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TT Isle Of Man PC "NEW" HARDEST Yet FUNNEST Game on TWO Wheels

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Text Comments (443)
Need 4 Speed Videos (1 month ago)
6:12 that start tho 😂😂😂
Fariz Fansuri (13 days ago)
im dying laughing lol haha
Kikura Kun (20 days ago)
That ripped me hard dead 😂😂
Opposite Lock (23 days ago)
That was so unexpected and funny xD
ASMR James (24 days ago)
Yo i'm dying that shit was the best fucking thing I've seen today
Dre Raphael (1 month ago)
and 10:37 LMAO
Zunai (1 day ago)
Intresting that they made game out of this. Few things I would like to point out are, the back tires, they are too thin also they have this weird noisy texture to it, but really they are very smooth. Also whats up with the dashboards? they look very unrealistic with the sizing and displays. otherwise looks pretty dope.
Danny Cheek (2 days ago)
I’d have a bike as well but like you said, there’s too many stupids driving these days. I had a dirt bike as a kid and loved every minute I was able to ride. Nothing like a 50cc Honda that goes 45mph.
William Harper (3 days ago)
"We got the pass!" SPLAT
FujiwaraTakumi (4 days ago)
As an actual biker, this shiet looks realistic affff !
Matthew140398 (4 days ago)
12:51 it was at this moment TheSlaptrain knew...he f*cked up hahahaha
Isaac Kasonde (4 days ago)
have you never heard of engine braking?
NSG Blackie (6 days ago)
watch isle of man irl
Jesse Snyder (6 days ago)
I creamed when I saw the EBR.
R.R. NationTV (6 days ago)
What if a deer runs across the road.
Kakto Tak (6 days ago)
This game needs a permadeath mode. For extra immersion and realism.
Braden Kuehl (7 days ago)
You need to play RIDE 2 it’s a kickass bike racing game, it has supermoto/dirtbikes and street bikes you would actually really like it
Braden Kuehl (7 days ago)
Turns everything off because “We only have 140 horsepower”. buddy, 140 HORSEPOWER ON SOMTHING WITH TWO WHEELS!, it’s a god damn 600cc street bike😂 and you wanted to buy the 1,000cc to start off with😂
Renold Vottier (8 days ago)
Hello Mates, Aah Yes The TT, 1907, Is When It All Began, Simply Beautiful...
SOYZUKI (10 days ago)
as a rider, most games don't really capture the feel and speed of bring on a motorbike. You've sold me on this though, plus... It's the Isle of fricken Man!!!
Larry House (10 days ago)
No time for excuses Slap! Get a bike in real life!
AbnormalInfant (11 days ago)
11:22 yeah he's dead
Clorox Modz (12 days ago)
They should let the bike get fucked when you crash so you can see it crumple. Also it would be sick if as the rider hit the ground or any other obstacle it showed an X-ray of his bones being crushed or broken
Essential Killaz (14 days ago)
benjamin king (14 days ago)
Watch ‘closer to the edge’ you’ll understand how much of a big deal this is
SrtGarret (15 days ago)
Jeez they could have atleast made the tires wider LOL there like smaller than 600cc tires haha
ZachOnOneWheel (15 days ago)
Boi if you don’t get your fingers off that damn rear brake! Easy now.
nibbify (16 days ago)
Guy Martin is my boy in TT
Ryan Lidel (17 days ago)
11:22 lmao
Ryan Lidel (17 days ago)
6:12 I laughed so loud!
oasisbeyond (18 days ago)
Only games like this I enjoyed was Moto Gp and Moto Gp 2 on Xbox. Took time to get good of the controls but it's doable and easy overall. That said, after that it got old with time they were all kinda the same 3,4...
Logan (19 days ago)
Yeah Suter MMX 500 i love 2-stroke
LAR Processing (19 days ago)
You better play 4wheels not this one hehe
Fabrizio Pompili (20 days ago)
This game is surprisingly fun! Played a couple oh hours yesterday and ive had a blast. Nice video dude 👍
Danny Lyford (21 days ago)
@5:25 we only have 140 horsepower 😂😂😂 can tell this guy ain't a biker hahaha
Dethmeister (21 days ago)
They gave this guy a free game code? I wonder if they'd be desperate enough to give me one. 1.7M subs? Oh, nvm.
jimmyhackers (22 days ago)
the tt race is the ultimate balls of steel proving ground
Hadrian Briggs (22 days ago)
Great video man :-)
ross turton (23 days ago)
it takes a rider about 6 years to learn the track
Moto 90 (23 days ago)
I’m looking forward to getting this game. I also love Ride 2. TT is awesome I respect them.
LTRace (23 days ago)
Imagine this game on VR it would be something outrageous.
Jahden Carlos (23 days ago)
15:43 you almost crashed af the same spot bob lrice crashed
Terry Williams (23 days ago)
I am a sim racing player and i used to play f1 games like assetto corsa and f12017. Riding is quite different and is a little hard to me. However I think TT and motogp are still good games and they are exciting. I am happy to try them as I am a new rider for those riding games.
Opposite Lock (23 days ago)
Damn it, I wanna get a motorcycle now.
Switchzzz (24 days ago)
So cool to see that they made a game based off a event close to my heart, always watched the TT as a kid and loved it, great vid as always Slap
Switchzzz (24 days ago)
So cool to see that they made a game based off a event close to my heart, always watched the TT as a kid and loved it, great vid as always Slap
WildCard Joe (25 days ago)
Living here and seeing this every year really makes you forget how insane this is haha
i7fan (25 days ago)
Its good, but how could they miss adding reverb to the sound when you go with trees/buildings surrounding you? Basically all racing games have it and its very noticeable in real life. Loving it otherwise. Some small quirks but on the whole it drives really nice.
Harley Breakout Guy (25 days ago)
gaybox360 graphics :(
Harley Breakout Guy (25 days ago)
is it better than Ride 2?
moxymoe (26 days ago)
I live on the iom and travel them very same roads daily, I can tell you the track is insanely accurate! Down to the type of trees and fences around the houses which for the most are the right colour and the actual house not just place markers!
Cody Johnson (27 days ago)
You are doodie.. Do you never play racing Sims or what?? Who full throttles a bike or a car for that matter, over a crest... Are you legally blind in one eye and have no depth perception? Do you have really slow reaction times in everyday situations? Congrats on the subscribers though, but not the ones I would want.
Polly (27 days ago)
I was so excited about this game... till I saw this video... No smoke, no damage, no skid marks, no sparks, bad physics, no punishment for mistakes, surroundings cant be destroyed, spectators ignore your falls. It game belongs on mobile phone in 2018. not PC.
Gabe M (27 days ago)
Also, in real life, you would never slide out from the start like this game does. You would flip over because the tires have so much grip before you would slide out..
Gabe M (27 days ago)
I’m a professional motorcycle racer in real life, I’ve never raced the Isle of Man TT, I race on tracks, but I returned this game within the first hour. Yes the game has great graphics, and an amazing track, BUT the physics are so unrealistic to riding a motorcycle in real life. Believe it or not, this game makes riding HARDER than in real life, the way you slide when getting on the brakes is so unrealistic in this game. I think the developers of the game used car physics, not motorcycle physics. If you have ever played a Milestone game (Ride, MotoGP, MXGP, or new Monster Energy Supercross) the physics are much more realistic. When Slap gets on the brakes in this game notice how he slides instantly? Well in real life, the front tire has so much grip under braking you would flip over (endo) before sliding like you do in this game..
Brandon Ofarrell (27 days ago)
Its 71 bucks
mike Anuar (27 days ago)
Poor rider....
mike Anuar (27 days ago)
TheVanillatech (28 days ago)
Holy SHIT! I hope this plays as I think it plays! FINALLY! A decent bike game! Motor Racer was amazing fun but there hasn't been a decent bike game since GP500! Please GOD let this play as good as I think it plays! Kinda regretting selling my R9 290 and downgrading to a GTS450 in order to buy a carpet for the living room ... ah well. Time to save up! XD BRUM BRUMMMMM!
Lighty (28 days ago)
Imagine this in VR
Landyacht (28 days ago)
God you are terrible
Hopfolk (29 days ago)
Thanks for this - lots of sadistic laughs. You had some moments of genius too.
Nicky Rossi (29 days ago)
After this video TT seems more understandable for me than on tv. Death crashes in each corner! Extremely crazy! No words...
Said Ibrahim (29 days ago)
Ow my G ..... hooooo! 😂
dupton69 (30 days ago)
Ty for checking this out, had me in stitches ^,^. Looks real fun.
Security 101 (30 days ago)
People who do this for a living are no longer human to my eyes. They are demons (good one's)
Ethan Roberts (30 days ago)
Building my own Motorbike USB controller, got most of the parts together, just gotta get an I/O board and some code and start assembling. Should be a lot of fun on this game!
Ethan Roberts (1 month ago)
You've got four bras? I didn't realise bra's were something to sing about but, the more you know!
17:40 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😁 Crazy Look ooooo sheeee
Ádám Pajor (1 month ago)
This is scary as fuck... I WANT IT NOW!
Jaico Garcia (1 month ago)
I live here haha glad you're enjoying it bro been following your videos for a long time :)
pett pette (1 month ago)
those crashes thought: kind of scary - even for a game! 6:35 :(
Nevets (1 month ago)
A quick correction, this is not a 37 mile race, its a 37 mile lap. The senior race is 6 laps so 223 miles or so.
SunzOffski (1 month ago)
I love motorcycles but bike games suck.
NIL Sr. (1 month ago)
And u don't know about the most fearless riders in the world .
NIL Sr. (1 month ago)
Rubbish player
KreeD (1 month ago)
I live in the isle of man it's a beautiful island you should visit
Gonzo Gaming (1 month ago)
Around 9 to 10 weeks to go before this years TT, I will be there as per usual.
Gonzo Gaming (1 month ago)
16:53.929 Michael Dunlop 2016, 134 mph average.
JaayOnPC (1 month ago)
isle of man is a track you can download for assetto corsa.. I downloaded some F1 concept car and flying around that doing over 200mph at parts its like holy shit.. im glad this is a video game
XXL Creator (1 month ago)
ryan. (1 month ago)
people who do this race balls must be the size of a mountain LOL
bQ (1 month ago)
ultimate death simulator xd
AirCooledGaming (1 month ago)
Try out the 2-stroke for maximum pants browning
Rxdcliffe (1 month ago)
It’s weird because I actually live on the track and I never thought I would be able to my house in a game
Nathan Soto (1 month ago)
Slap when you have the chance to get on fm7 try to drift the brabham bt24 if u can control u can drift it it’s so fun (u can control anything u drift legend)
Bubonic UK (1 month ago)
11:00 Hahahahahaha!
Lebasto86 (1 month ago)
This could be fun in VR :O
Kombaiyashii (1 month ago)
Do you have seperate rear and front brake controls?
LostKeys (1 month ago)
have you played MX simulator that is the hardest game on two wheels
Rick Robinson (1 month ago)
Does TT Isle of Man the game support VR?
Hayden Gancedo (1 month ago)
Hey slap please help me my account on pixel car got erased and I had 150$ put into it and and my garage had all x cars if u can please help
CyanideGaming! (1 month ago)
Why would you spend that much money on a mobile game? :|
Aiden lad (1 month ago)
I live in the Isle of Man and it's so nice and I love too watch the bikes and I go on half the track each day to go to work
Jack B (1 month ago)
Seems like a nice game but when you’re at a higher rev range the bike seems to sound as if it isn’t giving pushing out lots of power. The bikes should be screaming
gary fletcher (1 month ago)
It is a good game but I prefer Ride 2.
JONBHOY79 (1 month ago)
Looks terrifying XD
mad4tarmac (1 month ago)
best online review yet..very funny.
mad4tarmac (1 month ago)
hahaha i pissed myself laughing at the start
Timbo Slice (1 month ago)
*cough* jussayin'... https://www.vrfocus.com/2018/03/motorcycle-simulator-leangp-takes-to-kickstarter/
Timbo Slice (1 month ago)
also try holding wheelies in 2nd or 3rd, considering how well you held that in 1st you'll have it down easy
Timbo Slice (1 month ago)
Those assists are there to make your first experience easier slap... Though I gotta say I admire your spirit 😂
Timbo Slice (1 month ago)
Actually never mind, this made for a much better video 😂😂😂
Matthieu Antoine (1 month ago)
Needs vr
Albert Max Carrion (1 month ago)
The physics seem really far off from real life when seen from 3rd person. Almost was interested in this game but fuck it, its not a simulator I guess. I'll have to wait for the sequel when they get things calibrated right.
Observing Rogue (1 month ago)
@15:50 Don't be deterred by the idiots on the road. "Loud pipes save lives" is bullshit. We must ride, like we are literally invisible. You can still get a motorcycle, study Twist of the Wrist 2 video, by Keith Code, practice in wide open places, like empty parking lots at night, and master your bike, so you can use your skills, and it's abilities, to avoid those idiots on the road. Be alert, prudent, and ride within the limits of your skills, and the physical limits of your bike, in the context of the road conditions, and where you are, like what you're able to see. Use 70% of your ability, to leave room for error. And because 49 state governments, are extra retarded. Lane splitting/filtering, is only legal in California...and the rest of the world. But I would still recommend, at the very least, never stop, in the middle of a lane, especially directly behind another vehicle, so you don't get rear ended or crushed, by a driver behind you, that's not paying attention, passed out, or has a brake failure. That's why I recommend stopping between the lanes, at least, and if you do filter, do it very slow & gentle, and always have your brakes covered. If you can't fit in a gap, carefully work your way to another, or just wait there, and blend in, when traffic starts moving again. Wherever you stop, at a red light, or stopped traffic. Always be ready for you, or the vehicle behind you, to be rear ended. Always be ready to take off, for an escape route. Motorcycle & rider survives, by staying out of the way. Remember. We're basically invisible, so we must act like we really are.
Observing Rogue (1 month ago)
Here's a version of Twist of the Wrist 2, on YouTube. https://youtu.be/805vCBJOilw
Linghao Zhang (1 month ago)
The video is FailRace approved
Angel Miranda (1 month ago)
can I get a shout out

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