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Video recreating the satin stitch stars as seen on the 1985 Jacques Azgury dance dress, worn by Diana, Princess of Wales. See the dress in 'Fashion Rules' at Kensington Palace from 4 July 2013
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Frances Hurley (4 months ago)
Why do you cut your tails off on front? I always pull to backside and leave a little lenght after knotting
Suvarna Sawant (4 months ago)
very beautiful, thanks for sharing the technique.
Heather Stewart (1 year ago)
Terrible nail polish, please get a manicure .
JHONATTANFF (2 years ago)
beautiful. :) i would use this technique!!!
Lucy Gonzalez (2 years ago)
this video needs to be re-shot, the camera is all over and we are unable to see what she is doing..
Jay Fernanadez (3 years ago)
Omg can this camera man stay still for mire then 5 seconds!
Happy GoldenCraft (2 years ago)
+Jill Fernanadez
NvrMissBravo (3 years ago)
I wish I could see her complete something.
Smile Hoya (3 years ago)
amazing work <3 so beauty :)
PhilippineAmerican (4 years ago)
I don't like that dress from the eighties.
Bernice Owusu (9 months ago)
PhilippineAmerican not

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