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Best Image Quality - ON-BOARD TT ✔ Guy Martin V Michael Dunlop ✔ - ISLE OF MAN TT 2014

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Text Comments (65)
Matt South (1 year ago)
When they get the wobbling exiting corners, is that the front or the rear that's wobbling?
Flying Bacon (1 year ago)
Holy cow....I have a feeling this is Deaths favorit race to watch and even for him this is waaaaaay to intense! xD
David Matley (2 years ago)
Wow, that is frightening. Takes a lot of courage.
Rosie McKinzie (2 years ago)
True Warriors in every sense of the word!
Rob Lewis (2 years ago)
Forget videos with the sound of the bikes muted, music and tons of slow-mo. This is all you need to promote the Isle of Man TT. Just show people the raw, unfiltered insanity of it all.
MrObiwan1 (2 years ago)
Literally insane ;)
tpvalley (2 years ago)
there has to be something wrong with a person mentally to do this! lol
HUNTheRealMaDLaB (3 years ago)
Holy fucking shit i could watch this whole day
Vortex (3 years ago)
Are these the 600s or 1000s? 
Dee Seyha (1 year ago)
Vortex .
Lockk9 TT Racing (3 years ago)
They are 1000cc, the bike in front has 220bhp.
Adam Murray (3 years ago)
Guy must have been riding so so hard to keep up with MD on that BMW
Tofazfou (3 years ago)
this video really gives you the "FEEL" or "PERCEPTION" of how fast they are going and what is happening at the rear tire.  Lots of sliding and wobbling at FULL SPEED in this video. DAMN THIS SHIT IS GOOD BRO!
Georg Reske (3 years ago)
Thug Life Madafaka! (3 years ago)
they are crazy
81griffin (3 years ago)
No words can describe this.
valkyrie 1960s (3 years ago)
this is the craziest shit i have ever seen
Mario Huespe (3 years ago)
Increíble excelente video 😎
neckoil (3 years ago)
this is mad , I take my hat off to these guys... amazing footage
tpvalley (3 years ago)
pillion ride anyone! lol
MixTix Flexx (3 years ago)
JonnyUnderrated (3 years ago)
DAMN that looks like its in fast forward but its obviously not....also you can see that little jump where that poor guy died. Crazy video Amazing quality, cheers.
FlaHarlock (3 years ago)
My heart is racing just watching the video. Can't imagine being on the bike. I am in awe. Can't wait to see the TT in person ,
fifimaskedfa (3 years ago)
2.10. Holy fuck my eyes got screwed,,,
vega289 (3 years ago)
Sick!! He had to be hitting 200mph!!!
norbert varga (3 years ago)
köszi a jó videókat!
James Fortin (3 years ago)
Kirk Michael to sulby speed straight has got to be the best section of the course. There are other parts with more gorgeous scenery, but it's balls to the wall every time through this stretch
zx10racer22 (3 years ago)
Sulby to Ramsey is good, over the bumps. Separates the men from the boys.
Nobby Nolevel (3 years ago)
Spot on, mate. Throttle wide open all the way, needle in the red!  And that takes balls......
OpieSVT (3 years ago)
What an amazing race. Holy fuck this takes balls. I wana go and just ride the course in my 03 Cobra or the bike I'm gonna be getting during one of the days that this race is not taking place. Just nice n steady but quickly go around the entire course a few times. Much respect to all the riders who take place in the TT race and Godspeed to all who have lost their lives. 
COLIN BENNAZ (3 years ago)
will you upload bruce ansteys onboard from his 132 mph lap
COLIN BENNAZ (3 years ago)
keep up the good work only place to see real road racing videos
Lockk9 TT Racing (3 years ago)
blipco5 (3 years ago)
How the who the what the ?????
Evil DroneZ (3 years ago)
just surviving the race is an amazing feat.
Nerd Stomper (3 years ago)
Is there anyone who can explain me why only Guy's front wheel shakes like theres no tomorow? Other guys seems kinda steady.
klopot8888 (3 years ago)
+madsen339 I think it couldn't have been mounted on a fender. If it had been installed on the fender air resistance at a speed of over 180mph would have blewn out camera. But it;s my humble opinion
The Godless Norwegian (3 years ago)
My guess is that this camera is mounted on frontwheel fender and it isnt 100% steady.. im sure this bike doesnt wooble like it seems :) 
Troy Alvarez (3 years ago)
suspension is all different for every rider. Not only that the aggressiveness he has is unbelievable which throws a lot into the tire shake, different lines on the road, ect. a lot of factors come into play. Just use your noggin itll all make sense.  
Sirref (3 years ago)
+Ivan Lukovic It is the case that guy's cam shakes more than mcguinness' cam but mcguinness' cam still has crazy front end shake on the bumpier portions of the track
Nerd Stomper (3 years ago)
I disagree with you there bruv.Watching mcguinness and guy onboard cams are two totally different povs in term of front wheel shaking.
von sauerkraut (3 years ago)
poor old guy martin his never going to win the TT
von sauerkraut (3 years ago)
+Ellen Joan Walmsley would be nice to see him win
Ellen Joan Walmsley (3 years ago)
He'll get it one day! : )  there was 3secs between the top 3 in the Senior TT this year....& someone always makes a mistake. : )
Randy Ramirez (3 years ago)
Siento que el video esta acelerado, ...
Larry Hall (3 years ago)
Insane. I love your videos.
David Vega (3 years ago)
2:01 - 2:15....HOLY FUCK!!!! Talk about tunnel vision... mad respect for the balls of steel!!!!
NotHis RealName (3 years ago)
My heart was in my throat just watching that.
aserta (3 years ago)
Never ceases to amaze me how simple they make it look but in reality controlling these beasts on those tiny city roads is anything but. Respect.
STG Bloke (3 years ago)
Total respect ✌
noobielameo (3 years ago)
Respect is all I can give
Rafael Abascal (3 years ago)
i just had an erection.
moppedcrak (3 years ago)
Nice Frames
Viktor Skarlatov (3 years ago)
Lockk9 TT Racing (3 years ago)
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whyzul (2 years ago)
+Rizwan agree ..
Rizwan (3 years ago)
But i think it just looks more dangerous in video.Human eye can see better in real!
tpvalley (3 years ago)
+Rizwan yes, guy martin crashed at one time I believe, his bike burts into flames too. 
Rizwan (3 years ago)
Are these videos really in real time ? can't believe that!
Thanasis Krispis (3 years ago)
mig kno (3 years ago)

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