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Need for Speed Carbon Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9 - UNLOCKING LOADS OF CARS

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Need for Speed Carbon Walkthrough Part 1 https://youtu.be/_IJQITAnMdg - NFS Carbon Gameplay from the Xbox 360 version. Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 - https://youtu.be/DRR464LoKhI Need for Speed Payback - https://youtu.be/FVJy5tytTH0 Need for Speed 2015 - https://youtu.be/B5mfZ0mYy8U ►Subscribe For More :D - https://goo.gl/MWAMai ►NEW Game Deals Every Day - https://www.chrono.gg/gameriot ►How I record my gameplay: http://e.lga.to/GameRiot ►GameplayOnly (No Commentary) Channel - http://goo.gl/z4enAW ►Join the Network I'm with - https://console.machinima.com/rc/DGBGG-UABBV ►Follow My Twitter - https://twitter.com/gameriotarmy ►Instagram - http://instagram.com/GameRiot ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GameRiot ►Gaming Chair & Wheel Stand - http://goo.gl/oMcDqx (Discount Code - gameriot5)
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Text Comments (291)
Larry Cassar (7 days ago)
Rayen Hizawi (7 days ago)
Poppin Clean (7 days ago)
Get the Porsche GT
Kevin D'Lima (8 days ago)
Go for the Corvette... it's the best in this game.. it's underrated but you won't regret buying it..!
TheSpeedChallenger11 (8 days ago)
Buy the skyline GT-R.Theres no need to wait for the Evo
Ray Smith (8 days ago)
Go for the R34!! 😁
Sreyes Spk (8 days ago)
Ahmed Kadim (8 days ago)
tyler swartz (8 days ago)
Supra or r 34
Tyrell Darn (8 days ago)
gameriot.. you seem to be confused... if you are chasing him and you hit him, you gain 5,000 towards your points.. however when he is chasing you and hits you, you lose 5,000 points.. hope this helps man..
GHOST Gaming (8 days ago)
If you want to beat the game you should buy the Murcielago I think is the best car in the game.
Sam Adcock (8 days ago)
edwards spencer (8 days ago)
true gamer and true NFS keep up
James Rigby (8 days ago)
Get the Lambo, not the Evo, I tried the boss battle with the Evo, I could do the street race but when it comes to the caynon, I lost but I got the Lambo and I could do both.
Justikay (8 days ago)
For me the best car in this game is Skyline R34.. And please buy that car, that thing ia a BEAST
theodorus andrew (8 days ago)
buy murcielago pleasee hahaha
TheRacerYouWannaBe (8 days ago)
Scott, buy the Corvette or the Viper, trust me. Their acceleration is unrivalled and when upgrading them, don't upgrade the suspension and put the tires to full grip. This negates the slidey muscle car effect to a great extent. And have the NOS at full velocity. You cannot go wrong with this
Matthew Carr (8 days ago)
Skyline :)
Tristan Chaka (8 days ago)
The Lamborghini has the best stats so far so I would recommend you to buy it
Tristan Chaka (8 days ago)
Buy the Lamborghini
DevilRbx (8 days ago)
Buy sky dude it's good for drifting in this game
Ikcatcher (8 days ago)
Go for the Supra if you want a challenge
Prajwal Pansare (8 days ago)
Lambooooooooo plzzzzzzzzzz
DDS TV (8 days ago)
Nissan Skyline R34
Alan Ford (8 days ago)
Gameriot, listen to me buy the evo because its got the best acceleration among tuners. Campared to the R34 its got better acceleration
ALEX LXL86 (8 days ago)
martynas gricius (8 days ago)
Get an evo plz
Young_Clutch (8 days ago)
GR the beat car to use in the last race against Darius is the Corvette or the Evo
baron hyatt (8 days ago)
Go for the lambo or the Skyliner what does all the races just like the first one it gets harder and harder
Bastian Braar (8 days ago)
franco dela cruz (8 days ago)
Skyline great for tight turns and great handling
Yorkshire man 66 (8 days ago)
You need the Lamborghini scot it’s the one you want
Jose Castro (8 days ago)
Zaron Black (8 days ago)
Farhan Said (8 days ago)
6:47 I like how that ai can power slide
Lemmy Motorhead666 (8 days ago)
You already done it with RB26DETT, i think u need 2 JZ this time !
Lamborghini plz
Junior Davis (8 days ago)
Gameriot trust me go with the corvette z06
Junior Davis (8 days ago)
Get the corvette bro fastest car
Donny Surya (8 days ago)
Buy a Viper
saturn185 (8 days ago)
plsss go for the skyline =)
wrexham08 (8 days ago)
get the lambo
EA Fan (8 days ago)
Hi!! I'm new to your channel and so far I am loving your videos you're making for gameplay. Keep up the good work. Oh and just to let you know, I have beaten this game before, no spoilers I promise you. In my personal opinion, I would go for the Corvette Z06 or the Lambo. But just be warned, if you wanted to get the Corvette, it would send you hitting the walls when you hit at a very top speed and like you said, the handling is not so good and it's very annoying just to let you know. But if you want horsepower, torque, acceleration, and speed, the Corvette would be a nice choice. And if you want handling and drifting, go for the Nissan Skyline GTR since it has the best handling. It's going to get hard at the end so be prepared to have a fast car by tuning the performance every often. Also, change the looks of the cars with body kits, wingboards, etc., to make it look lit. As always, great gameplay, great videos and great humor!!
Eliidon Selmanii (8 days ago)
R34 or Supra!! my two favourite cars in the world
Squid lord (8 days ago)
SAL Tech (8 days ago)
Nissan GT-R34 is a beast so go get it mate😍
Danny reese (8 days ago)
Scott nfs carbon is more bout corners and skills so cars like the evo and rx7 are godly in the game cuz of the handling even tho the mercielago and cgt are super fast there not the best for the corners but damn they look good tho
Genetically Superior (8 days ago)
69 Charger. Insane acceleration. Horrible handling.
Farhan Said (8 days ago)
Genetically Superior same with viper more insane acceleration but way horrible handling which is more dangerous
Kenny Witt (8 days ago)
Khalid Alsafari (8 days ago)
Buy a supru
Deluxe Raptor (8 days ago)
Lambo or nissan
SFM springtrap killer (8 days ago)
Definitely go with the lambo
_ MyNameIsBegLoop_ (8 days ago)
senuda thinal (8 days ago)
Emirhan Ercan (8 days ago)
if you take the scout Sal and turn his ability off he drives insanly fast try it out
Albert Hernandez (8 days ago)
Brad A (8 days ago)
R34 all day everyday
Please buy the murcielago.
Alexis Lubbers (8 days ago)
Aldi Dewantara (8 days ago)
Just check out dat face @ 5:27 and 5:36. Edit: i would suggest To buy The Evo if you want to, The Great Is the Supra and The Skyline. The RX7 FD is good too
MUrcielago please open that
Isa Muhammad (8 days ago)
Or stick to my plan and go for the Evo, the fastest tuner car
Tufan Amk (8 days ago)
Supra or evo
Isa Muhammad (8 days ago)
Or get the fastest car in the game, the Ford GT
Isa Muhammad (8 days ago)
Or get the Corvette, since it is a quick Tier 3 car
Teckromax (8 days ago)
Yo the car to buy to beat the final boss is the dodge viper it's faster than the Audi R8 which is what the boss is driving
Isa Muhammad (8 days ago)
Scott, get Godzilla, a.k.a the Skyline R34 GT-R
JonnyYo (8 days ago)
Get the R34 or the 350Z 😄
DJ WUBBZ (8 days ago)
The Corvette is the best car in the game. If you do get it, all you have to do is tune everything towards acceleration. So tune transmission to acceleration, engine to torque & NOS to velocity
Alexis Lubbers (8 days ago)
DJ WUBBZ He doesn't seem to care much for American cars.
Blueno CP9 (8 days ago)
GTR handles the best. I'd go for it.
Arden Punzalan (8 days ago)
Lambo or gtr i pick lambo
tre andrews (8 days ago)
I wood go the skyline or the supra but the lambo is the best out of all of them
IC3 TRAINING (8 days ago)
buy the merci or gallardo
Rapfan021 (8 days ago)
Buy the Skyline, its definatly a fast car once its customised fully, i beat Darius in it and dominated him
Alexandru Anghel (8 days ago)
I say wait for the evo or you cand buy now the murcielago, i finished the game with bouth and it's easy, with the McLaren or corvette or ford gt is a little bit hard but you can do it, it's not imposible (and sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand what i wrote there )
Rudy R. (8 days ago)
My favorite was the dodge challenger btw. Badass
Aura Boom (8 days ago)
Lambo or skyline
Samuel Diaz (8 days ago)
Beat it with the Murciélago. Easy DUB
Muamal G3 (8 days ago)
Wait for the McLaren slr if you buy it the last race will be so much easier garnered.
AmazingElias (8 days ago)
Skyline is one of my favourite cars ever, buy that sucker!
Damon Munsamy (8 days ago)
Get the murciélago or the r34
Wait for the evo best car
Nissan Gt R and Upgrade to mAx
Skate Riot 74 (8 days ago)
r34 or supra but if not then the lambo is a good choice
Ahmad Mater (8 days ago)
Lambo+tune=easy win
Yaboy Joshywoshy (8 days ago)
Get the Murcielago
žèźø řëðâ (8 days ago)
Hey game riot you are insane Tip: buy the evo it's a rocket With me leave a like
Vixen Martin (8 days ago)
Alex Morris (8 days ago)
ashley senior (8 days ago)
Get the lambo
God Drifter 2000 (8 days ago)
Go for skyline gtr !!!!!!!!
SupraMan (8 days ago)
Wait to get the evo
David Maksan (8 days ago)
Skyline and EVO will have simular stats so...pick one you like better
Mansour Nassar (8 days ago)
I finished this career mode over 20 times from xbox to ps so i so old gameriot XD
Georgi Bogdanov (8 days ago)
Get the murcielago
Hassaan Qureshi (8 days ago)
You'll unlock the Evo in a canyon duel with kenji, but it'll be difficult. however in your position I'd go for the skyline.
IntenceGam3r (8 days ago)
Best game I want to play it again
Musfiqur Rahaman (8 days ago)
SLR McLaren is best car to fight boss if you max it out becuz ur going to need a maxed car to beat him unless u have godly skills
Junior Davis (8 days ago)
Musfiqur Rahaman are u dumb bro mclaren? Get tf outta here
Carl Strydom (8 days ago)
Get the Lamborghini, Evo is realy not that good, it's just the handling that's good of the Evo.
Thillai Paramsothy (8 days ago)
Pls buy R34 amazing handling and remarkable acceleration also my favourite car :) Keep up this amazing work man !! :)

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