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Guy Martin - On Board with Speed ✔ ♣ Damp Road -UGP,Belfast,N.Ireland - ✔

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Ulster GP 2014 Instant Download►http://goo.gl/SGbqLr Use " JUMP35 " Discount Promo code - for 35% off. Guy Martin 2005 - Ulster Grand Prix - Belfast - N.Ireland
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Text Comments (57)
KaZaP13-613 (16 days ago)
Another beautiful vid
Thomas (1 month ago)
God damn. 2 feet away from someone while going 190MPH. No wonder I have a man-crush on all the TT gang.
Włodek 1410 (1 month ago)
Pro life Vegan (2 months ago)
I just pooped 💩 my pants!
gary fletcher (5 months ago)
Is this what ive heard of as The Ulster 200 ?
rakshath shetty (10 months ago)
Guy martin comes 1st often ( once in 4 races ) but he rides ultimate , he is d best ever n ever forever "TALENTED " guy..his mind is very brilliant/ he flies his own aircraft, which is half made by himself,and recently he has flew a S01Eo3..just watch he is crazy))
Terror (11 months ago)
ESTIPID PEOPLE mit shit mph !!!
romakayak (1 year ago)
terrifyingly too fast for me!
Bhushan S (1 year ago)
Just simply love your vids man <3 :)
Waider Romero (2 years ago)
304 k/h ufff
Máté Ágoston (2 years ago)
+Waider Romero  1 miles per hour is 1.609344 km/h. Check the Wikipedia.
Waider Romero (2 years ago)
+Borsófőzelék Piskótakockával no! 1 milla equivale a= 1.60 kilómetros ahora multiplica 190 por 1.60 y verás ;)
Máté Ágoston (2 years ago)
+Waider Romero 190 mph is 306 km/h. :)
Oliver Münch (2 years ago)
ich liebe es....
BIKES BLADES/GUN'S (2 years ago)
that's right I wish you a fast recovery and wish you all the best!!!!! your a great RIDER and racer!!!!
BIKES BLADES/GUN'S (2 years ago)
that's racing!!!!
Nique Haupt (2 years ago)
I ride sport bike, or at least I used to think I did, then you watch these guys. Its a whole other world......love Guy Martin.... get well !!!
BIKES BLADES/GUN'S (2 years ago)
Did you get enough?
BIKES BLADES/GUN'S (2 years ago)
+Dominique Haupt basically anyway I wasn't asking a question for any ANSWER so fuck off!!!!
BIKES BLADES/GUN'S (2 years ago)
+Dominique Haupt I'm not looking for anyone to immediate me at all if I had the money for the bike and to get it set up I'd go a RIDE as fast as possible and just go and give it everything so basically there's 3 things team bike MONEY! So I'm fucked but believe me I would and may surprise some people cause you never know people and there hidden talents!!!!
Nique Haupt (2 years ago)
+BIKES BLADES/GUN'S Unless you have some agenda, I think these guys are there to admire not imitate.....
BIKES BLADES/GUN'S (2 years ago)
I was saying that same thing to myself, but until I try this then I can't say I EVER HAD THE Chance to really push the limits!!!!
John (2 years ago)
Bloody hell... these guys have cajones.... feck F1.
darklordxxx (2 years ago)
i haven't watched F1 since Senna passed . but sure love this shit .
gorflunk (2 years ago)
Get well soon, Guy!
Luillo luillo (2 years ago)
You are the man o yeah
Bob Ford (2 years ago)
Anyone who is sick to the back teeth of F1, should follow these guys, no excuses, no complaining about the bike, they just do the business.
Groovy Panda (1 year ago)
Bob Ford yup no regulation really other than the cc of a engine for a class anyone can build something and enter just have to do the three years of practice before you could race zed bike yourself
Bob Ford (2 years ago)
+Borsófőzelék Piskótakockával Because ?
Chazz Jocazzi (2 years ago)
I started developing angina due to the tension, I swear. Guy Martin must have supernatural eyes.Anyway, I've been on bikes for years and NO, I cannot dream-ride like him( rubs heart area ).... A Mozart on a motorbike, he is. As good as he ever was.
MrTheorsa (2 years ago)
Yeah..agree...INSANE when you have the 'on board' view!
Dave B (3 years ago)
Like a rocket
rlipscomb100 (3 years ago)
guy is a real odd person with a feeling for the bike and track . he really is a person who moves the bar up. I wish him well and to be around for a long time . go go go guy.
SuperChris0011 (3 years ago)
Real men with big big balls!!
Marek Jakubowski (3 years ago)
J was think Kubika is faster person on earth, now change my mind. 
Charles Sisson (3 years ago)
Watching the bank angle and comparing it to the rider in front gives a real perspective on how far those riders are leaning into a turn.
Martino Troskot (3 years ago)
fucking wow,wow 2:58 close
Ljubo Rajic (3 years ago)
kashem58 (3 years ago)
I kept staring at the dash for the 3:10mins so interesting to see all these numbers and data
jd smith (3 years ago)
If this doesn't get your pulse pounding, just give up - you're already dead and r.i.p.
-Луди хора...
Nam Văn (3 years ago)
wooow so fast !
kazeater (3 years ago)
You need some serious balls to bank a bike over at 160mph clipping the hedges, knowing full well if you make a mistake......you're dead.
evilhomer (3 years ago)
Giant humongous testicles!
Steve Mackelprang (3 years ago)
Great Stuff as usual!!!!!
Seb Samuray (3 years ago)
It was very fast. So hard to see the sights :)
BlueOrchideefly (3 years ago)
Thx......for feelings....
Dean Hawk (3 years ago)
acidhard (3 years ago)
LOCK9 rulez
Maximum 304 km/h, super !!!
justin jubey (3 years ago)
Legend. Coolest videos on Youtube.
gixxeronyour6 (3 years ago)
Thank you for another great video.
Mark Hoffman (3 years ago)
C.R.A.Z.Y. :)
Samurai H (3 years ago)
王芊芊 (3 years ago)
redeyeracing2 (3 years ago)
and breathe.... whew
Ch4os91 (3 years ago)

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