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GUY MARTIN OFF⚡ + 600cc vs 1000cc ✔️ . . . (Isle of Man TT type racing)

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#96 Andy Farrell - ZX6R Tandragee Road Races - N.Ireland 8.6 km / 5.34 Mile - Street Circuit.
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Lockk9 TT Racing (11 months ago)
~R.I.P.~ Dario Cecconi🇮🇹ITALIA🇮🇹 Dario lost his life after a crash at this Road Racing event in Tandragee, N.Ireland www.FB.com/Lockk9/photos/a.222377501236138.1073741826.222337287906826/864251247048757
dacountryone (11 months ago)
Lockk9 TT Racing just wanted to say man you bring some amazing videos...i am a ride and your videos are what we call here in the USA my fix daily...thank you keep the coming and please keep up the GREAT WORK.
Charlie Howard (11 months ago)
Scott Qigge
Charlie Howard (11 months ago)
Lockk9 TT Racing Scott qiggen
Road racing media (11 months ago)
Lockk9 TT Racing I was there at the race
Shelbs (11 months ago)
R.I.P. Dario. Have been wheel-to-wheel with him many times on iRacing. An absolute gentlemen and proper racer. You will be missed.
John Moura (2 months ago)
Excellent video and telemetry! The courage and skill of these riders is unequaled.
Auttie B (5 months ago)
That's flying not riding!
Yajna Amakusa (9 months ago)
1:10 is interesting. Big difference in approach between the different riders. Camera bike hits the apex at 31mph, which is very much playing it safe... The roads are typical British countryside mid-spring roads. Full of mud and diesel where you don't want them. These guys all do really well at 80-90mph curves but their riding styles are very different.
Yajna Amakusa (10 months ago)
You can see the bends clearly in this footage. But it would be helpful to have a speedo in the corner so we can see just how fast or slowly they take some of those angles.
Yajna Amakusa (9 months ago)
Doh! Silly me. I was too mesmerised by the ride to even notice. Tunnel vision...
Spam Email (9 months ago)
Palo Mides top left and right is the speed.
Cuts rose scents (10 months ago)
Im guessing the camera bike was the 600. Lead bike showed some legs in the straight.
Nikolai Samstag (10 months ago)
Guy Martin Off : 4:34
Alastair Macintosh (10 months ago)
This is Irish National Road Racing. The TT is, a Time Trial.
mike Z (10 months ago)
esto es adrenalina
MUSTANG115hp (11 months ago)
I love this channel!
Funny Videos (11 months ago)
Просто жесть
Terror (11 months ago)
😀 Nice in km/h !!!
MrP020372 (11 months ago)
This guy whose camera we watched rides as there is no need to drive. He's just lol!
Chester Valdes (11 months ago)
Wow, sensory overload!
Lucas Clark (11 months ago)
r.i.p dario
chuck thomas (11 months ago)
I'm amazed to see how the 600 could dominate the turns while unarguably holding its own on the open runs. For the amount of topographic chicanery I'd opt for the 600 to 750 bikes.
simon lloyd (11 months ago)
Total respect for these lads.
Mariusz803 (11 months ago)
Ljubo Rajic (11 months ago)
R.I.P Dario Cecconi R.I.P
Njoy32Gaming (11 months ago)
Sometimes when they jump there is sparks flying, where are those sparks coming from?
freddy c (10 months ago)
Njoy32:Gaming a sump is the oil pan .
Njoy32Gaming (11 months ago)
My english is pretty bad, whats a sump? :D
J (11 months ago)
Sumps hitting the road
Farty McFartFace (11 months ago)
Rie Angah (11 months ago)
ni kt kampung aku ni jalan jerantut benta
Christo Slowrider (11 months ago)
They aren't pushing it. On a lighter note, i can go faster than them around those tight corners with my 150cc.
Ellie Green (11 months ago)
Sick videos as always 👌👌👌👌❤️
Noodles Flawed (11 months ago)
Damn fine!
Howard Roark (11 months ago)
OMG! Is this the North West 200?
Raymond Greer (2 months ago)
No Howard it's the Tandragee 100 road races in County Armagh, Northern Ireland and is a far better race than the NW200.
Road racing media (11 months ago)
Howard Roark no
the10thleper (11 months ago)
Gezzzz the respect I have for these knights and their shiny steeds.
BBgub (11 months ago)
I used to think my cock was made from cement...
madnotbad44 (11 months ago)
Jeez there's parts of that course you would need a set of knobblys on !!!
nikos1400 (11 months ago)
#1 requirement to race: Balls and/or Crazy.
Road racing media (11 months ago)
I'm excited for cookstown I'm going
Sean Lauf (11 months ago)
I like your bike
K Mac (11 months ago)
2 years out of the saddle and ends up'out of the saddle' guys reaction time to everyone slowing up were worrying.
Wom (11 months ago)
Louie bam bam Elwood that's racing eh :)
K Mac (11 months ago)
Wom yeh kinda buggered his braking up,unlucky.
Wom (11 months ago)
Louie bam bam Elwood pretty sure that if you watch back he was forced onto the grass by another rider and spent the rest of the time up to that corner trying to get the bike back in shape
Ivan Zhong (11 months ago)
pay to win nice
matthew wood (11 months ago)
Looking at that, guy was pushed on to the grass reducing his breaking distance, he did well to only hurt himself..... was it seeley (22) he pushed off on to the grass?
Raymond Greer (2 months ago)
No Alastair Seeley only races at the NW200, he doesn't do any of the other road races. The other rider was Paul Jordan.
Vu Tran (11 months ago)
Which one of you tilt you heads when the bike in corners?
Sean Lauf (11 months ago)
you are awsome
Oggy Oggy (11 months ago)
Sean Lauf Thank you.
B Almighty (11 months ago)
Awesome pictures! he came in hot as. RIP to the injured rider, very sad :(
Raymond Greer (2 months ago)
The other rider, Paul Jordan wasn't injured at all.
TheWahrocker (11 months ago)
Robert Plaszczymaka (11 months ago)
I would try to avoid even riding on roads with this much mud !!!!!
jack black (11 months ago)
smaller bikes better handlers, more predicatble in acceleration. downsides are just like small engined cars. you need to maintain high speed and keep the engine spinning same with little 300's I race. they can keep up with 600's except for big straights.
Grant Owen (11 months ago)
Nice day for o ride
Ben Mcghie (11 months ago)
Good lord some (most!) of those braking zones are terrifying!
modusop8 (11 months ago)
pumped up the volume, music to my ears
Jp Kalishek (11 months ago)
Hope the severely injured crasher is doing better. Now Guy has less time to get his 6 races in. After the fall dropped him from one race, his next was canceled for the bad accident. I wish we got tv coverage of more of these races.
Jp Kalishek (11 months ago)
Well, sadly, Cecconi has died from his injuries.
cootersmy19 (11 months ago)
Brilliant 😁👍
Kansas Sam Brokeback (11 months ago)
That was a stupid rookie move by Martin.
matthew wood (11 months ago)
His piece of road was taken that forced him onto the grass, what would you have done Rossi?
Oggy Oggy (11 months ago)
Kansas Sam Brokeback Was it? What would you have done?
hb78 rwtfg (11 months ago)
ermahgerd!!Car drivers don't know what fast is....EVER!! Brilliant!
daywilliam 291 (11 months ago)
hb78 rwtfg imo only the Formula 1 drivers know
usama malik (11 months ago)
nice video bro
Ufo Logix (11 months ago)
psychos dangereux vous etes !
Cosmin Burleanu (11 months ago)
1:10 Full Throttle
dry509 (11 months ago)
Does this bike have an up and down quick shifter? What is the shift mechanism?
Warrior Works (11 months ago)
It's amazing how much harder the gsxr in front of the zx6r pulls out of the corners and through the straights.
Mark McCartney (11 months ago)
This is the Tandragee 100. Was at the weekend there. I was a mile away and didn't hear much noise normally you do. Yucky rain though, it was wet all day Saturday. There was a rider seriously injured who was rushed to Craigavon hospital. He died yesterday.
Kangoo Moto (11 months ago)
How much power do those 600cc Racebikes have? Is it way more than the average 600cc supersport 125hp?
rob sim (11 months ago)
Glenn Irwin Fan what you on about it was 140bhp out of a 600 what you saying 200mph for ?????
Road racing media (11 months ago)
rob sim no it was 200mph
rob sim (11 months ago)
Kangoo Moto hutchys yam at TT last year was somewhere near 140
Master Piece (11 months ago)
Whoever is responsible for muffling the mic...well done to you!! nice work
cris tipton (11 months ago)
Simply The Best Sport . Nothing Else Comes Close..
Mark Gamble (11 months ago)
wow.truley amazing.
Tibor Bolla (11 months ago)
Könnybe lábadt a szemem! :-) 👍
anth2154 (11 months ago)
How does he get leathers to fit them balls?
Jamie G (11 months ago)
Re-title as 'INSANE'
rob sim (11 months ago)
any news on dario lockk9 bro hope he gonna be ok
rob sim (11 months ago)
+brianthesnail damn thanks man r.i.p
bankanglesensor (11 months ago)
IM MUSIC (11 months ago)
overcast .
John Brown (11 months ago)
NeonsStyle (11 months ago)
Is he hurt?
NeonsStyle (11 months ago)
Great. Thanks
Matthew Cuthbertson (11 months ago)
NeonsStyle yeah in a group on Facebook it showed a photo of him drinking a brew after !
NeonsStyle (11 months ago)
Great, thanks for the info.
Matthew Cuthbertson (11 months ago)
NeonsStyle no both riders got up unheard
wood mastyer (11 months ago)
Who accidentally hit the thumbs down button? Go back and change it to thumbs up.
flyingmerkel6 (11 months ago)
3:08. the mud is RIGHT there on the racing line. These guys had better get it right the first time.
The Big Wing (11 months ago)
I noticed that, seems like a tractor has done a few laps first! and then there is the patched up tarmac every 100yrds I'd be nipping my arse together riding a moped down there and would opt for a CR250 over a CBR600!
Prasanna Devkota (11 months ago)
perfect ride
AxeMastersINC (11 months ago)
Speed is a beautiful thing. The boys that get to race on this track are among the luckiest on earth.
AxeMastersINC (11 months ago)
LOL, No shit Sherlock what gave you the first clue Dick Tracy?
Breen Walshe (11 months ago)
AxeMastersINC it's a public road,dumb ass...
bls64bls (11 months ago)
Vielen Dank für das Geile Video!!
Road racing media (11 months ago)
I was there at tandragee
Odb Guy (11 months ago)
Good to see Andy back in good form .. who is #75?
Mr. Kitty (11 months ago)
Guy came in a little too hot for that turn I guess...
George Jacob (1 month ago)
tomr200199. If not mud/grass definitely over to where the loose stones/dust/debris is.
tomr200199 (11 months ago)
Looks like he was forced on to the mud/grass in the breaking zone, had to come off the brakes and then simply ran out of road.
Fantastic technique, it amazes me to see how LITTLE these guys slide in the saddle - they're riding to the very edge of their tires instead of keeping the bike more upright. Probably a good idea given how narrow some of those turns are; no sense in getting one's head broken off by impact with a post or retaining wall. Oh, and I'm jealous of the cameras - the video is so smooth when they're bolted to the frame 💚
Eddie Harford (11 months ago)
the sport bike with no name hh
George Lucas (11 months ago)
Good call. There isn't enough space to hang beside the bike in the corners because these are very narrow roads.
Tony Pate (11 months ago)
Happy you enjoyed it you may enjoy GRAND PRIX RACER as well a look at the TT's less glam sister event and starting point many a TT star welcome "raid" my playlist many more similar uploads
thanks so much for the suggestion on ROAD RIDERS BBC program! Melissa is tiny, so naturally she'll excel at the sport if she has the will and nerves to succeed. Women in sportbike racing are rare indeed, in our Colorado canyon carving crew, women make up less than 15% of us. I find it interesting that the show producers chose such downbeat music and style, like it's trying to show desperate people risking a lot for little reward. Ireland generally lacks infrastructure and high paying jobs, so it comes as no surprise to me that the sport is so unifying for their communities - as a combination of low-cost adrenaline sport and camaraderie among the townspeople who socialize and spectate. A life lived in fear of danger and avoiding danger is unfulfilling, that's why we race. For those who can't race, we're happy to put on a show for them to enjoy. Perhaps it's my USA perspective, but if I were producing the ROAD RIDERS program, I would focus on the positives, downplay the negatives, and bring energy through music and style of editing/cinematography.
Tony Pate (11 months ago)
Well spotted the none climbing over the bike like a crazy Ninja turtle in the "cool" super fast canyon carving way , No the old ride the wheels off it and in slow out fast still works and is the fast way round a Road Circuit , A lot is in the blood and DNA try You Tube for ROAD RIDERS S1 EP 1
Jerrad Campbell (11 months ago)
Irish road racing at its best.
slackbguser (1 month ago)
Yeah you are right.THese guys rides not for the money,just for the show and pleasure ,these guys are awesome.
camokoy (11 months ago)
SpokHD ,I know what you mean im guilty of lets keep it a secret myself
SpokHD (11 months ago)
that's true and cool, but still i kinda like it that not too many people watch it...otherwise it would become like motoGP or Formula1, where money matters a lot more...not sure if i could explain it a little, but i hope you see what i mean :p...i don't want it to become a commercial sportevent, where everything is about advertising, sponsors and money....
camokoy (11 months ago)
spokhd , can you imagine giving the guys a week to learn the Olympic village then sending them out to race the streets , the whole world would become fans of road racing
REKCEP (11 months ago)
This dynamic kph converter was God sent. Thanks for this video bro.
comdvr271 (11 months ago)
REKCEP yes!! its about time
Redline600 (11 months ago)
so what happened, guy martin came off his bike, was this a real race or Practise
voongnz (11 months ago)
Oops hope the guy is alright.
aserta (11 months ago)
Man, on some sections, he's milking her for all she's got. Also, has to be said, great lines.
Guabaloo (11 months ago)
the king guy martin
American Arrogance (11 months ago)
I could watch these guys ride all day!
El Poundo (11 months ago)
American Arrogance this guy is one of the slowest out there. a second wave bum
Anil Löeb (11 months ago)
that's what _she_ said
Chris Fearing (11 months ago)
I just spooged

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