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Steph Curry Admits Wife Ayesha Curved His First Kiss

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Steph and Ayesha Curry might be one of the most powerful couples in professional sports today—with a video of Ayesha throwing confetti on Steph recently sending her name soaring to the top of Twitter’s trending topics list—but about a decade ago, Steph was stuck in the friend zone with Ayesha. The two had been in the same church group as teens, and when Steph was a junior at Davidson, he contacted her on Facebook and asked her to hang out when he took a trip to the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, where Ayesha was pursuing an acting career. But during a new interview with Parents magazine, Ayesha reveals that Steph was on a different level than she was at the time. “It was friends vibes,” she said, “until I dodged his first kiss.” “Yep,” Steph admitted, “I struck out.” Subscribe to our New Complex Channel: https://goo.gl/43ac5w Subscribe to Complex for More: http://goo.gl/PJeLOl Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/ComplexMag https://www.facebook.com/complex https://www.instagram.com/complex/ https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (358)
Beast Mode 41 (23 days ago)
Love curry man
Gaonha Moua (30 days ago)
I love them so much but that's just sad.
JO PILOT (4 months ago)
Complex should’ve asked if this was when steph was in college....she was interested in him after they ran into each other in LA he was a star in Davidson and her modeling/acting career was failing
OneHitWonder (6 months ago)
Where was she when he was at Davison shooting in the gym? Gold digger, she saw the come up. Niggas like him should be single
derick reese (7 months ago)
why the tattoo look like a hit marker from mw2 😂😂
The giant Troll (10 months ago)
Joshua Garcia (10 months ago)
thats one lame tatoo
#Currynation the goat !!! (10 months ago)
she thick
CascadiaSportsFan 33 (10 months ago)
My girlfriend kissed me first lmao
Joe Redmond (10 months ago)
Actually lebrons family is my favourite NBA family
Texas Raised (11 months ago)
be careful of the shift in power.
Texas Raised (11 months ago)
he give her too much air time. i get it, she need to stay busy but bitch you dont build off My name.
Ahmad King (11 months ago)
Steph Curry a lucky ass nigga boy perfect life
Sara Mohieldin (11 months ago)
the lady who was talking looks like kalani from dance moms
The Useful Unicorn (1 year ago)
y'all need to leave curry alone sure he's overated but that is no reason to hate.
Daniel King 9955 (1 year ago)
She a gold digger
Sienna Tapia (1 year ago)
she probably wanted to be friends.... with him. She probably didn't think that that were dating. But that is embarrassing if u try to kiss someone and they dodge it😭😚😱😅
Luther Walker (1 year ago)
afro symphony (1 year ago)
ohh shit, this fucking dude managed to dribble his way out of the friendzone, unbelievable
kadeem merrique (1 year ago)
money that all
Chris Boss (1 year ago)
mark that under who gives a shit
Pamela Gaither (1 year ago)
he better keep and eye on her
Emerald Gamer (1 year ago)
"Cute as buttons" that made my day.
Lenext Owens (1 year ago)
no disrespect but those are like the weakest matching tattoos ever
Sarah Gallegos (1 year ago)
He can even drain a 3 from the friend zone line!
Big Bopper (1 year ago)
Ya she likes that bank account he was gonna get
panama J (1 year ago)
after she struck out in Hollywood as a actress. went back to nc when her parents pushed her to date him since both family go to the same church back then. That boy boy going to the nba you should give him a shot.
Kermit the Frog (1 year ago)
Steph cracked the shit out of that friendzone
young_ swagger (1 year ago)
Come here flag I'll bury u alive
Brandon Kayemba (1 year ago)
she dodged that shit like the matrix
Seventy-Seven (1 year ago)
Dude you didn't strike out and of course she had already knew what your intentions were...girlz/women are like that...esp. if they're looking 4 the ring. Stay Calm."
Seventy-Seven (1 year ago)
+Hakakuno Ltd not impossible 2 know but it's unlikely esp. now where/when most societies in developed lands has advance their democratic agendas and swirling their freedoms.
a gay has no name (1 year ago)
not everyone is as aware of these things as others. I've hung out with people and didn't know they had any other intentions than being friends until they popped out trying to lay hands on me.
Luis Oropeza (1 year ago)
Davide Lecky (1 year ago)
Bitch is using his ass
Carlos ThaRealest (1 year ago)
Love them both just awesome to see the respect and passion they have for each other and family is the key component that keeps them going. I think a lot of guys have struck out or been in that friend zone when it comes to somebody u like and admire, Cause we really trying to figure out what are u guys thinking and feeling. It's how we respond the next time when we are around the next time
Les Lavy (1 year ago)
I agree with you
Connor Clarke (1 year ago)
Would smash Tamra
Ella Fearless (1 year ago)
This is so Nathan Scott and Haley
Bertha Lovejoy (1 year ago)
wow "get you an ayesha curry" twitter is gonna go to town with this one
Terrance Riven (1 year ago)
how the he'll did y'all miss his outfits wtf..
Eddy JuanaaMurkz (1 year ago)
i remember when lois winslow curved me now im in that ass like toilet paper
Eddy JuanaaMurkz (1 year ago)
i remember when lois winslow curved me now im in that ass like toilet paper
Mark Jackson (1 year ago)
First Ayesha with the kiss, and then Adam Silver with the MVP handshake. First world problems, no?
Shanique Henry (1 year ago)
Why do you people like to hate if you don't like them why watch the video and then talk bad about them if you hate stephen curry and his family for no good reason stop watching videos made about them and then commenting how this is not news some people like hearing about their fav players personal life if you don't then don't watch the video its as simple as that so stop the hating
Rosa (1 year ago)
it is called ''jealousy''. They pretend they don't like 'em yet they can't stop watchin 'em. Like the Currys are living in their heads, rent free
KOBONG Chief (1 year ago)
Ahmed Sabbagh (1 year ago)
who cares !?
izaya orihara (1 year ago)
Even shooting 3s from the friendzone this man is a different breed
shoesrme11 (1 year ago)
Love them
Chidori blackflare (1 year ago)
I'm a thief in the night 😂 Take anything but sum pussy 😂😂He got that head that I like😂She got that head that I like 😂😂😂
Black Neji (1 year ago)
"He got that head that I like?" "take anything but sum pussy"? 1. If I'm robbing a girl I'm also taking the cheeks 2. Young thug getting head from a dude now I ain't listening to young thug anymore
Chidori blackflare (1 year ago)
( I hate Young Thug but that was the 1st thing I thought of Lmao )
David Duggins (1 year ago)
This nigga can even score from the friendzone
Andres Mendoza (1 year ago)
David Duggins this was so funny lol
Al Waleed Nahhas (1 year ago)
Karate of Comedy (1 year ago)
This needs more likes... many more likes! LOL!
Michael Studnicka (1 year ago)
They look like brother and sister.
yuki 雪 (1 year ago)
"cute as buttons" L
Junes XVI (1 year ago)
1:26 waste of my day
Darnell Jones (1 year ago)
She seems pretty awesome
Von S (1 year ago)
LeBron should fuck Curry's wife and become king again
zepcrazyfre (1 year ago)
.....light skin problems. smh.
the pussy juice better be worth it
Joseph Little (1 year ago)
She curved him till he got paid.....
AdrianRodriguez9 (1 year ago)
Garbage I swear this is why the new generation is fucked this is seriously a story?. smh
Chip Pee (1 year ago)
Who gives a flying fuck ?
Brian Scalabrine (1 year ago)
+I Take Chances W
Chip Pee (1 year ago)
+I Take Chances hold deez Nuts
I Take Chances (1 year ago)
+Chip Pee hold this L
Chip Pee (1 year ago)
Let me know when the nudes leak
Larry A (1 year ago)
Septh curry with the shot boy!!
Will (1 year ago)
How is this possible?
Joel Davis (1 year ago)
Grayson Holdaway (1 year ago)
By tattoo he means cock in her ass
Andrew Ortiz (1 year ago)
complex reporting live ayesha pulls currys pants down to take a shit
Harold Live (1 year ago)
Damn, Tamara looking so good 8====== she could get it.
Harold Live (1 year ago)
Now I ain't saying she a golddigger...
Austin Boni (1 year ago)
Jose Moreno (1 year ago)
He got them sweet walls!!! but meek mill still catches an L
Stärke (1 year ago)
Man poor curry... probably gets whooped at night while bonded up
John Gregory (1 year ago)
Fuck these cocky fuckers . Y'all know the only reason these two are relevant is because Drake had ONE line about him in one of the biggest hits of the summer last year, 0-100 . And complex, stop posting bout steph please shit is hella annoying
charlesandjulien (1 year ago)
+phreshman john you're retarded
Edgar Martinez (1 year ago)
+Devin Shamel damn, you got him good
Devin Shamel (1 year ago)
+phreshman john Yeah, Drake is the reason Steph Curry is famous. It's not like Steph Curry led his team to a 73-9 record, crushed his 3 point record by making 400 3s and singlehandedly put under armor on the map shoe wise. That can't be why he's famous, it must be cause Drake mentioned him bro. Thats it. We should be detectives.
MACAVEL1 (1 year ago)
I wonder how with his light skin ass
xCaptxCrunchx (1 year ago)
I remember when Tamara curved my first kiss, I was like, "Biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch..."
Damnnn lucky that wasn't me....................i would have probably uppercuted the bitch ............sometimes i have hard times READING the situation so i have to let my hands go.
Audio Visual Proof (1 year ago)
Michael Scofield (1 year ago)
Demo Lition (1 year ago)
Looking back at it, I have to say this is in the top 10 complex comments of ALL TIME!
Demo Lition (1 year ago)
+Floyd "Money" Mayweather man l laughed so fucking hard at this lmfao!
jose guerrero (1 year ago)
Girls so damn stupid
Jonathan Sepulveda (1 year ago)
fuck Steph curry watch my new vid bitch
L-Dog The Great (1 year ago)
They shouldn't of shared there Tattoo story to the world in my opinion!! just kept it in the marriage secret Box just for Them!
leftlanekennels (1 year ago)
bra she not with you for you but for who you was going to be and are srry to say it ....and I thought you had you a good one myself
RastaBihh (1 year ago)
Just commented to say "Who in the flying fuck cares yo"😕take this mfn L bomplex..
Young Simba (1 year ago)
Nba star ? You mean ducking super star bitch. ! Complex hold this L
daniel cv (1 year ago)
complex stays taking L's
daniel cv (1 year ago)
unsubbed lmfao
Jonathan Centeno (1 year ago)
Yo complex where da fuk is Alex? Take this L
Hazel Ninja (1 year ago)
+Lil Los 😂 chill bruh
Kobe Bryant (1 year ago)
She don't work here anymore
Bros with Ro and Jo (1 year ago)
+Lil Los L
Rockstar Skinnys (1 year ago)
Lowkey tired of seeing Tamara Dinosaur mouth ass.
robertbosques (1 year ago)
She at access Hollywood
MaineTechTV (1 year ago)
Lol kid was born with a gold spoon in his mouth that most likely made him like her more because, he was use to getting anyone he want.
Squidward Tentacles (1 year ago)
Damn she said like a thief in the night
Stevie Velez (7 months ago)
Its a bible quote
SEPT (1 year ago)
+Ahmad Yaqoob Ahhh, thats true. Thanks for clearing that up.
Ahmad Yaqoob (1 year ago)
+NEO his dad
SEPT (1 year ago)
This was before he was even in the NBA though...
God Westbrick (1 year ago)
SweryLEL (1 year ago)
Like a thief in the night, any thang for some pussy
Chase Pruitt (1 year ago)
seriously? this is a story? shoot me
Michael Scofield (1 year ago)
+chasepruit are u lebron james
Michael Scofield (1 year ago)
+nikko de dios w to u ,
Mr. D (1 year ago)
come here fag il'l bury you alive
Eli (1 year ago)
Instead of a like and dislike button YouTube should make it a W and L button
Divorced Father (1 year ago)
But did she curve the first nut
Eli (1 year ago)
So what curry got curved by Ayesha for a kiss.. Complex out here curving real news... Smh
Rosa (1 year ago)
bwahahaha no chill son😹 😹
Eli (1 year ago)
Does complex even know what "news" is?
Dahman Glide (1 year ago)
At the end of the day you gotta have a good attention and pray your luck to end up with a good Wife! a same apply for Women tho.
cali correa (1 year ago)
Where's Natasha tho
Cali Waver (1 year ago)
Who gives a shit!
Cali Waver (1 year ago)
+Alvaro Lopez I'm here for Tamara D bitch!
Alvaro Lopez (1 year ago)
Then why are you here stupid !
Larry Hoover (1 year ago)
That thugger "thief in the night" quote tho
Ice Ice Baby (1 year ago)
I can see why. Which grown woman wants to kiss a 12 year old?
Esco Boss (1 year ago)
All I've been looking for is an Ayesha Curry
jonathan bouldin (1 year ago)
She really isn't that attractive, cute maybe but not hot.
jonathan bouldin (1 year ago)
+Kickinthescience she is a 10. For her age she is fine af.
Kickinthescience (1 year ago)
What about steph's mom?
Bring the Fetti (1 year ago)
Not News
this is the whitest black family ever.
nick (1 year ago)
Currently asking myself "Why did I click on this video?"

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