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Full - 38-Mile / 61-Km - TT - Lap - Instant - HD - Download►http://goo.gl/rqU12F Use " JUMP35 " Promo Code 35% off Discount Code - JUMP35
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Text Comments (114)
KaZaP13-613 (3 months ago)
He is incredible.
PinkPunk PiratTank (2 years ago)
...лишь только, проффесеоналы, имеют право этак ездить......
PinkPunk PiratTank (2 years ago)
А голову нужно поворачивать, по горизонту! этак и.
Alvin Patterson (2 years ago)
How much drugs are these guys on????!!!!!!!!!!!
tarcísio lima (2 years ago)
tarcísio lima (2 years ago)
SzaboBeatz HD (2 years ago)
This was the longest 1 minute 50 seconds in my life.
Qué buen video excelente!!!!
cvbnm8053 (3 years ago)
Minden szupi szuper..... :)
bigrobsydney (3 years ago)
25 years + riding, and all I can say is, just, wow.
Cycle Torque (3 years ago)
+jerryx2000 Do those black leathers look familiar at 01:26 ;)
Jayden Valentine (3 years ago)
what is you talking about, dude?
Sophie Oulds (3 years ago)
I went last year (2014) fuckin best day of my life 
Ashok Poonia (2 years ago)
Lucky you!
D Boss (3 years ago)
505197 (3 years ago)
The damn thing seemed to be shaking it's head the entire time.The bike was trying to say NO, slow down damn it!!!!!!!! There's one thing these guys don't need, a 401K retirement account. 
bobbydj01 (3 years ago)
How is this even possible. I watched through the gaps in my fingers.
natural 9 (3 years ago)
Now I believe in aliens
SempreGumby (2 years ago)
...because they are driving like they are out of this world! (Yeah yesh!)
Rasmus Palmgren (3 years ago)
How can he sit down with balls this big?!?!?
Konu Irie (3 years ago)
son of a b*** that was intense!
otis myrie (3 years ago)
i'm horny for a ride right now, where is that fucking bike god damm!
hostilityy (3 years ago)
dragging knee at 120mph wtf lol
DC (3 years ago)
Fuck yeah Guy Martin!
Luis Calderon (3 years ago)
Wow!!!! My respect!!!!!
Jim Campbell (3 years ago)
wow. fucking amazing
MY Rasjad (3 years ago)
When men were men....
Mike w (3 years ago)
I have been a climber for many years, have done boxing and now compete in Combat Sambo.(I cant be shocked by anything??) So thought as a biker would go and watch the TT...stood at the bottom of Bray Hill for the senior race and almost burst into fu..ing tears!! The truth is it looks faster in real life. If you are a biker please just go. Total respect to these men.
rickyhuff (3 years ago)
How often do animals stray into the road? Incomprehensible...
Frank x (3 years ago)
ich bin sprachlos !!!!
Dith Dark (3 years ago)
want just as they
Sammy Ls (3 years ago)
Holy shitt...
Enoch mars (3 years ago)
Esta es la manera de jugarse la vida más gratificante que haya visto jamás.
Joshua Sin (3 years ago)
Are you kidding me? Damn that was Unbelievable! There's little few in the world in terms of Awesomeness that even comes close to the TT!
Athol Snedden (3 years ago)
Lifetime love affair.
Paul Kruse (3 years ago)
Paul Kruse (3 years ago)
Excellent :)
Massimo Calo' (3 years ago)
Palle d'acciaio
Mario Grgašević (3 years ago)
da se najezis
giddyjet (3 years ago)
I FUCKING LOVE IT!! p.s im not a biker just a fan
Terry Nails (3 years ago)
Holy Sh!t!!!
Thomas Kiernan (3 years ago)
Talk about vertigo-inducing, ha!
sqwidink1 (3 years ago)
Top boys
Mark Sevel (3 years ago)
Not a problem.. not a problem!
Bryan J Ozornia (3 years ago)
For a moment though I was playing TT Island SuperBike 2014 on PS4....So Incredible looks like a video game. ...
Rivaldo Gasi (3 years ago)
Hallo zusammen ahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahqhahah
RJ (3 years ago)
These guys deserve more recognition/respect. Crazy.
lanthaniated1 (3 years ago)
TT is a must watch event and all the riders deserve a mention for taking part and risking it all!
Crypto 85 (3 years ago)
Need For Speed < INDEED, VERY NICE .
Scordark (3 years ago)
666szymon (3 years ago)
Bo grzeją. :)
650ib (3 years ago)
Insane riding skills required to ride like that! Awesome video!
Yo Metubewrx (3 years ago)
Oh my God this has to be the best TT video I have seen ever
TheTheoldgit (3 years ago)
try www.filmon.tv click on UK TV live and then click on ITV4 you can watch an hour long summary of the days racing at 22:00 central european time. Beest kick of the day!
Seb B (3 years ago)
what is the speed around 1:19 ? this is insane
cycy fuga (3 years ago)
Bałbym się jechać o połowę wolniej po prostej drodze, a co dopiero 200 po miasteczku :O
Joe Cheun (3 years ago)
Omg.... Fast, crazy & Fast...
TyreMulisha (3 years ago)
men track race.. GODS road race.
Szamba betonowe (3 years ago)
To nie jest na przyśpieszonym? Przecież tu wygląda jak by grzali momentami 300 na godzinę..
TRUCK'SPOTTER (3 years ago)
lataja ponad 320km/h miejscami pozdrawiam 
Bartłomiej Kołpak (3 years ago)
nawet i ponad 300:)
Hope (3 years ago)
widać nie jechałeś nigdy na motocyklu z prędkością powyżej 200 km/h :)
renato muu (3 years ago)
Are they allowing quick shifters ? I think they didn't allowed them ...
ollie f (3 years ago)
beyond words, amazing!
gadtruc (3 years ago)
Jak dla mnie to trzeba mieć naje....
Rubbergently (3 years ago)
O M G that speed that corner anticipation !!!
martin quinlan (3 years ago)
would love to see the whole lap .... amazing
Karlis CLS (3 years ago)
like a videogame :D
Remi Wojas (3 years ago)
You can't really enjoy landscape with that speed :)
m0untainm0ney (3 years ago)
Both in the air on that pass. What a rush.
Teekapon Nonsee (3 years ago)
So Fast
teekakorea (3 years ago)
how can they record the engine sound perfectly?? i can get only wind noise....
87joshua25 (3 years ago)
Note to TV broadcasters, use on board cameras at all times.
87joshua25 (3 years ago)
Note to TV broadcasters, use on board cameras at all times.
Łukasz Byjoś (3 years ago)
Jakby tak, że tak powiem trochę szybko...
Nick Roy (3 years ago)
Now That's Fast ffs
Nick Roy (3 years ago)
Ace.  Don't try this at home
Steve Maggers (3 years ago)
I'm nursing a semi watching this
Zero X Imadoki (3 years ago)
any livestream can i get 2 watch it live ? T....T
Steve Maggers (3 years ago)
All times in GMT. Pay attention there is no live stream from ITV4.
zz360full (3 years ago)
 12h15 it's a quarter past midday. sorry i'm not english
Zero X Imadoki (3 years ago)
12.15 which time bro?
zz360full (3 years ago)
I found it but we have to wait until 12.15 to see if it's the good one ! http://www.stream2watch.me/live-tv/itv-4-live-stream
Steven Healey (3 years ago)
urgghhh not available in my region.... suckkkkkkkkkkss... 
Thomas (3 years ago)
imagine if i woke up tomorrow any speed limits didn't exist 
MsPablokaos (3 years ago)
moto gp , is for kids ....they are men ¡¡¡
aserta (3 years ago)
It never ceases to amaze me the sheer amount of balls these guys have. Anyone who's taken a bike at high speeds knows how wobbles can give you chills now...imagine this for the duration of the whole race.
☠ Headhunter ☠ (3 years ago)
Absolutely stunning!
gatorkea (3 years ago)
SEXXX!   ==> ~ ~ ~
Jacob Hendrickson (3 years ago)
Which one was guy Martin. I've been thinking that this possibly may be his year.
mitigo (3 years ago)
It's like I'm in a video game. Insane
CountryBoyPrepper (3 years ago)
Chill bumps....oh the chill bumps!!!! I don't have the words....
Gyodofer (3 years ago)
absolutamente increible.... Dios quiera que nunca pise una piedrita o algo porque .....
Tony Summers (3 years ago)
great film many thanx
Muhammed Mujahid (3 years ago)
My balls tingle when i watch this.
Renaud Waghemans (3 years ago)
Yes it is!!!
old bag (3 years ago)
very well held together nice one mate
MrAssholebynature1 (3 years ago)
This shit is better than porn
olly killick (3 years ago)
Makes a good warm up anyway.
emmams5 (3 years ago)
+MrAssholebynature1 Horses for courses, Barry Sheen who was 500cc double World Champion back in the 70's couldn't believe how quick they went in the Isle of Man & said it was too dangerous to be a race track. Ironically Joey Dunlop who was the greatest ever TT rider did a few Grand Prix's & couldn't believe the speed they rode on the short circuits.    
MrAssholebynature1 (3 years ago)
+luis grullon Hahaha
grullon76 76 (3 years ago)
+MrAssholebynature1You are fucking right like you always say this sum **** Bicht no have mother's or anyone who worry about them they are from another planet or they eat a lot of chip of paint and became retards

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