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Royal baby names: a history

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While the world eagerly awaits the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first baby, our joint chief curator Tracy Borman and curator Deirdre Murphy give an historical perspective on the choice of royal baby names. Filmed at Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace.
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One MercilessMing (18 days ago)
So-called "royals" crack me up--and so do the toadies and sycophants who slaver over them. Do they REALLY think that they are the only group of people who take naming a baby seriously? They need to think again (if they even CAN think, that is). Jewish people as a group carefully choose the name of their little one. Untold numbers of children come from families where the son is named after the father: Jr, III, IV, etc. Still other families alternate an original ancestor's name, for instance: John James will be James John, then John James in the third generation. Within ethnicities, an ethnic version of a name will be used instead of an Anglicized one, for instance: Seamus for James, Hadassah for Esther, or Dovydas for David. I know of almost NO ONE who "randomly" gives a name to a baby. THAT's how obsequious these Palace grovelers are.
MsRainbow Brite (5 months ago)
i can remember reading a story about a boy who was born with the name Patrick. He had always been raised by his father as his mother abandoned him not long after his birth. When Patrick was a late teen he finally worked up the courage to find his mother. By chance he bumped into his "brother" playing outside the house of his mother. Patrick asked the brother what his name was and the boy replied "Patrick" .... how sad is that?
Strefanasha (3 years ago)
George Louis Alexander. Drop the third name and it is exactly the same name (anglicized, of coure) as that of the founder of the dynasty, Georg Ludvig  Elector of Hannover, aka George I
Freya McCullough (1 year ago)
I never noticed that! How interesting!
PETITEPIINK (4 years ago)
@freshgeeh 1 At least the Royal family aren't like celebrates. These names are just as normal as you and I. So next time if you're going think twice about the Royal family, please take it else where.
One MercilessMing (18 days ago)
PETITEPINK--Even those atrocious names aren't random or willy-nilly. "Apple" and other such names are odd, but not without thought. The single exception might be the Kartrashians whose baby name "North West" was supposed to be cute--until they chose to nickname her "Nori" which is the seaweed in which sushi is wrapped. Still not without some thought, they just didn't think it through.
freshgeeh1 (4 years ago)
Don't get this the wrong way, but royalty is boring because all the royal children are in such typical sequences for their names like - George Alexander Louis, - William - Phillip - Lady Louise and not Monstertruck Fuckman for example.
JohnPaul Dixon (4 years ago)
Whilst I'm 'on your side' there IS that thing called Tradition which has been integral to Monarchy for 1000 years.As much as William & Catherine are a modern couple they are as entrenched in Tradition as their predecessors.And yes,attitudes have come a long way,even since I was a young gay male in the 70s,.But I would predict some resistance to too much change especially from the Church,given that he will eventually become Supreme Governor of the Church of England.But we'll have to wait & see.
desigayboi (4 years ago)
why not? there is a possibility that he may be gay as im getting a lot of feminine energy from the new king. Also i do have a very good gaydar. I knew it was going to be a boy. Attitudes towards gay people has improved and it is very acceptable now otherwaise gay marrige would notbe acceptable. i am sure prince Wiliam and Harry and Kate live very much in this generation. Also i have a very strong feeling that he may be named George or James... But lets see hahah
JohnPaul Dixon (4 years ago)
Philip Arthur Louis George. They aren't going to stray from the 'tried & true' path when naming their sprog.
JohnPaul Dixon (4 years ago)
Hahahaha,that'll never happen,lol.It's about as likely as naming the new Prince,Wayne or Dwayne,even.We have had gay/bi-sexual Monarchs in British history.It's just that things never went well for them.I definitely won't be around when/if this new baby becomes King,(maybe in around 50 years time),but if he does wind up being gay then it can only be hoped attitudes towards homosexuality will be even more acceptable.Hey,he may even become our 1st transexual monarch,haha.
desigayboi (4 years ago)
They should name our king tom, because tom Daley is so sexy. I hope that our future king is gay. cause he would do so much for us gay people and also he would be the first gay king of the future,
Éva Kismadar (4 years ago)
Tanya Cabra (4 years ago)
Dona Klein (4 years ago)
1st comment!!!!!

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