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Making Green: Tempera versus Oil | National Gallery, London

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Watch a painting demonstration to learn about the different properties of green pigments bound in egg tempera and those mixed with oil, and see how these were used to achieve very different effects in masterpieces from the National Gallery's collection. This film accompanies the National Gallery exhibition 'Making Colour' (18 June - 7 September 2014). More about the exhibition: http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/making-colour Watch more on our Channel: http://www.nationalgallery.org.uk/channel
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Romulus Buta (2 months ago)
a more complex formula . I put her an example : linseed oil + resin (hard of soft, sometime bouth ) + balsams ( like "Venetian terbenin" or "Canadian balsam" ) + terbenin esence and maybe driers, sicatifs..... This tipe of binder provides a very diferent aspect of the paint film respect to use only oil as a binder . As I see, Michael Harding provides few mediums /binders formulated from ancient recepies . Well to know : resin and balsams contains by the medium provides transparenci and gloss , and bees wax provides a mat valvet opaque / semiopaque finish ( depends of how opaque or transparent is the pigment ). So ,for painting with the same pictorical materia like Memmling or Tiziano is not enough to add row oil to the pigments !
Romulus Buta (2 months ago)
Off corse the italian egg tempera painers did not intend to delivere to us greenish tone skin figures . This rezult is the work of time ! About van Eyck ...In that period , the painers din add to their dry-pigments not only oil ( lin seed, valnut, maybe poppy ) but a more complex formula that contains
You forgot to add that Tempera gets moldy after a few Days....that why 99% of all Painters switched to Oil like 1000 Years ago or so
Romulus Buta (2 months ago)
The Stoned Videogame Nerd like 500 years ago ! Is not about promoteing egg-tempera , but just revealing an ancient tehnique , with good and bad sides ,as it was !
Marta Kołecka (5 months ago)
Thank you for this very informative and interesting video!
crgaillee (5 months ago)
I learned more in these 2.8 minutes than I have learned in five years.
London In Style (1 year ago)
Are those free range eggs? :)
GC West (1 year ago)
what was the green pigment used in the demonstration?
Romulus Buta (2 months ago)
Natural green earth or substitule ( artificial ).
thats a pigment which was orignaly made from soil in different areas of Germany. The Bohemian Variant you can buy from Schmincke in a Bottle (Pigments not Paint)
dubanonymouse (9 months ago)
she said terra verte,i believe...like many pigments, just ground dirt of different colors....sOUNDS MORE IMPRESSIVE IF WE USE LATIN,FRENCH OR OTHER ANTIQUE NOMENCLATURE......trying to replace xtianity with "art" has led us to smarmy acedemics maundering on pointlessly making points ,with vaguely inspirational background music,the new priests...painters used to be WORKERS ,doing their job ,pushing greasy mud on canvas...nice job...lets go back...
PROFX (2 years ago)
That was perthetic Nancy moniz
Nancy Moniz (3 years ago)
Egg tempera: a painting technique after my own heart. Nicely done video.

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