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Meet the Chillest Person to Ever Be Shot in the Chest

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Usually, a gunshot wound to the chest inspires a sense of fear or paranoia but not if you’re Devon from Illinois. After sustaining what is apparently a minor wound, he appeared on the local news station to KHQA to talk about the ordeal and remained super chill through the entire interview. Subscribe to Complex for More: http://goo.gl/PJeLOl Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/ComplexMag https://www.facebook.com/complex https://www.instagram.com/complex/ https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (2757)
vortex matrix (5 hours ago)
In a Lamborghini tho he is literally living the chill life
duke (11 hours ago)
what do you expect lol he is from chicago niggas there get shot every day
Lesley Montoya (1 day ago)
*Smoke leaks out wound*
demonic masters (1 day ago)
He was probably on weed soo like..
Angel Stone (2 days ago)
Thay bitch is on xanax No Real man here!!!!!😂
Inferno (2 days ago)
hood drive by,honey close the window i try to sleep here i have 2 jobs. if you are offended i'm sorry it's a joke
T bryant (2 days ago)
That nigga gangsta
User213 (2 days ago)
His nipple is gone
SplatterZGaming (2 days ago)
Probably on xanax
maang (2 days ago)
man if he is hig af he doesent realy think straight 😂
ganiniii (2 days ago)
so many kids talking shit about he being high!!! LMAO I once smoked 2 blunts before going to the dentist and I can tell you it didn't helped much, it made everything even scarier and weird
The first dude
Sensei Cortez (3 days ago)
it was probably just a grazing surface wound if he was that chill
Demetrius Leaphart (3 days ago)
I live in quincy
Aiden Shea (4 days ago)
when u hit them hacks and get ur self god mode on fortnite
Vader Playz (4 days ago)
so chill
Mojo Risin (4 days ago)
Its like a badge of honor for theses idiots.
John Ellis (4 days ago)
Hes high
Obey Reality (4 days ago)
He was using a mod menu.
DrFruityLoops (4 days ago)
it dont hurt
Vegito Blue (4 days ago)
Anyone can be that chill if you were as high as he was...smoking weed relieves physical pain..
Mikha DeKock (4 days ago)
He is high so less pain
Strange (5 days ago)
When you use a medkit after getting shot in fortnite
Zeo (5 days ago)
He must of been a gang member
Tis' but a flesh wound
zzginigzz (1 day ago)
your arms off!
samr hernandez (6 days ago)
dom colling (6 days ago)
Yo wtf that hoodie fire
This dude's name is deadass Speedy Morman
Alex Babcock (7 days ago)
Probably because he's high
Younge nhn (7 days ago)
I know dude personally his name is Davion Pernall he was shot over "beef"
Tajhee Hayes (8 days ago)
I've been shot the same way behind the closed door in the chest died to but also survived my so-called best friend shot me the bullet still in me
vSaucy Tv (8 days ago)
I’m so tough I wouldnt go to the hospital ill put a Bandaid on
Joni Nurmela (8 days ago)
He was so high that he didn't feel the pain lol
Sahil Thakur (8 days ago)
Brother from another mother ✊
Sparks (8 days ago)
He high
Naz Arian (8 days ago)
P Skrill (9 days ago)
Only in this country are you respected and cool if you get shot lol God help all human race
Lucid kid (9 days ago)
He probably dead now
RMAGEDN740 (9 days ago)
He's chill cus he knows he just got some stripes and survived without much damage. Not to mention, he's probably feeling good off the pain meds...
Alec Welsh (9 days ago)
Speedy morman?
Enrique Gonzales (10 days ago)
My dad got shot in the chest.. he didn’t make a sound, and he had to get air lifted to a hospital, we got their before the helicopter did and i rode with him.
Your Average Good Guy (10 days ago)
Lol u can tell dis nigga was really feeling himself
LoliLEYLA (11 days ago)
Nuh uh my dad got shot 2 times in his car by a robber and he was just like okay I guess this is time to die and just drove himself 2 blocks to park walk up to a man and be like I got shot call 911 he survived and btw he got shot one in the wrist and then one in the muscles which went through and went through his torso and the bullet is lodged in his back
Yxnder (11 days ago)
probably too xaned out to care xd
TheWorldIsMines 100 (11 days ago)
Illinois gotta be in the top 5 of states with the highest crime rates. If not them records is getting deleted or lied about cause politicians and law enforcement is very very corrupt here
king tip (12 days ago)
Smokin some Dank tryna ease the pain thats all you have to do
User Name (12 days ago)
whos tougher? the soldiers fighting overseas to allow stupid people like you to do stupid shit like this
Max Xie (12 days ago)
He’s on the good meds
rugicyril jr sulla (12 days ago)
and he's Wiz Khalifa
Louis Murphy (13 days ago)
Speedy Morman?
Sagr_alkabili DE_BOSS (13 days ago)
An this nigga ain’t even go to the hospitals he’s just chill
Gregory Anderson (13 days ago)
looks like rae sremmed
Vin 96 (13 days ago)
Why it sound like they talking in a fan
Jamish Mcquo (14 days ago)
niggas just want me dead *sniff* or somethin..
okay guy (14 days ago)
why you gotta add some redundant commentary to every video? just play the damn clip, your viewers have brains
Mr. Shquid (14 days ago)
he just high
M4RTIN (15 days ago)
He’s sooooooo high He didn’t even feel pain
Clorox Bleach (15 days ago)
He high as fuck
Turkey Man (16 days ago)
That's my motha fuckin blockkkkk
Franklin Nelson (16 days ago)
Hes high ass fuck
Oliver Charette (16 days ago)
How bout the guy that survived a grizzly bear attacked , walked a few kilometres to his car to drive down to the hospital by himself , he beat's em anyday. Look it up, the guy has pieces of skin hanging everywhere on his body
Johnny Chavira (16 days ago)
Haha that guy looks like a shot out wiz khalifa. 😂
Robert_6- _ (16 days ago)
He not tough i bet he is highHIGH
dvio360 (16 days ago)
my uncle shot himself in the hand and drove himself to the hospital with the good hand
Mr hawkins (16 days ago)
i think most people would drive their self to the hospital afte being shot but most people wouldnt act like nothing happen if they were shot so that was def tougher than camron
d_ williams (16 days ago)
2pac did the same thing got shot and was smoking weed
nathan lim (16 days ago)
real street nigga
Neighborhood Whiteboy (16 days ago)
I live in Quincy
alcohol is destruction, weed is healing nations - Bob Marley thanks weeds
Hes. High😂😂
Lil Pamp (17 days ago)
hes high dumb fxck
The Destroyer (17 days ago)
CJ is that you
Cave Lion (17 days ago)
He is in an altered state of consciousness. Almost invincible.
Noumenon Drift (17 days ago)
this motherfucker and his tiny chest pocket hahahahaha
Trevor Manning (17 days ago)
Trevor Manning (17 days ago)
Trevor Manning (17 days ago)
Trevor Manning (17 days ago)
Jesus Ray (18 days ago)
who is watch 2018
marvmin1 (18 days ago)
neither 50 cent
HitMerKerz PS3D (18 days ago)
Im worried for his Lungs, after getting shot then smoking right after
Tony Montana (18 days ago)
And why is Chicago plagued with gun violence? Because of gun control
Cvxxbu Adam (18 days ago)
Nigga is high
Y tho (18 days ago)
Lmao he buggin off that morphine shot
Misty Woods (18 days ago)
what weed was this guy smoking ?😂😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔🤔
bw Reed (19 days ago)
Hes chill cause he knows he just scored enough street cred to have those ratchet ass chickenheads licking his pole till they finish the job.
Bee Trippin (19 days ago)
We was in the room chillin smokin and drinkin... (gunshots) now get the kid out the room🤔...😂😃😆
TelesTic (19 days ago)
he's high
Xtraction Playz (20 days ago)
That dude was probably high
Prince Ogden (20 days ago)
both, getting hurt is a every day thing it's how you take, handle, deal with and respond too but for the most part what make old boi g is how you and if you reflect because we all have a end wrather we caused it or not
Prince Ogden (20 days ago)
if you are alive and have still the abilities to the primary High qualities of life Insurance reproductive organs in Tack take it as a grain of salt
SAUCEY (20 days ago)
it’s Superman like for real 😳
bryan micklewright (20 days ago)
He is just high asf but walking up smoking a blunt after being shot tha snoop dogg shit 😂😂
mr_death47 (21 days ago)
Good weed.. Looked it his chest (you wanna hit this shit) 😂
Patrick Star (21 days ago)
*C h i l l*
cozy boi (22 days ago)
the other guy
JackalFlame XD (22 days ago)
Jad Bro (22 days ago)
No body can be comfortable after getting shot by a bullet wow
Doze KingDizzy (22 days ago)
He still on painkillers
Col Wal (22 days ago)
yoo i thought he was kyle kuzma

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