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THIS METHOD ACTUALLY WORKS AND YOU GET A TON OF KILLS AND BP WITHOUT HACKING OR ANYTHING! CLICK THIS TO TRADE ON THE BEST PUBG SKINS SITE!!! http://bit.ly/2vFfZfz CLICK TO ENTER THIS SICK GIVEAWAY!! https://gleam.io/competitions/j6w43-pubg-275-black-pleated-mini-skirt-giveaway LAST TWO VIDEOS: THESE SKINS WILL LITERALLY MAKE YOU INVISIBLE IN PUBG! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6ZdKwNe_zQ&t=11s DAY 4 PUBG GAMESCOM INV SQUADS HIGHLIGHTS! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kwg3CKbOZgA&t=522s __ JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER!!! https://discord.gg/FZquvDn Keep up with me on Social Media!! Twitter: @Forthepacks Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/forthepacks _ OUTRO SONG: You & Me (Skrux) PC Specs: PC: Asus Gaming PC Processor: Intel Core i7 Processor-6700 Ram: 8GB Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX Card 960 Monitor: 144HZ Dual BenQ Monitors ___ Great People To Follow: Erockkkkk: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdTIvPsCnXs86WU1FcjWpjQ SONG USED IN THE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPSX-g40Ti1c5C7sbGNtGzA (Free Sound Cloud Download) ___ About The Video: This video is about how to get unlimited bp in pubg. This is not a hack or an exploit or anything. You simply hop into a game of FPP Squads in PUBG and just wait until the plane forces you to jump out of it. When you just put at the end, there will literally be 20 players that are not playing the game and they are just AFK, when you land you will have a free 20 kills, and get a ton of BP to open free crates and get some free expensive skins! This will probably be fixed soon so take advantage of it now!
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Text Comments (158)
Robert Campbell (10 days ago)
Going to share the h ack ive been doing to get tons of B P fast - its here - clck.one/pubghackonline
I really want to get skirt cause i just use for 15kbp still get sucks Hopefully i won this giveaway
cake eater (12 days ago)
if you need B P it's easy, do the trick ive been doing chek it out here clck.one/pubghackonline
Diego Felipe Fernandez (20 days ago)
Hey guys I just tested a website where you can get PUBG Credits, It worked for me I just want to share with you guys ==> http://bit.ly/2Elm1S0
Kaleb Cox (1 month ago)
Harold Stockwell Jr. (1 month ago)
I need cheats for Arcusa Online & StellaAcept Online
Juan Garzia (2 months ago)
For free coins: https://pubgtofast.com/#r/29sd6s
Juan Garzia (2 months ago)
Para monedas gratis: https://pubgtofast.com/#r/29sd6s
gheorghe lazar (2 months ago)
i want
anonymous (2 months ago)
hope it doesn’t fix
anonymous (2 months ago)
NickBoi (2 months ago)
Going on Asian servers you will get more afk players at the end
Fle Ven (2 months ago)
let me have that skort!
BoudizzProductions (2 months ago)
Its because all players wanted 3rd person view, but they accidentally touched fpp, so they quited the game
Juan Garzia (2 months ago)
For free coins: https://dat-pubg.com/#r/29sd6s Code: 29sd6s Dapubg
Bryan Manuel (2 months ago)
Wow now i know i will try this in my nxt game
Erik Verbai (2 months ago)
now everyone do this and no afk people R.I.P tactic
Madhav Wani (2 months ago)
I would love to win that giveaway
CurVI (2 months ago)
which server
Chillierbeast (3 months ago)
most ive seen doing this was 3 other people
SHARK_GO (3 months ago)
Plaz say how it's fk?!?!
Twitch Again (3 months ago)
https://pubgupgrader.gg/main 0.50 free code PUBGWEBISTES
Lau _The_Gamer (3 months ago)
Best vidoe cep up the good work 🤗🤗🤗
ToxicKraken (3 months ago)
your alone you shit ``stop saying with my friends they were supprised OMG``
Dire Wolf127 (3 months ago)
Well now all the traffic is going to increase
Euro Skullz (3 months ago)
If you save up BP then delete the game then reinstall it it keeps your stuff but it resets the Crate price to 750 and you could repeat the process just found it
Samuel Corral Erie (3 months ago)
Euro Skullz smart. Thank you so much
wythecat (3 months ago)
cool vid
moonstaa dfgh (3 months ago)
Daniel Davis (3 months ago)
thats called feild mousing, xbox gamertag: calikidALOHA invented this!
Ohhreckless (3 months ago)
''Unlimited battle points''
DarSha (4 months ago)
i found that too my feelin was like im a god then i get killed 10 sec lazer
ApoLLo RighT (4 months ago)
helo, iam dont find this website.. please can you send me codes my email? [email protected]
Nikolaj Foldager (4 months ago)
Doing this to boost ur stats... Fuck off noob
m1ksu (4 months ago)
2:02 why would I open them??
Mike Lawson (5 months ago)
many of them are people who crashed, disconnected, or left the session for some reason. pubg doesn't remove your character from the game when you disconnect, because they wanted to allow you to reconnect, and letting you disappear from the game for most of it and magically reappear at the end would be unfair, so when you disconnect, your character just goes idle and stands there.
Packs (5 months ago)
thanks man!
Smiths Chips (5 months ago)
How do people not know about this - Noobs!
Anh Việt (5 months ago)
Target (6 months ago)
it's not working anymore..
Target (5 months ago)
:P crap
Packs (5 months ago)
yeah this was like a few months ago
Andrew NewComer (6 months ago)
Me skirt pliz
Cao Yuhan (6 months ago)
skirt skirt skirt!!!
A o E (6 months ago)
Leg1tExploits (6 months ago)
They are not AFK's they are people who left before the countdown or in the plane
Lum (6 months ago)
I want it pleeaaase!
Vader666 (6 months ago)
Seems like it's fixed?! Did not have even 1 afk player in 3 tries yesterday
Krusher 99 (6 months ago)
Modded Vader (6 months ago)
Probably the only way this guy can get any kills..by killing afk oohhhh no sry I meant farm points.....psssss you fckin nub if u wanna fix your kda do it by playing good.....
Bobby Quinby (7 months ago)
marius stava (7 months ago)
Gay Watermelon (7 months ago)
LOL there's no one in his team he obviously did this on purpose lol
LuckyzXD (7 months ago)
King Theodin (7 months ago)
In first person when people leave they stay in the game and that's why they are there. Also since lots of people don't like first person, they get mad at their friends and leave :D Like it so he can see
Packs (7 months ago)
nah its people "Farming" coins
Benrelax5 (7 months ago)
Don´t Work !!! Bluehole have fix it !
yuna (7 months ago)
Let me win that skrrrrt
Vj ARSAL (7 months ago)
AFKs are using key binding macros to farm coins
King Theodin (7 months ago)
Vj ARSAL nope read my comment that's what's happening
Combat Combustor (7 months ago)
Hey ForThePacks, just a long time fan and I just want to say great job on your vids
Bubble Vanilla (7 months ago)
It happens, I tend to go afk every now and then too, doing exactly that, toilet stuff or dishes, and came back to see I'm back to the menu.
Packs (7 months ago)
True yeah I guess but not 20 people every game
Cowies AJ (7 months ago)
i want to win plz
Salazox (7 months ago)
Packs (7 months ago)
Grdus (7 months ago)
Pump In Action xD
Henri Krynauw (7 months ago)
nice video tho !
Henri Krynauw (7 months ago)
gimme that skirt pls !
Alexs (7 months ago)
I need that skirt :3
Leon James (7 months ago)
The Afk is also farming points, they prob have a bot to say start game, get thier 30 points die and start again.. Every few minutes. And they are prob at work while home computer is farming.
Packs (7 months ago)
That's what I figured but that's so scummy... I feel like they are going to fix it really soon
K1TZ (7 months ago)
isn't that easy
Sphynx (7 months ago)
iMrNilson (7 months ago)
:C i want to win
Cylix Helix (7 months ago)
People are AFK botting, so they can farm coins
Packs (7 months ago)
yeah that has to be what it is
Can Ozeren (7 months ago)
Nice video
Packs (7 months ago)
Fahad Noodle. (7 months ago)
Dude I really enjoy your PUBG vids, im not forcing, but i feel like most your fanbase like H1Z1. For eg. me.. but just a q, will u make weekly H1 vids? or no?
KooHyHD (7 months ago)
give me
Blitzcrank (7 months ago)
nice new logo
Makssou (7 months ago)
Chose me Please
The_Hungry_ Family (7 months ago)
The Skirt is only abou 160
Packs (7 months ago)
Yeah I'm changing the intro for sure
Elias Kechter (7 months ago)
so much skill. You will regret switching from KOTK to PUBG
Packs (7 months ago)
I am a casual gamer that's why I enjoy it
Neryab Dez (7 months ago)
Rasmus Laursen (7 months ago)
Packs (7 months ago)
*MWolf* (7 months ago)
Lovely Vid!
Daniel A (7 months ago)
these people spam the play button and wait for games to go. it is point farming. its in fpp servers cause not alot of people relativly care about their fpp stats.
Packs (7 months ago)
That's really true actually
SuperDan (7 months ago)
They could just be doing what you said you were, but there poop is more strenuous and had to go more so its taking them longer XD haha
Club Sandwich (7 months ago)
RareHD (7 months ago)
Fckin lit
Cooper Verdon (7 months ago)
Good Video
Packs (7 months ago)
Minh Tri (7 months ago)
Damn dude
Packs (7 months ago)
its crazy haha
Henry Walker (7 months ago)
Vault dude?
Packs (7 months ago)
youre actually the second person that said this lol
Louis Wade (7 months ago)
Pls choose me
MC God (7 months ago)
Nice vid
Packs (7 months ago)
Mike Mike Gaming (7 months ago)
R.I.P. PUBG skinmarket
A1_Aim (7 months ago)
Gimmie dat skirt
macpanda1 (7 months ago)
youtube update is interesting
sss (7 months ago)
i lost 330 dollars of h1z1 skins today my whole inventory gone yay
Benji (7 months ago)
I lost my $800 inventory to gambling rip
sss (7 months ago)
4 coinflips lost all
sss (7 months ago)
o boi thats what i did time to buy pubg
Packs (7 months ago)
Hope you didn't gamble them
DOUBLE TROUBLE TV (7 months ago)
FeelsBadMan i have 4$ inventory with 800 hours, yay
Zumsa (7 months ago)
nice way to earn bp lol
Chewpa (7 months ago)
Deadlymat-Gamez (7 months ago)
LMAO this is funny
Packs (7 months ago)
I was dying
PeowGaming (7 months ago)
I started dying when he said fuck boy shack lmao XD
Packs (7 months ago)
Jeremiah Goss (7 months ago)
I'm not trying to be a hater here but what's with this recycled content crap? I'm consistently seeing videos based off of vault dudes content a few days after he posts them.
Packs (7 months ago)
im gonna be honest with you.. I dont watch any youtube other than Call of Duty YT and some H1Z1 lol i didnt even know there were other youtubers that make similar content to mine for PUBG, i thought it was all just gameplay
Jeremiah Goss (7 months ago)
ForThePacks and I thought I remembered seeing another video of yours kinda based off one he posted a few days earlier. I could be wrong though.
Jeremiah Goss (7 months ago)
ForThePacks Vault Dude it a pubg YouTuber who posted a video on this same premise of farming bp days ago.
Packs (7 months ago)
What are you saying? Who's vault?
Charleyyy (7 months ago)
Peep (7 months ago)
I love your PUBG video´s :)
Peep (7 months ago)
You are one of the only youtuber´s who does reply :D And i looove it :) you deserve atleast 500k subs
Packs (7 months ago)
Thanks man!!
Er ic (7 months ago)
There are probably so many players afk because the game crashes alot, happens to me too :/
Packs (7 months ago)
That could be it too but why only first person squads??
Anthony Darpino (7 months ago)
Like why would you tell everyone about this? Now it's gonna be a shit show
Gaming Fusion (7 months ago)
And a lot of ppl already knew
Gaming Fusion (7 months ago)
U could have done this when the game was released
Packs (7 months ago)
Haha it already is!!

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