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Rembrandt: The Late Works | The National Gallery, London

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Curator Betsy Wieseman previews our autumn exhibition, 'Rembrandt: The Late Works' (15 October 2014 – 18 January 2015) Rembrandt’s later years were turbulent and marked with controversy, but they also produced some of his most soulful, deeply moving and strikingly modern works. The exhibition, organised in collaboration with Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, offers you an opportunity to experience the passion, emotion and innovation of the great master. To find out more visit, http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/rembrandt To book tickets, visit: http://www.nationalgallery.co.uk/products/tickets/rembrandt_the_late_works/p_rembrandt_ticket
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wordsin mybrain (1 year ago)
He was a true believer!!
047396 (3 years ago)
betsy wieseman is the worlds curator who in her lectures brings rembrandts paintings to life she is a joy and a inspiration to listen too if you can ever go to the national gallery in london and she is there you will be overwhelmed.

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