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Toilets through time (Or, a royal flush)

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A guided tour through 1000 years of toilet history, from the 18-seater 'Common Jakes' to an ornate Victorian flusher via Henry VIII's constipation - and including the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace and Kew Palace. With Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces.
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Text Comments (64)
Edgar Grefve (26 days ago)
flat as a board
Freddy Marcel-Marcum (5 months ago)
Lucy, marry me!
A G (9 months ago)
how did i get here
Dima Andro (9 months ago)
This must be a very old clip of Lucy, before her BBC contract
MindlessMannequin (2 months ago)
That's why it's amazing!
Barbara Aspengen (11 months ago)
THANKS FOR THE HISTORY on this subject we take our toilets for granted my grandson will not know what a outhouse was.
causabon99 (1 year ago)
Lucy puts this across brilliantly. Air of a head-girl at a school having to talk about something a bit unmentionable, and the listeners not being quite sure what to expect. Tudor piss indeed! And a slight naughtiness in sitting on the Optimum at the end.
Tekkit Person (2 years ago)
Pretty shitty.
Ottoman Cat (2 years ago)
yhwe100 (2 years ago)
What a shit story.
dianaAthemiscyra (2 years ago)
Flush toilets were nothing new. The Palace of Knossos on the island of Crete had working flush toilets That was way back in The Bronze Age. The island was also ruled by women. Go figure.
Cynthia Snowden (2 years ago)
Lucy is quite funny
beccaj336 (3 years ago)
This is the shittiest video I've ever seen. lol
madisonelectronic (3 years ago)
Good Housekeeping Seal of Disaproval
Craig Campbell (3 years ago)
I want to run away with Lucy and then . . . then . . . protect her. From something. But she probably doesn't need protecting. In summing up, I nevertheless still want to run away with her and protect her.
Stu Mulne (3 years ago)
Probably was filmed by a potato....  But Lucy's so cute, who cares?
Alex R (8 months ago)
appropriately, the quality is just as shitty as the subject matter of the video
Nevaeh Carter (3 years ago)
who cares... it jst a toilet
John Carmichael (4 years ago)
HenryVIII :   Enema of the State!!....sorry folks, I just couldn't resist....!!
Dio Rex (4 years ago)
Was this filmed with a potato? by the way i heard that the Royal family still uses a groom of the stool, i also heard that the groom of the stool used to taste the poop and the urine.
Dio Rex (4 years ago)
+chickenman464w I'm not a Brit but you might be a Pakibrit? i don't know if what i said is true, i just Heard it from an other guy that's why i asked you if you knew.
chickenman226 (4 years ago)
r u from the uk? because i am!
Dio Rex (4 years ago)
What's not true! everything i wrote?
chickenman226 (4 years ago)
not true
ohevshalomel (4 years ago)
When I'm at work tomorrow, I'm going to ask my boss for a "Great House of Easement" break....
ohevshalomel (4 years ago)
But *I* want decorations on the inside of *my* toilet bowl! Maybe I'll just go up to Wal-Mart and buy some Christmas window decals....
ohevshalomel (3 years ago)
+Alejandra De Olivera They were royalty...everything had to be pretty for them, even the johns. :D
Hailey Williams (3 years ago)
Lol! i know! that bowl was sooo pretty!...to be pooped on!? what a shame :(
Dav123xyz (4 years ago)
What are you doing on you tube???!! Don't think I'd hve sat on that last one but it's over to you.
3636Clarence (4 years ago)
Have read where the loos where the waste fell down the walls had be barred off. Attackers could & would gain entry through these openings. A little slippy/ slidy/ sloppy one may imagine....
kpadmirer (7 months ago)
The poor slave whose job it was to clean up the "deposits" was known as a "gong farmer".
Louise Hampton (5 years ago)
it's called crapping for the BLUE BUTTS (bloods) ;)
RabbitSlippersBlog (5 years ago)
This must all have to do with why it is called "the Throne"! LOL
jigoku66 (5 years ago)
shitter was full
Nick Williams (5 years ago)
Actually that's the modern version I was thinking of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice speech "All that glisters is not gold; Often have you heard that told: Many a man his life hath sold But my outside to behold: Gilded tombs do worms enfold. Had you been as wise as bold, Young in limbs, in judgement old Your answer had not been inscroll'd Fare you well, your suit is cold".
3636Clarence (5 years ago)
Poo poo
warden phil (5 years ago)
I like Lucy's presentation, but I fail to understand her fascination with the fact that the chamber pot contained residue of tudor urine. That is too much.
51Saffron (5 years ago)
What if it was diarrhea? Did they drink it?
Baskerville22 (5 years ago)
Toilet paper ? Sponges I think...
1joshjosh1 (5 years ago)
I have a go with this girl,give her the old big stick I would!!
GooglFascists (5 years ago)
Yes and in the Chinese dynasties courtiers used to EAT the royal turds. It was considered a high honor.
GooglFascists (5 years ago)
They completely fail to mention the high Royal servant's position: "Groom Of The Stool". This person's job was to wipe the Royal arse, dump the Royal load and clean the Royal "stool" ready for its next Royal crap. Now the position of "Groom of the Stool" is largely ceremonial, applying to "yes men" and "brown nosers" assigned to wealthy banksters and arch criminals such as those in political office.
3636Clarence (5 years ago)
Interesting to see such beautifully decorated commodes. Perhaps it was to offset a basically nasty function. But hey, everybody "goes"
3636Clarence (5 years ago)
It simply boggles the mind that a place such as Versailles was built without toilet facilities.
Caigga900 (5 years ago)
This channel is great. I want to visit and explore the UK.
meadowlane37 (5 years ago)
she's very knowledgeable,articulate and rather cute.
zimnaya (6 years ago)
Lavatory, please...not and never 'toilet'. Oddly, at my school the lavatories were called 'jakes' as at Hampton Court Palace. After we had been caned (a gruesome, vicious procedure) we would run down the stairs from the Housemaster's office, into the jakes, sit down and pull the flush. The cold air rising from the water gave a very little relief from the agony of the beating we had just received.
itsjustme2919 (6 years ago)
So sometimes the King literally shit on his people, sit on the hole and bombs away...
dieselscience (6 years ago)
OOOMMYGOD! Amway company sells a brand of toothpaste called "Glister." No shit, look it up....
GARRYKINGLIVE (6 years ago)
this is fascinating and Lucy is quite charming
reevedavey (6 years ago)
[email protected] silver tongued rascal.i can picture hordes of the fair sex beating a well worn path to your door to be entwrtained with such gay badinage and rapier wit.back on planet earth i find your posting disgusting and offensive; obviously from the brain(i use that term loosely) of an ignorant,foul mouthed pig.
Melvin Hendrikse (6 years ago)
Well. A houtstand years of lavatorial history in a nutshell, but I get the point. I once read somewhere that they (during the reign of Henry VIII) painted crosses on the wall, to prevent courtiers from pissing against it ;-). I am not sure what the exact source might have been, but I am pretty sure it was included in Alison Weir's Henry VIII King and Court.
madisonelectronic (7 years ago)
1:20 I wouldn't touch much of anything up there, just in case. And at 1:14 that crappy (sorry) bit of wire will not keep anyone from taking a dump (sorry again) down that hole.
Javier Duque (7 years ago)
I LOVE England <3 I love the Middle Ages and Tudor England.
Nick Williams (7 years ago)
Brings a whole new meaning to the saying all that glisters is not gold!!
Jill Koerber (8 years ago)
Slessorpr.....After Nonsuch Palace was built, Henry only visited it once and after he died,it was eventually torn down because it was costing too much to keep up
Genelie Breis (8 years ago)
oooo thats fancy, the last toilet had pictures on it. it's like your crapping on blue china.
Toast (8 years ago)
Hampton is essentially Henry's as Wolsey's palace was pretty much re-built by Henry after he acquired it, Henry turned it from the medieval building which Wolsey converted into the palace we see today.
slessorpr (8 years ago)
No he was actually Thomas Crapper, I kid you not, and according to Melvyn Bragg in his documentary series, The Adventure of English BBC 2003 this word, the verb 'to crap', came from Europe and actually was in use b4 flush toilets (which TC made bowls for). excellent series by Bragg which is also a book. It needs to be as so many words are explained it is totally enthralling. There are 6 one hr episodes which you can get entire as a Bit Torrent file if you want to download it, as I did. 5 stars!
Hmm. I had thought that the name "John" came from the inventor of the flush toilet, John Crapper (no pun intended).
slessorpr (8 years ago)
A real Tudor pisspot! I am deeply impressed. How they know that is what this type of pot is for is why ppl go to university to become archaeologists. They find pisspots a lot only usually they're boring academic ones... but that's another story.
slessorpr (8 years ago)
Of all Henrys palaces, I wd most like to have seen Nonsuch. Even the name tells you how special it was! What a shame we haven't got it to 'balance' Hampton Court, essentially Wolseys house, I thought...still it didn't save him from the axe. Henry was not grateful for the gift, despite Hampton Crt being the most splendid house/palace in England at the time....
slessorpr (8 years ago)
Brilliant , 'the jacques' became the modern day 'john'. I never knew that humble word had such grand origins! Now I will view 'johns' in a new light...
Well done! This made I larrf

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