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WORLD'S MOST ✔️ Dangerous Race⚡️ ✅ Greatest Motor-Sporting Event.FULL THROTTLE-ISLE of MAN TT

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HoneyChai (15 minutes ago)
Balls? Yes. Cool? Yes. Do it when you're not married or not have kids? Yes. Do it when you have a wife or and/or kids? Fucking selfish. It's not like skydiving where the chase for failure is slim. In TT you're almost guaranteed something is going to happen SOON. Why bother having kids? And some assholes will say "oh my wife new the risks before she married me." The kids too? Both parents are selfish if the mother had kids when she knew he would be racing. And then look at the mom with her cool piercing defending her husband. That's fine. She's an adult who makes her own bed. Too bad the kids don't have a say. Yeah it's great to have a dead father who had balls. So cool.
Difigus (1 day ago)
*Rest in peace* Paul R Dobbs dobsy
JRK 82 (3 days ago)
Max gurung (3 days ago)
This is crazy man respect to the riders
DMS REPAIR (4 days ago)
absolute extreme
universalchiro (7 days ago)
This is stupid. Absolute lunacy. These riders better be paid $20 million dollars for winning. What is the price of life? I promise these riders are seriously under paid.
Pyndapbormi Tang (8 days ago)
I love riding .
Mitja Mitric (9 days ago)
Nujno enkrat v življenju videti v živo:) Naslednje poletje 2019 sem 100%.....tam....
Jinas Ek Jinu (11 days ago)
VIKINGS episodes (13 days ago)
cycle taking revenge on human beings https://youtu.be/1o_2zDn3b4Y
Paul Sauntson (13 days ago)
If Murray Walker say it’s the greatest motor sport in the world that’s good enough for me
Habert Muwulya (14 days ago)
206 people have died but why don't u stpp
JeroxB (17 days ago)
Song at 09:55?
ravi patel (18 days ago)
Zion Waraing (19 days ago)
I respect those your courage, spirit, skills, and devotion to the race you engaged...rest in perpetual peace you guys! !♥♥♥
June hunter (19 days ago)
“Oh yeah well you can’t race a house” I think Jack Sparrow and his crew would disagree
mohd taha (19 days ago)
Bushido Photo, LLC (20 days ago)
Excellent documentary. Props to whoever put this together!
Dee September (20 days ago)
insane RIP to those who passed
Ardit Bisha (22 days ago)
I want to come and see this live, this is the most awesome race in the world. Respect to this iron men’s.
Army Pathfinder (23 days ago)
Those without huge Titanium balls need not apply...
SpiderMonkey (23 days ago)
I don’t think it’s even possible to ban TT...
Muhammed Asif (27 days ago)
!CGFlexX! (27 days ago)
Did he really say: 104 years and 234 people died?!
Qassim Mohammed (27 days ago)
Why race at the tt wen it's not safe raceing is fun sport but be safe always think how to be safe
Ton Ton (29 days ago)
Ma inspired man sab lamng ko mag pa kusog2 jaa
Ton Ton (29 days ago)
Ohhh lagi ......
frarevo (30 days ago)
I like it but make a sense?
Thomas (1 month ago)
The death toll is up to 253 as of March 2018.
Route Rider (1 month ago)
"the greatest motorsport event in the world"...Yes this is real motorcycle road racing.And yes there are serious consequences.You can't have one without the other.The riders that take part deserve the utmost respect from all of us that have ever raced a motorcycle.Anyone who competes here is a great rider.All winners of this race will forever be a legend to all of us who love the sport.
"greatest motorsport in the world" - truest sentence in the world...
tommy (1 month ago)
Balls of absolute steel.
Aditya Sahil (1 month ago)
bohat acha video hair yar
MysticGalaxy (1 month ago)
rαcíng íѕ líkє thє lσttєrч єхcєpt вαckwαrdѕ. єvєrч σnє wínѕ whєn thєч gєt tσ gσ hσmє. вut thє σnєѕ whσ lσѕє, wín вч dчíng whílє dσíng whαt thєч lσvє
syed suhail (1 month ago)
Mataica song .. background music
Marielle Carlton (1 month ago)
so sad :(
muhammad dhanie (1 month ago)
Tangtangan nya juara
Jurbel Daimary (1 month ago)
Mza kela
Drop Gear (1 month ago)
great video
Dlareg (1 month ago)
IRONSPIDER433 (1 month ago)
The will power it takes for these men and women to roll the throttle back and stay on it is absolutely incredible!
SB S-umant (1 month ago)
Dias Prasetyo (1 month ago)
MOTOGP in the city?? woww it's amazing👊👍👍👍
martin hall (1 month ago)
Travel Diaries (1 month ago)
234 riders died😮😮😮
Travel Diaries (1 month ago)
What will happen if any body cross
Haslizaa Othaman (1 month ago)
Oqang nak tnghk moto bukan nk tnggk kapa beqamai
Victor Canacan (1 month ago)
YOOKIE _ (1 month ago)
OMG this is awsome [*]
Sabian (1 month ago)
They said in brave heart movie, every man dies, but not every man really lives.
El Tuercas (1 month ago)
conor gavin (1 month ago)
Being a resident on the island and seeing it come alive is amazing
Aryaan Hussain (1 month ago)
osm riding.
dont reply (1 month ago)
stolen i love
Sean Plasman (1 month ago)
Life and death are connected so your not really living unless your on the edge
Mike Parry (1 month ago)
Isle of Man stadium super trucks would be epic.
Michael Esperat (2 months ago)
A big respect for this rider...😇😇😇
Gustavo Rey (2 months ago)
Qe impresionante carrera un de la mejores del mundo x su peligro , la deja muy lejos a otras competencias. Lo felicito x tener es evento y muy bonito el paisa, y imprecionate las motos muy buenas máquinas
T NT (2 months ago)
Respect form heart people who don't afraid to die for what they love
Marvin McNeil (2 months ago)
I think they should Bandit with that many people have died already this is insane man it's not even funny
Angel (2 months ago)
you should have 3 testicals to race there!!!
good gameing (2 months ago)
يحبي لك
michael keogh (2 months ago)
Such a great video well done
Mamun Sharzil (2 months ago)
Hunger Games to die !
Philip Wangsu (2 months ago)
Respect for all Daredevils..
sohail abbasi (2 months ago)
Ban this fucking event because it takes lives . Life is valuable
DUG DUG Raider (2 months ago)
I want to be racer sponcer m
Joe Days (2 months ago)
"in it's 104 years 234 riders have died". Think about this for a second. That means an average of 2+ riders die every single year. Which brand if one year no one died, the next year 4 riders died to make those kind of numbers average out. That insane and I can't imagine how it remains legal. But I'm glad the government doesn't get involved and let the riders decide their own fate.
Lockk9 TT Racing (2 months ago)
Joe Days . 255+ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Snaefell_Mountain_Course_fatalities
om bhandari (2 months ago)
If i could get super bikes like that I can be within position of 5
Alan Cortes (2 months ago)
Actually organ pound upper aware grace charge answer conduct resist.
swaroopachu Dj (2 months ago)
Î løvé race
Shant Sagar (2 months ago)
I loved it Super
Terry Murray (2 months ago)
Anyone who thinks they have big enough balls to do this you don't because you haven't.
LoneTrooper (2 months ago)
This is stupid
Mohamed Ali (2 months ago)
dangerous sport!!!
Anmol Singh (2 months ago)
Any indian
ناصر الحضرمي (2 months ago)
John Myers (2 months ago)
If you ride a bike you worship the lads that get on the bike and try 2 win a race at the I.o.m. This is the ultimate ride with the ultimate prize*****heroes all of them they're like gods and they're loved,that's a fact🏆👑🏍🏍🎲🎲
SuperDylzo (2 months ago)
Craziest fucking arseholes ever. Big dick players.
Robin Michael (2 months ago)
Moto Review (2 months ago)
A very challenging adrenaline action, nice videos... I will subcribe your channel, please subsribe my channel too!!
grifballa (2 months ago)
234 Riders have died on this track. I don't doubt that any of them would do it all again. Ride in Peace.
Mona Samanta (2 months ago)
carlos mendez (2 months ago)
A real life game so awesome yet fucked up
David Harrison (2 months ago)
if you look at the riders they all have the "look" in their eyes . every tt rider has it . cannot explain it . they just cannot help themselves . its something they must do . its part of who they are . without bikes it would just be something else . they would find the buzz cause they must . it amazes me cause i dont have it . giants among men . RIP to the lads who died being what they are . a rare thing in life .
Md Sheyam (2 months ago)
This video is dangerous 💏💏
Jeff Homan (2 months ago)
Anyone know how much practice time or just how much time the racers spend familiarizing the track. At that speed, places would tunnelize
Mopyam L (2 months ago)
I wanna ride the tt but i wont be going more than 200kmph lol. I can't handle more speed. Respect to all the tt racers. Balls of steel.
TOMAS B. (2 months ago)
People are strange... To born, that to die for adrenaline... All what people are create in this world- everything go's to die... Cars, bikes, motorbikes, bus, planes... Everything is dangerouse... And can take off your life...
Juan Sinaga (2 months ago)
1000 cc?
Chris Morris (2 months ago)
Torben M sørensen (3 months ago)
عباس دودو (3 months ago)
يا أرحم الراحمين
Daniel Lilley (3 months ago)
i entered the madness...
KAPTAN TROLL (3 months ago)
hay anasını
Benjamin Wilson (3 months ago)
i would be the guy to stall the bike at the start

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