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Exquisite Threads English Embroidery 1600s–1900s

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We interviewed our Curators and Conservation team about the history and detail behind the Exquisite Threads exhibition. Now showing at NGV International. More details: ngv.vic.gov.au
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Philip Allen (1 month ago)
Fantastic thank you
Lori Cameron (2 months ago)
in under two minutes I learned about three stitches I didnt know-Thank you!
patricia chandler (3 months ago)
The stitch on the Queens dress... are you saying onaway (on - a - way)? or something else.? I've not heard of this stitch before, nor can I find how it's made. Help me out please. Thank you for the video.
Catherine Ranger (3 months ago)
The technique is Or Nué. If you search for the term, you'll find lots of references to the specific technique she describes here, and to adaptations in needlepoint.
Fran Looving (8 months ago)
Incredible. I have always loved very old and not bold colors of wool in needlepoint. Randomly searching needlepoint videos and found this. I am so glad that you know how to do these art forms. They look very hard to do. Thank you!!!
Deborah Davis (8 months ago)
Love this video thank you
OMG! Thank you so much!
Janet Brandt (3 years ago)
Great video! Thank you!
Lana Rose (3 years ago)
I haven't visited the gallery in a while, is this piece on display?
Lana Rose (3 years ago)
Brilliant! Have to drop by :)
NGV Melbourne (3 years ago)
Hi Rosie, This exhibition is currently on display at NGV International from 10am-5pm daily (closed Tuesdays).

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