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DBRB||W3SLEE_JR vs Trash Talker(lil F++ rank who think he good)
Smh why do ppl wanna run there mouth...i beat this guy vegito with 1st form frieza and he quit saying the only reason i won was cuz the time ran out and thats how i win all my matches so i said lets do a team battle he went ALL OUT!! lol you'll see what happens(a waste of time) he actually got some skill doe...Enjoy, rate, comment, like and all that good stuff.
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DBRB|W3SLEE_JR and Rex Silver(my 1st raging blast video)
this is W3SLEE_JR my 1st youtube vid , me and rex were bored so we felt like doin a match real quick, real fun match i mess up at 8:21 and he made his comeback on me.ENJOY! Comment, rate, like and all that other good stuff you do on here.
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DBRB|W3SLEE_JR vs YoungWill (Androids 17 & 18)
Nice ass fight between me and my boy Will one of the best fights i've had with 17& 18 in a long time..wasn't even expecting it 2 be like that.ENJOY! Comment, rate, like and all that other good stuff you do on here.
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DBRB|W3SLEE_JR and Chaos-Gibson7(Super Buu vs Gotenks)
A fight that turned out to become one hell of a fight...for no reason it becomes close as shit down to 1 move lol, awesome fight Chaos.....ENJOY! Comment, rate, like and all that other good stuff you do on here.
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Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Dropping combo's like a BOSS....sometimes lol
My recent player match sessions: The first odd fight the guy i guess wasn't gonna take me seriously so he just stood there i believe, i thought he maybe had to go do something cuz he had a mic on so i tired to send a message during the fight and he all of a sudden wants to fight me when the time run low. Next round similar situation, but i was a little more cautious just in case...by the end of the match he got what he deserved but he probably could of won if he would of just fought from the jump.....other than that hope you enjoy the matches, these are my most recent matches this week....Enjoy, comment, rate, and all that other stuff you on here
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Another edition to my team battles and 2nd vid with my friend Gangster Vegas...we had some of the good characters in this one....Enjoy, comment, rate, like, and all that other good stuff you do on here.
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Whaaat did i just upload a video!!! this fight was old guys, actually this was the first match (all out he said) between that guy who was talking trash in the other vid....but since i was such a nice guy, this fight was so bad i decided to give him another shot at getting serious and didn't upload this one. No hard feelings now of course just felt like uploading the shit lol
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DBRB| My last days of RB games (with RexSilver) part 3
Another edition to the matches, another fight with good old Majin Vegeta.....great matches here just check them out wasnt expecting to reminisce with my friend Rex...good times man its been fun you came a long way bro....Enjoy, watch, comment, rate, subcri...you know what to do on here lol
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DBRB||(Old video)Forgotten Fight: Me and RexSilver
(Read Description)Forgot i still had these video's...this is one of the many weird fights that me and Rex had...at least to us they felt weird so we decided not to upload them i was plaining on doing my last RB vid for youtube and who to fight but the guy i did my 1st video with we was tryna get serious with eachother but as we were fighting i dnt think i had it in me anymore to fight like that and Rex was tryna rumble and was messing up as well....IDK tell me what ya think did ya enjoy the fight here or did it seem odd, this was the best fight we had out of them so i uploaded this one.....Enjoy, comment , rate, subscribe, and all that other stuff you do on here!
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DBRB|Can You count how many times i Vanish lol(with my slow fighters)
JUST STRAIGHT SQUARE X I DNT USE CIRCLE or R1(Dr.Gero, 19,& Super Trunks)This is why i dnt get to crazy with dis in matches its too fun i do it more battle since n my matches but wanted to see how far i could go i mess up a few but dats gonna happen im not perfect...didint use goku or regular characters cuz dat wud be 2 easy...my longest streak was 32x's wit android 19 but how many in da whole match i cant even count...video kinda of long but....ENJOY! Comment, rate, like and all that other good stuff you do on here.
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DBRB:"The Adventures of Nappa and Recoome!"
(Sorry had to re-upload didnt like how i tried to edit...i suck lol)Rank was not shown for oppenent in case of lose...he won and was a A rank if needed to know he spammed a little but only cuz he saw me get Recoome 1st and thought i was gonna spam lol...it was lag here and there but i enjoyed the fight so watch as the 2 big guys search for strong opponents!!...Enjoy, comment, like, subscribe, or whatever that stuff you do on here!
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DBRB| My last days of RB games (with RexSilver)
2013 on its way was having mad fights today and then my boy Rex wants to do some battles to we had a few before this but this fight and the next two i decided to record....ya gonna like these fights and sorry for this lost lol i had a better match before this one but i just wanna entertain you guys this shit still good to watch win or lose (damn tough ass customs lol)
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DBZ Burst Limit:(4 days after playing)
(Skip parts if you like its kinda long)Sorry for the late uploads btw...i beat the story mode, found out which characters i wanna be good with, training alot and got some advise from sayianjin on youtube on how to get better...im still learning and this time the difficulties half not gonna rush it and tien is one of my favorites...Enjoy, comment , rate, like, and all that other stuff.
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DBZ Budokai 3 HD Collection: Unexpected training session!
Its finally got done editing.....no more hour long vids lol again im not the best player out there but looking for some advice or tips on how i can get better...Enjoy
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DBRB||MY KIND OF TEAM BATTLE(vs Mituamurai part 2)
Part 2 of the matches with Mituamurai we picked some better characters on this one....Enjoy, comment, rate, like, and well...u know what to do lol
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DBRB|LMAO! just messing around
Just messing around here with the team switch out lol 1milly didnt know about this so i showed him and i felt like recording it and doing it the whole battle lol...we was laughing like shit doing this....its an old little trick im sure many others done it to and if you didnt know now you do...Enjoy, comment, rate, like , and all that other good stuff Raditz Android17 FatBuu KidBuu
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Another edition my team battles 2 parts to this as well this time with Mituamurai good team battles just the way i like it....Enjoy, comment, rate, like and all that other stuff you do on here.
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DBZ Burst Limit:(2 days after getting it)
I pulled a Vegeta hear lol rushed into 300 times gravity of training instead of taking my time...after only 2 days of playing the game i went against the cpu on max difficulty smh got my ass beat here and plenty more times im still learning and just learned about canceling here....Enjoy, rate, comment, like, and all that other stuff
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DBRB|W3SLEE_JR vs YoungWill (Goku's)
Another goku fight for ya this time against Will...ENJOY! Comment, rate, like and all that other good stuff you do on here.
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DBRB| My last days of RB games (with RexSilver) part 2
Part 2 enjoy using my favorite character back in the day...both of our favorite characters back in the day many battles against each other with this man Majin Vegeta....watch me tryna show off too much and pay for my mistakes lol Awesome fights here guys....Enjoy, rate, comment, subscribe, and all that other stuff you do on here!
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DBZ Budokai 3 HD Collection:Continuation of Training Session!
Here is the last part of the hour long vid i did lol...enjoy any tips or advice would be appericiated watch me put in some time in Hypherbalic Time Chamber....Comment, rate, like or any of that other stuff you do on here.
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DBRB||MY KIND OF TEAM BATTLE(Eternalbliss aka Chaos Gibson)
Coming down to the end of my vids for RB...2nd vid with my friend Gibb(thats what i call him lol) an another edition to the team battles! my team fusion against his....? well nothing to really to call it ...just a regular team lol but Gogeta vs Vegito at the end OOO YEAH BOYYY!!(im trippin but)...Enjoy, comment rate, like an all that other good stuff on here.
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Back at it again i think ya might like this one me vs Blue Scorpio team battle using all are characters not just one for 15 minutes i like to switch my characters up you know we had a blast in this match man stay tuned for part 2...
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DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi FOR A DAY!
lol cant even remember the last time i played this game i dnt remember shit on how to play, i think i played some time last year idk...i just said fuck it im a get on UT again for the the hell of it and decided to record a bit....the fight i did have the guy did whip my ass lol but i didnt really care...Enjoy the vid i tired to do a commentating but my lil cousin was talking to me at the same time so its back and forth as im talking to you and him...Enjoy the vid guys
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its just 1 of many old replays i saved against the cpu to always have memories of how i use to play this game...this match i believe was when i 1st figured out the team switch out Enjoy!!...Comment, rate, like, and all that other stuff you do on here.
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DBRB||Late Edition:TEAM BATTLE(onemi11iondollars)
Had to bring this guy in the edition...what were just regular player matches i felt like he should be on here too showing his stuff lol another great player to fight against we didint have 3 ppl but 2 still was enough for me to enjoy...btw sorry abou the carema angle a bit like i said it was a "late edition."...Comment, rate, like, and all that other good stuff you do on here
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The second edition of the team battles with Blue Scorpio i think ya might like this one too idk you decided that lol...Enjoy, rate , comment, like and all that other good stuff you do on here!!!
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DBRB|W3SLEE_JR and GangsterVegas(Gogeta's)
This guy has gotten better from how he use to be...good match to watch here them ki blast be eating me up lol sike naw i dnt mind them really....ENJOY! Comment, rate, like and all that other good stuff you do on here.
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Shank 2 Survival Mode Co-op(Waves from Hell)
if you didnt know now you do of this fun little downloadable game...me and a random guy try to survive these waves...watch as we shoot, slice, slam, throw and much more against goons and even the Zombie Apocalyse lol(Description for who's which fighter below) Me-Classic Shank-Weapons(Sludge Hammer/Dual Pistols) Other Guy-Defender-Weapons(Chainsaw/Throwing Knives) and of course 2 Shanks in each hand for the light attacks.
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Another replay for you guys this one i believe was like early to mid 2011 dnt member the date on the replay menu...on here was when i started to understand ssj3 goku's punches, i literally got better with him as the fight goes on & u can tell through my vanishes...ENJOY! Comment, rate, like and all that other good stuff you do on here.
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DBRB||Tryna shake this rust off(SQUARE X's)
its been a while but my boy tristan wanted to see if we talking about the same thing and im thinking about playin RB again kinda miss fighting on there but watch as i try to get my groove back lol....Enjoy, comment, rate, like, and all that other stuff you do on here.
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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Very Hard File:R-01(Raiden is a Desperado?)
My first time playing on very hard(not my first time playing doe i have beaten the game twice already normal/hard, i almost have everything enhanced to max but not yet), haven't even unlocked "Revengeance" difficulty and i already died on some BS once lol(note to self take out anyone with rocket launchers as soon as possible), watch as show off my favorite skin of Raiden's and some of his weapons as i slice these guys up a bit. Like, comment, and all that other good suff you do on here Also sorry if i dnt use a HDPVR and stuff like that, i try to work with what i got.
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Its possible for you to reconnect at any point in a match youve left provided that you dont have a leaver penalty. There is no purpose in setting a question which everyone will know the response to. Another very good suggestion for your writing quiz questions is to attempt to keep the questions interesting. There are lots of totally free quiz questions online, but nevertheless, it can have a very long time to compose a great quiz and guarantee the answers are accurate so it can be well worth buying a pre-made quiz online. If a person doesnt know the answer, they ought to want to understand.
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