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Video recreating the floral lace appliqué as seen on the 1950s Norman Hartnell early evening gown, worn by HM The Queen. See this dress in 'Fashion Rules' at Kensington Palace from 4 July 2013.
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Video recreating the bead and sequin rose motif as seen on the 1977 Marc Bohan for Christian Dior 'slim-look' dress, as worn by Princess Margaret. See this dress in 'Fashion Rules', at Kensington Palace from 4 July 2013
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Making Queen Anne's Bed
Commissioned by Queen Anne but finished after she died, this magnificent state bed has never been slept in. Made up of 57 parts, including yellow and crimson figured velvet curtains and mattresses made from the finest silk, Queen Anne's bed is one of the finest examples of an 18th Century bed. Now on display at Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber, Hampton Court Palace, 27 March -- 3 November 2013 - following years of skilled conservation by Historic Royal Palaces' conservation department.
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Royal baby clothes
A glimpse of some historic baby clothes of royal babies past - kept as momentoes by the royal families and now some of the treasures from the Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection, looked after by us at Hictoric Royal Palaces.
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Video recreating the satin stitch stars as seen on the 1985 Jacques Azgury dance dress, worn by Diana, Princess of Wales. See the dress in 'Fashion Rules' at Kensington Palace from 4 July 2013
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Georgian cook-along: Mutton smoured in a frying panne
This is a light, fresh dish with an almost Mediterranean flavour. Today mutton isn't as common as lamb -- but it was far more popular in the past. Lemons would have been imported from the Mediterranean, but there was an entire farm growing food here at Kew -- and a range of local suppliers (including an man called Savage Bear -- "Purveyor of Roots and Herbs") This one of the dishes served to King George III on 6 February 1789, the day he was well enough to eat with a knife and fork once again after one of his well known periods of illness. For more Goergian cook-along guides and to find out how to visit these unique surviving kitchens for yourself, visit www.georgiancookery.com
Royal baby names: a history
While the world eagerly awaits the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first baby, our joint chief curator Tracy Borman and curator Deirdre Murphy give an historical perspective on the choice of royal baby names. Filmed at Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace.
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Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber
Beds - but not as you know them! New exhibition: Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber, Hampton Court Palace, 27 March -- 3 November 2013. Unlock the bizarre world of the royal bedchamber where secrets, scandal, and some of the most magnificent Baroque beds await you. Find out more: www.hrp.org.uk/secrets
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Royal babies and births
Find out some of the most fascinating stories from the history of royal babies and births: Queen Victoria's birth and unhappy childhood at Kensington Palace; the change from desperately seeking a male heir to preferring a royal baby girl; and why a member of the government used to have to observe a royal birth. Featuring our joint chief curator Dr Tracy Borman and filmed at Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace.
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The Princes in the Tower (Manga animation)
The infamous story of the Princes in the Tower as you've never seen it before! This animation, featuring in the Bloody Tower at the Tower of London, tells of the sons of King Edward IV, 12-year-old Edward V and his younger brother Richard. sent to the Tower by their uncle, the Duke of Gloucester. By July 1483 they were declared illegitimate and the Duke was crowned King Richard III. The Princes were never seen again. Credits: Commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces Storyboarding & 2D animation by Kate Brown: http://www.danse-macabre.nu/ 2D, 3D animation & compositing by Paul Duffield: http://paulduffield.co.uk/ Sound Design by Ewan Parry: http://www.liquidcow.co.uk/
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62 Gun Salute to mark the birth of HRH The Prince of Cambridge
The historic 62 Gun Salute at the Tower of London on 23 July 2013 - to mark the birth of HRH The Prince of Cambridge. The guns were fired by the Honourable Artillery Company and the salute took place on Tower Wharf in front of a huge crowd of spectators.
Charles II - Behind the Bed Rail.
In this video, get a special glimpse into Historic Royal Palaces' work to restore a carved and gilded bedrail belonging to King Charles II. Untouched in 300 years and never seen by the public before, our conservators explain how we stabilise such a delicate and beautiful object, whilst Curator, Sebastian Edwards explains the significance of this unusual bed feature that was part of being a king back in the 17th century. Come and see this bed rail in our new exhibition 'Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber', 27 March -- 3 November 2013, at Hampton Court Palace.
The Ghosts of the Tower of London - Tower Green
It has been claimed that the ghosts of Anne Boleyn, Margaret Pole and The Two Boy Princes have all been seen on Tower Green at the Tower of London. #TowerGhosts
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The King's head on a Liberty Dollar: financial crisis 1797
Why did the 1797 financial crisis mean King George III's was stamped on American coins - just a few years after he'd lost the colonies? Here curator Dr Megan Gooch explains one of the fascinating stories from new exhibition Coins and Kings: The Royal Mint at the Tower, at the Tower of London from 24 May 2013. Find out more at: www.hrp.org.uk/Coins. New FREE game app Mint Master available from Apple, Android and Amazon app stores.
Line of Kings: the world's longest-running visitor attraction
Welcome to the Line of Kings: the longest-running visitor attraction in the world. The Tower of London has been home to the Line of Kings, a collection of armour and carved wooden horses, for over 350 years. 2013's re-presentation of the display is the latest in a long line. See the Line of Kings at the Tower of London from 10 July 2013.
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Richard III - villain or victim?
Was Richard III the ultimate bad-boy of British history, or a victim of Tudor propaganda? Join Beefeater Bob Brown and curator Sally Dixon-Smith at the Tower of London - and then join in the debate at @HRP_Palaces or on the Historic Royal Palaces Facebook page.
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The Ghosts of the Tower of London - Ghost Bear
In January 1815 the ghost of bear was seen outside the Martin Tower at the Tower of London. #TowerGhosts
Grayson Perry on conserving the past
What makes a work of art important enough to preserve for future generations? To mark the 100th anniversary of conservation at Historic Royal Palaces, Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry shares his opinions on tapestries as class commentary and the 'weirdly mystical science' of preserving the past. Filmed on location in the textile conservation studios at Hampton Court Palace.
Hampton Court Palace CCTV ghost "Skeletor"
On three consecutive days in winter 2003, Hampton Court Palace security staff were called to close one particular fire door near the palace's Clock Court (now in the Baroque Story exhibition). On the first day, CCTV footage showed the doors flying wide open with great force but there was nothing to reveal why. On the second day, the same thing happened but this time a ghostly-looking figure in period dress suddenly appeared on the screen and closed the doors. The doors opened again on the third day but there was no further sign of the ghostly doorkeeper. It wasn't just security staff who thought they were seeing things. A visitor wrote in the palace's visitor book on the second day that she too thought she had seen a ghost in that area. This CCTV footage of the figure caught the attention of the world's media, with reports in newspapers and on TV and radio as far a field as India, Australia and Peru. This is where the nickname "Skeletor" came from. Find out more: http://bit.ly/CCTVghost
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Fashion Rules on Paper
Create your own fashion illustrations inspired by the glamorous display of Royal couture on display in the Fashion Rules exhibition at Kensington Palace. Exclusive iPad illustartion app available on-site when you visit. The first ever bespoke version of the award-winning app Paper, developed in collaboration between Historic Royal Palaces and FiftyThree.

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