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Low Risk HIGH REWARD Looting Tactic for PUBG

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PU$$Y STRATS espisode 4 out now: https://youtu.be/6EOLqE5hIuc Tired of choosing between low-risk, low-reward and high-risk, high-reward dropping strategies in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? This new strategy has the best of both worlds. It's a tactic that has low risk of early dying, but a high chance of getting some good kills and good gear. It's basically a looting guide with one specific route, but you can use the same strategy in other locations on the map. The strategy relies on dropping at a small compound NEAR a very highly contested loot spot, it could be anywhere such as prison, school, Hospital, or Mansion. Just get a rifle from a nearby building, lie in wait for the "winner" of the highly contested area to show himself, kill him, and take his loot. Even if this specific route doesn't work for you, use the general tactic elsewhere on the map. Check it out and let me know if you like it! See Pablo dressed as Olaf the Snowman at our winter Lan party: https://youtu.be/wU-z2jZlysI?t=54s My Gaming PC Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXwmCLPqIzM Thanks for making this video go viral!
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Text Comments (2468)
BigBossBilly (5 months ago)
YEAH Pussy boys! I've got two new videos out dedicated to PUSSY STRATS! Thanks to all the haters making this video go viral, and giving me the idea for a new series! Pussy Strats #2: https://youtu.be/PzEiu9JGS8s Pussy Strats #3: https://youtu.be/1Je2Dc-CPck
Ryle Tionghoy (7 days ago)
BigBossBilly ii
ScubaaSteve (9 days ago)
Did u just call it an UMP IT IS PRONOUNCED U-M-P!
tecktonalex (18 days ago)
wtf man that's a noob tutorial Its a great tactic but this tutorial is for noobs since whoever has spend over 500-700 hours on pubg knows this stuff B A S I C S
javier martinez (1 month ago)
On god first 34 secs I stopped the vid 😂
LMAOOOO you should call it pussy tricks lol
karimkopra (2 hours ago)
karimkopra (2 hours ago)
how u have fps cam !! WTF
karimkopra (3 hours ago)
how ur game look like that my graphic looks like a game from 1999
Gurbaz Singh (12 hours ago)
Fuck em up with a pan!
DJ B.o.B. (20 hours ago)
Great strategy and dope ass kills. Gotta work on my quick aiming.
LooLoo The Worm (21 hours ago)
Just say fucking U---M---P not ump
konchok thinley (22 hours ago)
Where is the camera setting,I didn't find that
ionceateapinecone (1 day ago)
Ritual Rage (1 day ago)
The *U M P*
CodyPlays (1 day ago)
Yo Moma (1 day ago)
Almost 2 mill know about it now
∆ !llum!Tr!X ∆ (2 days ago)
camper low
Thepillclinton (2 days ago)
How’d you get that AKM & m16 with an Acog in order to do this tho?
Big Man (2 days ago)
Tim Studer (2 days ago)
Great video, no clickbait, good content. Nice work dude, nice work!
ONERANDOMGUY (3 days ago)
So basically like camping 😂
Hansaka Sandaruwan (3 days ago)
So u want us to keep this as a secret and you put tbis on youtube.. ok
luka tigishvili (3 days ago)
i call this pussy play 😂😉
Collin Roberts (3 days ago)
0:58 Wat
Lord Sathanus (3 days ago)
The best strategy is just dropping into a location with a decent number of buildings, but the area must also correlate to the opening flight path and the drop point must revolve around the center of the flight path.
Borne Diaz (4 days ago)
thats such a bitch move lmao
gio raphael flor (4 days ago)
Am i the only one who's watching this on 2018
The Zanti 7 (5 days ago)
Nice lol bro nice strategy to fuck the other players 😂😂😂😂😂
Reece Turner (5 days ago)
Fuck no ! You just showed noobs how to snipe me from my favorite loot low risk spot .
VINOD KUMAR SINGH (5 days ago)
what is your system specification
Clyde Hare (6 days ago)
You are a snake
Simeon kamp (7 days ago)
Boi you can't even pronounce UMP correctly.
_PAØLO_ (7 days ago)
i easily got 8 kills by staying at a tower near the circle cause people are running to the safezone
VINOD KUMAR SINGH (8 days ago)
how you record gameplay
BigBossBilly (7 days ago)
I use "OBS" free software
Try Mylta Power, I heard it's a hot spot for Kar98 finds
DonRstTv (9 days ago)
U know its not normal , to tell others how to start. because maybe i played like this, and i did not get it how in one day they all started doo the same, but hey, then i figured out when come in youtube :D
This is an awesome trick
Miscritz Brotherzz (9 days ago)
i am near pochniki .. doing same thing
Max Gaming Fortnite (9 days ago)
I like how u use the cliff that's actually cool and smart spot
R K (9 days ago)
I do that all the time
Light AMV (9 days ago)
Camper Mind Detected
Ares 90 (10 days ago)
So hunting... This is hunting
Lutfi Rahman (10 days ago)
ump wtf hahahaha. it's pronounce "you-aim-pee" xD
gotyo money (10 days ago)
Lol what did u call the ump
HeinousWolf383 (11 days ago)
This is good but it all depends on where the zone is
S.Z.A (11 days ago)
Aump???? Lol U-M-P xD
NoahsXboxRage (11 days ago)
You're literally telling the stupid people what the smart people already know, guess that shows the majority of likes though lol
Vincent Rach (11 days ago)
Been doing this for quite a while now. But it seems more and more people are figuring it out. Already have a new strategy figured out though if this one fails
Emrekid17 kirik (11 days ago)
I tried this AND 3 PEOPLE WERE THERE 2 of them were a duo and that poor other duo that lost his mate right off the bat I was next...
Wolf Dragon (11 days ago)
Just want to point out the guy who just killed 8 other guys with a pistol ya fight him or that sqaud.
Kamini Kumar (11 days ago)
See that dab at 4:30
SA30- All in one (12 days ago)
i want to give you some tips . this is very and really bad but you can do it if you are not honest and not kindly. the tip is first of all get a vehicle and kill your friend and get loot. hehehehehe
Luke Canada (12 days ago)
I tried this on pubg mobile with my brother and friend
Chewy Dawg (12 days ago)
Dodge Ginrolf Denden (12 days ago)
I found a M416 in a small village
Coffee Jaytee (12 days ago)
Even tho i live in Pochinki I kinda feel like looting those clusters of houses now and then. I got 2 med kits (100% hp), all scopes, and all lvl 3 stuff.
Taylor McFadden (13 days ago)
4:29 hit him so hard he dabbed !! LOL
Rottenkidneys (13 days ago)
This is a common strat not invented by your friend.
Joshua Hilyard (13 days ago)
"Keep it a secret" *post it on YouTube gets 1.7m viwes
Chaotic Snipez (13 days ago)
so basically be the bitch with a shotgun in a corner who waits for you instead of knowing how to play the game... well if you say so
Ruben Geijs (14 days ago)
Makes clickbait video, asks to keep it on the down low, very nice :D
EpicHotDog TM (14 days ago)
In pubg mobile school, prison and pochinki always empty
B Kingski (15 days ago)
U suck
AGENT LOGIC (15 days ago)
And yet ironicaly if i were to use the same tactic on you id be called a bitch camper.
ThatAwsome Kid (16 days ago)
Also never do this on squad mode cuz some guy did this solo and got reckt
Hello I am Red :D (16 days ago)
4:32 He just dabbed... CALL THE DAB POLICE
Mxdanger Gaming (16 days ago)
This is identical to a hunting video I’ve seen.
Tempura Roll $3.14159 (16 days ago)
I just hide in a corner in one of the buildings and wait for footsteps
None (16 days ago)
The name for this strategy is hunting and it works great!
Joe Tillman (16 days ago)
If you don’t want people to overuse a winning strat do not share it.
MavrickHunter (16 days ago)
The fun isnt from chiken dinners, Part of the fun is the scatter of dropping at a heavily populated area and coming out ontop or atleast taking a gew dudes with you. This isnt a bad tactic but i really dosnt seem enjoyable. I drop lrison all the time but ive only ever had this strategy defeat me a handful of times
BlackAxem (16 days ago)
Nobody's gonna ask how the fuck he gets a rifle and some kind of optic so many games in a row from looting 4 buildings? Shit ton of suppressors too
max75706 (17 days ago)
I always drop at the school .... I never get killed I always get 4th or 5th place
No Name (17 days ago)
4:31 this guy actually dabbed when you killed him :D
Smithy drunkman (17 days ago)
pablo escobar?
Maxwell Willman (18 days ago)
4:36 His character looks like David Bowie.
Bornalee Hatiboruah (18 days ago)
And pronounce it clearly u said it like umphh which is not the right way, U.M.P just pronounce it like this bro and I don't like it
Bornalee Hatiboruah (18 days ago)
Camper noob
Nagy Tamas (19 days ago)
I did this same strategy without knowing other people do these too
Jon Snow (19 days ago)
3:44 arrested development reference
KarDaGaming (19 days ago)
I started to hunt those who did the prison tactic, it's like a tactic within a tactic
StarSlayer 46 (19 days ago)
The ump
Trimetilo (19 days ago)
That Works out Well in other big compounds like the School doing the exact same thing, some people call this hunting
Mr. MooCow (19 days ago)
Yup and by doing this you gain no skill in early game combat
Corn Ball420 (19 days ago)
Eewww crossbow
Freya McGregor (20 days ago)
What if the blue zone comes
Chromosome Tickler (20 days ago)
"Fuck em up with the pan" something i thought i left behind when i stopped playing tf2...
Jasper Lauresta (20 days ago)
Deym son, thx for that tip
angel pagan (20 days ago)
Love this strategy use it all the time
LATEST NEWS (20 days ago)
He is speaking with mouth closed
Tristen Vanzandt (20 days ago)
All this is a bitch nigga move
ivR bone (20 days ago)
What if you stop playing like a bitch and just go in and get good stop camping nigger
Ivan Vasilev (21 days ago)
most shitty fps game of all time! hitting a player 7 times with SCAR-L and he just refuse to die! fix the damage of the weapons u retarded pricks! make a fuckin research before making an fps game! 5.56 bullets are powerful and u should kill with not more then 3-4 bullets
BigBossBilly (20 days ago)
git gud.
E.V.X Gilad Adan (21 days ago)
It’s called camper
joseph oliver (21 days ago)
bigbossbilly whats your haircut in the beginning of your video?
Skin Succ (22 days ago)
Yeah that was a great tactic... until this video came out
i agree (22 days ago)
well at the end of the day, its a game and people land at high risk places to have fun or warm up
LifeSucks34 (22 days ago)
4:27 I guess that situation didn't *P A N O U T* the way that guy wanted to
non-believer (22 days ago)
0:27 that’s what I do around the school cause the building are annoying to loot
Smart gorilla21 (23 days ago)
I just go to prison cuase I play pubgm and all the players are 12 year olds faggots that just land at Goergepol and Pockinki
Big boy George (23 days ago)
1,652,511 people are going to do this now
Devon Cataneda (23 days ago)
Like how me and my friends had this plan and then this fag spoiled it so yea thx
ShakeAndBake (23 days ago)
How do u double scope? Like scope in gun and scope closer again?
ShakeAndBake (22 days ago)
BigBossBilly srry I’m new
ShakeAndBake (22 days ago)
BigBossBilly how hold breath?
BigBossBilly (22 days ago)
Use the "hold breath" button
Moderen Adam (23 days ago)
i just saw a camper on this video...

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