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Major Gosnell: Naval Action - Pirate 1/2nd rate fleet attack Kingston Harbour

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With a large pirate fleet ,threatening Englands Capital,a valiant force sailed out to fight.Leading to a small close quarters battle in and around the Kingston Channel.
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Cole The Condemned (1 year ago)
Varden here, you kept saying i was running, but the entire time i was wanting to fight. Pirates don't care about our ships, if we did we would've ran from the beginning. You brits lost because of your ignorant value of online ships. Fight harder, care less, enjoy the game more.
EliteDelta (1 year ago)
That was probably part of it, but also there wasn't a good sense of group tactics on our side (brits). We had most people on TeamSpeak, but they all fought by themselves, which doomed us. We needed to fight as a unit, but with everyone doing their own thing you were able to pick us apart. Was a good fight, but I've learned my lesson.. Never expect gosnell to play smart.
Cent urion (1 year ago)
Well Played M8s, Hope to meet you M8's again, Yooper_Loon, Oh and when you were talking about fish in the oven, I was checking on meatloaf and potatoes I was making, o7 :+)
Cabral (1 year ago)
every engagement he ends sank or captured :)

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