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★What is the TT 【Watch_This】2012 Isle of Man TT

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Harrison Babington (24 days ago)
Long live the isle of man
10.7M (4 months ago)
Ahh I live in the Isle of Man I watch the TT every year its great !
Mark Ferguson (4 months ago)
A great race, great place and great people. Long may it last
BossDK (4 months ago)
3 riders die in a year? what a safe place that is. hundreds of riders die in your streets every month.
The ANT (5 months ago)
if you don't want to see danger, don't go looking for it, you will die old in pain of some illness. if you want feel alive, you need to find it and you will either die old in pain as usual or young with a smile feeling incredible.
David Hill (7 months ago)
I love bikes , I would never have the nerve or talent to ride the TT. but I admire the guys who do it . rock on the TT
ddemaine (9 months ago)
Fascinating video. The head of the state of the Isle of Man is the British monarch ("Lord of Mann", regardless of gender)-- the Chief Minister is the head of govt. Although IOM has its own banknotes; the currency is not its own, it's the £.
Stephen Smith (10 months ago)
go and see the iom tt
Tony Fat (10 months ago)
The Americans would love this Their is a good sense of crazy with the yanks. If they visit the isle And watch the race every thing else will be second best
CHIEF-KEEF CBR954rr (10 months ago)
damn!! wish I had the time to do this. my run won't be as bad ass as these guys, but it would be one he'll of a memory.
kane ashby (10 months ago)
to hell with health and saftey pc crap keep it up
stephen coles (11 months ago)
fuck off back to america and find a safe space there shit head.
John Maddin (1 year ago)
These guys have balls the size of water melons and any women who might race have hearts the size of bulls.
i live next to padgetts:)
wacked outdude (1 year ago)
Every one needs to support the tt. Its a legend. A legend that needs to live on.
Kenpachi Kawasaki (1 year ago)
Maybe I should move here, no speed limits, everyone loves bikes and everyone isn't a fucking pussy unlike how it is over here in america.
Will Cardwell (10 months ago)
Kenpachi Kawasaki there are speed limits only time there's no speed limit is the first day of the TT where he it's is one way and SuperCard and super bikes line up in the hundreds to have fun
LITGAMER101 (1 year ago)
Kenpachi Kawasaki I live there and yes everyone should live there
hans Dödel (1 year ago)
what if these guys would drive on a normal road on a normal day with traffic ? i see it more as kind of a valve rather once a year but on madness then every so often in traffic because thats whats causing real deaths and also there is no one forced to ride or even spectate but why are we judging people who we dont know who make what they love even if we dont understand it on a island thats nowwhere even near us and where people love it by the time theyll reach england ore ireland (in a accident ) i would say that we could talk about it again but i think unless they grow wings its not gonna happend .
Sean Caceres (1 year ago)
also, this is why I hate reporters. This is socially and culturally accepted on the IOM end of FUCKING conversation. That's the way it is and that is the way it's going to be, even if there is 150 deaths a year.
Sean Caceres I live here it's cool ands it what brings us together
Sean Caceres (1 year ago)
I'm sorry, I don't mean to make fun of the situation but the reporter asked him (the side car dude) if he felt lucky after he hit a rabbit at 150mph. Lucky=Rabbit for some dumb reason here in America.
ijc1958 (2 years ago)
Maybe that presenter should stick to swinging the sticks on the wall behind him and forget anything to do with the riders passion for SPEED carrying on about 237 deaths in over a hundred years of racing        how many totally innocent people die from guns carried by morons in seppo land per year I guarantee it is more than 237
STRAIGHT UP (2 years ago)
It's kind of like NASCAR but with bikes and you can just all and all better
Nano 661 my friend u did not get the good spot did u
Wayne (2 years ago)
I do like Nascar and F1. Sorry but i didn't mean to be a cunt with my comment, but I went to the TT races in 2013 and 2015. Its just nothing like anything I have ever seen! You cannot even give it a level. Its out of this world. Put the TT races on your bucket list buddy you wont be disappointed. 
STRAIGHT UP (2 years ago)
+Nano 661 its there choice. Do u like NASCAR
Wayne (2 years ago)
+lewis mason It's kind of like NASCAR but with bikes? Ehhh....no its fucking not! Every single year at least 2 motorbike racers will die here. You haven't a clue pal.
Daniel Hawkins (2 years ago)
Iv been lucky enough to go to the tt twice. Before my first trip I followed it on tv and had all the videos and DVDs and all I can say is unless you have been and experienced it you will never fully understand the tt. Yes there are deaths but no one is forced to race and the people who take part fully accept that death is a real risk of racing the tt. To get an idea of the attitudes of fans and riders I recommend watching the film tt closer to the edge.
darklordxxx (2 years ago)
yeah that's right musashidanmcgrath just thing of how many people the peaceful religion of islam kills every year fuck off .
Ibraheem Hoag (9 months ago)
darklordxxx Islam doesn't kill people. People that claim to be Muslims kill people. Bathtubs also kill people.
Boo Hooo (2 years ago)
Every time I watch a documentary about the TT they've always got to show accidents, and talk about deaths.. It's wrong, I know that's part of Motorsport but you don't get reminded of fatalities every time a boxing match starts or F1 is on the telly.. Focus on the talent rather than the negatives! Fucking reporters! I've been six times to the TT now and my memories are everything but the accidents, the racing, the people, the excitement and the beer!
jonesyterp (2 years ago)
+David Falconer While in some ways I agree with you the defining aspect of the human experience has always been how we come to grips with the idea of our own mortality and how we relate that mortality to our culture and lives. In human history much of our most celebrated art, music etc has been written with two things in mind: love and death. For someone such as yourself, who has immersed in the event, you will see deeper into it. However no one is going to try to present this event to those who have never heard of it and focus first on the riders talent and skill etc. It is sort of like ignoring the elephant in the room. And it can't be summed up by the old adage, "if it bleeds it leads." This event is a tremendous one and is a real testament to the human character. I would never want to see it stopped. It is in some ways life affirming, however the specter of almost certain fatalities and it dangerous, immediate and unforgiving nature is the events defining characteristic. It is just unavoidable especially when the event has seen an average of a bit more than two deaths per year.
Darren Phillips (2 years ago)
Iom Tt OK went to in 2013. I can say that the only part of the Ireland which has no speed limit is the mounting pass. The rest of the roads have speed limits. It took me two years to save up to go. The riders I met were just like myself but they have the ability and skills to ride at the high speeds. I can only say that people die in other sports like pikes peak hill race, drag racing, Indie car racing, etc. They do what they enjoy the most. The familys and friends all know this and see it. Trust me when you do go you will get the bug to go watch. Look even the likes of top motor gp riders have come to see the races. This is nothing like track racing. The people live on th Ireland are fantastic and so warm. No one is forced to race. All go of their own free will . This is one of many biker mecha just like the dakka race which has a very high death and injury rate. There is also the north west 200, and cooks down racing in Ireland, you have so many smaller racing in Hong Kong, japan, even in most of Europe, eg Italy, Germany. Just go visit the isleand which is very beautiful. But go and soak up the atmasphere and talk to people then make your mind up.
OJA23122011 (3 years ago)
Freeks with money and no common sense
The ANT (5 months ago)
OJA23122011 except that the most successful rider alive (2nd ever) john mcguinness is a bricklayer, guy martin is a lorry mechanic, etc. freaks with money would be too scared, its the hardcore racing enthusiast that goes there. if you had sense you'd know sense isn't common. sense is quite rare.
Lucas Landolfo (1 year ago)
Nino Schier (2 years ago)
+Ciaran McHale Yes! I agree! Respekt!
Ciaran McHale (2 years ago)
Who? The competitors? A bit of respect for them
Harold-Sweat-Head (3 years ago)
Independent nation? It's a crown dependency of the United Kingdom - hardly independent.
Wally Custard (3 months ago)
It's actually between England and Ireland.
Jake Deane (2 years ago)
And it's between Ireland and Britain on the Ireland and the UK
kevin shaw (3 years ago)
Another great post by lockk9. Glad I subscribe! ;0)
SvenTviking (3 years ago)
Is the IOM part of the UK, Great Britain or does it just share the Queen as head of state?
Harold-Sweat-Head (3 years ago)
It's a crown dependency. It has its own parliament but its citizenship is governed by the UK, it's also defended by the UK. It's part if the British Isles. It really just has its own local governing body - for all intents and purposes it's part of Britain.
stuart garrett (3 years ago)
Not part of the UK, part of the British Isles, the English queen is a lord on the IOM
Good video, thx
TheTheoldgit (3 years ago)
This  very sarcastic and downsided view of the TT.. I used to go every year when I lived in england. Of course its dangerous thats why its special. But its one of the worlds oldest AND most loved. So if you dont like itDont go!
MRMickRoach (3 years ago)
Why the bad 'added soundtrack'? even adding 'crash' sounds to Milky Quayle's accident
terrortorn (3 years ago)
Amazing how some Americans seem unworldly when talking about things not from their own backyard. These reporters in contrast to the American rider who had obviously left his shores on many occasions.
1320crusier (3 years ago)
this American who doesnt ride, loves NASCAR, F1, and LeMans racing will always love the TT as well.  its on my bucket list of races to go to.  yep, theres a risk to even just being a spectator but what fun is staying away from anything dangerous?  is the race insane?  yep, but its motorsport in its rawest form.  passion for the race will always draw people to it.  im ok with that.  hopefully, the TT will survive many generations more unmolested.
musashidanmcgrath (3 years ago)
Oh. 250 deaths? How shocking for a legally organised event with willing participants. How many citizens have been murdered by the American government in illegal wars in the last 50 years.......??....Fuck off.
Brandon Ryan (3 years ago)
I agree. You have a better chance of dying driving to the event than actually participating in it. If people don't like it, then they can just shut up an deal with it.
yarp123123123123123 (3 years ago)
independent nation??? they can say that all they like but the UK take care of the island and the people so in my view its UK
EmilyxBauhausx (9 months ago)
It's not part of the UK
Adrian Lynch (3 years ago)
shut up about health and safety yanks, sher i'd say the 200 that died racing were happier than all the people that have been killed as a result of america forcing 'democracy' down ppl's necks all over the world!!
Brendan Jewell (3 years ago)
I was mad for road racing but had not got the bottle for this!
Winstan (3 years ago)
ok bit further in and it shows him fully... ignore below
Winstan (3 years ago)
at 3:33 is that the guy who wears the smelly leathers and the badges?
ssgreasy (3 years ago)
Dangerous.. being Obese is dangerous aswell, cept this is a thousand times more rewarding then a Big Mac.
jose mind (3 years ago)
Pussy, pussy, 2 of them talking at the end of the video.
John Smith (4 years ago)
This entire video shows why Yanks should just stick to driving NASCARS in circles for hours on end instead of involving themselves in sport that require a certain ability. Baseball - Rounders Basketball - Netball 2 of America's most famous sports are played by women everywhere else. Catch my drift? These are the people who call padded rugby, football. Despite the fact the ball is 1) Carried and 2) Not a ball.
MarkusFATA (3 months ago)
As a Yank I totally agree with this. The TT and Irish road racing in general are the purest forms of racing in the world and should be appreciated by all race fans. On behalf of my country I apologize that we suck and most people watch dumb ass football and think something like this is taboo.
Rob Fraser (3 years ago)
I've always found that weird too, as school children every girl plays Netball and every boy plays Rounders, yet as adults neither Basketball or Baseball are popular in the UK.  I think our PE Teachers are being paid by America :P
steveninthe (4 years ago)
screw liberals wanting to tell everyone how to live.... 
OkinawaWild (4 years ago)
"What do you say to critics? They can't be wrong when nine people die..." Stay the fuck home. If you don't like it, then don't participate. You don't tell others not to participate. Why are people so hell bent to keep others from doing what they love.
TheTheoldgit (4 years ago)
Not nearly 200 it´s over 200 Actually .
camokoy (4 years ago)
The TT will never be banned , You would have to invade the isle of MEN and once you did that the isle would get reinforcements of all the bikers on the planet to help liberate them .
Miss_ Mars (4 years ago)
Proud to be manx! Oie vie, caddill dy mie. :) 
Kwdog75 (4 years ago)
the TT is the best race ever!
SuperPukingRainbows (4 years ago)
What kills you makes you feel alive, this race will never die, the people that loves this (like myself) will fight to keep this legendary beast of a race from ever closing its doors.
john doe (4 years ago)
The riders know the risk. Motorcyclists know the risk. I have a titanium rod in my left leg due to a stupid driver. This is for the pure adrenaline of the ride. If you dont like it dont watch. THIS IS PURE FREEDOM
Velotrol (4 years ago)
TT = Balls, huge ones by the way and to the ladies who race there my deepest respect you are a unique breed.
Epic Walrus (7 months ago)
Those ladies have balls so big God had to stick them on their chests or they'd chafe XD
Adam Hine (4 years ago)
I feel proud to live on the isle of man for all my life :) watched the TT 15 times.
jimmycorp (4 years ago)
"Most unusual" LOL
Wiggysan Wiggysan (4 years ago)
What I find strange +Keith Williams & +rick roe is this video makes the TT sound like a modern new craze that the kids are doing. They mention the TT started in 1907, but still make it come across as a *fad* that needs to stop. Very strange video. I think 99% of the people who saw this TV show & have watched it on YouTube, already knew what the TT was about. 
Keith Williams (4 years ago)
+rick roe I did'nt think this was a sarcastic view at all, I think it gave a fairly balanced view from the perspective of an outsider. They got all the facts right except for the interview in the studio at the end when it was sugguseted that we here in the Island rely on the TT for income, that is far from the truth! The TT brings a lot of money to the Island, but, it also costs a hell of a lot of money to stage, to prepare the course alone costs a million pounds. Remember this is a free event for spectators if they choose, yes you can pay for some grandstands and certain viewing spots but if you don't want to, there is loads of places to spectate without charge. The main source of income for us is Financial Services of varying sorts,  the TT is a single figure percentage of overall income. I thought the video was quite fair, the TT is not for everyone, fortunately it is for enough people to make it worth continuing and long may it do so.
Viking Pisces (3 years ago)
Correct. Two weeks pays for two weeks of running the island. The other 50 weeks pays for the other 50 weeks. Long live the TT.
Julie Hayward (4 years ago)
Excellent video. Enlightening. Thank you. :-)
Geek on a Bike (4 years ago)
Just like Steve Parish said "Nobody is forcing people to go to the TT" It's voluntary. If people want to toe the edge of safety that is entirely their choice, riders and spectators. and further more 230 deaths or whatever it was in 100 years isn't that bad. How many deaths can we attribute to other avenues over 100 years? Alcohol? Smoking? Cars? Guns? the list goes on... If you want to live your life in bubble wrap that is your choice, don't try to force it on others.
Hornet0biker (4 years ago)
I don't understand this obsession with longevity/risk over quality of life and having fun while you're here.
JohnTheHater (4 years ago)
Could have picked a better rider to interview... The IOM and races in Ireland are beyond words and hopefully someday I'll make the trip. Until then, thanks to Lockk9 and internet tv.
loosewheels1000 (4 years ago)
I think more people in the USA have been shot & killed while I have watched this short film, yet I don't see an outcry to ban their right to carry (and use) guns, the TT is a free race for anybody to take part in, an ordinary joe, or a guy with a large company behind him, that's what freedom is about, no H & S people walking around with cotton wool !!
arriviste2020 (4 years ago)
The T.T and the Northwest 500. Last of the great bike racing venues. I sincerely hope that all parties present maximum resistance to those 'Nanny State' idiots whom wish to change everything.
24SparrowJack (3 years ago)
north west 200
kidda74 (4 years ago)
Don't forget Ulster GP, North west 200!!!
musashidanmcgrath (3 years ago)
Yes, it is a bit annoying that everyone always says 'there's no other race like it in the world' when, in fact, in Ireland we have the NW200, the Skerries races, and the Kells races. And not against the clock, but against other riders. Long live the TT. An amazing example of the incredible heights of excellence that man can achieve.
Leanne Newbold (4 years ago)
everythingstaken63 (4 years ago)
In America how many people have died/injured by gunshots? They haven't banned them!. This is how it is in the Isle of Man.
wussboyd1 (4 years ago)
The greater things in life are usually the most dangerous things in life, its what keeps people going. This race needs to continue forever
wussboyd1 (4 years ago)
Cant wait to go to this race. It looks epic
KathrynLiz1 (4 years ago)
"City people" like them, especially from section of a society that believes that people need protecting from themselves, just cannot "get" the TT races. I bet they want everyone to hand in their guns too! I have followed these events all my life (since the early 1950s anyway), and yes, I am a bike nut. At 71, I still ride a CBR600 Honda that will do 150mph. I accept that I am 10 times more likely to be killed on my bike than in my car. I have never raced (family responsibilities) but I wanted to, OMG yes. I still do really, but it's an expensive sport and I have only my age pension now. I always wanted to find out if I have any talent, and the only way to know that is to get on a track in a race. I guess I will die still curious about that! The TT races are awesome. The deaths and injuries are unfortunate but people do crazier things... rock climbing without ropes, base jumping, running with the bulls in pamplona... all sorts of dangerous stuff. Everyone that is there at the TT knows the risks of competing and watching. They go there of their own free will. Top of my 'Bucket List' is to do TT week, but I live in New Zealand. Even though I grew up in London until 1959, I was never able to get there. One day, perhaps, before I topple off my twig, I will get there... I keep buying those lottery tickets :-)
Nic Marshall (20 days ago)
10 times more likely to die riding a bike....at least we get the chance to die happy doing what we love.
Delll (11 months ago)
Hope you do to, but you will have more of a chance getting there if you put the lottery ticket money in a tin labeled TT.
wacked outdude (1 year ago)
71 tears old and still riding a CBR 600. Respect.
MD6LET (4 years ago)
Keep ya nose out......
cAnYoN-carvers CALi (4 years ago)
naustradmas (4 years ago)
Isle of Man TT must not stop, these pussies are jealous because they are so pussified that they can never ever even imagine of doing what those great riders do. Long Live the Isle of Man TT
Stuart Brown (4 years ago)
Typical press sensationalism!
mous19911 (4 years ago)
Uhh I wanna punch that black guy at the end, it's ppl like him with a stick in there ass that piss me off.
Brandon G (4 years ago)
screw that if i could afford to get my bike out there and do a few laps i would coming from Florida much respect.
Brandon G (4 years ago)
at 6:50 the answer to that question cause that island has people who have balls and do it for the people.
lordchickenhawk (4 years ago)
Once freedom meant "Don't dictate my religion" Now most countries dictate what risks we're allowed to take, the media tries to control what we think, and our education systems seem more concerned with politically correct conformity than academic achievement. Perhaps the IOM is the last land of the free...
bogey19018 (4 years ago)
Obviously, not a nanny state. Rock on IOM.
kypdurron62 (4 years ago)
This is an awful documentary. They don't even mention the Manx GP, which is another multi week event that takes place for the amateur riders. Standard American fare.
kypdurron62 (4 years ago)
Also, this American rider is going slow as fuck. Look at some Guy Martin videos.
kypdurron62 (4 years ago)
Geez, some fake Star Wars fans. It's "Punch it, Chewie!"
MrSisterfister100 (4 years ago)
OH, btw i also LOVE MAD SUNDAY!!!!! =D
MrSisterfister100 (4 years ago)
I love the TT I love the Isle Of Man I love real road racing.
Ian Bibby (4 years ago)
Well said.
WhiteDwarfVR4 (4 years ago)
6 people have no idea what its like to really live
mth1710 (4 years ago)
Sidecar @ 9:20.. Whoah- ho ho hoooo!!!
fins 71 (4 years ago)
Is this heaven? No, it's the Isle of Man. A true field of dreams. I couldn't imagine the excitement of riding this course, let alone the honor it would be to call this place home.
A1r80rn3 (4 years ago)
The kind of people that want to ban the isle of man TT are the kind of people who made F1 shit. As others have said, it's utterly fine for governments to get people killed when they want, for their own reasons. But, it's not okay for people to compete in an event they care about? rubbish.
MaxSafeheaD (4 years ago)
it's both
Druminator (4 years ago)
"The reason I do it is because if you get it wrong, It'll kill you. If you think it's too dangerous then go home and cut your grass and leaves us to it." /Guy Martin
Krina Eff (4 years ago)
More taking away peoples choices? But its OK to send hundreds to their death in the name of war.. One country where its got choices..
ironfist323 (4 years ago)
I think you need to get a lot of facts right before you call the TT. I have been a few times and love it as do the locals. What about the north west 200 ? Thats in northern ireland . just as mad. Maybe the rportet should try it?
rob freakass (4 years ago)
isle of man economy on gets money from TT i doubt it , this video is so mis informed. As most american corps have there money here
rob freakass (4 years ago)
no independant nation and tax haven. we have our own goverment
rob freakass (4 years ago)
And the spectators know what the danger is , i watch it every year. If it wasnt so risk and dangerous for the riders we wouldnt watch it . Sorry that is a fact
andy delapena (4 years ago)
The racers choose to do it and that's it no one forces them
Just Add Fuel (4 years ago)
They are not an independent nation they are tax haven (aren't they?)
Jaco_Engel (4 years ago)
Living on that island must be a deep sense emotion. The smell of fresh air in the morning, looking at a 130mph corner right out side your drive way...just fantastic.
Jaco_Engel (4 years ago)
I feel sorry for you Performance overload! You must have a pretty mundane life.
Jaco_Engel (4 years ago)
Performance overload! These guys are real. not cock heads like you!
Sprocket Turner (4 years ago)
Sprocket Turner (4 years ago)

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