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AirMech Strike ★ GamePlay ★ Ultra Settings

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AirMech® Strike is a fast paced Action-RTS game that can be played online competitively or cooperatively. Earn Kudos and Experience in battle and unlock a wide collection of AirMechs and Units while you practice the perfect strategy to emerge victorious! AirMech has recently undergone a huge overhaul to prepare the game to leave Early Access. This includes a new 3D lobby, new Matchmaking and Ranking system, and a return of Custom games and a Lobby browser. This version is actively replacing many of the old systems of the game, so we appreciate your patience while we finish this significant improvement. We believe that upgrading AirMech to Strike is a better approach than making AirMech 2, since it keeps all your current progress. Some of the systems we have experimented with during Early Access which do not fit Strike's PvP focus are coming to AirMech Wastelands, a companion game which does not contain any PvP. Look for that coming soon! Core i5-4690K (4400 Ghz) Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2 16 Gb TEAM DDR3-2400 2x8GB MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Gaming X 8G 27"AOC e2795Vh
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Text Comments (8)
Skreed (6 days ago)
en dirait des terannes ?
xGARIDx (15 days ago)
One word: Noob
Swag It (15 days ago)
man this game looks awesome is it worth playing tho?
IonKattTMCE (5 days ago)
Swag It I love it. It’s kind of similar to Starcraft if you know what that is
Yan Bro (20 days ago)
Go new stream
MAZAVS (20 days ago)
Far Cry 4 я издавна уже прошел, пробудись )) А ПУБГ надоел ))
Yan Bro (20 days ago)
Хаха я лишь средства коплю ну-ка по PUBG либо Far Cry 4
MAZAVS (20 days ago)
Жду когда ты Far Cry 5 подаришь и сходу стрим запущу ))

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