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Behind the scenes at the Framing Department | The National Gallery, London

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Most visitors to the National Gallery come to look at the paintings. But in this behind-the-scenes look at the work of the Gallery’s Framing Department, the richness and importance of the collection’s frames is revealed. A fascinating insight into recent conservation work and historic frame purchases with the National Gallery’s Head of Framing, Peter Schade, and Vivmar Curatorial Assistant, Harriet O’Neill.
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Pheobe Blurts (2 months ago)
The National Gallery runs a course every week on Stories of Art. It has felt a great privilege to have had both these lovely chaps address us as part of it. Sign up if you can!
heinrich dhyanarealms (2 years ago)
The new frame is higher quality but the old one seriously had charm.
Ryan Lynch (4 days ago)
Bit late to say as much, but doubtless the museum will retain the genuine 17th century french frame and repair it to the high standards they expect, and match it to a work from the 1600s that will be much better served by its particular characteristics. Waste not, want not!
SOUNDsculptures (2 years ago)
Marvellous. I'm staggered though by how little exposure your wonderful videos seem to get. Does no one know you're THE NATIONAL GALLERY??!?!? Thank you for sharing this tidbit of insight into frames.

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