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Isle of Man TT // No Fear

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Isle of Man TT Website : https://www.iomtt.com/ Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/isleofmantt Duke Video : https://www.dukevideo.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/dukevideo Music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXO29bR0oc8 Album : NOMAD (2016) Website : http://www.zackhemsey.com/ Videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhP0kNyXmBM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPY9jtU5DJw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVv5rB3bMHQ&t=1s
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Text Comments (182)
senukehu cheppewa Creé (16 hours ago)
cunun canin (21 hours ago)
better than moto gp
Teny Dupak (1 day ago)
OMG.. crazy riders.. how do they ride soo fast on the street.
Zed Ralph (2 days ago)
3:12 that angle!!
Sachin Saju (3 days ago)
The best sport
Yusuf saood (3 days ago)
And they say *motorsport is not a sport*
Kevin Johnson (3 days ago)
These Road Racers are bloody machines..with a few lose screws...thanks God for these kind of NUTS..God bless them all
Suraj Madhav (4 days ago)
Bravery. Epic!
ferdinand ananda (5 days ago)
This is harakiri
JaviRu87 (6 days ago)
one of the best video edit about the Isle of Man TT I've ever seen... good job DerBiker654!!! I love it, and I've shared!
fenderstratguy (9 days ago)
0:15 Did he whap into a stone wall also? Kinda looked like it there. Sheep hauling ass outta town
tom bryan (9 days ago)
the greatest race of all time
Jaqen H'ghar (9 days ago)
nerves of steel !
Mx4ever (10 days ago)
These guys are unspoken legends
voyteq1 (10 days ago)
Pure Matrix
Mathieu Charest (10 days ago)
These guy are animal.mma guy are pussy s compare To chat.
Very good, and I S-U-B you, can you S-u-B me too. support greeting, Thx
Shashank Thakur (13 days ago)
Shashank Thakur (13 days ago)
Get well soon.........
- Strahinja - (13 days ago)
3:10 video pls pls pls! Thanks!
Sub Zero ( LuisXIV) (14 days ago)
They're fearless ..
Kraze (14 days ago)
Awesome video
Crazylalalalala (18 days ago)
Zack Hemsey getting some publicity. nice.
Tommy1198S (18 days ago)
Big Skills + Big Balls. o7.
Balance Point 71 (21 days ago)
These riders are God's.
jd2345 (21 days ago)
Love to ride on the tt it would one in a live time to compete on it. The people doing the tt have probably the same feeling as I have If I did do it all I would say is least I died for a sport I loved. People who do the tt have balls a steel and massive respect for what they do. If I was payed 2 thousand to do this I would cause im not afraid to die for something I really enjoy and that's where I think most of the tt riders do it cause they like the thrill of it and enjoy doing it :)
BlackSkorpion1991 (21 days ago)
i think we should rename it "Isle of Men of Steel"
Marcus Huusko (14 days ago)
No... "Isle of men with steel balls"...
Phantom KE (22 days ago)
This is like knocking on the grim reapers door, he/she will eventually open it.
SzlifieraPL (22 days ago)
Craig Simpson (10 days ago)
SzlifieraPL c
Sheldon Pillay (22 days ago)
To call them brave isn’t enough ...
Lewis (22 days ago)
Former motorcycle racer myself, crashed in a 600 supersport race and got paralysed, what they say at the start goes for every rider whether that be road or circuit or motocross, if there's anything else on your mind in the slightest you're coming off, 100% focus is needed. Massive respect to the TT riders
Kev Dog (21 days ago)
where di u get paralysed
Dan Stennis (23 days ago)
How do these guys react in time? The onboard footage is terrifying.
Tomaras Theodoros (21 days ago)
muscle memory
Dope'sLife (23 days ago)
editing was so emotional on point
ExeKuTioN Cro (25 days ago)
bunch of dumbasses risking their lifes for our entertainment, I like it !
Christopher McDonagh (25 days ago)
You just have to have balls of steel to do what these guy's do..... I tip my hat respect
Dirk Bruere (25 days ago)
That first crash and the guy bouncing over the fence and wall. At least it got caught on video and will be a classic TT moment for decades to come. Fame by unfortunate means.
KL Cassidy (26 days ago)
There is a need in some souls, the need for speed.
ipi223 (26 days ago)
i honestly am a speed/risk junkie..and found it stupid when i sit for 2 minutes BUT most of the time im standing and its fcking FUN! long boring life or a short thrilling one! p.s: un-experience driver dont read that
Celtic Bhoy (27 days ago)
so much respect for you lads that have the ball,s to do the t.t ....1st class stay safe ✌️✌️✌️
Adam (27 days ago)
Nice editing 👍
f k (27 days ago)
KaZaP13-613 (27 days ago)
Gods of the roads true racers. I tip my lid to all
Andrie Koehler (27 days ago)
Real racing ! !
Erik Elsner (28 days ago)
Hauptsache Wasserzeichen als wenn du die aufnahmen alle selber gemacht hättest - richtiger otto
aistaxoxo (28 days ago)
What do you say when you look death straight in the eyes? "Not today." Fearless guys, hats off.
StormRidder (28 days ago)
loving the scene at @03:04! the perspective, the riding and the moment are just awesome
Hilarious Clinton (29 days ago)
GamingArsenalBe (29 days ago)
He shaved
hanif naufal (29 days ago)
does anyone know the backsound?
Jamie King (29 days ago)
@2.43 cannot believe he got round that.
Pablo Garcia (30 days ago)
Porqué la maldita música. Queremos escuchar motores
louis (30 days ago)
how can their bikes carry them with balls that big?
Marcus Huusko (14 days ago)
A classic...
AntalopeAUT (1 month ago)
Each and every year I send all my guardian angels out to you, hoping that they are fast enough for you guys . Stay safe, race hard .
Ginga Hagane (1 month ago)
this guys have biggest ball on the earth
Sc0tty13 (1 month ago)
f****ing insane, i love it :)
Akhil John (1 month ago)
It'll be an honour to give my life on the isle of man.
BESTMUSIC 4YOU (1 month ago)
Sarvesh Kadam (1 month ago)
The racers have balls of steel
Cain Roberts (1 month ago)
What a video!! Do they wear specially made overalls to cover there massive set of balls??
John Felix (28 days ago)
Cain Roberts they dont have balls they have some other sort of mass housed inside what we call the sack they are different they dont spurt semen like us they spurt something else only a coroner knows whats inside
Julian BOSS (1 month ago)
3:04 it looks so insane .... i need to go there
Sumukh Dev (1 month ago)
these guys make motogp riders look like noobs
Raider Miolo (2 days ago)
Well doesn't Mean they can beat MotoGP riders if they race on a real permanent circuit.
Ser Diplomat (4 days ago)
Sumukh Dev You did.
Sumukh Dev (24 days ago)
Chandan Hegde i am not disrespecting MotoGp riders here am I?
Chandan Hegde (24 days ago)
Sumukh Dev Have respect for every sport out there man, they're special in a different way, sitting on the couch comparing won't be of any help
googboog (29 days ago)
Always that one comment bashing motogp riders for no reason
hu peng (1 month ago)
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sahanand moktan (1 month ago)
In my view they are real super biker hero's 💪
napp (1 month ago)
(I can't live in a fairytale of lies...)
dpaelliott (1 month ago)
Crazy brave
T M (1 month ago)
Yes, that's the way it is!!!!
My Opinion Counts (1 month ago)
all those guys are Heros
Tappajaav (1 month ago)
You've confused heroism with recklessness/insanity
andres Gomez (1 month ago)
Man ive veen riding for awhile but these guys are my heros , man and machine become one
TIM BROWN (1 month ago)
man and his machine........................
Tony Pate (1 month ago)
Not bad, But all a bit tame next to Steve Harvey's secret "biker" love child 650ib epic street racing "smackdowns" and comedy track days while squawking like a 6 year old in a sweet shop/candy store in his latest Alpinestars/Denise "race" panties .....
Scales91 (1 month ago)
It's a british way of saying the joke went over your head, Tony's comment was sarcastic
Tony Pate (1 month ago)
Maybe "wood for trees" be more in the ball park ? Speaking of TT folk try You Tube for GRAND PRIX RACER a look at the TT's less glam sister event and starting point of many a man and woman's TT dreams , All without "epic" look at me show boating and must have latest must have shiny toys , "in slow out fast"
CaliRider (1 month ago)
Tony Pate not sure what you mean by "head and over". Ibsabur can be funny sometimes; although, I am not his biggest fan for many reasons that I will not get into. However, strictly speaking on a skill/talent/bravery level. 650ib is FAR out-done (just as I am) by the IOM riders.
Tony Pate (1 month ago)
I to enjoy the uploads never fails put a smile on my face . Head and over with the "humor" then CaliRider ?
CaliRider (1 month ago)
Tony Pate you're sadly mistaken. I enjoy 650ibs content, but HE is tame compared to isle of man riders...there is no comparison.
Kenny Phun (1 month ago)
isle tt makes them squid street riders seem like they're princess
M773 (1 day ago)
squids look like faggots anyways. anyone who gets on a sportsbike without proper gear is just dumb
Guy Stuart (3 days ago)
Naveen Kumar a lot of these people alpine ski also as a hobby. racing at this level requires the mental ability to judge distance and have a significant feel of the surface you are on.
Heath Cox (11 days ago)
Kenny Phun fuck off you fucking pussy you do not have the guts to ride a motorcycle
Naveen Kumar (24 days ago)
that explains why your name is nilbud.
Marko Kostic (1 month ago)
Who is the guy at 2:12? I really want that picture for wallpaper!
DerBiker654 (1 month ago)
Marko Kostic no problem
Marko Kostic (1 month ago)
DerBiker654 Thaaaaaanks x1000 :D
DerBiker654 (1 month ago)
Marko Kostic. Search : "Isle of Man TT 2018 Promo" (5:27 min. )on the Official Isle of Man TT Youtbe Channel
Marko Kostic (1 month ago)
DerBiker654 Thank you very much!!! But where did you get that little video of him, I need just picture but can't find it though... :(
DerBiker654 (1 month ago)
Marko Kostic. Michael Dunlop TT 2017
Flying Lap Productions (1 month ago)
This is an old video... just rebranded
DerBiker654 (1 month ago)
Flying Lap Productions Bullshit ...
Murph (1 month ago)
Just to be clear... Smokers and dog owners infringe on my sanctity. I don't infringe on theirs! The same holds true with race.
A_Sensible_Young_Man (1 month ago)
Dog owners? I fail to see how dog owners have any impact on your life.
Murph (1 month ago)
This is one of the few last things white people do, don't have a black man rapping about it! FUCK!
Luigi Battista (21 days ago)
MotoGP is boxing, this is UFC
Kevin Johnson (8 days ago)
yes yes and yes..its funny how some things don't seem fare..el_Chico.
voyteq1 (10 days ago)
Luigi Battista - nope mate... this is Sparta! lol
el_Chico (10 days ago)
lot of people see this kind of thing like unnecessary risky. . Motogp pilots earn a lot more money and its less risky of course. But this is so exciting i give you that one
Kevin Johnson (21 days ago)
100% Lui
Ralph Bundersnatch (1 month ago)
I'm guessing the dislikes are liberals who want it banned?
JayRonin (5 days ago)
You made me choke on my cereal 😭😭😂😂😂
Dan B (1 month ago)
I’ve watched countless TT videos and I don’t think I will ever to used to the speed and just shear brass balls of these guys. I will go one of these years.
Reacher 25 (1 month ago)
Can Anyone please tell me what the title of the song is that is playing?
Reacher 25 (1 month ago)
Oh thanx
DerBiker654 (1 month ago)
Reacher 25 The link is in the Video description
Sanchess95 (1 month ago)
Идущие на погибель приветствуют тебя Morituri te salutant
Chucky boy Stanley (1 month ago)
Should be on any bikers bucket list. The number of years I’ve had to put it off because of life getting in the way. But, one day..
playfast321 (1 day ago)
this is a bucket list item for anyone that likes revving engines petrol and burnt rubber. i dont have a lot with motoGP etc but the riders of the bikes from isle of man, i see them as one of, if not the best and most courageous riders/drivers/pilots in existance. right up there with F1 drivers and rally drivers.
SeriousSam (12 days ago)
Chucky boy Stanley its on my list since I was a kid. MotoGP is like bmx event compared to this...
Karol Więsek (1 month ago)
what's the name of this song?
сергей (1 month ago)
Thank you so much)))
Kevin Johnson (1 month ago)
its terrible man...but everyone has a opinion and that's cool
Karol Więsek (1 month ago)
thank you:)
DerBiker654 (1 month ago)
Karol Więsek Zack Hemsey - Soothsayer
Resti González Ramos (1 month ago)
the song please?is amazing!!!!!😊😍
Resti González Ramos (1 month ago)
MUCHAS GRACIAS!me subscribo!=D
DerBiker654 (1 month ago)
Resti González Ramos Zack Hemsey - Soothsayer
Arjun Sunil (1 month ago)
Respect for the great riders who gave their life for this great sport
Patriot One (1 month ago)
Balls of steel.
西村祐人 (1 month ago)
Fabrizio Sala (1 month ago)
Fenomenali...da Michael Dunlop the best a tutti i partecipanti di queste spettacolari gare 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
я врезался несколько один , позже пробудился
George The Greek (1 month ago)
My boys. I cant help it. My eyes fill with tears when i watch you.
steve Fowler (1 month ago)
I am a former two class AMA Expert License holder and have raced Daytona on a TZ-250 back in '75 so I'm not exactly without skills (at least/especially back in my youth), but these gentlemen are insanely brave to ride at that speed with curbs, walls, trees and buildings directly in their sight lines....count me very impressed...I tip my hat.
Street_Hawk RR (21 days ago)
Kevin Johnson the amount they make is not much compared to what happens when they go down. Ya I agree it’s a passion for sure
Kevin Johnson (27 days ago)
I agree this isn't the only way too show what a real man can do but this is one... these guys don't do it for the money from what I know..its deeper than that
Kevin Johnson (27 days ago)
This is like comparing figure skating to NHL hockey..they both wear skates and that's where it ends...
steve Fowler (27 days ago)
@JA...feel free to think/say what you want, but regardless of that, what I stated is true.
jason antigua (27 days ago)
steve Fowler Bullshit
Jraybay (1 month ago)
Yessss excellent video!
Marco Simula (1 month ago)
Questi ragazzi rischiano il collo ogni volta che fanno una gara... Complimenti dal primo all'ultimo!!! RESPECT 😎😏💪👈✊✊✊👍✌
Okan Ünal (1 month ago)
Lewis Sabin (1 month ago)
Real men ride the TT course.
AeroR (1 month ago)
Are you ready guys? Speed, racing and bikes thats what i need! Join my speed
Joey G Richards (1 month ago)
Santi Torné (1 month ago)
Next year I will go. AWESOME!
voyteq1 (10 days ago)
Santi Torné - don't poop your pants mate
Santi Torné (27 days ago)
what a problem man, I'm from Catalonia, a bit far away from USA.
John Felix (28 days ago)
Come pick me up take me with i live in Arizona
Someone (1 month ago)
Santi Torné awesome, good luck mate, and enjoy your ride
Scoot Jockey (1 month ago)
He who lives buy the sword dies by the sword!
jason antigua (3 days ago)
BannWorthRulz haha
BannWorthRulz (3 days ago)
jason antigua I have it on good authority that you did. No shame man.
jason antigua (3 days ago)
BannWorthRulz Did you teach him by any chance ?
BannWorthRulz (3 days ago)
Ben Lee you would know
Ben Lee (3 days ago)
A cock in the arse is worth two in the mouth!

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