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INCREDIBLE LAST LAP - Ulster GP ♣ N.Ireland✔ William Dunlop and Bruce Anstey 1 Mph=1.6 Kmh

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Text Comments (37)
KaZaP13-613 (14 days ago)
Holly trading places fucking beautiful.
Włodek 1410 (2 months ago)
Pro life Vegan (2 months ago)
I think I just shit in my panties!!
maxmixfan1 (3 months ago)
This is Hardcore Racing . . .
Mickk Mickk (6 months ago)
Where is ghost rider does he compete in these??
Máté Ágoston (1 year ago)
I think the finish line should be right behind the pit exit to give much more overtaking opportunits for the riders at the final seconds.
Kevin Bacon (3 years ago)
these guys must have custom seats made in order to fit their massive cantolope sized testicles
Lance Winslow (3 years ago)
God I love winning, but I don't have what it takes to do that.
Lance Winslow (3 years ago)
+Karlo Huzjak Yah right? Win Slow, instead of Win Fast. I love it, touché, too funny! Good one! 
Karlo Huzjak (3 years ago)
thats why your last name is Winslow :D
MRT RACING (3 years ago)
Balls of steel ! 
Nick Dekker (3 years ago)
+MisterBrauer lol
MisterBrauer (3 years ago)
Balls of diamond. Harder than steel.
Bill Robinson (3 years ago)
N.Ireland is the best place in the world for road racing and car rallying.
Ty bot (2 years ago)
+brendan w Lol yea I got that after the first few times you said it haha, I was just saying NZ has some awesome roads to drive on, regardless of racing or not. In some places you don't see cops pretty much ever so the roads all yours. Ireland's also like a 3rd the land mass so it's much more densely populated which would help. 
brendan w (2 years ago)
+Ty bot Ireland has a population of less than 7 million and only 1.8 million in the north where the UGP and NW200 are held. The NW200 has been held here for almost a century - even during the very worst of ''the Troubles''. Very few would have travelled here during the 70's/80's (even national sports teams rarely came here). I'm not entirely disregarding your comment that Ireland is ''surrounded'' by other countries - yes. it would be a lot harder, and more expensive, for a European to go to NZ to watch a race - but my original point was that we have the worlds two fastest road races here - which is certainly true.
Ty bot (2 years ago)
+brendan w Ireland has the benefit of being surrounded by other countries, popularity requires numbers, NZ is isolated and has a population of only 4,500,000, I'm okay with that though, I prefer it this way. Bruce Anstey is from NZ and also a 10 time winner of the Isle of Man and until last year held the lap record so I'm very familiar with it.
brendan w (2 years ago)
+Ty bot We have the two fastest road races on earth - 100,000 spectators every year at the NW200 alone. I met Joey Dunlop several times - probably the most accomplished road racer on earth and the winner of a record number of TT's. Road racing is more common in Ireland than anywhere else. As for the TT - yes, it is a fantastic even but, unlike the Ulster GP and NW200, it is a time trial rather than a start-to-finish road race. Ireland also has a long history of rally events - ''circuit of Ireland'?
BrutalThrash (3 years ago)
Classic Ulster GP battle. Amazing
Vegan Witch (3 years ago)
oh fuck, what a finish - well done to both riders - !!
martin quinlan (3 years ago)
MxAxRxK (3 years ago)
i got up to 150mph in the mountains the other day on a big straight away and thought how scary it was. then i thought of these guys that do that going around turns right next to another rider. they're friggin crazy!!!
Alex Rodrigues (3 years ago)
where can i watch it online or download ????????????????????????????????
alin tm (3 years ago)
ilir700 (3 years ago)
SRAMEK (3 years ago)
The adrenaline in their veins must be boiling
redlion1612 (3 years ago)
Nerve wrecking.. ..good race..
BuiscutKiller (3 years ago)
That was awesome! I was definitely clenching watching that.
HUFSA (3 years ago)
Damn, that was awesome
securityr1 (3 years ago)
the was tense!

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