Videos uploaded by user “kapitantripps”
The run with that flying ferrari in
Views: 160 kapitantripps
IOMTT2013 Fun on Mad sunday
onboard mad sunday 2013
Views: 26833 kapitantripps
trek session 88 hamsterley
trek session 88 fr frame fails at chainstay weld
Views: 214 kapitantripps
ducati 749r
paul makes some noise at his birthday party
Views: 287 kapitantripps
cadwell park 21 APR 15
a few laps of cadwell park GOPR0665
Views: 170 kapitantripps
descend hamsterly main line crash
jp nearly huggs a tree on his 1st day on a downhill bike
Views: 137 kapitantripps
cadwell park track day 2
cadwell park trackday, focused events, novice group. last session gsxr750. 18 aug 2013 my computer can barely play video so no editing sorry
Views: 203 kapitantripps
hamsterley descend pinball
following jp down pinball 720 60fps aug 2016
Views: 122 kapitantripps
Donnington park gp
focused events trackday 15 jul 2013. group 2 session 2, before lunch. red hot trackday with welchy
Views: 117 kapitantripps
gsxr 750 k7 leovince gp
winter start & exhaust soundcheck. sounds shite in garage. no flames either
Views: 710 kapitantripps
donny september 12 pillion cam
donnington park,trackday, novice group, focused events. 4 sept 12
Views: 340 kapitantripps
Hamsterly Red Section13
Quick run down section 13 at hamsterly forrest with jp
Views: 131 kapitantripps
Oulton park 20 AUG 14
1st time at oulton park, focused events trackday. Definatley going back for another go. GSXR750 onboard. Ben infront last few laps relentless GSXR1000
Views: 129 kapitantripps
chopwell down hill
keppie & podge
Views: 125 kapitantripps
IOMTT2013 mountain run
run over mountain with smurf & dan
Views: 71 kapitantripps
W tootling down the hill looking 4 us. me mates poorly r1 oil everywhere
Views: 110 kapitantripps
Cadwell Park 28 JUL 14
Cadwell with Ben Smurf & Andy. GSXR750 onboard
Views: 62 kapitantripps
oulton park 20 May 2015 smurfs crash
trackday with msv at a wet oulton park. smurf has a little off at lodge corner. gsxr 750 k7 onboard
Views: 194 kapitantripps
getting the table top wrong
making a fist of the table top at descend hamsterley. shakey footage due the camera not being very secure, may as well up load it for a laugh before i blank the card
Views: 91 kapitantripps
rear cam vandamme
iom 2013, one of the first rides up the mountain of the year paul on the ducati 749r, gsxr750 onboard
Views: 87 kapitantripps
IOMTT2014 gooseneck crash
me getting the gooseneck a bit wrong. no harm done to bike or rider
Views: 525 kapitantripps
olivers mount 5
olivers mount 4. paul
Views: 76 kapitantripps
Cadwell park trackday
Cadwell park trackday with focused events. 18 AUG 13, 1st sess after lunch onboard gsxr750 k7(with a slighty dodgey gear box!) Gaz Welchy
Views: 205 kapitantripps
hamsterley downhill
im slow but fk it i enjoy it
Views: 72 kapitantripps
a poor attempt at gopro on the dog
Views: 61 kapitantripps
cadwell park 2015
trackday at cadwell 2015. no idea of date soz
Views: 112 kapitantripps
oulton park 20 may 15
oulton park session novice/inters
Views: 27 kapitantripps
hamsterley forrest accelerator mtb
red trail, dan meets tree. neeeeooowm noobs on cubes
Views: 101 kapitantripps
olivers mount 1
olivers mount 1
Views: 93 kapitantripps
hamsterley table top
the wild bunch hit the big table top. lukaz keppie boya
Views: 85 kapitantripps
cd on wheelie machine 2
gsxr750 wheelie machine bikewise2010
Views: 82 kapitantripps
ben on wheelie machine 2
gsxr750 wheelie machine bikewise2010
Views: 80 kapitantripps
olivers mount 3
olivers mount 3
Views: 73 kapitantripps
donnington park 13 aug 2015
donny with smurf. midday session gropro died after this onboard gsxr750 k7
Views: 67 kapitantripps
how to kill a gopro case
Over the bars job, landed on the camera. will be feeling it for a few days
Views: 64 kapitantripps
olivers mount 4
olivers mount 4
Views: 63 kapitantripps
ninja 600 f3 art racecan
ninja 600 loud can
Views: 134 kapitantripps
IOM TT2014
TT 2014 ride over the mountain
Views: 57 kapitantripps
oulton park inters 27 jun 2017
oulton park on a wet day with the lads. sat in the garage all morning. got a few short sessions in after dinner. #pikeyracingcrew2017 do ya like dags??
Views: 55 kapitantripps
olivers mount 2
olivers mount 2
Views: 48 kapitantripps
ben on wheelie machine 1
gsxr750 wheelie machine bikewise2010
Views: 44 kapitantripps
cd on wheelie machine 1
gsxr750 wheelie machine bikewise2010
Views: 49 kapitantripps
donny melborne loop
Views: 29 kapitantripps
winter start
1st time the engines ran since october
Views: 64 kapitantripps
When you try to overtake jp and end up on your arse
Views: 130 kapitantripps
donnington park sept
trackday, novice group, focused events. sept 4th 2012/ Gaz Dan
Views: 141 kapitantripps

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