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23 Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed - Super Mario Bros, PUBG, IT and MORE!

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Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs are plentiful in the open world of Hope County, so join Ian Higton as he takes us on a tour of the best Far Cry 5 references discovered so far! There's 23 of the little beauties! Including shout outs to Super Mario Bros, PUBG, The Jackal from Far Cry 2 and Stephen King's IT, there's a load of Far Cry 5 secrets to enjoy! Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (1307)
tatertøtbøy 36ø (6 minutes ago)
Is it just me, or did the it phone call from number 12 remind you of Lucas from Resident Evil 7?
Duck Mind (22 minutes ago)
Maybe the 8-bit bar thing is a reference to 8-bit ryan, gaming
guest10_01 (42 minutes ago)
Assassin's Creed oranges
ToxicReaper1010 (1 hour ago)
14:20 assassins creed oranges lol
jamo90 (2 hours ago)
Assassins creed oranges hahahahaha
Zoid (3 hours ago)
assassins creed oranges
Killer Creeper (3 hours ago)
14:19 did he say assassins creed ORANGES?!?!?!
ENDER_ 197 (4 hours ago)
Did someune notis that in the 15 ester egg he sead asasins creed oringes not origins
VT Zdorovetskiy (4 hours ago)
I saw the fathers books in the stone ridge chalet. Idk. But yeah. Lol
Lloyd Curry (4 hours ago)
It said the father strike
Jian Matthew Rico (5 hours ago)
U forgot one... Ok so this happend to me I was just in the fang center talking with hurk then he tells me about the judges that he wants to know more about them the he said this *Sharky has never seen a werewolf before I mean I saw one in KYRAT(The main place where far cry 4 takes) howlin’ at the moon*
mazdarati2 (5 hours ago)
Oh come on. You didn't spend a week playing the game and searching for clues. You spent a week looking on online forums like Reddit to make a video about these Easter Eggs. Your map has only visited the areas you looked for and nothing else that has to do with the game and your resistance points are pathetically low for a weeks worth of gameplay.
Jay Gonzalez (6 hours ago)
Amy somtimes makes a reference to transformers
Mossb100 (6 hours ago)
I've never heard of Assassin's Creed: Oranges before. What's it like?
Connor Krueger (7 hours ago)
look theres a pipe, it can be green... MARIO EASTER EGG!!!
Connor Krueger (6 hours ago)
look there's a pan, most people think its a left for dead easter egg, but this pan is clearly the one from PUBG. Easter Egg!!!!!!
Icemaster 453 (12 hours ago)
Hold on did he say assassins creed oranges?!?!?
JeffPlays (13 hours ago)
The singing fish in Watchdogs was a reference to the Big Mouth Billy Bass.
Radio Beat Acid (14 hours ago)
14:20 Assasin Creed oranges
Alex Chavez (14 hours ago)
Assassin's Creed oranges
YoungTaleBeatz (14 hours ago)
Anyone find the random telephone ringing near the geothermal park and a when you answer it’s a woman speaking in a different language? I thought maybe it was a far cry primal Easter egg and it was some ancient Language referring to some character in that game.
Jonathan Tomasko (19 hours ago)
When the agent on the side missions says "down the golden brick road" is a reference to the wizard of Oz
Poisnu Washere (19 hours ago)
*when you've never played a far cry game and literally missed all of these*
AryaLeNeko (20 hours ago)
16:05 These eggs can be seen in farcry primal too. Im not sure where exactly, but i can tell its somewhere north oros. There‘s also a dragon/dinosaur skeleton above it, wich makes clear that im speaking of a small cave.
Bigt3 (21 hours ago)
But on number 20, if you reed the notes it says that the cult is not the big picther and they are ``SPOILER`` and they are only a small thing in the nuke that thay do ?!
CaptCrusher's Minecraft (22 hours ago)
I beat this game in two weeks it was a peace of cake. Anyway I would seriously recommend this game if you like shooting stuff, driving cars, and you really believe in the end of the world and also if you have cults and cultists
The ToxicBadger (23 hours ago)
13 I would love to catch that largemouth bass
The ToxicBadger (1 day ago)
The first one I heard nothing nor saw anything wth
BMJgunner 1 (1 day ago)
Also the warp zone is a major youtube channel
Pink Omega OVHX (1 day ago)
“Assassins creed oranges”
Elijah920 (1 day ago)
assassins creed *oranges*
Fallout (1 day ago)
Hope county? You mean dope county?
FanaticScout (1 day ago)
I never knew assassins creed oranges is a game
KADA 762 (1 day ago)
14:20 "assassins creed oranges"
amadeusz antyga (1 day ago)
11:20 terrifying? I was cracking up when I saw this.
14:19 "Assassins Creed Oranges" XD
cringe nation (1 day ago)
he said oranges
ZACCYBOY 2006 (1 day ago)
The hawaiin bobblehead is the bad guy from far cry 3 Edit: in vehicles like the truck
adit ghifari (1 day ago)
11:51 isn't that ......SPONGEBOB????
thenoobgamer (1 day ago)
This game is amazing
lord potato (1 day ago)
Wait, did he just say Assassins Creed Oranges?
Ni7roN1nja (1 day ago)
Wtf is number one
Das-Apfel (1 day ago)
14:21 OrangeS
TopEverything (1 day ago)
14:19 assassins creed ORANGES🍊
Dabr XD (1 day ago)
i live in montana
Kaine Wijaya (1 day ago)
Did he say assasins creed oranges?
Mason Gray (1 day ago)
Mason Gray (1 day ago)
Assassins oranges watch it😂😂😂😂😂😂
Patrick Nolan (1 day ago)
14:20 oranges?
Clemtic Tv (1 day ago)
I wish Montana actually looked like this, btw I live in montana
Paul C (1 day ago)
14:17 Assasins Creed Oranges lol
Anyone notice he said "assassins creed oranges not origins"
Mr. Squibbles (2 days ago)
Assassins creed *_ORANGES_*
Alexander Zmirich (2 days ago)
For number 12 if you notice the cigarette tray has a recently put out cigarette hinting somebody was just there paired along with the tv possibly watching you.
h1992 uk (2 days ago)
Why does this narrator sound so condescending.
RektOrNah (2 days ago)
Whats scarier about the Scary Live HorrorShow is that when you turn on the power there is a person in the window smiling at you, when you get to the attic, no on is there.
DoogelCraft (2 days ago)
loved it, just took a break from a 5 hour far cry 5 session to enjoy this gem of a video.
SuperFlashbangNoob (2 days ago)
14:18 Assassin's Creed Oranges XD
Basic Dos Gaming (2 days ago)
You missed the uniden scanner in dutches island
The Dark Wolf (2 days ago)
What about Slenderman?
Hynra (2 days ago)
it's ellis for sure the dude is using elli's cap
Arianna Deligianni (2 days ago)
There is a fisherman/shop in Jacob's area that, when talked to, says something like: "I wanted to be a deputy like you, then I took a bullet to the knee". An obvious reference to TES: Skyrim.
TopMega _ (2 days ago)
That clown laugh at 11:45 sounds like cod zombies laugh when you die who agrees lol
Mekaiel (2 days ago)
I don't see how the pipe "Easter Egg" relates to Mario. Like, your literally going around beating people with a pipe, when the fuck did Mario do that? Unless I missed something.
Ryan B (2 days ago)
The names are randomized i'v found so many people with that name. i'd have to keep her tho because AC Syndicate is bad ass.
Aaron Matson (2 days ago)
Reeallly reaching for some of these
Liam Wagner (2 days ago)
There were a lot of wrestling references i caught. The power of YES (Daniel Bryan), Jacob Seed looks like Curt Hawkins
DGElite Entertainment (2 days ago)
Mr.J (2 days ago)
20:24 am I the only one that can see the Stranger Things reference with all of those Christmas lights hanging in the house
Thomas Hielkema (2 days ago)
Assassins creed oranges😂😂🤙🏻
Ryutaro-Nakayasu (2 days ago)
Did you say "Assassin's Creed: Oranges"?
Jackal's case declassified in 2058 = 2008 (FC2 release date) + 50 (usual time for classified files to be declassified).
Tweeter05 (2 days ago)
I really think you're reaching on some of these... such are the Mario Easter egg and also the drinking water in the river..
DEVATRON 906 (2 days ago)
The cook (Casey) looks a lot like Paul Ferenc from Far cry 2. Maybe that's how he knows about the Jackal
Bob the magic koala (3 days ago)
I hope big foot will be Ajay Gale:)
Phil Scoles (3 days ago)
Great video, great game. I have been playing this game every night after work, very addictive.
TheScorcherHD (3 days ago)
Assassin’s creed : oranges?
Appxrtion Lxve (3 days ago)
Well someone came for PUBG
Cornel Comendant (3 days ago)
I didn't get the Mario joke...
Slickilis (3 days ago)
14:16 Assassins creed ORANGES
Zoey Amari (3 days ago)
Regarding the haunted house, when you flip on the power you can actually see a figure standing in the barn where the prepper stash is. But once you finally get through the haunted barn, the figure standing in there before is long gone.
Assassins creed "oranges" 😂
Ur Dawg Berke (3 days ago)
Evie Frye?Shes from Assasins Creed Syndicate
DJ Dabaids (3 days ago)
14:18 - "Assassins Creed: Oranges"
Sin Rob (3 days ago)
On 22 was it a hat tip to strangers things with the Christmas lights
Ryan pearson OFFICIAL (3 days ago)
In number 15 he said assassins creed oranges
Liam Currie (3 days ago)
Anyone gonna talk about "Assassin's Creed Oranges"
Bomber8181 (3 days ago)
There is an overwatch reference when you get the truck called the widowmaker there is a preppar stash that quotes what widowmaker says when using her ultimate "ive got you in my sights"
james sillint (3 days ago)
in one of the early side missions in the game where you have to kill bears attacking people. after you compleat that mission one of the unrecruted guns for higher talks about an out-of-towner that she warned off but he would not listen and said he had survived pirate (fc3) and mudurise dictators (fc4) it's interesting.😂
Doug Muntz (3 days ago)
It is not a clown penny wise is IT is a devilish like entity that can take the form of Pennywise among various other monsters
Hunter Rentz (3 days ago)
You missed one there is a Voss bobble head inside the simi truck u can purchase to put on it
jude alexander (3 days ago)
There are christmas lights in Larry Parker's house, and that's supposed to be a reference to Stranger Things.
Jennifer Dalton (3 days ago)
yes yes yes Daniel brayn
BattlestarPegasus (3 days ago)
Assassin's Creed Oranges?
opposite infinite8 (3 days ago)
Assassins creed oranges
The Boys (3 days ago)
Why does everyone call him it? His name is pennywise. What the hell man.
OG Kakarotto (3 days ago)
so are these develper claimed easter eggs, or just what you THINK things are easter eggs?? cos your list is so dumb sounding... half the things arent even easter eggs!! I cant consider 1st one an easter egg, its a gag m8. now if when u hit ppl with that pipe and they warped away, now thats an easter egg, what you found has to be a coincidence third ones nothing 2. so heres an idea go watch number 4 at 3:24 and replace " the father" with "my video" and everything is fixed
Pear Tree Cosplay (3 days ago)
did he just say "Assassins creed Oranges"?
lovro novakovic (3 days ago)
666 dislikes
mandy curran (3 days ago)
"Asassins creed oranges!" 😂😂
Abraham Alanis (3 days ago)
ellis is cool

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