end of the video for one of the most beautiful guitar solos in rock. I view the stories of both Mary and Cranmer to be tragic, and this is vid is not meant to "take sides."
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m AU S4 Torchwood:  Tosh Meets Future Owen (Owen/Tosh)
Reluctant to turn himself into a gas, Owen takes Einstein's advice and travels back in time to the Meat episode to offer his heart and body to Series 2 Tosh. But Tosh is having a bit of trouble believing this bow-tied rogue is really Owen.
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Anne Boleyn Talks of Sir Francis Weston in the Tower
Anne Boleyn explains to her lady in waiting in the Tower, Mrs. Coffin, why she fears what Sir Francis Weston might tell his interrogators. Sources: The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn by Eric Ives and The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weird.
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Anne Boleyn  May 19 Tribute (The Tudors, "Telephone" by Lady Gaga)
Slide show with stills from The Tudors (in varying degrees of quality) depicting Queen Anne and some of her friends and enemies during her life and through her execution, culminating with the ascent of her daughter Elizabeth. I chose Lady Gaga's song, Telephone because when I hear it I imagine Anne in Heaven no longer having to bother with Henry VIII and his demands. Stills from Showtime's The Tudors. "I got my head and my heart on the dance floor."
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j AU Torchwood S4: It's a Gas (Owen/Tosh)
BGO Tosh has a creative suggestion for becoming intimate with Owen, and tries again to warn Owen of the cataclysm. Will she succeed?
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Bass Down Low / Torchwood / Owen-Tosh
WARNING: LANGUAGE. Clips from the first two seasons of Torchwood (the only ones I care about). A writer said Owen/Tosh were joined, not parted, in death and so I did this video to depict them as fated to be dogged by death and violence and kept apart until they found their demise at the same time. No sentimentality here! I picked the song because it matches Owen's first season brattiness and hedonism and the music has a sinister quality. I am making no money from this and take no credit for the images or music.
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Jack and the Bad-Girl Mermaid
Jack is restless for adventure, but the mermaid's ideas of fun are twisted even by his standards.
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Canibus Flamenco
Excerpt of Canibus' Poet Laureate Infinity Layer 5; I sped it up to 1.25 and backed it with a fast-tempo, traditional Spanish Flamenco.
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Tudors and Pirates, Queens and Captains
Epic multi-fandom tale. The King has died, leaving behind his Queen; his infant son, the new King; his scheming sister, Mary; his anxious brother, Henry; and his loyal brother Cranmer, regent for the baby King. Mary abducts and attempts to murder the Queen Elizabeth (depicted briefly by Natalie Dormer and later, by Keira Knightley), but she escapes and takes up with pirates, led by Captain Jack. Cranmer unleashes the Kracken on the pirates, believing they kidnapped the Queen, but he learns the truth. Believing the infant King to be in danger, he brings the baby to the Queen, and returns to the kingdom. Mary declares herself Queen monarch, so Cranmer and Henry and their wives escape on horseback, perhaps to become pirates themselves. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jack fall in love and have a fight. Do they make up? Clips: Disney's PoTC Dead Man's Chest. Showtime's The Tudors. 2009 Dr. Zhivago. Song: Serenata Immortale by Immediate.
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c AU S4 Torchwood: Owen Meets Esther Summerson
Alt-Universe S4 Torchwood. Owen has returned from the dead a second time and is working for Torchwood. He thinks a recent recruit, Esther Summerson of Bleak House, is kind of cute. Esther thinks Owen looks familiar. Click here for the next installment, also featuring Esther. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SE6K6Mgu24
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If Closet Land Were a French Art Film
A faux trailer for Closet Land with my super special fake-French voiceover in this send up of pretentious French films about bad relationships. Music is a royalty free piece by Kai Engel. Translation for the extremely curious: Title: The Man (Not of the Times) It's a beautiful day. The suitor. Love. Where is the pen? My "Chette Manite." (Chette is a name. Manite is a made up word.) The friends of my friends are my friends. But too late, too late. Blue ribbon. The blue ribbon. For you, my heart, my love, my cat. But what is that? But him. It's the pens. (In very bad grammar) Gift. The cat, now. But with him, not the bottlecaps. BUT WITH HIM, NOT THE BOTTLECAPS!
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Captain Obama and the Mermaid
Captain Obama wants something from a compass-challenged mermaid.
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Obama Vs. The Alien
An alien from outer space has ulterior motives for teaching jr. high kids on planet Earth, but Barack Obama is too smart for her! So there!
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g AU S4 Torchwood: Death and the Blonde Ghost of Tosh
"Death" summons BGO Tosh to utter a warning about her attempt to help re-resurrected Owen. A philosophical discussion and some immature name-calling ensue.
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Foot massage, part three. cc fixed.
Our hero faces a daunting third phase to his treatment. View part four here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ASJGUaX9QQ
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n AU S4 Torchwood: The Most Disgusting Death Ever? (Tosh/Owen)
Distracted by tales of nasal boogers, the Blonde Ghost of Tosh is at last able to focus her ghostly mind and explain the horrifying details of Owen's possible third death. But will her ghostly power hold out long enough for her to advise him on how to es
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Closet Land - Magdalena
Music: Magdalena by A Perfect Circle. The Interrogator's state of mind at night's end.
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l AU S4 Torchwood:  Owen Encounters Jesus at Torchwood
Owen freaks to see Jesus of Nazareth visiting Torchwood but not too freaked to talk to him about sin, Tosh and cataclysms.
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Tudor Kombat!
These Tudor characters always had to be ready for Henry VIII's version of mortal combat. Tongue in cheek series of rippling, spinning, flipping images of Anne Boleyn, the Lady Mary, Henry VIII and many others in power shots. Set to one of several versions of the Mortal Kombat theme.
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PoTC 1-4: Captain Sparrow's Love Life in 60 seconds.
This little animation has all you really need to know about Jack and Elizabeth in Pirates of the Caribbean 2-3, Jack and Angelica in PoTC 4; and in PoTC 1, Jack and Elizabeth, Jack and Anamaria, and whoever else you can think of!
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Anne Boleyn's Disastrous Conversation with Norris
A reenactment of Anne's reported conversation with Sir Henry Norris, and the events that followed.
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Anne Boleyn and Mark Smeaton
Anne Boleyn's confrontation with Mark Smeaton enacted as Mr. Kingston said she relayed it in the Tower. I tweaked the dialogue a little to help it flow better. Sources: Alison Weird, The Lady in the Tower and Eric Ives, The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn.
Views: 837 Himaryous
q AU S4 Torchwood: Owen, Jack and Meteors
The Uranus sized Meteor hurtles toward earth during Owen's presentation about the Meteor! Did Rhiannon's alien rubber injection work? Will Owen explode?! Will Jack's suit survive?! I can't look! I can't!
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Foot massage part four - cc fixed
A ten per cent tip won't cut it. Go back to part one here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtmNNMAmeW4
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k AU S4 Torchwood:  Zombie Ianto 's Wise Advice
Re-Resurrected Owen consults with tight bud Zombie Ianto about his efforts to score with the Blonde Ghost of Tosh, and wonders about the mysterious gent with the beard. Closed captioning available.
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Pirates "Sing" Drunken Sailor!  Stranger Tides, DMC and AWE
Lotsa pirates lip synch to Drunken Sailor, Pete Seeger's awesome version! Clips mostly from PoTC Dead Man's Chest and On Stranger Tides with a couple from At World's End. All credit to Disney, Seeger and that long ago dude who wrote sailor lyrics to a traditional Irish tune.
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Sarah Palin's Super True Story of Paul Revere
Sarah Palin's version of the Paul Revere story is so very, very true. Here's how it REALLY happened, what with Revere warning the British on his ride, with disastrous results!!!!!!
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r AUS4 Torchwood: Owen/Blonde Ghost of Tosh Triumph! But...
Owen and the BGO Tosh savor their victory and look ahead to Owen's next challenge. Which Owen had to go and make more challenging. He's incorrigible!
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