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Chuck Close photogravure print making process at Two Palms studio, NY
Demonstration by master printmakers David Lasry and Craig Zammiello of the photogravure process used by Chuck Close 'Obama'. Filmed at Two Palms studio in NY by How Follows What for MCA Australia exhibition Chuck Close: Prints, Process and Collaboration.
Views: 6314 MCA Australia
Meet Chuck Close
'Chuck Close: Prints, Process and Collaboration' opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art on 20 Nov. Tickets On Sale Now: http://bit.ly/ChuckTix
Views: 7017 MCA Australia
Rachel Kent introduces Tabaimo: MEKURUMEKU
MCA Australia Chief Curator Rachel Kent introduces the work of Tabaimo, for the exhibition Tabaimo: MEKURUMEKU. Learn more here: http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/tabaimo/
Views: 4283 MCA Australia
String figures demonstrated by Yirrkala artists
A great series of complex string games demonstrated by artists Marrnyula Mununggurr, Mulkun and Nonggirrnga at the Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre in Yirrkala, Northern Territory. String works from Yirrkala artists are included in the MCA exhibition string theory. Learn more here: http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/string-theory-focus-contemporary-australian-art/
Views: 2817 MCA Australia
Jim Lambie installation at MCA Australia for the 19th Biennale of Sydney
Watch Jim Lambie's colourful work 'Zobop' (2014) come together in the MCA's Level 1 galleries for the 19th Biennale of Sydney: You Imagine What You Desire. Learn more here: http://www.biennaleofsydney.com.au/
Views: 5391 MCA Australia
Jitish Kallat - Covering Letter 2012 (extended interview)
Indian artist Jitish Kallat uses an array of materials in his artworks, yet they are often linked through language and acts of speech. His 2012 installation Covering Letter comprises a vertical screen of mist, around two meters in height, upon which the content of a significant typed letter is projected.
Views: 1591 MCA Australia
Yoko Ono - calligraphy piece at MCA Australia
Yoko Ono speaks to MCA Chief Curator Rachel Kent about the narrative and meanings of her calligraphy piece at MCA Australia. The exhibition 'War Is Over! (if you want it): Yoko Ono', is on at MCA Australia until 23 February 2014. #summerofyoko Get your tickets here: http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/war-over-if-you-want-it-yoko-ono/
Views: 7568 MCA Australia
Artist Insight | Michael Stevenson on Artist's Practice
Michael Stevenson gives us an insight into his artistic practice. Michael's solo survey show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney is open until 19 June 2011.
Views: 1805 MCA Australia
Kader Attia and MCA Chief Curator Rachel Kent
Exploring ideas around cultural exchange, appropriation, and the tangled relationship between cultures and the West in the wake of decolonisation, Attia illustrates ideas of 'injury', 'repair' and 'otherness' through two and three-dimensional works.
Views: 1067 MCA Australia
Ways of Seeing: Anish Kapoor
Dr. Kevin R. Brooks speaks to Dr Keir Winesmith about the mechanisms that allow us to experience the strange inversions and distortions of Anish Kapoor's mirror works. Dr Brooks is Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Human Science, Macquarie University, specialising in the research of Visual Perception and Psychophysics. Dr Winesmith is Manager, Digital at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. To learn more about the Anish Kapoor Exhibition at the MCA click here: http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/anish-kapoor/
Views: 6111 MCA Australia
Agatha Gothe Snape interviewed 2013 for MCA Artist Voice
Agatha Gothe-Snape wants to know how you feel. In this short video, Agatha talks about her interest in how museum visitors feel and experience the museum and how they look at art. She considers the political, architectural and cultural context of the visitor to the museum. Agatha “follows her nose” when creating her own artwork, this is a wonderful reminder to follow our own intuition and creative potential when making art or being creative. In this video the artist discusses a range of works featured in the exhibition Workout: 7 Days of Experimental Performance (2013) and in the MCA Collection for the MCA Artist's Voice series. Find out more about Agatha Gothe-Snape in the MCA Collection Online https://www.mca.com.au/collection/artist/gothe-snape-agatha/ Artist's Voice is supported by the Copyright Agency Limited.
Views: 1272 MCA Australia
Lee Mingwei  - The Letter Writing Project  - 1998 - present
The Letter Writing Project by Taiwanese American artist Lee Mingwei comprises three semi-transparent, timber structures that resemble pagodas or softly glowing lanterns. In this work, the artist invites you to write a letter to someone of your choice in response to the theme of gratitude, or insight, or forgiveness.
Views: 1006 MCA Australia
Paul Power on themes in Guan Wei's 'The Journey to Australia' (2013)
Paul Power, CEO of the Refugee Council of Australia, discusses the refugee situation in Australia - the inspiration for Guan Wei's building commission 'The Journey to Australia (2013)'. Filmed as part of the Artist's Voice Series, supported by the Copyright Agency Limited.
Views: 1294 MCA Australia
MCA Collection artist Matthys Gerber in his studio
Matthys Gerber works across a broad spectrum of possibilities, ideas and timeframes when creating his work. Watch this interview to find out more about his fluid methodologies and vast array of influences. This interview was filmed on the occasion of his survey exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia in 2015. For more, visit http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/matthys-gerber/
Views: 930 MCA Australia
Louise Hearman - Conversations with the MCA
After watching this short film, you too will want a dog. An intimate insight into how artist Louise Hearman thinks about animals, nature, the quality of light and how colour behaves within a painting: ‘magenta – it’s a frightening colour and it goes everywhere..’ Artists and students will welcome her advice formed after years of painting: – ‘if it’s not good enough – wipe it!' https://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/louise-hearman/
Views: 3986 MCA Australia
Tracey Emin Artist Talk at MCA
Watch Emin discuss her art practice and use of life events as inspiration for works ranging from painting, drawing, video and installation, to photography, needlework and sculpture. Emin reveals her hopes, humiliations, failures and successes in candid and, at times, excoriating work that is frequently both tragic and humorous. Emin was in Sydney working on a new permanent work for the City of Sydney’s public art program, City Art. Her Artist Talk was supported by the City of Sydney.
Views: 33423 MCA Australia
MCA Genext
Genext is a free, festival-style event exclusively for 12 – 18yr olds that takes place after-hours at the MCA. No teachers, no parents, just live music, art-making, artist run workshops and performances as well as private access to exhibitions. Curated by the MCA Youth Committee, coordinated by teenagers, for teenagers. Genext happens 5 times a year at the MCA. Find out more about Genext and other programs for young creatives at the MCA HERE: http://www.mca.com.au/learn/young-creatives/
Views: 1906 MCA Australia
Daniel Boyd - MCA Commission
The mirrored surface of Daniel Boyd's 'Untitled' (2014) reflects the activity of the MCA foyer environment as well as the Circular Quay foreshore. The work is ever-changing, composed of the infinite possibilities of its own surroundings and responding to fluctuations in light throughout the day. Visitors directly influence the appearance of the artwork through their movement and interaction. This interview was filmed in 2014. See more about Daniel Boyd and the commission https://www.mca.com.au/artists-and-works/artist-commissions/daniel-boyd-untitled-2014/
Views: 630 MCA Australia
Anish Kapoor MCA Public Lecture
Anish Kapoor delivers the 2012 Ann Lewis AO Contemporary Visual Arts International Address at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. Focusing on his major public artworks and his interaction with private philanthropy, Kapoor speaks ahead of the opening of his major Sydney exhibition at the MCA.
Views: 13575 MCA Australia
Interview with Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer talks about his exhibition at the MCA. Lozano-Hemmer talks in detail about the two works that are premièring in Sydney, Voice Array (2011) and Tape Recorders (2011). Rafael's show runs from the 16th of December 2011 to the 12th of February 2012.
Views: 1895 MCA Australia
Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect with Everything
A heady synthesis of modern technology, Buddhist philosophy and visceral experience, Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect with Everything open at the MCA. Tatsuo Miyajima is one of Japan’s most renowned contemporary artists, known for his sculptures and room-scale installations incorporating light and numbers. Tatsuo Miyajima: Connect With Everything is Miyajima’s first exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. It encompasses his sculptural works, rooms and environments, and performance videos. Time and its passage are explored through the works and represented visually by multiple, small digital counting devices. Miyajima developed his first customised digital counters in the late 1980s, using light emitting diodes or LEDs. These ‘counter gadgets’ remain central to his art today, their red and green palette expanding in the mid-1990s to include blue, then white, as LED technology developed in and beyond Japan.
Views: 3007 MCA Australia
Jess Johnson installs 'Every1 and Everything on my back'
Jess Johnson installs her work 'Every1 and Everything on my back' (2013) at MCA Australia for Primavera 2013. Primavera is an annual exhibition showcasing young Australian artists from around the country. The 2013 edition is curated by Robert Cook, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Photography and Design at AGWA. The show runs from 12 September - 17 November 2013. Learn more about the show here: http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/primavera-2013-young-australian-artists/
Views: 1225 MCA Australia
Live @ MCA | Hip Hop & Krump Performance (Freestyle)
In this program, Live @ MCA celebrated the 2008 Biennale of Sydney's 'Revolutions - Forms That Turn'. In this live demonstration, dancers relate movement to the themes of the Biennale of Sydney through the dynamic styles of Hip Hop & Krump. Performed Sunday 20 July 2008. Special thanks to Darrio Phillips.
Views: 4732 MCA Australia
Khadim ALI -  'The Arrival of Demons'
Khadim Ali discusses his work, 'The Arrival of Demons'
Views: 640 MCA Australia
C3West: Leanne Tobin at Blacktown Native Institution Artist Camp #2
C3West Artist Leanne Tobin discusses her site specific work Start Here Now at Artist Camp #2. This took place at the site of the former Blacktown Native Institution on March 21 & 22.
Views: 346 MCA Australia
Annette Messager on 'Casino' in conversation with Rachel Kent
Watch Annette Messager speak about her 2005 work 'Casino', which was originally commissioned for the 2005 Venice Biennale, and which is installed at the MCA for the exhibition Annette Messager: motion/emotion. The exhibition is open 24 July - 26 October 2014. Learn more about the exhibition here: http://www.mca.com.au/discoverannette/
Views: 2478 MCA Australia
Making of Khadim Ali's 'The Arrival of Demons'
It's all in the details. See the precise method of artist Khadim Ali's striking MCA Foyer Wall commission, unveiled for The National 2017. http://the-national.com.au/artists/khadim-ali/the-arrival-of-demons/
Views: 577 MCA Australia
Lee Mingwei - Sonic Blossom
Taiwanese American artist Lee Mingwei presents a ‘living sculpture’ in the gallery, four afternoons a week, for the exhibition’s duration. It involves a classically trained singer who approaches visitors to offer the gift of a song. This singular gallery experience is more intimate for the singer and audience member. It can in fact be a gift for both. Learn more at http://www.mca.com.au/telling-tales/telling-tales-lee-mingwei/
Views: 1859 MCA Australia
Relive MCA's 25th Birthday Weekend
In November 2016 we celebrated our 25th year of operation with a three-day celebration of contemporary art and all who make the Museum what it is today. Special guests, performances, talks and artworks were topped off with one very special birthday cake. #MCA25
Views: 590 MCA Australia
Todd McMillan on his MCA Collection work 'By The Sea'
What do bananas and Caspar David Freidrich have in common? Todd McMillan's video work 'By The Sea' brought together the seemingly disparate fruit and German landscape painter. In this video he shares the process of creating his endurance video work 'By the Sea' (2004), acquired by the MCA in 2007.
Views: 1032 MCA Australia
Hany Armanious interviewed in 2013 for MCA Artist Voice
Have you ever considered that the human ear could also be a fantastic marble fountain? Watch as artist Hany Armanious tells us how he did imagine just this and then built it as the first commission for the Sculpture Terrace on the reopening of the new MCA building in 2012. Hany describes his process and the experience of working with more traditional materials, including bronze and marble, exhausting and laborious work for Hany but also very satisfying. Hany Armanious, 'Fountain' 2012. Find out more about Armanious in the MCA Collection Online: https://www.mca.com.au/collection/work/2010.38/
Views: 913 MCA Australia
Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro - 'Stasis' (2012) Installation
See Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro's work 'Stasis' (2012) installed outside the Museum of Contemporary Art for their first major museum survey show. Learn more at http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/claire-healy-and-sean-cordeiro/ Music: 'I dunno' by grapes. Licensed from ccmixter under Creative Commons.
Views: 645 MCA Australia
Jonathan Jones interviewed on 'naa (to see or look)' in 2015
Jonathan Jones' remarkable installation comprised of fluorescent tubes shimmered in MCA's double height space during the exhibition Luminous: works from MCA Collection. Literally floating on the glossy surface of the gallery, the work reflects on the site of Warrane (Sydney Cove) and on the histories that unfolded there. Read more at https://www.mca.com.au/collection/work/2015.1/
Views: 4238 MCA Australia
Women of Fairfield
Fairfield’s streets came alive with Assyrian wedding dancers, while cars decorated by Khmer, Iraqi and Aboriginal women did laps blaring music. South and Central American performers sang and danced in a food court, disrupting a polychromatic sawdust carpet, as martial artists took over a carpark to an explosive soundtrack. Each artist worked with local women to explore the complexities of navigating public space and cultural identity in Fairfield. The project artists were Kate Blackmore, Hissy Fit & Maria Tran, Claudia and Zoe Scoglio. It was co-commissioned by C3West (MCA), (http://pyt.com.au) Powerhouse Youth Theatre , Fairfield, and (http://www.startts.org.au) STARTTS.
Views: 914 MCA Australia
Tabaimo: MEKURUMEKU - MCA install timelapse
Watch the installation of works for the exhibition Tabaimo: MEKURUMEKU in the MCA's Level 1 North gallery. Learn more here: http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/tabaimo/
Views: 1080 MCA Australia
Visit Stieg Persson in his studio for The National 2017
Kombucha meets Rococo. MCA Collection artist Stieg Persson mined the blackboards of cafes in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton to create his suite of paintings in _The National 2017_. Exact replicas of text from menus are laid over graffiti from laneways surrounding the venues, with the effect addressing notions of taste, class and foodie culture. Watch to find out more about Persson and his practice. For more, visit http://the-national.com.au/artists/stieg-persson/duck-and-quail-eggs-italian-herbs/
Views: 309 MCA Australia
Ben Quilty interviewed in 2007 on his painting 'Van Rorschach'
This decadently gestural work is inspired by Ben Quilty's two vans. Filmed in 2007, this video features the artist explaining the process of painting these works which were acquired by MCA in an exhibition of the same year. Quilty reveals "I use cake decorating tools because they're much cheaper and much stronger". This video was produced with support from the Keir Foundation in 2007.
Views: 569 MCA Australia
Light Show at MCA Australia #MCAlight
Following a sell-out season at the Hayward Gallery in London, the spectacular Light Show comes to Sydney this winter. Get your tickets here: http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/light-show/ Light Show features works from the 1960s to the present day by major international artists. Ranging from atmospheric installations to sculptures that you can move around and even through, Light Show invites you to experience the spatial and sensory effects of light in a myriad of forms.
Views: 243121 MCA Australia
Emily Floyd - It’s because I talk too much that I do nothing 2002
Shown as part of the MCA exhibition 'Telling Tales: Excursions in Narrative Form', Emily Floyd discusses her work 'It’s because I talk too much that I do nothing 2002'. Learn even more at http://www.mca.com.au/telling-tales/
Views: 534 MCA Australia
New Romance: Patricia Piccinini and Peter Hennessey - Alone with the gods 2016 (extended interview)
This short film tells a fairytale for the modern world. Find out the inside story on the strange and uncomfortable fantasy world of Patricia Piccinini and Peter Hennessey’s human-hybrid creatures. Consider what creatures the future could hold as you hear about the artists’ own creations, such as the hybrid-human-animal-shoe creature. What surreal combination would you make if you could create a human-hybrid? Discover more about the artists and New Romance: art and the posthuman https://www.mca.com.au/discover-new-romance/
Views: 789 MCA Australia
Zanny Begg 'The City of Ladies'
The parallel narratives in Zanny Begg's film draw on Christine de Pizan's 'The Book of the City of Ladies'. Regarded as the mother of western feminism, Pizan's book describes a cataclysmic time in France, caught in much political and social unrest. "The strength of Begg’s film is defined by its invitation for men, women and all genders in-between and beyond to reimagine 21st-century Paris in terms of how we perceive belonging in a world undergoing such transformation – no different to 14th-century France." For more, visit http://the-national.com.au/artists/zanny-begg/city-of-ladies/
Views: 532 MCA Australia
Annette Messager in conversation with Rachel Kent - extended version
Annette Messager spoke with Rachel Kent at the MCA about her practice and influences. See a short version of the conversation focusing on Messager's work 'Casino' (2005) here: http://youtu.be/PskYHNSvDJo
Views: 2415 MCA Australia
Hayden Fowler on 'New World Order' in MCA Collection
Hayden Fowler discusses his work New World Order (2013), which is part of the MCA Collection. Find out more about Hayden and his practice here: http://www.mca.com.au/collection/artist/fowler-hayden/
Views: 1367 MCA Australia
MCA's 2 Millionth Visitor
To celebrate 2 million visitors since the MCA reopened in March 2012, we commissioned Sydney performance artist Liam Benson to mark the 2 millionth arrival in a suitably artistic way. Taking his inspiration from the final scene of 'STAR WARS IV: A New Hope', Liam delivers us a moment of 'splendour and sense of unified achievement', as evident in this scene.
Views: 1280 MCA Australia
Rebecca Baumann discusses her works and practice
Shot in 2012, this video features the Perth-based artist Rebecca Bauman speaking on her practice and recent works, including the MCA Collection work 'Automated Colour Field' (2011).
Views: 715 MCA Australia
Daniel Boyd interviewed in 2007 on 'We Call Them Pirates Out Here'
In this video artist Daniel Boyd talks about his painting 'We call them pirates out here' (2006). Those familiar with the films of Wes Anderson will recognise this from the film 'The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou'. Daniel Boyd is interested in using humour as a way to discuss the horrific and complex process of the British colonisation of Australia. Find out who a “no beard” is, what the “Jolly Jack” is and which friends and relatives Daniel has included in his painting. This video was produced as part of the MCA Artist Voice series alongside the exhibition New Acquisitions 2007. Visit Daniel Boyd in the MCA Online Collection https://www.mca.com.au/collection/artist/boyd-daniel/
Views: 1024 MCA Australia
MCA Curator Rachel Kent on War Is Over! (if you want it): Yoko Ono
MCA Chief Curator Rachel Kent discusses Yoko Ono's practice in the context of Ono's exhibition at MCA Australia, running 15 November 2013-23 February 2014. Learn more here: http://www.mca.com.au/exhibition/war-over-if-you-want-it-yoko-ono/
Views: 475 MCA Australia
Richard Bell on his MCA Collection work 'Worth Exploring'
The four panels of Richard Bell’s work 'Worth Exploring?' challenge the position of Aboriginal art and artists inside the western art system, linking it to the historical legal status of European colonisation. With his trademark directness and humour, Bell uses a combination of paintings and legal documents to raise complex questions about artistic authenticity, appropriation and reception as part of a broad debate on Australian race relations. This interview, recorded in 2006, goes into depth on the issues and ideas explored in the work. For more on Richard Bell and this artwork, visit the MCA Collection Online https://www.mca.com.au/collection/work/2006.21A-E/
Views: 196 MCA Australia
Artist Interview | Tom O'Hern | PV11
Tom O'Hern gives us an insight into his artistic practice and influences. Tom's work is part of Primavera 2011 and can be seen throughout The Rocks until 13 November 2011.
Views: 682 MCA Australia

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