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Far Cry 5 - $200,000 per Hour ( Easy money guide ) How to get infinite amount of money FAST

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In this video, I will be going over my tactics how I am earning easy dollars in Far cry 5. Thanks to the Ubisoft, I didn't have a chance to get in the game earlier like other content creators, so I was forced to find the tactic that will be better than theirs and I found it. SUPPORT ME: One time donation: https://streamlabs.com/eroktic Monthly subscription (Patreon): https://www.patreon.com/Eroktic LINKS: Twitch- https://twitch.tv/eroktic Discord- https://discord.gg/bve4BUa Far Cry 5- https://far-cry.ubisoft.com Vape liquid- http://premiumeliquid.eu/ My Twitter- https://twitter.com/ErokticGaming My Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/eroktic My Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/eroktic/
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Text Comments (365)
iamCamoo (28 days ago)
I heard if you're second, Eroktic pins your comment.
john firerazor (15 days ago)
Your zzzz's are louder than anything else you say
Mastertheif Gaming (18 days ago)
iamCamoo flagged
R.J. Higley (26 days ago)
You are the shit stain on the underpants of humanity.
Raed Yahya Al-Banna (10 hours ago)
I really don’t know why do you need that much of money? I finished all side quests and beat the game with just two powerful weapons. Clothes and customs are totally useless in this game.
I am Randy Butternubs (10 hours ago)
This is cool and all but I've never had a problem with money. I have everything I want all the time lol
Joseph Coleman (13 hours ago)
It's worth stating that the journey pack perk doesn't affect your bait carrying capacity. The throwables bag perk increases your bait carrying capacity.
PixelHD_666 (14 hours ago)
"If you didn't know dollars are the main currency in Far Cry 5" And I always thought you pay with fists to the face! No wonder it never worked...
Covfefe Dk (1 day ago)
Twenty foreskins?
giraffe (1 day ago)
I was in faith region just north of the jail farming bison/bear/deer up on the open hills, and due to faith having her ''fake animals'' where you shoot it and it changes into a hostile or docile animal, I was getting wolverine, skunk, wolves, cougars, and angels(extra small cash/ items). Also it's where the hunter spawns, so when you get full on skins, just go sell it all/buy more ammo if needed; and turn around to go hunt more. I was getting about 30k in 10 minutes if not less time. But you have to have her resistance up to the 3rd dot so the ''fake animals'' spawn more frequently.
Jacob Eddings (1 day ago)
We no eat dogs. Not yet at least it still 2018 ey
Feels Good To Be Me (2 days ago)
You really don't need that much money in this game. Not a ton of stuff to buy unfortunately.
Jeff the killer (2 days ago)
I think that money guides and glitches are just not good for beginners, it ruins the game, it isn't fun at all when it comes to these vids. But hey i still support you though💪
Giraffe with tattoos (2 days ago)
When you're not playing video games, are you also making horrible hacks on a different channel?
Jeff Crow (3 days ago)
Within the first two minutes you said so many things wrong I can't even watch this video and there's one specific hunting spot where you can make almost $10,000 in about 9 minutes this video is lame boo
Lucas Guit (3 days ago)
i am the 200.000 viewer lol
GRANOLA GRIZZLY (4 days ago)
Your voice is shit!!!
B.M. 9000 (4 days ago)
I’m gonna use this
Emily Hill (5 days ago)
saying 4500$ ever 90 sec or whatever isnt accurate with the time spent collecting bait and going to cash in..... grinding is really boring
SB THERMEL (5 days ago)
If you rainbow and farcry5 you would know now that Mira's gun and acog is in farcry5
Doctor Boot (5 days ago)
who doesn't love collecting foreskins?
TheGrimLeaderReturns (6 days ago)
great video 👍
JOKER OF HEARTS (6 days ago)
Hunt moose, bison, deer & cougar near raptor peak. Alpha moose spawn along with alpha deer. And there's a woman there to sell your shit to, so its all in a little area near the tower & raptor peak. I make way more doing that than this glitch shown in the video.
Zolfried (6 days ago)
dollar is the main currency in a setting taking place in the US.. oh.. i thought they used yen
Rob Mcmuffin (6 days ago)
By far the bow is my favorite weapon period! As long as you can retrieve your arrows, you pretty much have infinite ammo.
Corey Mac (7 days ago)
Lmao bro u talk like a retar. great vid tho 10/10 im rich as frick now
Vinnie Nudd (7 days ago)
Actually you only get $165 a bear skin $1650 for 10 skins your better off getting moose skins give you $300 a skin and $3000 for 10 skin and alpha moose give you $350 a skin and $3,500 a skin that $7000 for both max at 10 skins and I can make around 16-17k in one around killing all the animals in that area including moose,alpha moose, courgers, wolves, deer, alpha deer, bears and bison I've already brought just about everything already. Don't forget to bring Jess and one other who has bow and use your compound bow that work best you get 4 skins per kill and make sure you have the perks that are in this video that is important as well. You can do this by rapid peak in faith area in the mountain just fast travel from taft lookout tower to drubman marina or baron lumber mill to sell them there like 2 people who do buy and sell items walking around in that area but if you sell to them the game wont reset the animals which you need to do to keep hunting. Anybody wanna join me on far cry 5 on ps4 game tag is Wickit Whyte. Hope this help.
EvolveSoT (7 days ago)
you don't hunt when fishing
Sic Headshotz (8 days ago)
he says foreskin alot
Alejandro Hernandez (8 days ago)
Thank you!
Jason Baber (9 days ago)
Wow who knew that hunting can farm money seriously do u think that Farcry fans are idiots we knew hunting was in Farcry for YEARS
bubu mic (10 days ago)
Where are u from dude ??
Eroktic (10 days ago)
OWEN HAWKINS (10 days ago)
Nice video
Kyle Patton (10 days ago)
KazBaka (11 days ago)
I don't get it, I have the "Journey Pack" perk and Im only able to still carry 3 baits? How are you able to carry more bait?
KazBaka (11 days ago)
Eroktic (11 days ago)
sorry, you need throwable items
Anders Paulsson (11 days ago)
This must be the worst farm video ever and the shittiest way to farm in this game, i know 10 ways that make more Money easier and faster than this farming animals.
Eroktic (11 days ago)
this video came out 2 days after release and it helped a lot of players that no-life the shit out of the game. I am glad that you know 10 of them. gj!
The Itchy Lumps (11 days ago)
hunt fishes
Zimmerman bandz (11 days ago)
Cant understand nun he say😂😂😂😂
LittleWizard Gaming (11 days ago)
I use this tactic except, i use the recurve bow because it does more damage and i do it in multiplayer for even faster kills i also recommend having Jess Black while doing this so you get even faster kills.
Jelly Brains (12 days ago)
There's a crater on the edge of the map in the far north western corner that's perfect for grinding like this. There's a trader that always spawns there and is always in the same spot, there's tons of Caribou, deer, cougars, wolves, and black/brown bears. They spawn super quickly and you can keep doing loops around the bowl of the crater, sell your stuff, and repeat
Scott McNally (12 days ago)
I hate it when people use the term “infinite” when talking about getting money. You can get an infinite amount of money from killing turkeys, bald eagles, golden trout, and any of the other animals.
Lightningranger24 (12 days ago)
On hard get the double skins perk use the 308 rifle and headshot your prey then while it's running wounded finish it with a bow or melee weapon for 4 skins
Ekko 13 (12 days ago)
I'm such an idiot! I've completed the game, and I never used bait even once.... fack.. I should've watched this a long time ago.. :P
ZombieOfun (13 days ago)
Would you just reccomend a nice open farm near a shop or vehicle cache then or is there a specific place within John's area that is good?
Gunrack (13 days ago)
This is Far Cry. Not GTA5. You don't need to grind for money in this game. And anyone who's ever played Far Cry 3 or 4 will tell you, *do not waste your money on guns or ammo* . Far Cry's playstyle is guerilla warfare - meaning, you capture everything you need from the enemy. Need weapons? Steal 'em. Need Ammo? Ambush an enemy supply truck, or find ammo caches at outposts and such. The only guns you will need to buy are signature weapons (the ones you can't pick up from dead enemies), every thing else as far as guns go can be acquired for free. Save your money for attachments/customization.
Mitchell Dane (13 days ago)
Sorry to inform you u won't get 2 skins if u use the bow. I use sniper and still get 2 skins as I have that upgrade
Shawn Jackson (14 days ago)
Borat has twenty foreskins? Haha
Shawn Jackson (14 days ago)
You sound like Borat!
Nissan Skyline 94 (14 days ago)
he said fourskin lol
Brad Sinclair (14 days ago)
Excellent video! A little English correction... fishes is not a word. You can use "fish" when talking about any amount of fish.
Eroktic (14 days ago)
Thank you =)
Steve Butler (14 days ago)
He said "four-skins"
drgnfrc13 (14 days ago)
I got journey pack and can still only carry 3 bait. I looked it up and it seems that others have had the same problem but nobody has answers for why it's happening/how to fix it.
Eroktic (14 days ago)
you need throwable skill, i messed up
Will Pearce (15 days ago)
So killing cows in a pasture is hunting. Cool.
Harry (15 days ago)
Where r u from?
Slashed Potatoes (15 days ago)
Subbed, good vid
Marcus Goguen (15 days ago)
I'm pretty sure 200k is enough to by pretty much everything in the game. Why would you need to farm more then that?
Tom Satterly (16 days ago)
fourskins lol
Xboxone Savage (16 days ago)
Not cows
Xboxone Savage (16 days ago)
I guessed cats
Hilariumosis (16 days ago)
It like listening to a young Schwarzenegger xD
Smokey Bear (16 days ago)
In Jacob’s top left, right out of his region there is almost like a bowl with a small lake in the middle. Go there and make your way around the lake. You will make 15,000 dollars because of caribou and grizzlies and wolf leaders, and it only takes 5 min
Bailey.Mills (16 days ago)
Holy shit your voice
Robby Bettin (16 days ago)
I NeEd sKInz bEcAusE i Am cOnTeNt CrEaTor. I've never heard anything more stupid.....cmon dude.
Wheelz (17 days ago)
Sounds like French Kermit the Frog
Fear (17 days ago)
Whats the intro song?
Ace Lemon (17 days ago)
Go to raptor peak in faiths region, unlimited bison they just keep coming
Sweet Affliction (17 days ago)
I don't know why no one is saying this in any of the quick money vids but you can use a gun first to hurt the animal just make sure the last kill shot is a bow and it'll give you all the skins undamaged
Bengee (17 days ago)
“If you kill an animal with a bow, you are a going to get foreskins”. 😂
way2sh0rt07grad (17 days ago)
I just use the furious to knockout the animals in one punch
tacky_cobra9 gg (17 days ago)
The moose is most hitpoints
MrJayel27 (17 days ago)
I dunno what it is,..but only two vids in by this guy and i want to watch Snatch....
donovan stagg (17 days ago)
Show us the field you are farming in. Ive been to every field around that area and no cows or haybails or anything
donovan stagg (17 days ago)
Oh okay. I seen where you pulled up the map but i couldn't see your arrow thing.
Eroktic (17 days ago)
I have shown in the video, after the middle i think
Daniel Morgadez (18 days ago)
For some reason I can't skin bulls or cows. It will say loot is full, even though I have not looted any skins yet. The only skins I've been able to loot are: wolverine, bears, wolf's, and cougar. Can anyone help me with this problem?
Daniel Morgadez (17 days ago)
Eroktic Thanks for the respond. Lol now I feel like I asked a stupid question.
Eroktic (17 days ago)
bulls and cows are for the bait item, not skin
Justin 5000 (18 days ago)
nice vid
Logen Hunter (18 days ago)
“Four skins”
4Cat Miracle (18 days ago)
Where was this channel? It's not so bad.
Lasombra366 (19 days ago)
carry 6 baits? WTF??? how? I have all the perks you mentioned but my total baits is only 3/3
TheF1zZ (19 days ago)
Where safety is number one priority
James G. (19 days ago)
At Taft lookout station near Raptor peak, North, West and South of Raptor are 3 great places, open fields where animals spawn right in front of you. No need to bait the cougars, wolves, the elk, moose/legend, deer, bear, bison, wolverine will always be there. $12,500 in 5 minutes
Eroktic (19 days ago)
Thanks for the tip, will check it out!
casperld (19 days ago)
I like this Shannell
John Barnes (19 days ago)
I have the perks mentioned but still have a max bait of 3....was this nerfed?  I can't get 6 bait and boy would it help!*Edit*  Nevermind...You need the "Throwables Bag" perk upgraded, not just the Harvest Master and Journey Bag!
Eroktic (19 days ago)
oh, i messed up. thanks for that
MIDG3T_G4MING (19 days ago)
How do I get the bait slot back, it says peaches treats for my. How do I get the bait back
KingSosaGuwopxX (20 days ago)
no disrepect but how do people like him talk in public
Tavish Kammermeier (20 days ago)
You sounds like a Russian dakotaz
Casey Martin (20 days ago)
The bison on the ridge to the east in Faith's region. Tower something on a rising ridge the the far east. There's cougar, bear, wolves and the devil of dirt aka wolverine. Kicked it 37 times and he bit onto the twig n berries. Funnist thing yet on here. A store lady Hunter strolls around sometimes. Bison always roll around.
THIS-INSIDE :! (20 days ago)
You kan khant
bababasri3 (20 days ago)
Thanks to the bow and harvest master perk I have collected alot of foreskins!
Stephen Lomas (21 days ago)
Thing is. You dont even need a lot of money so why would u do this ? My money goes up and up and up and all i need money for is restocking ammo
Yuh Boy (21 days ago)
you made a 10 minute video telling us to throw bait on the ground
Eroktic (21 days ago)
more like location, how to get bait, min-maxing selling route, cheezy camping spot to take no damage, when is the best period to use it, recommended skills but yeah. if you don't like that type of the guide I would recommend you to go on reddit or forums. have a nice day.
sluoii (21 days ago)
I have a diff method as to where I make 13k every run
Ghastly Grinner (21 days ago)
Its strange that you shoot the animals in the head in games because when you really hunt you shoot for the lungs/heart
Jakob Wiklund (21 days ago)
Cull The heard👍
Aydn downs (21 days ago)
Down to the left of the F.A.N.G. center, there is a caribou hunting location. Within 15 minutes I had 45k
Damians Demon (21 days ago)
I even Heard that Eroktic pins your comment if you dislikes his dialect! >.>
wolfgamer1 (21 days ago)
In game "dollars"
Tim Campbell (21 days ago)
Wow 60fps!!! I can tell......since I play this game at 34fps, damn I need a 1080 low profile.
MCGREGORY13 (21 days ago)
Tommy Wright (21 days ago)
This video is great. I'm going to farm tonight. Thank you!
Crows Wit Gaming (21 days ago)
Jess Black and boomer (Reyes to keep. Pains off your ass) will help to, unless she occasionally fires an inceninerary arrow
Luke Blazek (21 days ago)
Too bad there isn’t a 3 million dollar rocket bike to buy 😂
KingOso (21 days ago)
Sabbel Wakker (21 days ago)
You get foreskins per animal...lol

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