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BIRTH OF THE ANTI-CHRIST! | Far Cry 5 (Coop w/ H2O Delirious) EP 9

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Text Comments (642)
Alex Scheive (1 day ago)
Clickbait much?
Bastian29c (2 days ago)
Hey cartoonz I have a question have you ever seen delirious in person
Boss Dragon (2 days ago)
An you messed up JOHN SEEDA!!!!!!!! Dun dun dun dun
MajorTrouble 1018 (2 days ago)
I pissed my self laughing at the beginning, not afraid to admit it!
StylishMystery (2 days ago)
Delirious kicking Boomer (albeit accidentally) JOHN WICK INTENSIFIES
Lexi Chavez (3 days ago)
21:36 if you fly upside down and drop a bomb willl it kill you?!!!!
Reagan Butler (3 days ago)
am i the only one who heard him say EMENYS at around 7:50? 😂😂
Enrique Tello (4 days ago)
Delirious always beats up boomer
Killer Midget11 (4 days ago)
I just realized there is a meme about delirious when he said give birth XDXDXD
Lia Miera (4 days ago)
That whes tho
GradeA ProPain (4 days ago)
Love how Kim in the thumbnail had blonde hair
justingibbs2001 (5 days ago)
Cartoonz btw when you were flying ryes plane you the plane was broken because the the cross hairs wernt thier
Benjamin Shen (5 days ago)
It didnt have a scope but for delirious it did
Benjamin Shen (5 days ago)
Why does the plane Not have guns
Lelania Barry (5 days ago)
Run 2 clinic so great!!!🌸
dragon king (5 days ago)
"We killed Johnny appleseed boomer we did it" H20 delirious 2018
KinG$lime Akuma4 (5 days ago)
Yakuza that's that Shit🔥
Liam Hunter (5 days ago)
I love how literally EVERYTHING that could have delayed you on the way to the midwife's house, did try to delay you. The game even went and unplugged Delirious' mic cord.
Donna Ferguson (5 days ago)
I was in a car accident last night and I am 15 and it hit me on my side witch was on the front passenger side and I got 13 staples in my head and your videos are making me feel better so keep up the good work
Look at Nick's hand after he comes out of the house with the baby. It is red as hell. 37:30.
Joebro (5 days ago)
Delirious: (while on the ground) "Look, I can drop bombs."
Omega Anims (6 days ago)
Cartoonz learns ultra instinct
Shade Mute (6 days ago)
how did he land that!
Alan Lin (6 days ago)
Cody Dunn (6 days ago)
she needs to GIVE BIRTH!
Tropical (6 days ago)
I Know H20 Delirious’s Name
TheMan Spacey (6 days ago)
That wheezee LMFAO💫💫😂😂😂😂
Tyson Harvey (6 days ago)
No fare I just fiderd that out today
Graison Blais (6 days ago)
Delirious is an amazing flyer. Only few get that reference
Graison Blais (6 days ago)
Kim needs to give birth. Another reference only few will understand
Random Shaite Gamer (7 days ago)
i feel like this was hinting at the movie legion but far cry edition perhaps
RaGe CaT (7 days ago)
The "Seed Ranch" sounds like a salad dressing
Ayano Aishi (7 days ago)
this reminds me of the time delirious said give birth
Sandy Stevens (7 days ago)
I'd lite Delirious up
kratoscallofduty (7 days ago)
If I were Boomer, I'd kill Delirious in his sleep.
kvng jay (7 days ago)
Delirious is not a pilots he a professional flyer
Alejandro BeGamin (7 days ago)
xbud smoke (7 days ago)
The movie is 2012
Kinja04 Gaming (7 days ago)
Garrettblade (7 days ago)
26:36 GIVE BIRTH!!!
Zachery Spera (7 days ago)
Give Birth
Jobe Hummel (7 days ago)
Ilijah Smith (7 days ago)
Jake Winterstorm (7 days ago)
am i the only one who heard her say "you killed john cena"
Quinn Mowery (7 days ago)
Is it strange that this game has a place called "The Spread Eagle", and I live on what used to be "The Spread Eagle Tavern".
35:37 look out the hitchhiker
Emmy Zima (7 days ago)
0:07 that wheeze 😂 poor boomer, always getting ran over or hit by him haha i wonder if delirious does the same voice to his dog lol
Black Cat (8 days ago)
Boomer I love u p.o.p kill him now
Wtf_am_i_doin (8 days ago)
XD just imagine them telling their daughter about how they met her godfather (the player) "Well after saving your father's plane and us he then drove through pigs, hay bales, crashing plane, and one bystander then through the forest you were born"
XDynasty_Style _X (8 days ago)
Knghtryde Kirito (8 days ago)
CaRtOoNz you straight up almost look like the father.
TheStackeddeck77 (8 days ago)
Cartoonz use the downed peggies as bait.
Midori (8 days ago)
thanks! ayeee, that was great y'all! lol special delivery! the pun---!
WackFestStudios 123 (8 days ago)
They way he said boomer I love you sounded like he was apologising before he actually kicked he
Delirious needs to back up from Boomer Delirious is a danger to him. From running him over to kicking him.
Joshua Haines (8 days ago)
20:02 **Delirious crashes straight into ground** Nick: "Look at you being an ace in that thing"
Mia The Dork (8 days ago)
Nick is my favorite character in farcry 5
Winwinis Mybae (8 days ago)
I love cartronz's voice❤️
Jacob .Laurente (8 days ago)
if u finish these series theres easter eggs all around the map make those then after that theres an dlc coming about aliens and u will be playing as That crazy alien guy,that alien u saw cartoonz that was an alien from the game
Tewcan (8 days ago)
I imagine this will legit be Cartoonz and Delirious when one of the them has a child.
Andre Watson (8 days ago)
Cartoonz called delirious chris at 7:04
Andre Watson (8 days ago)
He says chris this how you snipe a bear
Steele Revolution (8 days ago)
You guys driving Kim to the Doctor had me in tears. Funniest reactions to absolute chaos.
Darryl Conte (8 days ago)
Mr Tub (8 days ago)
Fractured but whole dlc
James Hay (8 days ago)
five seconds in...Delirious KICKS Boomer!!!
Deamon Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Less than 10 seconds in and Delirious already screws up. This time in the worst way possible. Have a (incredibly sarcastic) thumbs up Delirious.
Xero (8 days ago)
15:24 Delirious is the GOAT after all 😂
The Dank Meme (8 days ago)
Flashback to Mochi for a second
Monsieur De Dry (8 days ago)
Me coming home then directly goes to watch a vid from cartoonz, then I didn't noticed that I said the title of the vid too loud that my mom looked at with the "what the hell are you watching" look. So screwed.
Cristian Mendoza (8 days ago)
The movie is 2012
Empress Marie (8 days ago)
Toonzie & Liri's Delivery Service... They provide world class service which includes the fastest route, guns, running over animals, people any damn thing in the way, shit talking!!! So if you're in need....... CALL SOMEONE ELSE!!!!
A.Nonny Mouse (8 days ago)
Love how delirious has a crucifix, and cartoons is looking back like "aaaaw shiet."
Cole Weir (8 days ago)
leah d (8 days ago)
Big_Canz (8 days ago)
Ken Of Darkness (8 days ago)
Delirious: GIVE BIRTH!
Mataio Temu (8 days ago)
Cartoonz and delirious are god parents😂😂
Australia Nsw Sydney (8 days ago)
But least I have a job
MelodyMan (8 days ago)
Outlast 2 what?
Damen Hopkins (8 days ago)
I love his wheeze
Orcrist (8 days ago)
I was actually expecting the baby to look demonic or something :D
Xxsamri518x (8 days ago)
Wtf 7:00 is delirious‘s name Chris?
GreenDino Gaming (8 days ago)
26:57 That voicecrack though :d
Ivan Bradshaw (8 days ago)
Boomer 42 (8 days ago)
My last name is Boomer
Motorcycle Master (8 days ago)
GIVE BIRTH!!!!! - Delerious
Jason Nichols (8 days ago)
The ace pilot delirious
RjGhostWizard (8 days ago)
Give Birth!
Mr SliMe 39 (8 days ago)
Hey CaRtOoNz have you heard of osmosis Jones cause your person on every video looks exactly like him
Toaster Toke024 (8 days ago)
Desiree Escobar (8 days ago)
In the thumbnail is SO funny. Cartoonz is trying to drive, delirious is holding a cross and a girl giving birth to Anti-Christ 😂😂😂
King JD (8 days ago)
Best I mean
King JD (8 days ago)
Cartoonz can you do more injustice videos pls you the bedt
Kogasengaha Hishoshi (8 days ago)
"The Tea is ready" 0:08
bobby niblock (8 days ago)
“You’re a damn genius man”
Ettore Pelosato (8 days ago)
That intro man LOL
rastaSamurai_420 (8 days ago)
Delirious was a $hitty pilot in gta5 but seeing him land that plane like that, it brought a tear to my eye.
rastaSamurai_420 (8 days ago)
Oh look I can drop a bomb, lol omfg
Phanteon_YT What? (8 days ago)
2:05 he is not playing.... He is not planeing badumm kss
Steven Wilson (8 days ago)
Is delirious name is Chris cause that what u called him at 7:04
Steven Wilson (8 days ago)
Hey delirious boomer will get he’s revenge on you so you better watch out

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