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TheSurvivorZ I hope you guys enjoy this video! Connect with me: Twitter: https://twitter.com/thesurvivorzyt Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheSurvivorZ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thesurvivorz My servers: TeamSpeak3: System specs: Case: NZXT H440 Razer Edition Power supply: CORSAIR CXM series CX750M 750W Motherboard: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB CPU cooler: Corsair Liquid CPU Cooler H60 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 HDD: 2x: WD Blue 2TB GPU: GeForce GTX 1080
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Text Comments (388)
TheSurvivorZ (6 months ago)
Hey guys sorry for the randomness of this message but i'm selling DMM shirts let me know if you're interested :D
WeedSpotify (10 days ago)
dude it whould be nice if you have all rn cuz all is worth sooooo much :-D
I_NEED_JUICE (1 month ago)
I Know Da Wae Yes, a set contains specific items which are always given upon opening
Chill Mate (1 month ago)
TheSurvivorZ i mean all the items in the playerunknown set
Chill Mate (1 month ago)
TheSurvivorZ i got a question if you bought a playerunknown set and open it, you will get all the set?
I_NEED_JUICE (2 months ago)
Moogle Midgar First of all, if you’re going to insult someone, please use proper English so you don’t look like a complete retard. Second of all, the loot crates only have *cosmetic* items. You don’t get a tactical advantage from wearing a cool looking shirt. You’re just being an asshole.
Melvin Orellana (4 days ago)
Who else thinks pubg should come out with their customizable toy brand for collectors to make their in game avatar that would be pretty cool.
postal dude (5 days ago)
it now costs 1k$
theopeegamer (9 days ago)
Respect Channel (13 days ago)
https://youtu.be/7BDZgZa6pjA 20 TLlik Envanter çekilişine katılmak için tıklayın https://gleam.io/competitions/rOBws-respectchannel
Dương Hoàng (20 days ago)
Can not you play? give me a chance
ChickenPile (21 days ago)
TRIPLESSI Gaming (21 days ago)
Wait a second, the sound is DanTDM old Intro
ƒ (22 days ago)
this guy got more than he bargained for
Katsuki Gaming (24 days ago)
Can't you get the playerunknowns trench coat in normal crates?
Kai Müsse (25 days ago)
today the crate is a damn 1000 Bugs :O
ArsenaL (25 days ago)
And now they are 1200 euros
"these 4 items" mouses over 5, quick maths my dude good job
NoEars (25 days ago)
1500$ now nice
Mr. Ghosty (26 days ago)
remember not worth it
Wolfeschreit (1 month ago)
you're pathetic spending money on cosmetics... bet you have no girlfriend lmao
TheSurvivorZ (30 days ago)
Wolfeschreit lmao 😂
joanne watson (1 month ago)
Your like you get all 4 but there is 5 lol
Jonathan Rebanal (1 month ago)
Nice, thanks for the vid mate.
Miler Buchra (1 month ago)
hmm 200€lol
Chillaa23 (1 month ago)
I don't get it, why someone would pay 1400$ for the set now. I mean it's unique, but 1400$....
Madfire (1 month ago)
2000 now... what a fucking joke...
Pseudo TRO (2 months ago)
*That crate is now 1,800 dollars, that was a good investment. There are only 2 existing on the market*
Wafaduck (2 months ago)
The music is from Geometry Dash xd
Herbet The Pervet (2 months ago)
Almost a year later and its worth 1300....
Danskerne1 DK4EVER (2 months ago)
its 1400 dollars now
SKG Johnny (2 months ago)
its 1400 now
Hubert Staszak (2 months ago)
guerillamovies (2 months ago)
I just dont see the point, I run around naked and play the game, what i look like is not worth $1 let alone hundreds, fools
JohnsonC (2 months ago)
these are 2000 dollars now
RageQuitters Anonymous (2 months ago)
happy as fuck i bet now that you bought it
KingSargon (2 months ago)
Personally I wouldn't buy it buuut I already did so
zé ravara (2 months ago)
2k is the price of it now
VostockREvolution (2 months ago)
Angus Wallace (2 months ago)
Shit like this makes my head hurt, I don't care that people spend that much money on this shit, I just hate that 99% of cool shit costs insane amounts of money and is virtually unattainable if you value your money and work.
Tweekley youtube (2 months ago)
thumnail klickbait?
Esteban Tefel (3 months ago)
Sooooo did EA buy PUBG?
Music Mask (3 months ago)
That was actually a damn good investment looking at it now. Shoes now ~ 300$ Coat ~ 500 $ Red Bandana ~ 900$
Marciano (3 months ago)
You made hell a money
Enis büyük (3 months ago)
Omg geometry dash sub zero song!
XdStevie (3 months ago)
Legit could buy them pieces of clothing for a quarter of that price xD
Fabien (2 months ago)
no lol
Acid Shot (3 months ago)
Waste of money :/
Abud Shirt (3 months ago)
the profit for the bandana....
chazae (3 months ago)
This hurts watching this in 2018 knowing how much the price went up for all of the items you unboxed and the crate as well
WhiteOutWolf (3 months ago)
FOr sale now at 1800!!!!!!!
SomethingBeatz (3 months ago)
why did it sound like u nutted at 0:15 - 0:17
Craggles (3 months ago)
Now it goes for 1618,25 Euros
Craggles (3 months ago)
and that set you got is worth more than the crate by far if you sell that it will be insane since you only spent 209 for the crate
gamal g (3 months ago)
rip 2000$
gamal g (3 months ago)
TheSurvivorZ its worth 2000$ now fuck my life
TheSurvivorZ (3 months ago)
gamal g?
Zenn (3 months ago)
you made so many profit lol
Zed (3 months ago)
how do you get those crates
Alejandro Velarde (3 months ago)
where to buy it?
Dymoss (3 months ago)
What is the name of the music at begin of the Video
TitoM Vera (3 months ago)
not worth buying*** YEAHHHHH OKKK> something that never drops and game getting more famous. not worth buying. lol
TheSurvivorZ (3 months ago)
TitoM Vera your not smart. As you can clearly read all the other comments say I bought this when it was worth 250 now it's worth 1800 so in there it was worth it but at the time it was not. Please read other comments or check when this video was uploaded before commenting next time 😉
X ? X (3 months ago)
Charles Charmichael (3 months ago)
Up to 1,940 sale offer, highest buy offer being at 1,700 USD. fml, shoulda bought one then sold it qq
w1nch3st3r (3 months ago)
BACATCHER (3 months ago)
i almost fuxking preorded this game but i wanted to wqit for a 1.0 release becayse i didnt want to relive h1z1. i just that bandana lol
Jack Wolf (3 months ago)
I cant find the Set in steam market. Can someone help me?
mama muma (3 months ago)
he said "heese 4 items" .. . . there was 5
B4N (3 months ago)
wait but pubg was in early access which means that if you bought it then you had it pre-ordered right? so we shouldn't we have the trench coat? btw i love the trench coat but i wouldn't spend that much money
Jackson Chandler (3 months ago)
agil he bought it for 200 and now that set of 5 items is worth around 2000 so
Anon Number 2718 (3 months ago)
damn just the bandana is 700€
vaporaki (3 months ago)
are the items tradeable after opening???
SlyTextings (4 months ago)
I just want tbe trench coat..
stooborn (4 months ago)
holy shit 1 bandana is now $1000
breakey joey (4 months ago)
Lol definitely not worth buying
breakey joey (3 months ago)
Well Jackson i knew that i own the trench coat and bandana myself
Jackson Chandler (3 months ago)
breakey joey 100% worth buying cause he bought for 200 but now that set is worth 2000 because it’s never available again
AlgaZio (4 months ago)
vilhelm (4 months ago)
ASAP EeG67 (4 months ago)
''TOTALLY NOT WORTH BUYING'' the trenchcoat is $450 the bandana is $1k etc u bought for $210
zack hulet (4 months ago)
Was way worth buy bro But i am thinking you know this buy now
TheSurvivorZ (4 months ago)
zack hulet yeah I do 😂
NesoN (4 months ago)
''its deffinetly not worth buying it '' :D
Gamer king nth (5 months ago)
Wtf are you talking about the player unknowns set is Gucci I have bought four
Jackson Chandler (3 months ago)
Pirate jack can I have one by any chance :D
TheSurvivorZ (5 months ago)
yeah sure you bought 4... WTF why you buy 4 unless you a skin collector homie.
RI (5 months ago)
RI (5 months ago)
Fucking lucky motherfucker >D
DotDotDot (4 months ago)
RI Lol ikr
Swissy66 O (5 months ago)
@TheSurvivorZ where do you buy those playerunkown sets
TheSurvivorZ (5 months ago)
Swissy66 O u use to be able to buy them on steam but not anymore. If you want I can sell you some of the items in the set. Contact me on Twitter: @thesurvivorzyt
Mata (5 months ago)
Don't worry guys he probably made the money back anyway just from this video
Fareeha Amari (5 months ago)
Mata he made his money back by waiting the coat is 500€ shoes 250€ bandana 800€ shirt 90€ and pants 90€ lol
SugarUnicorns (5 months ago)
I just got out of the hospital and when I we think back home to check on my games I noticed so odd prices on their market.. the freakin set is 2000 and before I got injured it was like 250 this is bs
SugarUnicorns (5 months ago)
Hey Survivor did you enjoy the set when you had it.. It seems much more popular now and I don't think its worth that much.
Serperiorx9 (6 months ago)
That bandana is 1160$
Bamf n1 (6 months ago)
700 dollars bandana!! :D
Psn. XxasrarxX (6 months ago)
Hey can i get a copy of pubg?
S_Wildenberg (6 months ago)
2:07 Definitly worth buying! Currently the lowest price for the Bandana alone on the Steam market is 916.52 USD! The Trenchcoat sells for 608.77 USD and the Red Trainers for 299.99 USD. These three items now have a total value of 1825.28 USD !!!
Daniel G. (3 months ago)
Jonny Applesead that is how the market works my friend, we all agree on a price of good. The steam market works the same way as real life market, if everyone agrees to pay me 200 dollars for an in game item is no different than someone paying 200 dollars for a shitty collectible blue ray set at Walmart
Jonny Applesead (3 months ago)
S_Wildenberg says who? If everyone on here agreed, i could sell pieces of my shit for 500 bucks and an extra 700 if there is recognizable food particles poking out of a shit peice that im selling. And youd go on youtube and comment how "incredibly valuable" it is. Lolsmh
Devvu Pevvu (6 months ago)
Bruh this shit over 1000 euros
ImAurel (6 months ago)
the crate is now worth over 1,5k$ lol
Counterattack (6 months ago)
christ that intro was cringey lmfaooo good vid otherwise tho
Murf (6 months ago)
You made so much!!
Eric Yang (6 months ago)
http://steamcommunity.com/id/woundeadzeus/inventory/ this guy has 5 sets :O
Christopher (6 months ago)
can't believe people are so dumb buying clothes in a game for 210 bucks.....
hisham-play BO3 (6 months ago)
well its now worth 1800$ Rip
Napalm (6 months ago)
Does it always have those exact items? Or can it have something else. I was just about to buy a trench coat for 600 but then i saw you can get a trench coat and more for only 200.
Napalm (6 months ago)
TheSurvivorZ I can save up $1300. Its kinda overpriced but yeah.
TheSurvivorZ (6 months ago)
Napalm Animations keep in mind this crate is now 1300$ so unless you can find one for cheaper but the 600$ coat. Also all the items you get it this crate are the same in every crate.
IBradFrazer (6 months ago)
These crates are selling for the Steam Market cap value, which is around £1,500/€1,700/$2,000. No crates on the market place currently, safe to say they may have all been bought and opened! If you want this outfit now, you're going to have to buy them individually, which will cost you around... £2,000/€2,300/$2,700. However, I say that lightly, as the prices of the PLAYERUNKNOWN cosmetics have surged in not only popularity, but price as well. You can expect all these cosmetics to reach the Steam Market cap value within a few months, maybe even a few weeks. It appears the Bandana and Red hi-top Trainers are the most sought after, as they are by far the most wanted cosmetics in the game in terms of colour and uniqueness.
IBradFrazer (6 months ago)
10 Red hi-top shoes and 10 Bandana's? damn, if you sold them in today's value, that would net you a serious penny, around £8,500/$11,000 I believe. I wanted to buy a PU set back when the game was still relatively new for around £200, but I had to pay my rent sadly lol:) £1,300 profit wouldn't have been to shabby, but ah well, when life gives you lemons I suppose.
TheSurvivorZ (6 months ago)
IBradFrazer thanks for the info. I already invested In buying 10 red top and 10 bandanas plus the one PU set. Sold it all a few months back and made over 8x profit :D
Turjak_art (6 months ago)
insane price for that shit
Adrian Allen (6 months ago)
can you get it in a random crate that you use the battle points for? or just these expensive crates from steam?
Pablo Escobar (6 months ago)
Lol, that box is worth over 1,350 euro as of now... xD
"definetly not worth buying" 1000$ profit, welcome to the future
clubbry (6 months ago)
$1300 profit*
Sensha-dō Chi-Ha Tan (7 months ago)
that dude look like the one from naruto, i can't remember what the fuck he was called but he has like bugs jutsu lol
eLy. (7 months ago)
24/7 Live (7 months ago)
well now it cost 1300€ .--.
WeN Da (7 months ago)
now it is worth buying :D because it is so expensive now
Chia Lee (7 months ago)
Fuck. I should've made an investment of $200 on that fucking crate. It's worth $1,800. Wdf.
Hjalmar Heinat (7 months ago)
ya boiiii u can sell that shit now and get like 5 times the money back
Game God (7 months ago)
Also known as the useless morrons crates!
Lewin (7 months ago)
Give me bandana :C
_No_ledge (7 months ago)
Now only £1,400

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