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The Fife tiara at Kensington Palace

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Composed of nearly 200 carats of diamonds, this majestic tiara was given to Queen Victoria's granddaughter Princess Louise as a wedding gift from her husband in 1889. It features hundreds of exquisite diamonds ranging from one to ten carats, including a set of beautiful pear-shaped diamonds set on tiny pivots which would have dazzled onlookers when worn. See the Fife tiara as part of Victoria Revealed at Kensington Palace from 30 March. Book now: https://goo.gl/afqfzt
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Blanca Tellez (6 hours ago)
Did you imaging how many food plates this tiara can buy for he hungry children of the world but for those dirty royals did not care about it. Only princess Diana cared but that is why she was killed because people loved and will continue to love her no matter how many dirty things they say about her.
Putra Tampubolon (21 hours ago)
That's a real tiara Trully smart with that diamond and silver
DeMarie Jones (1 day ago)
This is a simply beautiful tiara! Has it been worn by anyone recently?
Guru Sandirasegaram (1 day ago)
Why in the world everything is beautiful UK 🇬🇧 I did not find it intricate butMost brilliantly designed
Simon Leblanc (1 day ago)
I don't understand why some tiaras or jewels end up in a museum or are never worn again. Wouldn't that tiara serve it's purpose better on the head of today's members of the royal family?
almas iqbal (2 days ago)
Marcus W (2 days ago)
The queen of the United Kingdom Canada, Australia blah blah and 30 odd other nations owns nothing by the way, The state owns all her crowns and tiaras, all palaces and royal houses. Just random fact.
Hugh Franklin (2 days ago)
Don't let markle near that, she'll have those diamonds of that and pawned before you can blink.
zzz zzz (3 days ago)
This is one of my faves. Sad you dont see it get worn recently. Louise was a Princess Royal, wasn't she?
lyricsnstuff (4 days ago)
Anyone know the instrumental used in the video?
tim kat (4 days ago)
Merrill Dudley (6 days ago)
I have studied this tiara for years and thought that it was in private hands. Where has it been and is it still in the Fife family? Would love to see it presented on something less colorful than red. Am speechless that I just happened to find your wonderful mini lesson on my very favorite tiara.
sica h (6 days ago)
An absolutely stunning piece beautiful
Daniel Hammond (6 days ago)
For me, this is the most beautiful of tiaras.
Pooja K (7 days ago)
Wooooow!😀It's extraordinary.
Keiron Kyelo (9 days ago)
Why is it not sparkling tho...? Can you please shed more light on that thing?
Priya Dikshit (11 days ago)
I wish Meghan wear this on her Big Day
msinvincible2000 (12 days ago)
The prettiest tiara in the world!
mimstar71 (14 days ago)
Patricia Bilinkas (14 days ago)
One of the prettiest ones I’ve seen.
Cornwall 59 (15 days ago)
Ludmila Kotovski (17 days ago)
Well, Johan Ottosson, it looks very much like the tiara that is worn by Queen Elizabeth as depicted on Australian coins!
Ludmila Kotovski (18 days ago)
This is the tiara that was stolen by an Englishman, disguised as a woman, from a Russian nobleman's palace during the Russian Revolution in 1918 and presented to the English Royal Family! The tiara may have even been designed by Fabergé...
Johan Ottosson (17 days ago)
Ludmila Kotovski The british Princess Louise received it as a weddinggift when she married the Earl of Fife in 1889. It is probably made in Paris by Oscar Massin. It seems unlikely it was in Russia in 1918???
Barbara LeMere (18 days ago)
Connie Martin (18 days ago)
Lovely tiara, but I'd rather have heard a jeweler talk about it.
Perfect for lady diana💎
sharon fain (18 days ago)
Extraordinarily beautiful and delicate just so fine.
Jean Taylor (19 days ago)
Beautiful. Wonder why it is not worn more often.
sharon fain (18 days ago)
Jean Taylor appears to be very delicate and fragile
TG Nandi (19 days ago)
Give the diamonds back to the Hindu temples in India you stole them from.
Grammar Nazi (4 days ago)
5 countries fucked India. Don't blame it all on Britain.
Mark Gable (6 days ago)
TG Nandi They were presented idiot.
sica h (6 days ago)
Not stolen at all!!
Matthew Hampton (14 days ago)
Kitty Watson (19 days ago)
Meghan...yes to this one.
Kitty Watson (16 days ago)
Prince Harry will see to it his new princess wears whatever tiara she would like to. Meghan has them all on her side...so we shall see.
Theresa Malim (16 days ago)
Kitty Watson she can't wear that that kind of tiara is meaningful from past did you see Kate wear that princess Diana didn't wear also that tiara markle fans getting crazy already
B. Walker (19 days ago)
This has to be the most brilliant constructed tiara I have ever seen. The sheer size of the pendants alone...but the fact they swivel and dangle making the light dance with movement is extraordinary. Truly a masterpiece. : )
Emmett R (19 days ago)
Classic perfection.
gayle hunter (20 days ago)
Wow there you go Meghan that would be my pick
One MercilessMing (19 days ago)
gayle hunter--You're welcome. Enjoy.
gayle hunter (19 days ago)
One MercilessMing thank you so much I will
One MercilessMing (19 days ago)
gayle hunter--I still recommend that you read "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant. It's worth reading.
gayle hunter (19 days ago)
One MercilessMing that would be sad but it sure is gorgeous
One MercilessMing (19 days ago)
gayle hunter--It could be your desire to wear it. If you're willing to wallow through the mass of paperwork--not to mention be able to afford the insurance on the bloody thing--you might get the chance. Maybe. Before you do, though, I recommend you read Guy de Maupassant's short story, "The Necklace". The Fife tiara is now in the possession of the Arts Council of England and is being transferred to public ownership. In other words, the Duke of Fife can't afford to keep it, either. Watch it one day disappear into the mass of jewels owned by the crown. http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/Neck.shtml
choirkitty (20 days ago)
Wow. Just wow.
Raizel M (20 days ago)
Wow....now that is what I call a crown fit for a real Princess!
ronni dillon (20 days ago)
Mein Maman !!! Magnifique !!!
Sheila Bloom (21 days ago)
notnek202 (22 days ago)
https://pin.it/2yxt4yk7ben52c Picture of Louise and the Duke of Fife getting married with Queen Victoria looking on.
elizabeth davis (22 days ago)
Is it true that it can never be worn again?
MaggyShannon (20 days ago)
Anthony Guilfoyle (21 days ago)
Last time i saw pictures of it being worn was for the 1987 wedding of the current Duke of Fife to Caroline Bunting. Suited her perfectly
Jack R (22 days ago)
Why would that be so? Perhaps there is a clause that states the Fife family can use it should they wish?

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