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- ROAD - RACING - LEGEND - ♛ - ✔ JOEY★DUNLOP - Isle of Man TT ✔ - Ulster GP 1999.

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. SONG → (Say It Ain't So Joe) by 'Murry Head'. Clips from a great DVD of Joey's racing career. Download▐►http://goo.gl/L9tqp DVD►http://goo.gl/jmKlc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35% off Code→JUMP35
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Text Comments (243)
Bobby Thompson (7 days ago)
Try that Valentino, or Marc, get on the roads the way the greats did! Hailwood and Dunlop Style!
Robert Villiard (10 days ago)
No one has ever will ever race with more passion than Joey Dunlop
anthoan moravi (1 month ago)
Pilotos no payasadas como el rossi
Metal Man (1 month ago)
Joey wasn't just the greatest racer, he brought a dived country together through some of the worst troubles, and his charity work, driving thousands of miles on his own to deliver aid to war torn countries. Simply a legend
Bruno Silva (2 months ago)
You can see how joey makes the corner at 3:14 and how the others do it, brilliant.
paulo il guerrillero (2 months ago)
a legend ! true sport rider . a gentleman . a great man . respect !
Clark Kent (2 months ago)
Only Joey can whip a 1000cc on a 750cc. A legend is missed.
John H (3 months ago)
I really wanna see footage of the '77 Frankenstein TZ750 bike.
JBiker 83 (3 months ago)
He's a real legend
Robert Bachelor (3 months ago)
joey dunlop is the greatest in a test where you have to be great to even be out there.mike hailwood and giocamo agostini back in my young days.i had a mark 3 ducati and raced around west palm beach florida,,in the streets.
DAVE SPUDS (3 months ago)
amazing rider, amazing dad, amazing guy in genral. Joe and Robert both you couldn't find a better, nicer pair, so together as family yet compete against each other, lovely family, my heart is now with both sons William and michael, when I see them both race I see joe and Robert. But they are both giving tips from on high , and a fine pair raised. I will always have Joe and robert in my mind when road racing is there.
boop vi (4 months ago)
A dangerous life, a true hero. Very talented no big mouth. Living to the max. RIP legend
kellser3 (4 months ago)
There has not been a more rounded rider before or since
kellser3 (4 months ago)
The best
Keith Seigel (5 months ago)
I never saw Joey clench his fist after a win, just a polite shy wave from him usually. Sums up his character perfectly..
doomiz (7 months ago)
fkin legend
brian w (7 months ago)
A genuine legend with unrivalled talent and courage.
Paul Murphy (8 months ago)
eslermanu47 (8 months ago)
The greatest motorcycle racer of all time is Mike HAILWOOD
layer cake81 (10 months ago)
absolute legend
bernd harmuth (11 months ago)
best ever omg
Techno Classic (11 months ago)
Я расплакался(((((((((((((((((((( он хороший мужик был ((((((((((((((((((((
Edoardo Quiriconi (11 months ago)
Absolute respect and admiration for a real legend. May You rest in peace, Joey... :(
speedtriple20050 (1 year ago)
What a legend, greatest road racer of all time! Superb tribute, thank you!
pakno gomez (1 year ago)
Plot twist ....he is also ayrton senna
Ryan McCandless (1 year ago)
To the man who conquered the TT, you'll be missed! If only we could all go doing something we love, a true inspiration.
martin conroy (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this video, i used to watch Joey in the 80's, such an unassuming man,a true legend who will never be forgotten
Michal995 (1 year ago)
So they used to race in rain at Isle of man?
Dean Truesdale (2 months ago)
mike demers (1 year ago)
Joey Dunlop could race with the young and hungry, and the experienced, and would win with heart and passion! This guy worked on his own bikes, dominated the 70s 80s 90s always putting up wins and podiums! He would be proud of his nephew Michael Dunlop! Joey is King! The Michael Jordan of the most dangerous motorcycle race in the WORLD!
Simon Bolliger (1 year ago)
Legends never die RIP Joey
Michael (1 year ago)
movistar gsxr (1 year ago)
Superb man.....
Keynon Barnes (1 year ago)
yes..I tip my hat to you...a true badass
MusicalManchild77 (1 year ago)
Joey IS A GOD!!!
MusicalManchild77 (1 year ago)
Old Number 3...He Was The Greatest!!!
MusicalManchild77 (1 year ago)
I Bought a Honda VFR in 2000.   Best Bike I Ever Owned.   Was based off of Joey's 920 cc...I got the Magic from that..and the V4 Victory DVD..RIP Joey and Barry...
MusicalManchild77 (1 year ago)
Joey Dunlop and Barry Sheene Were the Greatest!!!   I Love You Both!!!  From a Scotsman...
Roman Somov (1 year ago)
proves that you don't need all the money in the world to be happy.
Gaspecky (1 year ago)
am ganzen Körper Gänsehaut Joey Du warst der grösste Motorsportler mit Schumi zusammen RIP Klos im Hals !!!
fhhfgj (1 year ago)
Joey was a beautiful human being...and a holy terror on the racetrack. RIP Joey.
DakotaGurl1 (1 year ago)
Complete Respect, I hope to be able to crate my bike for the next year TT. The motor was built by Scott Clough, Race Teck front end, Trak Dynamics swing arm, Excel rims with SS spokes and nipples, MZB iggy, etc.
love from dublin joey
Joe Dunlop (1 year ago)
Indeed a Racing legend !
flip inheck (1 year ago)
Northern Irelands finest, our Joey OBE MBE (Feb 25th 1952 - July 2nd 2000) RIP.
Gaspecky (1 year ago)
do not sleep , drink to 5 in the morning smoke a lot and beet beat everyone , he had the graetest nuts with 46 and over !!!!!!!!!
Gregory Manning (1 year ago)
weekend it looks for me phenomenal worl fully =‑3
StaticAttackMUSIC (1 year ago)
I remember as a wee boy standing on the railway bridge at University corner (NW200) early 90's seeing all these local bikers lying in the long grass pissed ,then one of them shouted ' here's Joey now' and they all got up and ran to the barrier and waved and cheered him on ,as soon as he passed they all went back to the long grass to drink more . love it !
N0TS0SUBTLE (1 year ago)
This looks like so much fun!!!!!
Jeff the Killer (1 year ago)
loved and full respected, rest in piece
Blah (1 year ago)
Keep coming back every so often. A great tribute to the Man!!
freddy c (1 year ago)
When I do I don't think about all his race wins . I think about the man who would load his truck and drive alone to places like Bosnia . To be great in your sport is nice but to be great in life is beyond words
Colin Hennessy (1 year ago)
what a man we will never see the likes of Joey again !! :(
Ron Leavitt (1 year ago)
a total insparation !!
Deo Guinsatao (2 years ago)
kevin johnson (2 years ago)
he was a king of ROAD racing ....shame..
Mark Bermingham (2 years ago)
what a racing legend love this sport because of him wow
Mark Bermingham (2 years ago)
love this video joey is the king of racing bikes
Mountain Man Reviews (2 years ago)
A fucking legend, is born and lives forever.
Geoff Dearth (2 years ago)
To hold off DJ was a tremendous feat.
Geoff Dearth (2 years ago)
One of a kind.
Gerald Mcommons (2 years ago)
Joey is the king. I know his wife and daughter...
flip inheck (2 years ago)
Happy Birthday Joey, he would have been 64 today. Never forgotten.
rudeboys4eva (2 years ago)
R.I.P Yer Maun
liam mcgurk (2 years ago)
a real man man
bogey19018 (2 years ago)
John Romero (2 years ago)
Tribute to Joey Dunlop - I love it! Thank you
cobalt blue (2 years ago)
My God, His story, His real truth would be one hell of an amazing movie. I can not think of anyone that I have more respect for.
cobalt blue (2 years ago)
Ya, it would be amazing for a lack of a better word.
cobalt blue (2 years ago)
I have seen a documentary on this race yet I did not see at the time. I do not have the words to express how much respect I have for this man and anyone else living a life, being prepared to die to live.
ibanezrg470 (2 years ago)
Being from the same little island we all loved Joey,but we also had and have so much respect for all the riders from around the world who took part and still do in this dangerous sport,big respect to all of them........................
benbo014 (2 years ago)
No ordinary joe !!!
schwantz3434 (2 years ago)
15 years today……..we miss you joey, xxx
Dick Johnson (2 years ago)
RIP Joey, a true legend.
Clint Harbin (2 years ago)
Joey, We miss you brother!!!
yammer haw (2 years ago)
Wow! The turnout for his funeral.  A couple thousand or more.  This is what I love about Europe, their love of motorcycle racers. Here, in the USA, Kenny Roberts would have his family and maybe a dozen or two others show up.
yammer haw (2 years ago)
+flip inheck --- Amazing.  Thanks.
flip inheck (2 years ago)
+yammer haw Joey was a household name in Northern Ireland, the attendance figure for Joeys funeral was actually estimated at 60,000.
flip inheck (2 years ago)
+yammer haw The Northern Ireland police expected a turnout of around 50,000 for the funeral, they admitted that was an underestimation. Here is a quote from a local press report.. "He was in good company in Ballymoney, Co Antrim, yesterday. Hundreds of hard men cried, and most did so without shame.Northern Ireland hosted its largest funeral in almost 20 years yesterday in a staggering tribute to a man scarely known outside his native land or the world of motorcycle racing. Police expected 50,000 to turn up, and think that was an underestimate."http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2000/jul/08/northernireland.johnmullin1
Chazz Jocazzi (2 years ago)
Joey and David Jefferies....two naturals. Both fantastic.
gremlinuk1968 (1 year ago)
Joey, RIP,! did get to met you , but have been in your bar in ballymony,! god bless,! and was there at joeys funeral !!!
Kevin O'Connor (3 years ago)
I cry a tear every time I hear that song. A true gladiator with a humble personality. Michael take care!
Thomas Hargy (1 year ago)
I know all of them, coming from the wee town of Ballymoney. Joey was actually my claim to fame. I have the privilage of saying I beat a 5 times world champion at snooker, lol. Joey was such a fantastic quiet and unassuming gentleman. Many a pint he served me in his bar. Gone, but most definitely not forgotten.
gremlinuk1968 (2 years ago)
+gremlinuk1968 I have seen that bike joey was on in that race bro,!!,,
gremlinuk1968 (2 years ago)
+NeoStrike1 thanks bro for looking the link,!!
winston didit (2 years ago)
+gremlinuk1968 stfu
NeoStrike1 (2 years ago)
+gremlinuk1968 the legend - joey.
1966sharonthe (3 years ago)
Legand <3
Gaspecky (3 years ago)
er ist und wird für immer der Grösste sein 
Scott Thomson (3 years ago)
Just brilliant!! what a tribute to the man,sitting thinking what to type and cany find the words!
Mayo Albert (3 years ago)
The Biggest, a great hero. One of the legends of my childhood. Very touching!. I will post the video on my facebook motor page "Botifarra i Gas".Thanks 4 share! R.I.P.
felixmountain (3 years ago)
dart99mm (3 years ago)
Watching this brings back many great memories ,as a kid going to all the local races and watching the armoy armada and dromara destroyers do battle , great days so close to the action , can't believe any one who loves this sport could give this tribute to the great man a thumbs down.
initialB 240 (3 years ago)
legend. I only thought I had balls. takes a different kind of man to ride a bike like that.
Marcelo Borges (3 years ago)
The King TT  
Ultra80s (3 years ago)
Joey Dunlop: Titan of TT. 
andre baks (3 years ago)
the startgrid 7 riders?
Wayne Cunningham (3 years ago)
Joey Dunlop...I had heard the name but didn't understand the talent behind the legend. After seeing this video and doing some research, I have a much greater appreciation and respect for a racer that could ride damn near any motorcycle and then beat who had been the favorite in their SINGLE respective class beyond any doubt. While the song was written for a completely different time and situation, it is still put to great use here for this video and is an example of the feelings of those who understood his legendary performances. His mastery of the motorcycle is indeed unsurpassed as of this date. John Guinness is very close but I believe that Joey is still the greatest master of all time. It is as if Joey was birthed from his mother on 2 wheels of fury and speed!! Greatest ever and very deserved of respect and admiration. At least for me.
brendan w (3 years ago)
Been going to the NW200 since i can remember. Fantastic event. Joey was the NW and i can still remember vividly waiting at Juniper Hill  for Joey to fly around the coast road on his way to another chequered flag (with the smell of Castrol R filling your nostrils). A  sad loss for anyone into bikes or road racing.
brendan w (3 years ago)
+flip inheck I too used to sit there - since i was a nipper. I worked at Juniper Hill caravan site for three years and loved it - double time for watching the NW200. It's never been the same since Joey died but is still the best sporting event in Ireland, bar none. I well remember the smell of castrol R as Joey and the others came over Juniper hill. After the tragic accident this year there was some silly journo from the Belfast Tele on the Nolan Radio Show a couple of days later claiming the race should be banned, or, a short circuit should be built in Portrush - you couldn't make it up. Thankfully, Philip McCallen was also on and put her right by relating how - already that year - 8 fishermen had lost their lives at sea. He quite rightly asked if we should ban fishing at sea.
flip inheck (3 years ago)
Juniper was also my fav spot, I used to sit in behind the caravans at the chicane with the sandwiches and the flask, the caravan owners let us slip under the raised caravans if the rain came down, best and happiest years of my life watching the Master riding the NW200 as graceful as a swan, he never looked like he was in much of a hurry but was always to the front. Greatly missed.
Daryl Massey (3 years ago)
It's real hard to beat real class.  Dude was good... Joe Dunlop is and will be a class act.
Moe R (3 years ago)
Joey :(
MMLD48 (3 years ago)
타보고 십다 저트랙에서 ~~
Joakim Helgesson (3 years ago)
34 who do not know anything about TT.
GixxerManiac4dub (3 years ago)
RIP Joey the best to ever do it, I almost teared up watching this. All the wins he had and the fan base that followed never changed him from being a humble man doing what he loved. May we all be so lucky to die doing something we love so much.
Thomas W (3 years ago)
speechless and deeply touched .... great video man
pedro7g5 (3 years ago)
Ride in Peace Joey!
schwantz3434 (3 years ago)
14 years today we lost the greatest road racer to the great gig up in the sky……he is gone but will never be forgotten,we all miss you joey,ride on boss!
paul harden (3 years ago)
Great vid man!
Franck Duck (3 years ago)
2:24 .... this Bike sounds better than my girlfriend by sex
hoplite46 (3 years ago)
rip joey

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