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That Famous “Ferguson Hug” Photo Was Reportedly Staged (and Complete Bulls**t)

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The image is striking: Devonte Hart—a 12-year-old black boy—is being embraced by Brett Barnum, an older white police officer during a demonstration in Portland, Ore. last week. Indeed, the “Ferguson Hug” has become an iconic image from the nationwide protests following the decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown, a symbol of unity in a period marked by a striking divisiveness along largely racial lines. But what if it this “perfect” image was essentially fake, or at the very least entirely disingenuous? That’s what Portland photographer Alex Riedlinger suggested to the Visionary Futures tumblr, saying that the picture of Hart and Barnum is strategically cropped in order to mask the fact that the hug was hardly an organic moment. Here are two pictures Riedlinger took from a distance, before the hug photo was taken. Subscribe to Complex for More: http://goo.gl/PJeLOl Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/ComplexMag https://www.facebook.com/complex http://instagram.com/complexmag https://plus.google.com/+complex/ Entertaining videos that bring to life Complex Media's authoritative take on trendsetting music, sneakers, style, pop culture, video games, tech, cars, and art—featuring your favorite celebrities from the past, present, and future. COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, and committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations—both multi-culture and multicultural—that define our new America. We make culture pop.
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Text Comments (88)
Angelés Consuelos (1 day ago)
Can i get a show of likes that actually thought this pic was real at first.?? It always looked staged to me..
Nicole Snyder (8 days ago)
Great channel with fair reporting. Thanks for vid, keep'em coming!
Ana Luiza Brown (10 days ago)
Yes, he was being coersed into doing that
britany johnson (19 days ago)
get out
Chiemeri (19 days ago)
Sad sad sad. Now everything’s coming to light
Cerl84 (20 days ago)
He was crying because he was being abused and used by his lesbian guardians. They later murdered him.
droc1030 (24 days ago)
Poor child
TheLesExit (25 days ago)
Oh boy :(
TheLesExit (25 days ago)
I agree an update would be good. This entire story is so damn sad. I can't believe these mothers would treat their children't so awful D:
Joe Smith (25 days ago)
@ TheLesExit I know is right ! This has just infuriated me! He was crying because he was being abused!!!!!!!! I hope complex news does an update on this story!
1musicinfinity (26 days ago)
Damn now I'm wondering if he was crying because he wanted the officer to save him from his parents
He passed away... smh
Cynthia Perry (26 days ago)
Glad those hateful hoes are dead...bitchs can't starve or hurt anymore children..burn their dead asses at the stake anyway.
Krystin Grant (26 days ago)
Cries of pain and abuse. He needed help. It was ignored now he is murdered with his siblings
Maximus Truth (26 days ago)
Angry lesbian Jennifer Hart murdered Devonte and all his siblings too.
Y'all Might Have Seen What Was #ReallyGoingOn with #DevonteHart & Family Before Anybody Else. http://www.kgw.com/article/news/local/washington/neighbors-express-concern-about-home-situation-of-children-who-died-in-california-crash/283-532961241
Veronica Tomas (26 days ago)
Poor kid is deceased now.. killed by those two guardians of his per today's news. Apparently, neighbors called CPS when the kids told them they were being abused and were hungry. The day after CPS left a card on the door these "guardians" drove their car off a cliff and into the ocean with Devonte and the other black children in their care. I can see how the exploited the kids in their care.
Mortifiend (11 days ago)
Love how everyone believes everything that they read in the news. Also Devonte is still missing.
m9078jk3 (22 days ago)
I wonder if the woman driver was laughing maniacally when she drove off the cliff at 90 mph while the kids were screaming to their doom.
Krystin Grant (26 days ago)
Veronica Tomas exactly demons
Connor Dawes (3 months ago)
It definitely wasn’t staged.. bret is my stepdad
BankingBound (20 days ago)
Fuck you and your stepdad
philmatoph (3 years ago)
You know this was staged sense when do a white cop care about a black kid crying especially since they just killed a 12 year old the only thing a cop care about beating and killing when they get an opportunity to do so
Dynasty 214 (3 years ago)
Of course
Garrett Salzer (3 years ago)
Is it bad I can normally predict who is going to do what episode, simply based on the title heading? 
John Spencer (3 years ago)
Why aren't people mad at the jury? You know the people who made the decision in the cases???? Why are they yelling at everyone except the 12 jurors?
Ehrin Lloyd (3 years ago)
It's left-wing bleeding heart manipulation, folks. They think that the ends justify the means. But they like their hero Bill Clinton have lost sight of the moral value of telling the truth. It's just like that sculptor who was commissioned to create a likeness of those three white firefighters raising the flag over ground zero. His plans were to make one firefighter white, the other black and the other hispanic. Fortunately his plans were found out and derailed. Or that other sculptor who was commissioned to do the memorial at the flight 93 crash site. He was going to use oblong holes in the statue to signify each of the lives that were lost on the plane that day. When they asked him why his model had more holes in it than the actual number of passengers and crew, he said that the hi-jackers were people, too. These liberals are not bad people, folks. They're just emotionally disturbed. That's all. So don't get pissed at them, since you can't go back and take away their LSD or give them a conservative upbringing or any other thing that would be good and decent and right. Just ignore them. And register to vote.
Evol_AF (3 years ago)
As I read all of the comments I can't help but to lmao. Anyone that turns to Complex News to learn about world affairs are Morons, and it is exactly what's wrong with this country. I tune into complex news to see what Jordans are dropping, not to get the latest on The Dow. The investigative reporting is lack luster AT BEST! I'm not even trying to clown either, it's clear as day to anyone with half a brain.
Brandon Jenkins (3 years ago)
Meanwhile you're here... Thanks for watching!
Evol_AF (3 years ago)
This video is fucking RIDICULOUS! First of all... learn how to pronounce Oregonian. Its pronounced "Aura-Go-Knee-In" And it's not Or-A-gone... it's Aura-Gun It amazes me how all you smart ppl in this Country can't even pronounce Oregon, which BTW is a state in the country you live in. Now... about this story being fake. Gtfoh! I live in Portland, what happened is exactly what the cop said happened. I can't stand pigs, but this guy isn't lying. The Devonte kid was all upset bcuz the cops started to arrest ppl for blocking the streets of downtown Portland, and that's when the cop waved him over and started talking to him... and the rest is history. Why in the fuck would you do a story about shit you don't even know is true or not. It's High school "He said she said" and it's a damn joke. That guy who said it was staged, he's prolly butthurt that he's not the one that got the shot, or that he did get one but nobody wanted it. Smh... you guys should really do some better investigative reporting before you try to ruin such a PURE moment. Whether or not it helps with what is going on in the world is irrelevant. It was all about the moment at hand, and that guy was genuine with the kid... plain and simple!
Emily (3 years ago)
i still like the image. we can all still love one another. not all cops are shit. most of them yes, but not all of them. big "what if?" i would be highly interested if there were more layers to the story.
Terell Burton (3 years ago)
got haze (3 years ago)
Great journalism Jinx!! Expose the fuck shit bruh
MusicFanatic (3 years ago)
It looked staged, the boy's attire and all. And why would he be so "sad about the protests," (according to the officer) to the point of shedding tears? 
MusicFanatic (3 years ago)
Oh good, since you're such a reliable source.  And in Portland not everyone is a "hipster," only the hipsters are "hipsters." Duh.   
Evol_AF (3 years ago)
I was there. The kid was crying bcuz ppl were getting arrested for blocking traffic at the protest. And BTW. .. that's how ppl dress in Portland. Everyone is a hipster... sorry to burst ur bubnle, but what the cop said is 100% the truth
Nahom Tek (3 years ago)
Hope this is true thats for sure. We need peace in this world, period. 
There Will Never And Shall Never Be A Relationship Between The Black Community and Police. It Just Won't Happen.
Evol_AF (3 years ago)
+Patrick Bateman ur replying to a 10 year old child who hasn't even gone through puberty hahaha what's a shame is that he thinks the wah he does. Poor parenting and not paying attention to the things that are actually important in this world.
King landlord (3 years ago)
Looks like child abuse to me... White guardian of black child forces him to hug a cop that could potentially kill him as he is unarmed... Someone needs to call child services....
katelynn767 (18 days ago)
You weren’t too far off base. He was abused and those witches murdered him and his siblings
ThePROFESS10NAL (1 year ago)
King landlord child abuse? Oh you just be referring to his black crack head parents that brought him into this world and tried to fuck his life up. Until the white people saved him.
Teresa Unger (3 years ago)
+Poop Dick All I see here is part of the problem.
King landlord (3 years ago)
+Patrick Bateman stop it.... U mad that i pointed out the potential danger that child was put in....  U seem to have problems that psychiatric care cant solve if you want a person to kill themself over a post.....  keep it moving, bye Felicia  
King landlord (3 years ago)
+Patrick Bateman so they fabricate and circulate a fake racism is dead scenario picture and I'm the one trolling? I think you need to reevaluate your pathetic statement.... Smh
Ian Maroney (3 years ago)
it bothers me that this man used the word 'disturbing' to describe the images. i find it disturbing that anyone would be stupid enough to believe this mans bullshit.
droc1030 (24 days ago)
Ian Maroney what do u think now?
obi was here (3 years ago)
shoutout to complex for showing this. smh
DeshaunAlexanderVlog (3 years ago)
The cop is bullshiting and the pic is fake and white people r the devil
Hugo Solache (3 years ago)
+NePdXploit 😂😂
Evol_AF (3 years ago)
Ur a moron, people with your name are ignorant, and everyone in your family should be sterilized. Sounds about as stupid as what you said lmao
Hugo Solache (3 years ago)
This is true....they were made by a scientists named yakub
Sphinx (3 years ago)
+Ian Maroney Yeah, but as i see way too often, refusing to separate the protesters and the rioters apart from each other, ignore the other races of people protesting, then joke about it as though the lives the people are so worked up about amount to about the same significance as a questionable YouTube comment is kinda insulting in it's own way. But yeah, that first dude is pretty racist
Playboy Bugz (3 years ago)
Who the fucc didn't know this? Lol. C'mon, b. I was laughing at everyone posting it..like y'all can't be that naive.
Blake A (3 years ago)
Who cares, you're going to be negative about one this one positive picture from Furguson? If it was staged, they were obviously trying to lift people's moods. It's sad how people can be conspiracy freaks about an uplifting photo like this. Smh
Evol_AF (3 years ago)
+Darrie McCall Ur such a clown! Your ignorance is protruding from every word you type. Real people dont have a need for lies. I could careless if you believe me or not. im not looking for validation from a Sucker! lmao..ur the definition of a trolling ass sucker! 
Darrie M (3 years ago)
+NePdXploit why in the world would you tell me you were there like I would just take your word for it...I DON'T KNOW YOU! LOL that's hilarious What proof do you have that it wasn't staged. Besides your illustrious narrative.
Evol_AF (3 years ago)
+Darrie McCall I live in portland, I was there... it wasn't staged. Besides the fact that there wasn't anything TO BE staged. The kid was crying and the cop was trying to be nice to him. Plain and simple. You Guys Actually believe this story? So now you turn to Complex news to see the truth? Lmao oh the ignorance
Darrie M (3 years ago)
I don't like the lies? Why fake it ?
Sphinx (3 years ago)
Personally, I'm tired of being lied to.
Jalani Massicot (3 years ago)
That interview was so staged
inventivv (3 years ago)
Shut the fuck up
Anthony Cruz (3 years ago)
Who cares if it brought some sort of hope can't people just let things be not everything needs to be nit picked.
KingHustleJR (3 years ago)
Propaganda is not nitpicking my friend. Putting out fake stories and fake picture don't do anything but distract the people from the real problem. This is wrong, manipulative and disturbing propaganda. "Look people cops hug blacks people too!!" Btw...You are not white, puta. Fight for equality instead of posting retarded comments. This isn't a black vs white thing but a fight for justice.
yaboidub (3 years ago)
I knew it no black parents in their right mind would ever let their kid hug a cop after this bs, and by the way the cops the choked than man in NY got off today also smdh
32 32 (19 days ago)
ThePROFESS10NAL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
katelynn767 (18 days ago)
ThePROFESS10NAL And were then given to two evil bitches who later killed him and his 5 siblings?
Krystin Grant (26 days ago)
Yesterday that dumb bitch killed him and his siblings. He was bring abused at home.
ThePROFESS10NAL (1 year ago)
yaboidub you mean the black parents that were crack heads and gave him up?
Evol_AF (3 years ago)
Ur so fucking ignorant. Here's an idea... let's believe what Complex news tells us about world affairs...lmao
_%Wolf poetryTay (3 years ago)
I'm not surprised at all smfh
TopShelf (3 years ago)
Why am I not shocked.
Sphinx (3 years ago)
I had a feeling
The chosen 1 (3 years ago)
UNCLEBILLYTEE (3 years ago)
Dudes just mad the other gym got the photo
gksalldaybaby (3 years ago)

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