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Colin McRae, Rally, Big Moment / near miss, 2006, Donegal Rally, Ireland.

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Jas Ward (5 months ago)
Real class
Phil Wragg (10 months ago)
loses it at 110!!!! I would have shat me sen!!!!
Phil Wragg (10 months ago)
that man had balls!!!
Alfred Whatever (1 year ago)
fentron (1 year ago)
1:27 Nicky "Fuckin' ell". Hahaha. Legends. RIP you nutter.
scooboy (2 years ago)
Going off Backwards at over 100 mph and Colin and Nicky are laughing about it. Legendary!!!!!, he was the real deal.
simon butler (2 years ago)
rapid car, epic driver
Neil Dempsey (2 years ago)
Anyone else watch this with a massive grin on their face. R.I.P Colin
Mark Wheadon (2 years ago)
+Neil Dempsey Amen to that.
Lars Hansen (3 years ago)
the great noise from the 6R4!!
triptechable (3 years ago)
Ari would've saved it.
Jean-Jacques Herpes (3 years ago)
R.I.P ♥
austin12089 (3 years ago)
The man was a legend
VanillaMilkShark (3 years ago)
kudos for keeping your cool, driver handled it really well. WOULDNT expect less from you professionals!! GJ!
VanillaMilkShark (3 years ago)
ooo man haha! butholes were clenched like no other that moment
emils asnis (4 years ago)
hes are the legend !!!
pbruce46 (4 years ago)
Fuck, but he was good!
jbest476 (4 years ago)
The co-driver, from what I know, tell him this for example 3+ right over crest is a 3rd gear turn going uphill over a crest.
Joseph Haller (4 years ago)
The passenger, from what I can tell, is giving directions as to what direction to turn, what speed to be at, and when the surface changes.
Jritchie Jritchie (1 month ago)
Joseph Haller thanks for that
1969nydrell David (4 years ago)
What the hell do the passengers do be saying
Alex 6215r (23 days ago)
1969nydrell David co driver giving the pace notes to what’s up ahead you wouldn’t be anywhere near as fast without them
peter ryan (5 years ago)
MokaDu68 (6 years ago)
Extra!!very good video!..Respect Colin..
541WRC (6 years ago)
Amazing footage!

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