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An Introduction to Crewel Embroidery

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Hello, and welcome to my treasure house of Crewel Work and Needlepoint! There is something here for everyone to enjoy, from the total beginner to the textile historian. www.crewelwork.com
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Mavis Vivens (4 months ago)
I am so sick for my sewing room to be done. Just ordered my first crewel embroidery project and excited.
Chris Amon (8 months ago)
Can you upload the instructions of crewel embroidered Great Seal of the United States?
oliver eales (6 months ago)
Luisa Pined (8 months ago)
No se ve como va la puntafa bien
Pople BackyardFarm (10 months ago)
enjoyed this :)
Marina Ferreira (10 months ago)
oliver eales (6 months ago)
mind your own business.
Elisa Málaga (1 year ago)
Gracias. Es una muy buena explicación
Flower Bunny (3 years ago)
I have a crewel project that is partially finished and I cannot find the directions.  I thought it was Elsa Williams but the outline is blue which is the wrong color.  The item you are working on has a blue outline would you advise who's design it is.  thank you
thehomegardener (3 years ago)
Hun this is designer, tutor, author, Phillipa Turnbull. The video is a excerpt from one of her tutorials CD's she sells on her site http://www.crewelwork.com/shop/8/index.htm. She is working on a pattern of her own creation. Does your pattern have a name or number printed on the side. Maybe google that. Or I have had luck googling the main image description  the best I can, and scrolled though the images.
Kalai K (3 years ago)
This is the only quality video on YouTube to teach Crewel Embroidery; will you post more videos showing additional stitches, please?
Lizzystitch484 (2 years ago)
+Kalai Kennedy Check out videos by a fantastic stitcher by the name of Mary Corbet.  You cannot go wrong.  Her videos are clear to see what she's teaching, and her instructions are quite good.  I go to her for refreshers on stitches when I need them.  Best of luck!
carol ladouceur (4 years ago)
didn't actualy show  the  stitch i  could not see what  you were doing
Tess Grinnell (4 years ago)
These are very detailed works!
loretana ionio (4 years ago)
Ciao sei molto brava hai qualche altro video da far vedere? Grazie a presto
Tehkella Neverwinter (5 years ago)
I have had a beautiful crewel embroidery kit for years and have not ever started it because it looked so hard. Thank you for your helpful video - this should give me some more confidence!
nelda wagner (5 years ago)
what is the best way to attatch fabric to a scroll frame?
Laura Turnbull (5 years ago)
Aha! Now you have explained Long and Short shading ... at last! This DVD is so much better than readiing a book. Laura, Barcelona
homeschool1995 (7 years ago)
Just had to say how much I enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for posting it, I would love to see more videos from you. You do such beautiful work!
Linette David (7 years ago)
Thank you for being the ONLY video I could find to learn how to crewel! You described it very well. What a beautiful Iris!
Pauline Y (7 years ago)
Great to watch and learn. Lovely design. Thank you.

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