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Making the poppies - The Tower of London Remembers

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In 2014 the Tower of London will be commemorating the centenary anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War through a major art installation, in collaboration with ceramic artist Paul Cummins. The Tower's dry moat will be filled with 888,246 ceramic poppies -- one for each British fatality during the war. This first film documents the making of the ceramic poppies in Derby. Paul Cummins talks through process of turning blocks of clay into ceramic poppies which will fill the moat at the Tower of London. Watch the second film, the installing of the poppies, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VZPoyTiJJc
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Text Comments (72)
Pippa (10 days ago)
I am POPPY HOLDER 409655
Joselyn Tan (10 months ago)
Can i know what kind of art movement is this? Need to find out for my project!
Ns j-play (1 year ago)
RT si t es la car madame Argenton la pas poster sur sa chaine
loup garou (2 years ago)
God Bless the Queen and England! Such magnificent and caring people-I am a Yank but am so proud to be descended from such.
SamanthaMumbaVEVO͘ (2 years ago)
Does anyone know where i could buy one of these or have one they would sell for a reasonable price? my mum tried to get one last year, it would make a great Christmas present but i will not go near £100 as if you expect me to pay 100 for some clay then walk on! if you have a reasonable price please get in touch.
Bungle2010 (1 year ago)
For some clay........what an utterly ridiculous comment. And they weren't "£100" they were £25........
Oakleaf700 (3 years ago)
A poppy arrived thismorning- undamaged, it is beautiful! and the memories of WW1 are within it. Thank you.
Heidi Anne Morris (3 years ago)
Beautiful film ♥ so many, so so many. x  #forsharing
garfeeld888 (3 years ago)
have a happy poppy day... or a poppy day...
Jennie Rose (3 years ago)
So Soo Impressed loved seeing them all at the London Tower! Lest we forget RIP William George Lowton Enfield Regiment 1914!
coral davies (3 years ago)
im so sorry that I didn't get to purchase one.
EarthKandi (3 years ago)
All those people to make something that poor?   Nothing artistic about them.   Should've gone to Etsy!
fiddle diddle (3 years ago)
+Sally Peakyblinders I couldn't agree more with you x
Sally Peakyblinders (3 years ago)
OK , glad we have uncrossed our wires, and are actually on the same side, all about respect ,. we don't glorify war , we remember those who gave their lives , those who fought for a better future, that is what they believed, and why they fought. The Poppy reminds us of that, and that it must never happen again = Lest We Forget , it is sad that we keep needing reminding , all the best , ahh i feel better now xxxx
fiddle diddle (3 years ago)
+Sally Peakyblinders Crossed wires me thinks. My last message was for the person who slagged off the poppies. I thought your "The fool on the hill" was aimed at me.
Sally Peakyblinders (3 years ago)
You an adult, please , I am suprised you dont make soap too, with your oily remarks, you really need that soap from eartnkandi, because you really are a filthy troll,  buy the earthkandi soap then donate it to the people in Africa, who really need soap, for once in your oily life do something good, . - mind with the oh no good reviews there , don't bother. !
fiddle diddle (3 years ago)
My my you are a shallow person. I thought your first comment was just plain uneducated ignorance. I was wrong ... you are a vile ignorant person with NO depth. Now pop off to playgroup, dear. The adults are busy. 
LeGenerall (3 years ago)
Does anyone know the name of the song that plays halfway through the video? PLEASE tell me!!!
Unlisted RX (3 years ago)
...and how many of those war veterans were women?? ..oh...I forgot. The day we can send women to slaughter is the day we will have TRUE equality.
+Unlisted RX True ignorance comes from this one. Woman were the biggest help in ww1 and ww2 in many many countries. Without women int he homestead taking care of there country while the men had to be away, we wouldn't be anything without them. They took care of the ENTIRE country by providing us food, clothing, making supplies for the men to even fight. The men at war couldn't had done it without them.
Sally Peakyblinders (3 years ago)
You insult women, who were in the factories making the bullets ,in the fields, planting grain and veg that would have helped  feed the country, the difference at the time of war was everyone tried to pull together, no time to argue the equality issues,  people were more worried about , would they all be alive to celebrate tomorrow.  Today's armed forces, women do go into conflict?. Your statement seems to imply women did nothing to be remembered for , did you watch the "March Past" and see the women marching , to mark and remember WW1  and WW11 ?  You need to concentrate on today's women still not paid equal money for equal work. Maybe watch "Made in Dagenham" Remembrance day remembers the dead, that is when every single human being is truly equal ?
Louise Lomax (3 years ago)
They are butiful
Joseph Taylor (3 years ago)
i had to watch this at my school lol
Pauline Huddert (3 years ago)
I so often think of my dear Grandfather who stood by his men throughout WWI. He never spoke of his time in France, his medals were just kept rattling around in the old pine kitchen table. He was not a boy but a regular soldier in his 40's, but I know he was there for the young boys to help them find courage and fortitude. The poppies are so beautiful, they need to stand in the winter sun longer, just so we do not forget the futility of war.
MrQuintonia (3 years ago)
rhia c (3 years ago)
just beautiful. the families of each fallen hero must be proud. I cant help thinking that if those heros saw the Britain they fought for now, what would they think?
wendy jane (3 years ago)
absolutley gutted as i really wanted to buy one for my wife but all sold out any ideas where i can purchse one would be greatly apprieciated 
Karen Whittington (3 years ago)
to witness this in person is one of the most moving experiences of my life. 
Candice Cordial (3 years ago)
What an amazing installation. Commemorating a time when all of Britain stood shoulder to shoulder against a common foe.
Oakleaf700 (3 years ago)
Yet the German lads who enlisted were just like British boys! [I read ''All quiet on the Western Front and the emotions they felt were just the same- many enlisted for love of their country, too- and there was camaraderie between Germans and English at times, especially when they were lying injured next to each other in a shell hole, or at the famous Christmas Truce. The ordinary lads were not to blame, they were human too.
hxania (3 years ago)
.I saw it at the Tower of London. A great impression. and emotion.
Mike Bryant (3 years ago)
Such a touching thing!! Respect to you guys for making these oh and to the 50 odd people who dislikes this video I've got two words for you!!!
James Whyard (3 years ago)
A river of blood red commemoration flowing from the heart of England... Brilliant...
alan marshall (3 years ago)
This is a wonderful way to honour those who served in the horror of war! Kudos to the artists involved in this project!
Sam Wells (3 years ago)
how can i order these great ceramic poppies i need `10
Liz Ramsay (3 years ago)
WoW!!!! From a Kiwi living in Australia I can only say Thankyou.I was lucky my Grandad came home but I feel for those who lost there sons and daughters to such a horrible cause.
Ruth Lindsay (3 years ago)
yes have bought 2 my father was in WW1 but luckly came home died in 1985 aged 93yr. so young man like so many lost i uncle 
Akua Hope (3 years ago)
That the creators are creating community, communicating history, commemorating through art, is deeply moving. Thank you for sharing the beautiful process, which affirms life.
Susan Peters (3 years ago)
How does one purchase a poppy?
Paul Wilkins (3 years ago)
I have already bought a poppy as well - and am also concerned that only 10% of the cost will go to the charities named...  What sort of overheads does Mr. Cummins need to cover... and what does he expect to make in 'profit' from this exercise?
Paul Ebbens (3 years ago)
"All net proceeds plus a guaranteed 10% from every poppy sold will be shared equally amongst six service charities, which we hope will raise millions of pounds if all poppies are sold."
Matt Shires (3 years ago)
Sadly and rather shockingly only 10% that's £2.50 from the £25 of each poppy will be given to Charity. The other £22.50 shall go elsewhere.
trudie wilson (3 years ago)
All net proceeds plus a guaranteed 10% from every poppy sold will be shared equally amongst six service charities, which we hope will raise millions of pounds if all poppies are sold. The net proceeds is the amount of money left after deducting the costs incurred from manufacturing, transportation, installation etc, as well as VAT.
Paul Ebbens (3 years ago)
"All net proceeds plus a guaranteed 10% from every poppy sold will be shared equally amongst six service charities, which we hope will raise millions of pounds if all poppies are sold."
Denise Lada (3 years ago)
I should imagine all the workers will have to be paid something, then there is the cost of materials and electricity etc.
Chris Eccleston (3 years ago)
Congratulations to Paul Cummins and all his team!
Ann Porter (3 years ago)
You can buy a Poppy now in advance on the Historic Palaces Tower of London website. Google Ceramic poppies for sale. They are delivered after the exhibit finishes on 11th Nov. I have bought one, over 10,000 sold by 09.50 today!
Sheilas Embroidery (3 years ago)
Fantastic well done everyone
Janos Szabo (3 years ago)
stark !
Callum Smith (3 years ago)
Guys if you want to buy one of these poppies, go to this link, they cost £25 and £5 postage, a small price to pay for a piece of history and to help 6 different charities  http://poppies.hrp.org.uk/
Susan Robertson (3 years ago)
I'd like to put my name down to buy one after if it's possible....my Grand dad (from Lancashire) left his reading glasses on the train (deliberately) to join in 1914 (he was 17) He was one of 14 brothers and sisters...He then dropped his age here in Australia to join the field ambulance in New Guinea in WW2 (my Nan was not impressed!), thankfully he came home, but died of cancer. He was gassed in WW1
Carrie-Anne Heath (3 years ago)
Hi Susan you can buy them here : poppies.hrp.org.uk/buy-a-poppy/ I know they are taking orders because I've already ordered :) they won't be shipped until installation finished in November
b sherwild (3 years ago)
I say!!! Jolly Good!!
Het Richards (3 years ago)
wow.  simply wow.  What a beautiful project, it has brought tears to my cheeks.  thank you xx
Doreen Harrower (3 years ago)
I have put my name down for one of the Poppy's when they go on sale,I so hope I am lucky enough to get one .
Susan Robertson (3 years ago)
Thanks Carrie, I've placed my order...a bit expensive with shipping to Oz but for a good cause :-)
Carrie-Anne Heath (3 years ago)
They are on sale now poppies.hrp.org.uk/buy-a-poppy/
Susan Robertson (3 years ago)
Where did you put your name down?
Claireabellemakes (3 years ago)
Such an inspiring project!
Amazing work - such soul in the process too :)
Rita Bennett (3 years ago)
I am a Ceramic Artist and this is amazing.
Potclays Ltd (3 years ago)
We are incredibly proud to be the supplier of all of the clay and most of the equipment being used by Paul Cummins to manufacture the 888k poppies being installed at the Tower. This is an immense undertaking by Paul and the result is likely to be one of the UK's most poignant and visually powerful representations of the sacrifice made by those brave servicemen. The sheer enormity of the loss of life is shocking even on paper but to see this as an installation will be even more so.  On a personal note my great grandfather was in the 1st Battalion of the Grenadier Guards and served throughout the conflict from 1914. He luckily returned home safely but I understand that other members of our family weren't as lucky. I will be remembering his contribution when we visit the opening of the installation tomorrow.
Oakleaf700 (3 years ago)
My poppy arrived thismorning, and it felt really special to hold it..it is beautiful, and now sits in an earthenware jar full of peacock feathers,shed  by a local woman's living birds, which support and frame the poppy beautifully. It is lovely to think of all the poppies being cared for in homes across the globe..some have gone to Australia. Very huge undertaking, but you did it! Well done. My son't great Grandfather was in the RHA, and survived 1914-18, but the scars emotionally remained. The Turner Prize ought to go to these Poppies!
howunavailable (3 years ago)
I was privileged enough to plant some last Saturday, they aren't too fiddly once the washers are on..in the right order. You feel that when you cup each one carefully in your hand it is that moment you realise what each one represents, so you do it very carefully. Each one IS different. You felt you had to carry it so carefully from the box to the stalk as so much work and thought had gone into it. I have another shift in September and hope to get last morning shift on the last day of planting to see the whole effect! A once in a lifetime chance to be involved in something so moving in such an historic place. 
Carrie-Anne Heath (3 years ago)
Awh that's really lovely :) I'm very proud that I've already purchased one

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