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Isle of Man TT 2018 Press Launch

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Monster Energy TT 2018 Press Launch
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NudaRider (11 days ago)
Bruce Anstey is out. Cancer has returned.
Dumbleduke (18 days ago)
Gary Johnson is a funny guy...”like being in a brothel with a flaccid penis” 😁 also respect to John for making a comeback absolute legend
Mister T. (28 days ago)
This is going 2B exciting ! (Indeed)
Sergio rocha (29 days ago)
Sergio rocha (29 days ago)
❤❤❤❤😱😱😱😱😱 I love Isle of Man TT
Abs151 (30 days ago)
CBR600 RR (30 days ago)
Where's guy Martin 🤔😢
NudaRider (20 days ago)
The French have always been good at running away from a fight. But now there are a lot of people in France who’d rather die than surrender. They're called Muslims. And you think I'm American - funny!
YouAllJackasses (20 days ago)
hahaha! what a flying dead brain you are.... keep talking shit you get ridiculous here. if my name was benjamin, would you write shit about jews? or if my name was mohamed, would you write shit about muslims? dude you are hopeless just quit! it's embarassing for you.
NudaRider (20 days ago)
Went to my first French self-defence class today. I’ve never run so far in my life.
YouAllJackasses (20 days ago)
dude you deserve so bad to die the most painful way. nothing to do for you. you must be a Trump supporter. my next prayers will be for your kids. it would be sad to get killed by a cop or a terrorist in a school... lol. muricans. only good at shit and wars.
NudaRider (21 days ago)
Meghan Dsouza (1 month ago)
Can't wait
Mister T. (28 days ago)
No doubt !
MO KER (1 month ago)
J'ai même pas pu m'inscrire je suis dégoûté ! Mais au moins il y a le direct :)
kieran andrews (1 month ago)
Does Lee know that guy is still faster around the track than he has ever been. Before he pokes fun at some 1 for having more success. Honda clearly got they hand up his ass. Quote "what happened last year" disrespectful as fuck. Prick
rob sim (30 days ago)
kieran andrews guy is a bell end tho so who gives a shit

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