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Turning the spit

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Court life, and celebrations wouldnt be the same without a reception feast. Henry VIII was a man who liked his food. Join the kitchen boys as they turn the spits. They could do with your help!
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Choctawnic (9 months ago)
Very interesting but that job would not be fun I guess.
thylacinelove (4 years ago)
A wonderful introduction to Tudor foods.
schizoidboy (5 years ago)
This job was shown on that show Worst Jobs in History with Tony Robinson. Ironically that scene made me want roast beef. Makes sense that this would be the worst job, who wants to turn meat for three hours at a time.
Choctawnic (9 months ago)
It would be horrible! lol He even looks miserable haha
tnakai1971jp (7 years ago)
@TZAVELENA I have access to Internet and I even have all the four sets of The Tudors DVD, so I know in those days it was regarded as proper. But, just look. If he comes to Japan, there will be TV cameras, press photographers, news reporters, journalists and sorry wives and girlfriends.

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